What Do Rich Guys Look For In A Woman?

Relationships are something almost everyone seeks at some point whether rich or poor. Everyone's standards vary in some way or the other. However, there are many sentiments and feelings we may share collectively as it pertaining to the people we date.

For instance, it's safe to say most people want to be able to trust and love their partner. When getting into a relationship, each party looks at what they can bring to the table. It's especially important to know what you can offer and what the other person can offer to you.

Love and understanding should be a given. But, in the case of dating a rich man, what should you bring to the table? In other words, what do rich guys look for in a woman?

One might say that a rich man could have any woman he wants. However, it's not such a simple answer as women may not always present themselves with having honest intentions. Thus, it's not only important to understand what rich men want in a woman but why they want what they want.

Being in a relationship with a rich man has a variety of benefits for those women seeking to be pampered and treated like a queen. However, in seeking a special woman to share his riches with, a rich man will choose very wisely who they share their legacy with. Here are a few things rich guys look for in a woman (and here is some millionaire dating sites).

#1. Independence & Sovereignty

What Do Rich Guys Look For In A Woman?

A common misconception about rich men is that they only go for women who can't think for themselves. The idea is that these women offer less 'push-back'. In reality, rich men get tired of being around women who don't have a sovereign mind.

A rich man doesn't mind pampering his woman. However, it's still refreshing for him to see an independent woman who isn't waiting on him to get things done. Such a woman can run errands on her own, pick up the children, and speak her mind respectfully.

Being a bread winner does not mean that the individual is a dictator. A woman shouldn't be apprehensive when it comes to sharing her ideas or opinions. Rich men appreciate women like this because they see adversity as a means for growth.

Having a 'yes-man' all the time restricts one's evolution and progress. An independent woman also shows him that she isn't afraid to get her hands dirty. Also, she isn't just waiting to see what she can get from him. She is also helping to keep everything functioning smoothly.

#2. A Sense of Self & Identity

What Do Rich Guys Look For In A Woman?

In addition to having a sovereign mind, rich men want a woman with her own identity and sense of self. Such a woman doesn't conform to a personality type or take the shape of someone else. She is solid in who she is and doesn't mind showcasing her personality.

Pride in one's self is very attractive and it shows a high level of self-respect. People who lack integrity will try to force traits and characteristics that don't resonate with who they are at the core.

People can see this as disingenuous and it may come off as "fake" which further exacerbates trust issues. When a person is so concerned about being accepted than being who they really are, we never truly see who they are. Such a woman may laugh quieter to appease their mate or agree on everything their mate says.

While it may look as if this woman is so loving to cater to the man, the exact opposite may be taking place. She may be overcompensating because she is afraid to lose the man or is immensely focused on keeping him for herself. In other words, her motive is self-serving opposed to genuine.

#3. Loyalty

What Do Rich Guys Look For In A Woman?

Rich men look for loyalty in their women. They like to know that you love them for them and not their money. It's good to know that someone can love us for who we are and not what we have. Things are replaceable, but people are not.

Loyalty involves reliability as well. He wants a woman he can call on when in need of reassurance, comforting, and encouragement. When a person is only there for your money, it feels as though the relationship is built on quick sand.

Though, a relationship consisting of loyalty makes for a steady foundation. No one wants to feel disposable. Thus, he would like the reassurance that his woman will still be right by his side whether he is rich or not.

#4. Transparency

What Do Rich Guys Look For In A Woman?

Transparency is a key component for every healthy, functioning relationship. Transparency involves honesty, communication, accountability, and openness. Many people fear speaking their mind as they fear the judgment that may follow.

In some cases, the judgement may infringe upon certain benefits the individual is receiving. They might not want to lose out on what they are getting. And, so they don't engage in a conversation because they fear saying the 'wrong thing'.

This can come off as not caring. Or, your partner may view this as emotional unavailability. When the partner isn't emotionally available, the relationship is as good as you being by yourself or vice versa.

Thus, it's best for women to be open in communication and share their point of view. This builds trust within the relationship and shows him he can depend on you for your honest opinion, not just what you think he wants to hear.

#5. Retribution

What Do Rich Guys Look For In A Woman?

Rich men want to be equal yoked. This doesn't mean you need to match what he's giving you. However, you should be able to provide something of value to the relationship that represents an equal exchange. This can involve running errands for him, cleaning the home, cooking, etc.

Yes, he can pay a chef to cook or get a house cleaner. However, if you're looking to earn your half of the relationship, then these are just a few things you can do that I'm sure he'll appreciate. In fact, you can work to perfect these skills.

Take a few cooking classes, massage courses, or a workshop you feel will be conducive to the relationship. Whatever you choose, spend time on perfecting your craft. He'll appreciate the effort you're putting into improving your skills and may even fund such endeavors.

#6. Supportive & Understanding

What Do Rich Guys Look For In A Woman?

"Behind every great man is not a woman, she is beside him, she is with him, not behind him." - Tariq Ramadan

Who doesn't love a good pep talk? It's understandable we may not always be able to find the perfect words, but your partner will want to feel supported and understood. Whether CEOs of a major corporation or a millionaire investor, it's not unlikely that rich men carry a lot of weight on their shoulders.

This pressure can be quite overwhelming especially if one doesn't have the proper outlet to decompress. Rich men seek a supportive spouse. Even if you are unable to find words of encouragement, an intimate gesture and some reassurance can go a long way.

Such a woman can be a man's backbone in his moments of weakness and vice versa. Change is inevitable. There are great changes and not so great changes. However, rich men want a woman who can accommodate and help him to make smooth adjustments.

#7. Mother Material

What Do Rich Guys Look For In A Woman?

Rich men want a woman who is also mother material because they would like the option of having children with their partner. Rich men usually want to make an empire out of their business. Thus, it's only natural to pass his legacy down to his children.

Mother material simply means a woman who has the traits of being an excellent mother. A woman who is mother material is patient, caring, loving, able to teach, and capable of multitasking.

#8. Submissive or Dominating

What Do Rich Guys Look For In A Woman?

Rich men want a woman who is submissive, dominating, or a mix of both. Being submissive doesn't mean he wants a door mat. He just wants a woman who is teachable and doesn't mind taking instruction.

As for some rich men, they might want a woman who dominates - not in a 'Fifty Shades of Grey' way. In other words, he wants a woman who isn't afraid to take charge or offer her input. Such a woman may help this man with his business, being more hands-on and involved in the process of improving the business.

It's okay for a woman to take charge sometimes. In fact, many rich men find this attractive because they see a woman who is certain and determined about what she wants. This trait doesn't just make for a good partner but also a great team mate.

#9. Available

What Do Rich Guys Look For In A Woman?

Availability is very important especially to rich men. Rich men are often busy men who are very considerate of time management. Thus, it only makes sense to have a partner with the same respect to time. It's harder for two people to really spend quality time together when they are both working.

This isn't to say that rich men don't want or appreciate working women. However, there are only 24 hours in a day. And, that can not be changed. However, what can be changed is how we spend our day.

Rich men have business obligations to upkeep and tend you. So, it's not as simple to just postpone work-related responsibilities. Other indiviuals are involved and depending on the realiabily of this individual.

Likewise, he may be depending on the reliability of his woman. In other words, he may seek a woman who is okay with being a homemaker, housewife, and/or working from home. While, these roles may seem traditional, they offer availability and accessibility.

It can be very hard to cultivate a relationship when both individuals are immersed in their work life. It's often like ships passing in the night, only seeing one another for a few minutes a day. He wants someone he can come home to and find solace, rejuvenation, and emotional support.

#10. Intelligent, Well-Versed

What Do Rich Guys Look For In A Woman?

Looks aren't the only thing of importance to rich men. They want a woman who is just as intelligent and well-versed as they are. This can be an added benefit to their business as an intelligent, educated woman can give him advice pertaining to his business and money management.

Many rich men are visionaries and want a woman who can see his visions. Such intelligent women can help their mate manifest this vision, making it a reality. Many rich men are Sapiosexuals as they are no stranger to focus, discipline, and dedication.

A Sapiosexual is a person finding intelligence attractive and/or arousing. For such men, deep, philosophical conversations are a huge turn on. They enjoy the the mental stimulation and hearing a woman articulate her points very concise and eloquently.

#11. Appreciative

What Do Rich Guys Look For In A Woman?

No one like to feel their efforts taken for granted nor their kindness taken advantage of. No one owes any one anything nor is obligated to give what they don't want to give. Rich men don't like women who have attitude of entitlement.

This gives him the impression that she is quite selfish and greedy. Instead, he wants a woman who appreciates him and his kindness. She understands her partner works hard to provide her with a certain lifestyle and she expresses gratitude towards him.

A woman who appreciates her partner will take initiative in showing her gratitude. This may be surprising him with a gift he always wanted, coordinating a nice date night, or cooking his favorite meal for dinner. It means a lot when a person does something without you needing to ask.

It demonstrates they are in-tune with your wants and needs, willing to make sure they are met. They want you to be the best version of yourself at all times. However, they can still appreciate you in your not so strong moments.

#12. Humble

What Do Rich Guys Look For In A Woman?

The opposite of being humble is being arrogant and egotistical. Having pride is great. However, when that pride turns into a pursuit to fuel the ego, we get arrogance.

Rich men don't want their woman spilling the beans on business dealings or how much money they have. A woman may do this unintentionally by bragging about their spouse and all of the assets they have. This can draw unwanted attention.

Instead, they want a woman who is humble and more reserved. Instead of showcasing money, a reserved woman may donate some money to charities and get involved in the community as a means of helping others. In being humbled, this builds trust within the relationship.

When a person is flashing all of their wealth and bragging about what their partner has, they are not considering the bad exposure or dangers that could follow. One must consider if this individual cares more about the notoriety and attention they get more than the endangerment they are possibly putting their partner in.

Rich men are not a monolith. However, sharing a similar lifestyle, many rich men share a lot of the same ideas when it comes to the women they look for. Do you align with the characteristics rich men look for in a woman? In knowing this, women can understand the terms of agreement prior to getting involved with rich men and vice versa.

Final Verdict

Every relationship involves a process of give and take. Of course, the wants and needs will vary from individual to individual. However, each person is responsible for understanding what standards they can or cannot adhere to. When both individuals find common ground, a stable relationship that's beneficial for both parties is usually the outcome.

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