Dating Safety Tips for First Dates

Although dating is a significant step, and relationships can be challenging to evaluate, they can initially be thrilling, adventurous, and enjoyable. Everyone wants to be sure that the person they are going on a date with is safe and will respect their limits. Safety on first dates is essential for both parties involved in the date or relationship. This rule is equal for men and women. When it comes to first dates, you have to keep yourself safe on your date. There are many tips to make the first date enjoyable and protect you from danger. Here are tips to keep in mind on your first date.

1. Agree to Meet Somewhere in the Public

Dating Safety Tips for First Dates

If you are meeting with a stranger, always meet them in a public place and keep a close eye out for anyone acting suspiciously, trying to talk to you, or making you feel uncomfortable. If someone approaches you and starts talking to you while you're out on a date with someone else, ignore them and walk away. If someone tries to take your date away without you knowing, try and talk to your date about what to do in that situation; let them know that they should stay with you and not let the other person take them away.

2. Tell Someone Where You are Going

The first time you meet someone new for the first time, it might be a bad experience if no one else knows where you are. As much as we understand that parents are nosy, it's always best to inform your friends of your first date, and where you plan on going so, they'll know where to find you if you don't respond to their text messages or you're home late. Using Snapchat or Find My Friends, you can share your location with your friends so that if something does go wrong, you will be easily tracked.

3. Do Not Drink Too Much

Drinking might spice up the night, but it can also lead to poor decision-making. When intoxicated, our judgment is clouded, and we are more vulnerable to risky behavior. Staying sober and controlling your faculties can help you stay safe from danger. This will make you feel better and keep you out of potentially dangerous situations.

4. Read the Social Cues of Your Date

Dating Safety Tips for First Dates

Be sure to read your or your dating partner's signs throughout a date. If they don't smile back at you, move away from you, or are aggressive in their advances toward you, then that's a sign that something is not correct, and you should end the date immediately and leave them. If something is wrong, get away from them. Don't stay in that awkward situation with someone you don't know.

5. Keep Your Phone Charged

Keep your phone charged and ready even if you don't need it. You can call for help in an emergency if anything goes wrong during your date. Keeping a fully-charged phone on hand is always essential, as well as saving some money in your wallet because you never know when you'll need it. If you get into a bad situation with someone or if anything goes wrong, having backup cash and a working phone will make things much easier for you.

6. Do not Leave Your Drinks Unattended

It only takes one time to let your guard down at the bar and get drugged. You never know who in the crowd might be looking to take advantage of you. Leave your drink on the counter while you go to the bathroom, or use an extension cup to stay in your line of sight. Take caution not to leave your drink unattended, your partner can easily add something to your glass without you noticing, and you won't know it until it's too late.

7. Do not Stay Out Too Late

Dating Safety Tips for First Dates

Yes, the night is young, and many bars are open, but staying out too late can leave you vulnerable to danger. See yourself home safely before the late hours so you can get back home safely, and don't walk alone if possible. If you have to walk home, find your way home through a well-lit area and take extra precautions when walking alone late at night.

8. Don't Give Out Personal Information on Your First Date

When you meet someone new, it's tempting to want to connect with them somehow. Whether through social media or by telling them about your life, be careful not to give out too much information. Giving out too much personal information, like where you live or work, can lead to danger. Remember that this person is essentially a stranger, and until you know them better, try and keep other essential details of your life private so they don't share them with the wrong people.

9. Always Pick the Place

It's always fun to try new places and different experiences, but you have to be cautious of the environment while on a date on a first date. You want to avoid ending up in a sketchy place where you're uncomfortable or uncomfortable for other reasons. So make sure that you pick the perfect place for your date.

10. Go in With an Open Mind

You can't expect anything from your date, especially if it is your first time seeing or meeting this person. Go in with an open mind and try not to have any expectations for the person you're on a date with or their ideas. If your dates don't go as planned, reflect on the experience and be glad you tried something new.

11. Trust Your Guts

Dating Safety Tips for First Dates

You know when something feels wrong. If your instincts tell you that you are in danger or something doesn't seem right, it's time to take action. Follow those instincts and leave that situation because your safety is essential. If your first date partner keeps giving you signals that they're not interested in you the way you are interested in them, then it's time to leave.

12. Be Accompanied by a Friend

When you're out on a date, it's always good to have someone else with you at all times. Being accompanied by a friend to your first date will help you get to safety if something happens. It's not just for safety but also to ensure that you are going to the right place and that your date isn't leading you somewhere dangerous. A friend can also help as a distraction if your date gets aggressive.

13. Do some Online Vetting

Before you go on your first date, do some Online Vetting and research on your date. If you have questions about their personal life, anything concerning their past, or suspicion that seems untrue, then it's best to ask and bring that up before the date. You can not be afraid to put yourself out there and have fun on a first date. You don't have to feel pressure, but you can treat it like a second date by asking questions and ensuring that you and your date have a good time at the night's end.

14. Don't Share Your Numbers

If your date is interested, they will likely try and get your number. But if they're not interested, then they won't. Please don't give out your phone number or have to ask for it. If you decide to give out a number, make sure it's a backup or secondary phone number, and that's the only place it is stored. You can also make sure to erase your messages after each message exchange. Telling someone you want or don't want to talk to them is one thing, but giving out your personal information can lead to dangerous outcomes.

15. Don't Get To Down If It Doesn't Work Out The First Time Around

Dating Safety Tips for First Dates

All the first dates will not be perfect, and that's okay. You have to keep trying if you think this is going somewhere. Be yourself, be confident and have fun. Don't expect your first date to lead to a marriage proposal. Just enjoy the time you have with the person you are interested in.

16. Know Your Boundaries

Know your boundaries, and don't fall into the trap of thinking that you know what they are. If your date is too forward and trying to get too close to you, then you need to look down and distance yourself from them. Move away from their body and if they seem intimidating, tell them that you would prefer not to be touched at the moment. f you don't want to be kissed or touched, then let your date know before the date starts. Make sure they respect that you're not ready to get intimate immediately.

17. Expect the unexpected.

Your first date could be a better experience. Your data may have a few bad experiences, or they may have an overly negative attitude and will throw a pity party. Honestly, who knows what will happen on your first date, but you can always expect things to get messy at one point or another. If you hit a bump or two in the road, try not to take it personally and see where it leads. Don't sweat the small stuff; try to move on with your life.

18. Be Yourself

On a first date, you shouldn't need to alter who you are because that is the goal of going out on a first date. You want to get to know someone, so it's best to be yourself, and if your personality is genuine and you aren't afraid to let people know what's up about you without trying to hide who you are, then don't keep it from them. Just be yourself, and hopefully, you'll find someone that likes your personality for who you are.

19. Start With a Video Hangout

Dating Safety Tips for First Dates

If your date is someone you have a lot in common with, then it might be easiest to meet for the first time via video chat. If you can't meet up in person, start the conversation with a video chat so that you can see how they interact with others and react to others. You want to ensure everything is alright before meeting and going to dinner or after dinner.

20. Enlist the Help of a Bartender or Waiter

Tell your waiter or bartender if you don't feel safe with your date. They are there to help and will always try their best to ensure you have a good time if someone makes you uncomfortable; flag down a bartender or waiter and tell them what's going on so they can step in. The bartenders and servers will be able to help you out and let the bad dates know that you don't feel comfortable with them.

21. Plan Ahead

If the date is going to be long and you're meeting at your date's house, then make sure you have a way to get home afterward. Make sure you have enough money for the check if it's a restaurant date. If it's a movie date, make sure you have cash for popcorn, candy, or whatever else you buy during the film.

22. Ask Questions

If you have a lot in common with your date, you could learn about their past experiences and ask them questions about themselves. You can also use the opportunity to get to know them without feeling uncomfortable, so don't be afraid to ask questions or tell them about yourself and your life. You want to ensure they feel comfortable with you and are willing to talk.

23. Keep it Positive

Dating Safety Tips for First Dates

If you don't feel comfortable on the first date, walk away. If your date is being awkward or keeping to themselves, then let them know that you would prefer if they were more talkative and that you're used to talking with people more than sitting in silence with each other. Just let them know that the silence is killing you and makes you uncomfortable if it comes from awkwardness.

24. Do not Meet at Your House Or Workplace

Make sure you never meet at your house or workplace because you want to avoid putting yourself in the wrong situation. If you need to know a person well enough to go to their house, then it's best not to meet there anyway.

25. Always Take Your Time With the First Date

Take your time with the first date to get to know this person and see how they interact with other people. If you're taking too long, then don't be annoyed with yourself or feel like it's you not being interested in them. It can be awkward if a person takes too long to get along, so only worry about it if it's for a good reason.

26. Take Your Time

When on a first date, please don't rush into making a move or asking for their number. Only make the first move if you sense they are also thinking about it. Don't ask for their number either, because if it doesn't go well, then after the date is over, you don't want to have to see them or have them show up at your work or house later on and have to deal with them again. If you're going to ask for their number, then make sure you have a good reason. Just be normal and don't worry about it.

27. Don't Be Afraid to Leave

Dating Safety Tips for First Dates

Walk away from the wrong date if you're feeling uncomfortable. Be bold and leave if something is happening or you're uncomfortable. You don't want to sit there and wait for this person to act like an average person and turn things around. Please leave so that you don't waste any more time with them.

28. Pick a Person That Shares Similar Interests

Before going out on a first date with someone, make sure that you pick someone with similar interests and who is compatible with you. Only try to set up someone with one interest when they have a different interest than you, so make sure it's at least two to three interests in common. If you share similar interests, that makes it easier to talk about them and feel more comfortable around your date.

Bottom Line

Your first date will be your opportunity to get to know someone, so don't just go with whatever is in the moment and make a decision or do whatever you feel like doing. When you go out on a date, make sure you're going with people with a lot in common. If it's different from the same interests, keep those in mind because they will help make things easier for conversation and your first date. Your safety is always your priority, so if you're not feeling safe or comfortable with someone, let them know. Be yourself and have fun on your date because it's a beautiful chance for both of you to meet new people.

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