July 7, 2019

Zoosk Features & Prices

You certainly would not be able to tell by looking at the site today, and its many features and members, but Zoosk actually began way back in 2007 as an app that worked with Facebook. In its application phase, as part of the social networking giant, the idea behind Zoosk was to integrate social interactions with real relationships.

This was quite the successful mix and soon allowed them to become a standalone dating site, still offering that unique selling point to its members. Today, the site seeks to integrate social networking and online dating in a seamless way; and with millions of satisfied members, it's safe to say Zoosk is succeeding.

This site offers an affordable service that is entirely customizable, and it attracts a younger generation into the online dating pool by having that social media angle. In other words, it's a cool, hip site that stays up to date with the changing winds of social media.

Zoosk Features

One thing that stands out about Zoosk compared to competitors is the suite of unique, innovative and changing features the site offers to its members.

  • Match System: The match system is quite thorough and unique, allowing users to search and match via a very broad range of criteria. You have options like age, location, religion, education, body type, status, and more. Though you also get many added benefits, such as being able to save searches for instant matching types, and the ability to see who's viewed your profile.
  • Free Features: Although you will have to become a paying member to get full access, there's still quite a bit you can do on the site for free, just by signing up. For instance, you can reach out to potential matches with smiles and winks for free.
  • Behavioral Match: With this technology, you answer a few questions about your behaviors and then the system works to help match you with someone whose behaviors match your own. More than just common shared interests, Zoosk seeks to match people who have similar behaviors.
  • Carousel System: With the Carousel system here, you don't simply browse through a ton of photos. You're presented with one profile picture at a time, along with some relevant info, and as the user, you get to vote and show your interest, which works to create a system-wide feature for whose profiles are promoted.
  • Auto-Reply: Another feature that you can actually use on the site free of charge, the auto-reply feature allows you to actually send an automated message back to anyone who smiles or winks. So not only can you send messages to show your interest; you can also reply
  • Photo Verification: Many dating sites are plagued by fake profiles and photos. With Zoosk, you can go through a photo verification service, so that you can verify that the photo displayed is actually you. For people browsing matches, this gives them some sense of security against cat-fishing.
  • Zoosk Coins: You can utilize these unique coins if you want to browse around profiles on incognito mode, for instance, or you can use them to boost your profile. There's a lot you can do with this very unique feature.

Pricing Options

There are three premium pricing options, which are all pretty standard.

One Month




Six Months




Ease of Use

One of the biggest benefits of using Zoosk is that it's very user-friendly. Unlike a lot of sites, the sign-up process is not only easy, but also fast. You will only have to fill out some behaviors and interests, not take the equivalent of an SAT test to be matched with potential mates. So you can get started quickly.

Zoosk Review - Website Page

It's also easier to use than a lot of sites because you're not required to fill out your entire profile. For the sake of being transparent with matches, you may want to; but if you'd rather just browse around and fill things out as you go and get the hang of it, that option is available to you. They don't force you to laboriously fill out every detail before using the service.

Zoosk also allows you the ability to write an auto greeting. Say someone smiles or winks at you, shows you interest in some way. Instead of having to sift through every one of these and create a custom reply, you can automate the process and have Zoosk shoot them back with an instant auto-greeting, which you can fully customize.

Although this is still a social media-based service, the site places more emphasis on personality than looks, and therefore you will find sections highlighting a person's characteristics and habits and hobbies, not just how good they can make themselves look in a photo. This makes it a lot easier to find someone with whom you match well, not just someone who looks physically attractive to you.

Zoosk really cuts through a lot of the useless junk that many sites do to mine your data to send you targeted ads. They ask about your feelings toward someone with a child, or if you'd date someone of a different religion, etc. There are five of these sorts of questions, from which they figure out whose profiles to show you automatically, but you can always change your parameters and search yourself.

The site does a pretty solid job at keeping you and your data protected. All personal information is encrypted, and the site also gives you tips to use to protect yourself on other websites. You can read their Online Dating Safety Guide to find out the best practices to use to keep yourself safe.

Spammers and scammers can still get through, and so the site urges you to block and report any profile you feel is displaying suspicious behaviors. Basically, this is like community policing, which is a great thing for users. Instead of having a strict set of rules, the community is free to interact how it pleases.

You can contact the site's support, customer care, via email or telephone. It usually doesn't take them too long to respond to inquiries. If you're a paying member, you can take advantage of live support.

Pros and Cons of the Site

Zoosk is a highly rated site with millions of members who sing its praises loudly. There are a lot of positives. Though as with all sites and services, not everything's perfect about the site. Let's discuss some pros and cons.


  • Millions upon millions of diverse users.
  • Available in over two dozen languages and in 80 countries.
  • On-site blog shares thousands of real success stories.
  • Very quick to sign up and easy to use.
  • Premium members get live support.
  • Hundreds of thousands of members active on a daily basis.


  • Cannot access all features for free.
  • Must pay a one-time activation fee on top of subscription fee for full service.
  • No keyword search available.

The Bottom Line For Zoosk.com

Although they have been around for over a decade, starting as only a Facebook app, Zoosk continues to grow in popularity even after all this time. In 80 separate countries, this is truly a global powerhouse of a dating site, and its clientele is one of the most diverse groups of any online dating network.

Since its inception, they have had over 40 million unique members, and has helped bring together millions of successful relationships. Something very cool about the site is a lot of happy couples use the on-site blog to tell everyone all about how they used Zoosk to meet and are now happy, so satisfied members provide their own testimonials.

The Behavioral Matchmaking system the site uses is proprietary and goes beyond personality and similar interests to help people find a match. It actually seeks to match people together based on similar behaviors, which, for many people, is a lot more important than sharing a political side or being nonsmokers. It helps members find someone with whom they truly spark.

Zoosk is located in San Francisco, California, but operates all over the world. So if you're in America, for example, you certainly are not limited to American matches. If you want to get diverse and date someone from another country and culture, this is definitely the site to use.

You don't have to fill out your entire profile in tedious fashion before you use the service, and you're not going to be asked hundreds of personality questions. You will fill out some info about your behaviors, answer five simple questions about your potential mate, and you're free to browse and use the site until your heart's content.

Signing up for premium access allows you to use every one of the site's features, but this site can also be used for free. Overall, Zoosk has done a great job at integrating social media culture and dating, and the results speak for themselves, with countless satisfied customers.

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