Where Are The Best Places To Meet Single Women?

Finding single women can be tough. Many men get tired of the "bar scene" and hope to find and connect with the one woman with the great personality and top notch looks who is head over heels about them. Knowing the best places to meet single women is key to finding the right one to enjoy life with.

Be Strategic

Most men simply approach every woman they're attracted to in the hopes that they will meet one who is a match. This strategy can be exhausting, especially since it causes you to face rejection most of the time. Most men get burned out quickly and end up not dating at all. The key here is to develop a strategy to find the right woman each time. So start thinking like a marketing professional and create a profile of your perfect woman.

  • What is her age range?
  • What is her personality like?
  • Where does she live?
  • What type of work does she do?
  • What are her interests?
  • What are your must-haves and deal-breakers?

Once you have created this profile of your ideal woman, you will have a better idea of where you might find her. After all, if you are looking for a woman in her 30s who likes hiking, lives in the city and owns a dog, you're gonna look in a different place than the guy looking for a recent grad in her 20s.

Okay, now that we have created your perfect woman on paper, it's time to find her in the real world.

Meeting Women in their 20s

Women in their 20s are frequently recent college grads and they may be fresh in their careers. They typically have a bit of disposable income, and they spend a lot of time with their friends and in other social contexts. They may travel internationally or engage in hobbies like jogging, biking and hiking.

Meeting Women in their 20s


Young women in their 20s love going to brunch. You can often find groups of them enjoying mimosas on Sunday mornings with their groups of single friends. Visiting any of the popular brunch spots in your city will give you access to hundreds of single women. The challenge, however, is in approaching them. It can be intimidating to approach a table full of women(and they often don't want you to interrupt their event) so trying to snag a woman at brunch is a challenging one.

Fitness Classes and Exercising

If there is one thing that women in their 20s love, its working out. You can often find them in yoga classes, lifting weights at the gym, in Spin™ classes or out jogging. Join a local gym if you want to meet single women who care about their bodies. Again, it might not be a good idea to interrupt their workouts, but if you can engage with them after class, you might have a shot.

Health Food Stores

Fit women who love to exercise also love to eat healthy. Markets like Whole Foods™, Trader Joes™ and other health food stores are great places to meet single women. If you want to know if they're single, pay attention to what they put in their carts. A bunch of cereal, animal crackers and juice boxes? Probably married with kids. A large amount of food? Probably shopping for herself and her boyfriend. Look for women buying single serve prepared meals, or the ones with just a few produce items in her cart.

Meeting Women in their 20s

The Dog Park

Take your dog out for a trip to the dog park and meet single ladies out exercising with their four-legged friends. Don't have a dog? Ask the local animal shelter if you can take one out for the day. This is only a good place to meet women if you actually like dogs. Don't pretend. If she finds out, you might lose her interest.

Coffee Shops

Young, 20-somethings are always tapping away at their laptops, working on some project, and they love hanging out at coffee shops. Grab a cup of java and catch the eye of the single lady enjoying a cup alone. Be casual. A lady may be working remotely on an important project, so be careful about interrupting. Just say hello and watch for signs that she is interested in chatting more with you.

Day Parties

If you live near an urban area or big city, you may have seen advertisements for day parties. This trend of parties that crank up the tunes during the day are ripe for single women in their 20s. Some party hop from one to the other, and they often travel in groups with other singles. Check out some of the most popular day parties in your city and be ready to mix and mingle with hundreds of other singles in their 20s.

Meeting Women in their 30s

Women in their 30s tend to be more established in their careers, but still find time to be social, travel and open to meeting new people. Single women in their 30s may have found that their friends circle has shrunk because many of her friends are married and parents now. The good news is that single women in their 30s are typically more mature and receptive than women in their 20s, so meeting them is a little easier.

 Meeting Women in their 30s

Cooking/Photography/Hobby Classes

Cooking classes are excellent places to meet single women. They are typically focused on self-improvement, so they often want to hone their skills and enjoy good food. Women in their 30s may have traveled a bit internationally, so they may want to learn to cook the foods they enjoyed in Italy, France or the Caribbean. They are also deeply into their hobbies now that they have the disposable income to support them. Photography, crafts, art and drawing classes are all great places to meet single women in their 30s that are open to meeting a good guy.

Singles Events

Women in their 30s are typically a bit more serious about dating and meeting the right person, so you will find a lot of them at singles events. Speed dating, singles parties and active singles trips are great places to meet ladies. For the most part, there will usually be more ladies than gentlemen at singles events, so it's not hard to meet one or two who catch your eye.

 Meeting Women in their 30s

At Work

Okay, so we know you're not supposed to be picking up women at your workplace. But that doesn't mean that you can't pick one up from another workplace. If you work in a large office building, find out where everyone goes for lunch. It's not uncommon to see women eating alone on their lunch break, at the same place each day. Start going to the popular lunch and after work places and find a wealth of women in their 30s who are open to dating.

Festivals and Concerts

Does your city have a popular festival each year that everyone flocks to? Start there. You will find many women there alone, just shopping, enjoying the entertainment or checking out the food vendors. This is also a good place to find someone who shares your taste in music. Strike up a conversation about the festival or the compliment her on a purchase she's making from a vendor. Festivals and concerts are excellent places to meet single women in their 30s.

Volunteer Activities

Women in their 30s are often discovering who they are, and are extremely focused on self-actualization and self-improvement. This means that a lot of them will take on volunteer work as a way to give back to their communities. You will find a lot of single women helping the homeless, setting up fundraisers and otherwise giving of their free time in service to others. Try signing up to serve food at the food pantry or read to children at the library. You're sure to find someone with a good heart.

Meeting Women in Their 40s and Older

Single women in their 40s and older may have been married before and are open to finding love the second time around. Some of them will have children who are teens or adults. If this is the age range of the woman you would like to meet, there are great places to meet them.

 Meeting Women in Their 40s and Older

Travel Destinations

Women in their 40s and older tend to travel a lot, especially if they have older children or their kids have left the nest. Find the touristy areas of your city and take note of the women who are there alone or with their female friends. Join an RV club, go on a group tour or keep your eye open at the airport. Women who love travel are everywhere, so its easy to find one who shares your wanderlust.

Sporting Events

A lot of women in their 40s and older enjoy going to football games, baseball games and other sporting events. They may be season pass holders or simply enjoy an occasional trip to the stadium. Look out for women who are there with teens or with groups of friends.

 Meeting Women in Their 40s and Older

Classy Bars

A trip to the best hotels in your city will open you up to a world of classy ladies who enjoy a drink or two to unwind. Simply slide up to the bar, order your favorite drink and have the bartender send one to the lady you're eyeing.

College Campuses

Evening college classes are great places to meet women in their 40s. Many of them go back to school to get an additional degree or certifications, so the part time evening classes are packed with single ladies looking for a bit of self-improvement. Attending college courses is also an opportunity for you to improve yourself and look better to potential dates.

 Meeting Women in Their 40s and Older

Kid-Focused Events

Many women in their 40s have kids, so any event that is kid-focused will be packed with divorced women looking to date. High school football games, gymnastics tournaments, karate classes---there is no limit of places you can find single women. Tread lightly here. It's best if you have kids of your own if you want to meet women. It's a bit creepy to just be hanging out a the local soccer games trying to scope out soccer moms.

Home Improvement Stores

Single women in their 40s and older often live alone and do work to improve their homes. You might find them buying lumber to build a small planter box in their garden, or checking out a new electric drill for their latest project. They often take classes in home repair, plumbing, woodworking and maintenance. You might often find them at home-based events, like the flower show, the home show or RV shows.

 Meeting Women in Their 40s and Older

Through Friends

Finding someone organically through friends is a great way to go. You already have an idea of their character based on your friend's recommendation, and you can have them put in a good word for you. This also gives you the opportunity to plan some awesome group dates and outings. A word of warning however---if things go south, you could be on bad terms with your friend.

Charity Balls

Society women love philanthropy, and no event is more popular with these ladies than the annual charity ball. Not only will you meet beautiful, single women in their 40s, 50s and older, you will get to see them at their dolled-up best in their formal gowns and heels. Find your favorite charity and find out when their next fundraising dinner will be held. Not only will you be meeting great women, but you'll be supporting a good cause.

Fraternal and Community Organizations

Many women are actively involved in sororities and other social and professional organizations, so it can be to your advantage to get involved in these. If you are part of one of these groups, check out your local events for single women who may be looking to partner. Single women may also be actively involved in the community, working on the community board, in the block association and in clean up efforts. Join a few of these to meet the woman of your dreams.

Tips for Meeting Women

First, give yourself a bit of a makeover. Most men can put themselves together quite well, but it doesn't help to spruce up your look a bit to give you the best chance to meet the right woman. Make sure that you keep your hair neat, your nails manicured and your clothing tailored to your body type. Women look for aesthetics, so looking your best will go a long way in helping you to meet the woman you want.

Give yourself a boost of self-confidence. Trying to meet women is hard. The majority of them will reject you. The dating market can be tough, and you're competing with other guys who have more resources and can land the best women. Don't let this deter you. There is a lid for every pot, so the key is to use each rejection as a way to get you closer to finding the woman who will be excited to meet you.

Why are People Dating?

Understanding the woman's motivation for dating will go a long way in helping you to meet ladies. Women in their 20s are often focused on fun. They are just starting their careers and want to enjoy travel, both domestic and international. They often seek out thrilling adventures while keeping fit and trying to look their best. Since they are often less likely to be seeking serious relationships that lead to marriage, you can find them in "fun" places like parties and other social events.

People Dating

Women in their 30s tend to be more serious about dating, so it can be hard to impress them and win them over. They tend to be in places where they can practice self-improvement, like classes and places of worship. It pays to approach women in their 30s with a bit more seriousness, understanding that their time is valuable and they are more picky in who they date. Be sure to put your best foot forward and impart that you are serious if you are seeking a woman in her 30s.

Women in their 40s and older may have been married before and had children, so they may be dating for companionship more than for starting a family. At this age, women may be enjoying their singlehood, using their newly found free time to explore their hobbies, go back to school and travel. If you are interested in women in this age range, you will have to show them how partnering with you will enrich their lives. Engaging in similar hobbies is the best way to connect with these women, so start looking at your own hobby activities to find the right woman.

Final Verdict

Meeting women of any age can be a challenge. If you know exactly the type of woman you're looking for and exactly where to find them, you will be well on your way to a happy, loving relationship.

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