Ultimate Relationship Program Review

Ultimate Relationship Program Review

Are you scared that you’re never going to be in the relationship of your dreams? It may seem idealistic to think that you could cultivate a relationship that makes you smile from ear to ear, while maintaining the practical aspects of being a couple. However, I thought the same thing before I invested in the Ultimate Relationship Program by Tony Robbins.

Could I use more passion in my relationship like it was in the beginning? Sure, why not? Not only was I not sure if the program could help me, I was doubtful that I could change this late in the game. I also didn’t know if my partner could either. After all, they say that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

When I started the program, I was struggling to find happiness in my 12-year relationship. However, the program helped me develop an enlightened perspective by providing complex real-life scenarios with solutions and insightful tips. This helpful results-oriented relationship guide played a key role in resurrecting my love life.

Ultimate Relationship Program Review

Every night after work, I listened to at least an hour of the 11-hour audio program as I drove home, and it provided clarity on what really makes a passionate relationship, and how to do it. At first, I was truly skeptical because I knew of Tony and Sage’s relationship, but I didn’t know if it was possible for a program to transform a broken relationship that was once full of desire and love. I tried it anyway and am very glad that I did.

Ultimate Relationship Program Review

Why You Should Try the Ultimate Relationship Program

Many relationship guides (I know because I tried four before this one) offer solid advice, but most of the times, the advice is generic. Without getting down to the nitty gritty, it is hard to apply fluffy advice to create real change in any relationship. What I love about this program is that Tony and Sage’s relationship works as a testament to the product along with other couples who are used as examples.

Have You Given Up on Finding Love?

Whether you’re never felt that special spark with someone or once felt that spark but have now lost it, this program can help you dismiss “limiting beliefs.” In the audio, Robbins discusses how you can program yourself into believing something is fact based on your previous experience, fears or expectations.

Ultimate Relationship Program Review

However, you can reprogram your mind to believing that not only can you get love, you can find passion or reignite desire with your soulmate. This concept really resonated with me because I didn’t know that I had “limiting beliefs” until this program helped me reflect on patterns in my love life, relationships and overall day-to-day life.

Should You Listen to the Program Alone or as a Couple?

I listened to the program alone at first because I wasn’t sure what to expect. However, as I went through the program, I slowly started to change my habits and build new ones in my relationship. Even though I was taking baby steps, my husband could feel the shift in my attitude and became curious about what was going on. I was candid about the program, and, while he didn’t jump to listen to it with me, I could tell that a positive change had occurred in our relationship.

After a couple of months of our relationship strengthening, he became interested in learning more ways to grow our passion for each other and asked to listen to the program with me. This isn’t one of those guides that you just need to listen to once. Each time I listen to it, I learn more, affirming my new beliefs and practices that I hold dearly to keep my love life at the highest level of passion, love, devotion and intimacy.

10-Day of Real Problem Solving

The program shows you how Tony and Sage work with real couples over 10 days. Even though I wasn’t one of the couples, it’s amazing how I could relate to some of the feelings expressed by the individuals. It was therapeutic to watch them work with these couples and show them strategies on how to transform their relationships. Listening to the audio felt like peeking into someone’s therapy session and learning a whole lot without shelling out the costs of a traditional therapy session.

Three-Level Mastery

The program is divided into three levels. Level one is Cognitive Understanding. This level helps you understand what is going on in your life and details what you must do to create the results that you are seeking in your relationship.

Level two is Emotional Mastery. This level helps you get beyond the surface of your life. What makes you the way you are? What do you need to be happy? What does your partner need? How do you communicate? How can you improve your communication? What is your love language? How do you express yourself with your actions? What do your words say about you?

Ultimate Relationship Program Review

Level three is Physical Mastery. This level helps you put what you’ve learned into practice. How do you show for your partner? How does touch play a role in your relationship? How is it good? Where it is lacking? How can you demonstrate your love, while remaining true to yourself?

Each level helps you get deeper into your relationship as well as your own journey in love. The program is divided in a way that is digestible and not overwhelming. If you are looking for a sustainable model for positive change in your relationship, the three-level mastery approach can work wonders if you are dedicated to learning and putting the tips into practice.

30-Page Workbook

Along with the audio, the program offers a 30-page workbook for you to complete. If you are in any of the type of relationships described below, then this program will serve as positive guide in your love life.

  • A magnificent relationship with love and passion.
  • A relationship with love but little or no passion.
  • You’re planning your escape.
  • You’re single, but you would like to be in a relationship.
  • You’re never been in a committed relationship, but you would like to be.
  • You’re divorced and are scared to find love again.

Even if your relationship cannot be described by the ones listed above, all you need is a partner who is willing to try and make it work. 

Ultimate Relationship Program Review

No matter if you are married, living together or in a long distance relationship, if you and your partner are determined to give it one more shot, then this program is for you.

The workbook helps put your thoughts on paper as you figure out how to implement the practices into your daily life. The exercises and prompts empower you to do personal reflection. As you work on yourself, your relationship will inevitably benefit from it. No matter that type of relationship that you are in, the workbook is designed to help you progress and develop the relationship that your heart desires.

Transforming Your Entire Family

If you have children or stepchildren with your significant other, then this guide will also come in handy. In addition to teaching you how to rekindle a spark with your partner, it will show you how to maintain the spark. But what good is a spark when the rest of your family isn’t responding well to changes in your relationship? This part of the program allows you to incorporate the other important members of your family into your new approach to life.

Ultimate Relationship Program Review

Only Thing Missing from the Program

I would have liked for there to have been an option for a free session or consultation with a professional. Tony and Sage wouldn’t be able to meet with everyone, but perhaps, trained experts could briefly chat with couples after having completed the program. If this service were included, then I believe that more couples could benefit from the program. Even though the program is very clear and direct, I would have liked to receive a customized session where I could discuss my relationship in accordance to the guide.

Product Summary

If you find yourself wanting to improve your love life, you shouldn’t hesitate to make a change. However, sometimes it’s hard to even know where to begin. If you’re like me, a program like The Ultimate Relationship is exactly what you need to jumpstart your love life. From identifying your “limiting beliefs” to learning how to love your partner in a way that they can receive it, this program erases all the poor programming that you have learned throughout your life.

Tony Robbins and his wife Sage do a great job in presenting real couples and helping them unravel their current relationship status only to then start building the blocks to a healthy, passionate and loving relationship.

If you are interested in this program, order it today. It’s risk-free as you can return the program within 30 days if you do not feel that the product is for you. Invest in yourself, take a chance on love and try the Ultimate Relationship. It might be the thing that your relationship needs to get back on track.

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