December 11, 2019

True Pheromones Review – Does It Work?

Standing out from the crowd in love and life is never easy. It sometimes seems like no one notices how hard you work at your job or how much you have to offer anyone. Pheromones might be the answer you're seeking. They can make you stand out in the crowd and bring your natural charms to light.

What are Pheromones?

Pheromones are most often noted in the animal or insect world. They are secreted as a chemical to attract another member of the same species; the chemical is very similar to hormones, except the glands are located outside the body. Pheromones are a scent trail between the two creatures, which can have multiple end responses.

In animals or insects, the response can lead to a feast of food or mating or other behavior responses connected to their nature. Humans do not produce these chemicals naturally, as other animals do. We need to have your social and sexual lives enhanced through our ingenuity.

How Can Pheromones help you?

Pheromones are a natural component in most of the animal kingdom to attract mates or enhance social standing. You can become the center of a crowd or stand out from others like you when pheromones are adding to your natural charms. Pheromones can help you with:

  • Romance.
  • Attraction.
  • Social Enhancement.

Adding pheromones to your life is a natural step up in social standing with women and can enhance your performance at work. The unique blends place you in the spotlight of life naturally without you needing to do anything but be yourself.

What Are the Top Pheromone Products?

True Pheromones: True Love

 True Pheromones: True Love

The True Love Pheromones breakthrough brought a romance formula created to stimulate the butterflies of love and lust in women. The formula works even better on younger women as it overrides the natural reluctance of an inexperienced lover with the passion of new love. True Love shows its self as a highly developed and tested mix of Androstadienone and Meo-EST, two much needed and well-rounded traits.

What makes True Love work its magic is its ability to make women want to be open and express themselves with their partners. They will want to be "girly" and develop and an attachment to you with the romantic attachment developing strongly.


  • The True Love formula makes women want to communicate with you.
  • The True Love formula helps women to feel "girly" and "flirty" with you.
  • The True Love formula gives the women butterflies in their romantic interest.


  • Only two drops or two sprays can be used at a time.

True Pheromones: True Alpha

True Pheromones: True Alpha

True Alpha takes your natural abilities to a whole new level. The cool feeling of being top of the crowd and in control will come out with just the right mixture of who you are and the power you have to command attention. True Alpha is amazing on its own or as a mixture to create a blend of romance and a commanding prescience in the people around you.

True Alpha shows you the way to be smooth and calm, while you talk to the lady of your dreams. The unique blend of confidence and attraction makes you feel centered and gives you the bearing of a leader and a man worth listening tool. The mixture of confidence and status is attractive to women, especially young women who are looking for that right man.


  • True Alpha will give you confidence.
  • True Alpha will help provide you with the calm you need to talk with women.
  • True Alpha is a terrific "mixer" pheromone.


  • The mixture of confidence and attraction can be overwhelming for some women.

True Pheromones: True Instinct

True Pheromones: True Instinct

True Instinct is a blend of confidence with and strong, attractive undertone. The True Instinct formula is one where you get a boost of your skills as a man and the added pull for many women to stop and chat with you throughout your day. The women become more relaxed and want to spend time talking and getting to know you.

When you apply True Instinct before you go out or before you go to work, you will notice women wanting to be with and around you more. They naturally feel safe with you, and you become fantastically attractive to all those who come into contact with you.


  • True Instinct will attract women to your sweet personality.
  • Tue Instinct will make your work-life smoother.
  • True Instinct provides women with the desire to spend more time with you.


  • True Instinct is a blend that boosts attraction by the other sex only.

True Pheromones: True Jerk

True Pheromones: True Jerk

True Jerk is a very direct formula that hits women hard. The vibe it creates is one where you are a dominant and attractive man who is sexy and completely in their sights. Being made a "jerk" might seem counterintuitive to attracting women, but women love the bad boy vibe some men put off, and a lot of bad boys are jerks.

Taking True Jerk will give you the arrogant and confident vibe these women want to make them feel like your eyes are only on them. They want to know you are there to interfere in their space and make their lives simpler. You don't have to follow the pheromone to be your amazing self; they will follow your trail to know that they are a fantastic man who knows every part of them.

True Pheromones: True Trust

True Pheromones: True Trust

True Trust is one of those blends that can make it all happen. Building trust in a relationship is difficult. Many women are looking for that "right man" and are unwilling to see what is right in front of them. True Trust exposes a woman to the real you, who can make them want to get closer and find a way to touch you in understanding.

True Trust exposes a woman to the right chemical combination of attractive and instant trust, which can jump multiple relationship hurdles without effort. The formula uses oxytocin sparingly to reel in the woman you want to court effortlessly. Because True Trust has a limited life span, it works best when combined with another True Pheromones product.


  • True Trust helps to break down barriers between a man and woman quickly.
  • True Trust is subtle, which is the perfect way to start a romance.
  • True Trust opens the door to communication.


  • True Trust has a very short life span of up to one hour of attractive power.

True Pheromones: True Charisma

True Pheromones: True Charisma

True Charisma opens the doors to communication and leaves them wide open. True Charisma will get the woman to talk and interact with you, and she will keep coming back on her own to build a strong and lasting bond with you. True Charisma is a well-rounded product that lets the women "see" all that is good in you.

The mixture of Androstadienone and a balanced ratio of alpha and beta androsterone work together to help create a very attractive vibe without the "clingy" behaviors some can develop when communicating with you. Communication is very important when developing your sexually signature, and True Charisma is a standalone product that will help build the natural chemistry between the two of you.


  • True Charisma helps to build a natural line of communication.
  • True Charisma produces effects that will lead the woman back for more.
  • True Charisma is strong enough to be used on its own.


  • True Charisma can be difficult to mix effectively with other pheromone products.

True Pheromones: True Opener

True Pheromones: True Opener

True Opener is the way to break the ice when you first start talking to women. The True Opener mixture is a combination of Alpha and Beta Androstenol, which will remove the barriers between you and the woman you want to get close to. The words you speak will sound real to her ears without the feeling of "pick-up" lines.

The beauty of the True Opener combination allows you to jump right in. There will be no need for preparation, the woman you are wooing with already be receptive to your charms. The open will be impressed with your natural ability, with no need to show off added enhancements.

True Pheromones: True Radiance

 True Pheromones: True Radiance

Sometimes we all want to shine. True Radiance is for daily use when you want to harness your sexual attraction and spread it around. The powerful combination of Androsterone and Alpha/Beta Androstadienone will influence everyone around you in a powerful way

Your sexual powers will do the talking for you. You will become the perfect friend, lover, and coworker by using it and will make your social prescience one to remember. Opportunity and fortune will come your way as doors open to you.


  • The True Radiance formula goes beyond attracting women.
  • True Radiance mixes easily with your cologne.
  • True Radiance gives you a natural edge in your love and works lives.


  • True Radiance can have a delay in its effects.

Pheromones Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a pheromone?

A pheromone is a chemical that human beings (and other mammals) produce, which can actually change the behavior of the same species who is receiving the pheromone. They are totally natural.

They are most often associated with sexual behavior or attraction but it goes beyond that. This includes things like respect, bonding, panic and even fear. Many people often misunderstand pheromones thinking they are only used in animals, but they are definitely used by human beings. And actually, you can argue that they are a lot more common in humans because we understand them, which means that we can purposely use them in certain ways -  knowing what we are doing.

We can't necessarily smell pheromones, but we do act on them. People don't realize just how much a scent attracts us to another person. And don't get this and perfume can definitely be used to your advantage. But we are far more attracted to the natural pheromones in people than we are any perfume, deodorant or cologne.

Are there different types of pheromones?

There sure are! There's actually four different types:

  1. Releaser
  2. Primer
  3. Signaler
  4. Modulator

Obviously they all do different things. Releaser pheromones will often get a very quick response from anyone that smells it. Primer pheromones on the other hand take a lot longer to effect the target.

Signaler pheromones are known to provide information and modulator pheromones are known to synchronize bodily functions (think along the lines of a menstrual cycle).

Do pheromones actually play a role in human attraction?

Studies have found that there actually is a relationship between human facial attraction and pheromones, believe it or not. If a person liked someone else's pheromone odor, they rated them as more attractive.

How do pheromones effect other people?

Most of the time the effect is done without the other person even realizing it...pretty cool huh?

When someone enjoys your natural scent, they are going to be drawn to you...and they may not even be able to figure out exactly why that is! Have you ever heard someone say, "there's just something about that person that drew me into them". likely had something to do with that.

It's funny because the natural scent can be the initial attraction, but by the time the two people engage it moves to "I really like their eyes and how confident they are...they are so interesting".

Nothing is mentioned about the initial attraction of the scent because usually no one knows what's going on.

So often that initial attraction of the scent, or pheromones, goes unnoticed and gets no credit. When if it wasn't for that in the beginning, there would have been no conversation at all!

Sometimes pheromones work in the opposite way where you just don't like the scent of someone, and it will turn you off.

Have you ever been in a situation where you or someone else just doesn't give another person a chance, it's just immediately NOPE! Sometimes this can have to do with a negative pheromone experience.

Where do pheromones come out?

Well, most attention has been focused on sweating. But it can also be involved in other bodily secretion such as spit, semen, urine and even your breath.

Final Thoughts

Pheromones are little understood, but their power can transcend stories and legend. When you need a social boost, there is nothing that can go wrong when you try these products. The results produce noticeable changes in the people around you, and you won't regret your change in social status from their use.

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