September 10, 2019

The Best Transgender Dating Sites

The online dating world can initially seem daunting, especially if you've had no prior experience using any dating apps or sites. With so many options to choose from, it can be difficult to know which ones fit exactly what you are looking for (or, more importantly, what you're not looking for!)

For transgender individuals, picking the right site can seem even more challenging, as some dating sites lack a transgender option when making an account. Fortunately, we've gone through the vast range of dating sites and come up with the top 7 transgender-friendly dating sites for you to check out. Each one of these sites offers something for every kind of individual out there, guaranteeing you will soon find your perfect match:

#1 Recommendation

Top 7 Transgender Dating Sites Review

#1. Best Tranny Dating Site - Adult Friend Finder

Adult Friend Finder

If you're looking for a straight-to-the-point hook-up dating site, you won't find a better option than Adult Friend Finder. The site's 20 million members are diverse and varied, including plenty of transgender individuals. The site's atmosphere is also very open, encouraging members to share exactly who they are and what they are looking for on their profile, with no judgments.

The sign-up process is quick and easy, asking for a few details wherein after you will be able to construct a profile. After this is done, you can easily browse millions of profiles, send messages or even engage in webcam chats with other users. The site also allows you to write in the site's forums or create a blog for others to follow.

  • Everyone on the site has the same goal of hooking up.
  • Large user base with a variety of sexual interests.
  • Very quick and easy sign-up process.
  • There is a large portion of outdated profiles.
  • Not ideal for those seeking something long-term or serious.

#2. Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison

As listed on the site's homepage, "sexual orientation is unimportant here." Ashley Madison is a truly unique dating site in that it promotes completely discreet dating, either for singles, those in relationships or even those who are married for people of all sexual and gender identities. Whether you just want someone to feel close to or you desire a full-blown affair with another individual, you can find it on Ashley Madison in a completely private and secure way.

Making an account takes just a few minutes, where you can write either a brief or very detailed description of what you are looking for. Those who identify as women can access the site completely for free, where they are able to browse profiles, send messages and 'like' other pictures. Those who identify as men have to purchase credits in order to do the same, though they are offered a guarantee that if they don't find what they are looking for in three months, they can get their money back.

  • The site is completely private and independent of other social media.
  • Free access for women and money-back guarantee for men.
  • A large and varied userbase.
  • Many more women on this site than men.
  • Not for those against partaking in an affair.

#3. My Transgender Cupid

My Transgender Cupid

My Transgender Cupid is unique in that it allows both transgender and non-transgender members who would like to date transgender people to join. The focus of members here is to find long-term and committed relationships, rather than hook-ups or short-term flings. Additionally, the site's creators aim to create an open and supportive atmosphere that strips away the stereotypical perceptions of trans dating.

After creating an account that includes a bio and pictures, free members can browse profiles, send likes, read messages and add users to a 'favorite list.' Paid members can take it a few steps further by sending messages, having their profile boosted in search lists and having advertising hidden from them. Transgender women have access to all paid membership features, attracting many of these members.

  • Great for those looking for something long-term.
  • Open for both trans and non-trans individuals.
  • Supportive community and staff.
  • Non-premium accounts have limited access to features.
  • Premium price can get costly.

#4. Transgenderdate


If you want to avoid paying for anything on a dating site, you will have to add Transgenderdate to the top of your online dating site list. All features, including messaging, liking profiles, and access to the site's forums and blogs, are all 100% free on this site. Even better, the team behind the site verifies each and every profile, so you know that each member on the site is real.

To create an account, you will have to simply provide an email, username, zip code, your gender identity and what you are looking for on the site. The site especially focuses on blogs, which all members can either create or comment on, to engage members. Additionally, you can join chatrooms, send emails or simply browse different profile pictures.

  • 100% free access for verified members.
  • Very interactive community.
  • Ability to upload hundreds of photos.
  • Site layout is very basic.
  • Some user profiles lack important details.

#5. Match


Since its launch in 1995, Match has continued to thrive, garnering tens of millions of members in over two dozen countries. Many online users favor it due to its easy-to-use interface and nearly-endless abilities and features to find the absolute perfect match for you. The site also emphasizes its openness to individuals of all genders and sexualities, promoting safety for all who join.

To get started on the site, you will create a profile for your account, upload a few pictures, and answer some questions as to what you are looking for. The site's algorithm will then send you a list of personalized, potential matches straight to your inbox for you to decide on. From there, you can like profiles and send messages, with paid members having access to more features as well.

  • One of the largest online dating site databases.
  • Safety of members if prioritized by the company.
  • Matches are sent directly to you.
  • Membership can get pricey.
  • Not a top choice for those seeking a quick hook-up.

#6. Butterfly


Featured across dozens of famed magazines, newspapers and online news sites, Butterfly has transformed the transgender dating world. The free site is open to trans, gender fluid and non-binary individuals who are focused on dating, not hook-ups. Butterfly promotes inclusivity and safety for those who would like to date, with members knowing they will not be judged for who they are.

Registration is easy, with the site quickly suggesting numerous matches for you after you fill out what you are looking for. Sending messages, browsing and liking profiles is all free and simple to do on the site, giving Butterfly an uncomplicated interface. Its membership still continues to grow, increasing the number of options for you.

  • Registration and membership is completely free.
  • Site is easy to navigate.
  • Perfect for those wanting long-term and serious relationships.
  • Membership is still small.
  • Some accounts lack details and photos.

#7. TS Mingle

TS Mingle

TS Mingle is a straightforward, free dating site predominantly focused on transgender dating. Those who are not transgender but who are curious can also join the site and see if they can find what they are looking for here, creating a diverse member base. All features provided on the site are completely free of charge for all users.

Registering on the site is quite simple as there is no verification required, unlike other similar sites. The downside of this is that some profiles may be fake or spam, so users will have to tread the site carefully. That being said, it is easy to search for users of all genders and sexualities here.

  • All features are free.
  • Good for users who are curious about dating transgender individuals.
  • Has a live cam to chat.
  • Some unverified profiles.
  • Very basic layout.

Transgender FAQs

Who is a transgender person?

A transgender person is someone with a different gender identity from the one assigned to him/her at birth. There are transgender people who seek medical assistance to change their sex to another or are transsexual. Transgender people are also those who are not fully feminine or masculine. These are people who are non-binary and they include gender fluid and bi-gender people. Those who have a third or conceptualized gender are also transgender.

Do you understand what transgender is?

When you ask a person this question, you will realize that many people do not actually know or understand who transgender men and women are. Many will say that transgender people are homosexuals or those with two different genders. Due to lack of interest, many haven’t taken time to understand facts about transgender.

Is a transgender person the same as a transsexual person?

Actually, most people know that a transgender person is the same as a transsexual person. The truth is that a transsexual person is transgender but not all people who are transgender are transsexual. Being transgender could entail other factors other than sexuality, factors such as gender, masculinity and femininity.

Can you date a trans man or trans woman?

When a person is asked this question, many are skeptical. Being transgender is associated with a lot of discrimination and to make a personal decision to date a transgender person is not easy for many people. Even when someone is dating a transgender person, they are not very comfortable to talk about it. They hold back as they do not want to be judged.

Most transgender people end up dating fellow transgender men and women. They mainly feel most comfortable that way yet still face discrimination. There are also transgender people who date normal people although there are not many people who would be okay about it. Most people shy away due to discrimination, cultural and religious values or beliefs. This also happens due to lack of knowledge on transgender people.

Can you openly tell people that you are dating a transgender person?

For a person who is dating a transgender man or woman, this is a tough question, although not to everyone. There are those who would comfortably let people know that they are dating a transgender person while others shy away. From various reports, discrimination is still one of the main reasons why many would shy away. They fear that those they tell would not understand them.

What would your family say if you told them you were dating a transgender?

Many parents would have an issue not only with their children dating a transgender but also with their children being transgender. There are really so many misconceptions and a lot of ignorance concerning transgender individuals that the level of discrimination and judging is so high.

You will find that majority of those who date transgender people hide information about their dating life even from their loved ones. It becomes even worse when a person hails from a family with strict cultural and religious beliefs. There are not many parents who would be okay with their children dating transgender people. For parents with transgender or transsexual children, they prefer when their children date fellow transgender children. This helps to reduce discrimination against their transgender children.

Would you go out on a date with a transgender man or woman?

While there are people who don’t look transgender from physical appearance, there are those that do. Many millenials have no problem hanging out with transgender people. Most that have an issue going out with transgender people are those from cultures that are restrictive and religions that are strict. There are areas in the world where transgender people are considered a curse or an abomination. Generally, many people, especially young people, don’t mind at all. I mean if it’s just a date, why not?

Would you take your transgender partner to church?

This is a tough one to many. However, if a transgender person dresses decently or doesn’t even appear transgender, it isn’t hard at all. What is hard, however, is the fact that many religions are not in support of transgender individuals, mainly transgender relationships and marriages. Most religions advocate to a man and a woman marriage and introducing a transgender partner at a church may be considered nonreligious.

Most churches accept that transgender people are human beings that should be treated with equal dignity and respect like everyone else. In recent times, Pope Francis gave his sentiments about the same. He stated that a human being of any kind should be treated with dignity. His sentiments were, however, not based on transgender or transsexual relationships but basic human rights.

Would you marry a transgender man or woman?

For years now, many countries have been experiencing a hard time trying to decide the legality of transgender and transsexual marriages. Such marriages are legal in a number of countries worldwide with many still holding to their illegality.

In countries where it is legal to marry a transgender or transsexual person, it gives these couples better confidence to come out and feel normal. While those who date transgender people would feel comfortable with the idea of marrying them, not many people would. The idea of marrying or getting married to a transgender person is still not well embraced by many. For this reason again, it is common to find transgender people marrying among themselves.

Could you have a normal sex life with a transgender person?

This is a very common question with the transgender topic. Many assume that a transgender person doesn’t have a normal life. For transsexual people, their sex life is better understood and those who are not comfortable are okay with staying away. However, transgender people may differ in terms of sexuality as some are more masculine or feminine and others are less. Again, others change their gender. Sexuality is, therefore, different for every transgender person.

Can you have children with a transgender person?

Transgender people differ and there are those that can have or sire children while others may not. Since their sexuality differs, it is the same for their ability to have children. Depending on medical examinations, some would have children. Yes, you can have children together with a transgender person by choosing to adopt. For countries with proper child adoption guidelines, transgender and transsexual people can easily get a child through adoption.

Can you find transgender and transsexual people on dating sites?

If you are looking for a transgender or transsexual person to date, then yes they can be found in dating sites. Transgender people live normal lives and have the same needs like those of a normal person. They use social media and are also on dating sites too. There are some transgender people who look so normal, until you hear that they are transgender.

Can a transgender person be attracted to a normal person?

Being transgender does not mean that a person cannot feel. Every day, everywhere, there are transgender and even transsexual people who get attracted to people who are not transgender. The issue comes when the transgender person makes an approach to a person and the person rubbishes him or her or judges the transgender person.

This is actually what mainly happens and that is why you will find most transgender people in their own company or that of other transgender people. In other cases, people who are not transgender can be attracted to transgender people. There are transgender people who are actually dating people who are not transgender. This shows that attraction can occur normally.

Does having a transgender parent affect a child?

It is quite unfortunate that the issue of transgender is still very unclear to many. For this reason, transgender people experience a lot of stigma. That stigma affects children of transgender parents in a big way, especially in communities that are still negative about transgender. Discrimination and being mocked in school as well as among their peers are among the issues that such children have to deal with. Since a parent is transgender, it does not mean that the child is abnormal or automatically a transgender. These are normal children in most cases.

What is your opinion about transgender people?

This is a common question, especially in recent times since most transgender people are coming out in public about their state. The opinion about transgender people depends on a lot of things about an individual. It can be based on a person’s beliefs, culture, where they come from, and depth of their knowledge on transgender.

You will find many people in developed countries being okay with transgender people. Countries where transsexual marriages are legal have embraced transgender people better than those that prefer to stick to their beliefs about the issue. We also have people who cannot tolerate transgender people, depending on their beliefs. These are, however, human beings among us in society and they live among us.

Should transgender and transsexual marriages be legal?

Legality of anything is determined by fundamental human rights. Having in mind that transgender people are human, there are jurisdictions that allow marriages between transgender and transsexual people. Many however, do not allow these marriages for different reasons.

People’s opinions differ concerning the matter. To many millenials, such marriages are just okay while most of those who oppose their legality are the older people. Recently, many transgender people have come out to advocate for their rights, especially the right to marry. We have also witnessed many transgender people dating and others getting married. Transgender people continue to come out and speak out about their lives and experiences. This has resulted to more intense debate concerning the issue with others getting determined to understand transgender better. It will, however, take time before discrimination and stigma stops.

Responses from transgender people

Among the many transgender people that have come out to defend their state and inform others, we have Laverne Cox and Munroe Bergdorf. Most transgender people admit to people asking them many questions. Some ask the questions out of curiosity, some to understand them and others to mock them. Those who have come out about their conditions say that times have changed for the better in recent years. They remain hopeful that trans-phobia will one day end. They are glad that they have come out to make things clear and help people understand them.

Incredible trans women such as Laverne and Munroe have encouraged people to match their identity by changing their biological form. Among the common questions that transgender people are asked include:

Aren’t you just homosexual?

Most people assume that to be transgender is to be transsexual or homosexual. This is, however, not true. With a hidden identity, one transgender or transsexual man takes an audience through the difference between sexual identity and gender identity. In simple terms, sexuality is what a person does while gender is what a person is.
There are trans men who get sexually awakened when they begin to physically transit. To be transgender is, therefore, not entirely the same as being homosexual. One trans man said that he would feel attracted to women and used to dream about marrying a woman. He is happy that he was able to discover his condition and he feels happier than before. 

Why are you changing your sexual organs?

While the process of undergoing surgery to change gender identity was previously not well embraced, it is more embraced now. Transgender people who change their gender identity undergo different stages of transition. In most cases, the process entails physical changes and not only social changes. To some, physical changes are an option while to others, it is not a choice. Gender confirmation surgeries are normally very expensive everywhere and this hinders a lot of people who need them. The United Kingdom covers the gender confirmation surgery using the NHS and this is a great step for transgender.

It can be very frustrating when a transgender person is not able to have a physical gender transition. This causes the person to be misgendered and this affects the person’s life in many ways. During the gender confirmation surgery, the person receives pre-T testosterone that is a male hormone for clear gender identity.

How is your sex life?

A person’s sex life is a sensitive matter and many transgender men have to endure a lot of mockery due to their sex life. The situation is even tougher for transgender people who have not had physical gender transformation. There are many who remain asexual for a long time due to stigma and finding it hard to practice their desired sex life.

For those who assume that trans men like to have sex a lot, then that is not correct. Like other people, transgender people are also different. Since most of them feel biologically repulsed, they end up either desexualized or hyper sexualized.

Weird as it may sound, transgender people also have to often deal with people asking them how they have sex. When you change how you are used to doing things, it definitely takes time to adapt. This happens when one undergoes physical gender transformation. However, transgender people engage in sexual activities quite normally.

How does testosterone help you?

For transgender men, testosterone is an important part of their lives. In striving to change their physical state for new gender identity, testosterone works like a new form of puberty. By taking testosterone, the person experiences muscle formation changes, increased hair growth, some emotional changes and diminishing periods.

In a big way, testosterone helps the trans men in attaining physical transformation even without the gender transformation surgery. It is a way of replacing hormones and it works for many.

Don’t you ever feel in tough with your feminine side?

It is not easy to adapt to a transformation as big as gender. Gender is basically who a person is and when one is already a transgender, then it means that they need gender transformation. For transgender men, their feminine side is something they are not in touch with. Therefore, this necessitates the need for transformation. Once they have transformed and had a new gender identity, the feminine side is suppressed in a big way and many lose touch with it.

The transgender topic is still a sensitive one in our communities. Even those that have made great progress in accepting the transgender community still experience levels of stigmatization. There are many countries in the world that still find the transgender issue against their beliefs in terms of culture and religion.

As the debate about transgender continues, transgender people all over the world continue to suffer a lot of stigmatization. It will definitely take a long time before the transgender issue becomes clearer to humanity in a way that allows them to live amongst others without discrimination.

Final Verdict

The world of online dating offers a lot of opportunities for finding the right match for your wants and needs. While there are many sites available, the ones mentioned above are some of the best for transgender individuals who want to sign up for a site where they feel welcome and can find what they are looking for. In this day and age, joining an online dating site is one of the best ways to find the one for you.

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