Tips For Dating An America Guy – 10 Things You Should Know

Dating in today's world can be frustrating. It's tough to know what you're really getting into when you start talking to someone online. If you have the type of man you want in mind, it's important you go for it.

There are a few things to consider as you approach dating your perfect man. We have tips for dating an American guy and ten things you should know.

#1. Be Honest About Wanting A Relationship

If you're ready for a real relationship, don't beat around the bush. Don't scare him and tell him that you want to get married next week either. Guys want you to know that they respect honesty. He wants you to be upfront about your expectations for dating. This will help your sanity so you aren't wondering all of the time what he thinks, and it will help him know your motives for dating.

Tips For Dating An America Guy

If you're too afraid to tell him that you're looking for something that goes beyond casual, then you need to move on. Guys want someone that isn't going to be fearful of them. They need to be able to trust you just like you trust them. If they're looking for something casual, they'll be out the door.

It might hurt that they bolt, but it's better to move on to someone that is looking for the same thing as you. Men need women to understand that they want someone that is determined and doesn't settle for less.

#2. Don't Eat Like A Bird On A Date

Men don't like women that eat salads every meal. They know you're lying. They know you go home and eat a dozen cookies because you're still hungry.

Tips For Dating An America Guy

These days a lady knows how to keep up with her man's diet. Men like women that can drink a few beers with them then share a slice of dessert. It makes them feel bad when you eat a salad and they eat steak.

You might be a little nervous on your date, so they understand that you don't want a huge plate. You might love to take home leftovers. As long as he isn't sitting there finishing his meal alone, he's all good.

In the end, life is too short to date a man that doesn't enjoy your appetite. You're going to have many meals together. Make them count.

#3. Two Weeks Is The Test Period

Two weeks sounds crazy, but it isn't. Guys are just as scared as girls. They want women to understand they need time to think.

Tips For Dating An America Guy

You're going to wait by the phone for that text all day and night. Men don't usually think this way. They take a week or so to analyze if this is something they want for sure. They aren't as obsessive as most women about the date. Their minds just don't usually work this way.

The main thing they want you to know is that it's important how they text when they do. If they just send one word, it's not worth it. If they reach out to you with a long explanation, you may stick around. They need to follow up with a way to pursue you. At this time, they've made a definitive decision. They're either in or out. Don't let your mind go crazy while you wait.

#4. Don't Give It Up The First Few Weeks

Don't let this man be your one night stand. It's important to see someone's true intentions before you jump in bed with them. Make sure they aren't just reeling you in for a romp.

Tips For Dating An America Guy

The dating rule to really follow is to wait until you both know one another enough to sleep together. Most men want you to know they aren't into online dating to just find women to sleep with. Yes, some are, but most are looking for a mate.

If you both want a real relationship, you can wait a little bit. Sex is going to make you more attached to the man, so you want to make sure you are ready for it. You might spare yourself heartbreak if you don't jump into bed on the first date.

#5. Don't Talk About The Exes Yet

This is a golden rule that men want women to know. They don't want to talk about their past relationships on their first few dates. It is often too raw and opens wounds. They don't want to dive into the serious things until later.

Tips For Dating An America Guy

It's nice to understand their emotional baggage, but they don't need to lay it all out on the first date. If they bring it up, you can go down the rabbit hole in a positive direction. You can also divert the conversation to another one.

There is no room in a new relationship for the ex. That person can stay in their little box until you bring them out. There is often heartbreak surrounding that box. A new relationship should be light and fun.

#6. It Doesn't Matter Who Pays

Traditional dating stereotypes don't really count these days. Men want you to know they don't care if you pay or they pay for the date. They will usually offer to pay, but you can always step up. The point is that no one needs to stress out over the bill.

Tips For Dating An America Guy

If you're unsure about it, you can even offer to split the bill. If the guy says it's okay, don't think they hate you. They're just being respectful of your offer. They don't usually think like women analyzing every little thing about the date. They know someone has to pay. They are used to just taking out their wallet to pay for you.

Many guys were raised that you always pay for the woman. Respect his wishes when he offers to pay for you. It doesn't mean he is anti-feminist. It means he is trying to be a gentleman. Date the man who believes the same as you when it comes to respect in this area.

#7. Understand Spontaneity

Some women won't accept a last-minute date. They want to wait a certain number of days before going out with a man again. Men want you to know that many of them aren't great planners. They look at their calendar, see an opening and call you to go to dinner.

Tips For Dating An America Guy

If they don't follow up on plans after asking you out a week before, they're not that great at loyalty. If you want a mature man that is able to follow through with his wishes, don't go for the guy that forgets about dates. If he wants to date you, he will give you first priority on his calendar.

A man that likes you won't message you out of convenience. He will message you when he truly likes you and wants to date you. If he hits you up for the movies that same day, go for it. He is making an attempt to show you that he is interested. Men love when a woman is able to throw herself together and go on a date. A date doesn't need to be planned three weeks in advance to make a big grand gesture. A good date filled with a fun time is found in the details of the date.

#8. Do A Little Of The Planning

It's a lot of pressure to be the man in the relationship. Even with today's standards shifting in the dating world, sometimes tradition rules. Men want you to know it's okay to take the reins.

Tips For Dating An America Guy

Choose a time and place for your dates. If you aren't a great planner, throw out some ideas. The man always appreciates the effort even if it's a strange idea. They don't like to live under pressure all of the time. Think about how much time and effort they take to try to make you happy. This makes them stressed out.

Tell them about the things you enjoy doing. Even if you don't' like to make decisions, lead them in the right direction. Make a decision about the date together. If you want to take it a step further, it's okay to ask the guy out as well. It might be scary to jump through that hoop, but it takes the pressure off of them. they might have been trying to figure out how to ask you out for weeks.

#9. Don't Smother Him

Men want you to know that if you smother them, they die. Seriously, don't blow up his phone or stalk him. Going on dates is fun and new. There is a lot of information shared during those dates. Let it roll naturally.

Tips For Dating An America Guy

Don't show up at his work waiting at his door every day. Don't call him every single day. Don't text him a million times a day. Men want you to know this gets on their nerves. Even if they're falling in love with you, they need their space.

Let him be the first one to call a few times. Let him be the first one to text. You might have an anxiety attack waiting, but it will show him that you aren't too crazy. If you practically hire an investigator to know his every move, he will run faster than a cat out of water. Men like to breathe. They don't always like to make the first move, but they also don't want a woman that shows up outside their shower door.

#10. Be Your Own Person

Many married people will tell, you one of the secrets to a great marriage is having your alone time. You can be one in a relationship, but it's important to maintain independence. Men want women to know that they don't want to lose themselves. They need to be their own person even when they have another half.

Tips For Dating An America Guy

You should still continue to see your friends, do things you love, and have alone time away from one another. Balance is the key to a good relationship. If he makes his entire life about you, he will lose a part of himself. It will put too much pressure on the relationship causing it to crumble. Your source of happiness should come from within instead of trying to get it from the other person. Overall, have fun together without losing yourself.

Final Verdict

Men want women to know they want to find their perfect match just as much as the woman. They want love and respect. Just because they don't think exactly like women at times, they still want to try their best to make a woman happy. The dating world can be tough, make sure you follow our guidelines to find the perfect man for you.

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