Tinder Openers Guaranteed To Get Her Interested

Hey, I’m researching how many times beautiful girls get hit on using Tinder, and you are the perfect candidate. Do you mind answering a couple of questions for me?

You have to tell me your skin care secret! I know I’m a guy, but I’m dying to know what products you use to have such a flawless complexion?

Pick your favorite comedy show or movie, and I’ll try to give you a pick-up line that is related to the show.

I’m sure you have heard it before, but your eyes are mesmerizing. I’d love to look into them over a cup of coffee or a drink?

If you had to choose, would you go for a ski run or sit in front of the fire with hot cocoa? I would be down for both, but I’m super curious to hear your response.

Hi! Are you a coffee drinker or a mimosa girl? Either would make for a good brunch date, don’t you think? If we’re feeling crazy, maybe it could be both!

Tinder Openers Guaranteed To Get Her Interested

I would love to hear more about your fluffy dog I see in your picture! Is she or he fond of others, because I would just die to be able to pet them! Maybe we could all go for a walk together?

Your Tinder bio looks kind of light, would you mind if I asked you a few quick questions to get to know you? I can’t pass up your picture, you’re just too pretty. You can hit me with a few questions as well if you’d like!

Give me a number between one and ten.

When they respond with a number, say “Oh wow, you’re right! I guess we’re going on a date now!”

I did the math like three times, and I’m positive it equals you and me going out for a date.

I have a room stockpiled with lots of canned food and even more alcohol. If the grid crashes, I’d be happy to share my bounty with you!

Tinder Openers Guaranteed To Get Her Interested

I see you enjoy video games? I hate to admit this, but I’m pretty bad at them, do you think we could get together for you to teach me some tricks? For science, of course!

I’m headed to Starbucks for some coffee. What would you like? I also deliver, and you don’t even have to tip me!

Tell me your favorite music genre? I could use a few new songs on my Spotify list, and you look like someone who has excellent taste in music!

If you had to pick one place in the world to visit, where would it be? When I hit the lottery, I promise to whisk you away on a private jet!

You look like someone who knows how to make a day interesting. What would you do if you were feeling spontaneous?

Tinder Openers Guaranteed To Get Her Interested

Your dog looks like he wants to play fetch with me. Do you think we could get together and have a play date? I’ll bring the toys if you want!

I had a good pickup line, but I accidentally turned it into a circle instead. I hope you will still consider me as a potential date? Maybe you could help me straighten it out!

If we play pick-up-sticks together, do you think I could pick you up at the same time?

Send me the meme that makes you laugh the most, and then I will send you mine. I bet we could make each other crack up!

You look like someone I could send my all-time favorite meme too. Maybe we could have a meme war as a way to get to know one another?

Tinder Openers Guaranteed To Get Her Interested

You're walking down the street and run into your favorite actor or actress. Who would it be?

You just matched with the weirdest guy on Tinder, so I hope you don't mind a little bit of strange conversations from now on? I promise not to scare you off!

Wow, your cat looks like such a sweetheart. How long have you had him? Does he get jealous of other people?

The way to my heart is through a funny meme. I'm pretty sure I can send you a few that will make you laugh-can I try?

So, you're stuck in an elevator with someone famous for an hour. Who would it be, and what would you ask them?

Tinder Openers Guaranteed To Get Her Interested

Tell me the story that lives rent-free in your head and I'll tell you mine. The more awkward, the better!

Christmas may only come once a year, but I would stay by your side for 365 days!

Would you love to go out for Valentine's Day and make fun of all the happy couples together?

I'm no good at pickup lines, so let's just skip the awkwardness of the first conversation and get on to the awkwardness of our first date, okay? I'm ready whenever you are!

What's your favorite way of enjoying a day off? Going on an adventure or chilling in the house with a good show?

Tinder Openers Guaranteed To Get Her Interested

I swiped right because I'm a vegan, too! At least, I am now after seeing your picture on here.

I asked Alexa what my schedule is looking like for this Saturday night, and she told me that I had a date with a beautiful girl. She even called you by name, how crazy is that? We have to do what the robot says, so what time should I pick you up?

You’re faced with a weekend all to yourself. What is the first thing on your to-do list?

Hey, what would you rather have for breakfast? Cereal, pancakes, or eggs? I want to make sure I know what to have on hand!

I hope this isn’t too personal of a question, but can you tell me what your favorite kind of pasta is?

Tinder Openers Guaranteed To Get Her Interested

I feel like you are someone I could get to know easily. Do you want to get some of the Tinder awkwardness out of the way as fast as possible?

Hey, can I tell you what I find so interesting about your picture?

Your pictures give off such an amazing vibe, and I really need that kind of vibe in my life right now! Do you think you could show me just how you manage to do it?

How did I get through my life without seeing someone as pretty and amazing as you?

Did I win the lottery without knowing? Because you are a jackpot for sure!

Tinder Openers Guaranteed To Get Her Interested

I don’t want to scare you off with a cheesy pickup line, so I’m just going to be straightforward and ask if you would enjoy chatting a bit with me? No pressure!

Do you have any aspirin? Because I’ve been wracking my brain trying to figure out a good opening line and now my head hurts.

Imagine this- the internet goes down. No phones, no Google, no computers. What are you doing to entertain yourself?

I hope you know you look like the perfect woman to share all of my amazing memes with. And I don’t share them with just anyone!

Your dog looks like he is very protective of you! I’d be willing to pass the test if you would like to give me the chance!

Tinder Openers Guaranteed To Get Her Interested

If we were on the Titanic, I would be the Jack to your Rose. I just hope that my drawing skills are as up to par as his were!

You pick- honest question about your character, or cheesy pickup line that will make you roll your eyes? I aim to please.

Using just emojis, how would you describe yourself to me?

Show me your favorite gif and I’ll show you mine!

Are you into horoscopes? Mine said that I would finally meet someone worthwhile, and then I immediately matched with you. I’d love to know what your horoscope says today?

Tinder Openers Guaranteed To Get Her Interested

Are you available for a fun date? It may not be with me, but we can have coffee to discuss your options!

Do you want to end up as a successful Tinder story? I’m desperate to leave a legacy behind, and you seem just like the woman who could make it work.

I can’t wait to tell our future grandkids about how we matched on a dating app so many years ago! Can we get together to collaborate our story?

Do you see me in the future? Tell me the date and time and place, and I’ll take care of setting it all up!

You have 30 seconds to come up with the best pickup line. What do you come up with?

Tinder Openers Guaranteed To Get Her Interested

My friend said you won’t write back, and I really need to prove him wrong. Can you help me win this round?

If I Google your name, what embarrassing thing would I find about you?

What’s your most embarrassing moment? Don’t be shy, I’ll tell you mine if you can tell me yours!

Do you enjoy being the little spoon or the big spoon? If you aren’t sure, we can take turns trying it out!

Do you know the way around the bedroom? Could you come over and show me the way around mine?

Tinder Openers Guaranteed To Get Her Interested

Tell me your deepest, darkest secret, and I will tell you mine. Don’t worry, I’m not a cop!

Can you keep a secret?

I’m not supposed to talk to strangers, but I feel as though I have to make an exception for you!

Let’s be crazy together! You in? Any ideas?

If you had to use three emojis to describe yourself, what would they be?

Tinder Openers Guaranteed To Get Her Interested

If you had to choose, a day of skiing on the mountains or laying out on the beach?

So, are you an outdoors-type of girl, or would you rather stay inside and chill? No judgment either way!

Wanna play a game of truth or dare? You start!

How have you been this week? I’d love to hear more about your day!

I know a cheesy pickup line won’t work, so can I just cut to the chase and ask you out for a drink or dinner?

Tinder Openers Guaranteed To Get Her Interested

Can you tell me a funny joke?

Please don’t tell me you are one of those people who claps when the waiter drops a bunch of dishes?

What kind of dessert can I order you when we are through with our first dinner?

Oh my God, I almost swiped left. I would have missed out on a wonderful opportunity to get to know a beautiful girl!

You wouldn’t believe what I just did! I almost swiped left on you instead of right in my haste to swipe! Can you believe my luck?

Tinder Openers Guaranteed To Get Her Interested

Would you rather have a snowball fight, make a snow angel, or build a snowman?

What type of candle do you like? I’d love to get you a scent that will make you think of me!

As George Washington said, I cannot tell a lie. I couldn’t wait to swipe right on you!

If you had to make one last wish before you died, what would it be?

Tell me where you would like to go on a first date. I like the direct approach, so I’m going to leave the ball in your court, okay?

Tinder Openers Guaranteed To Get Her Interested

You are so breathtaking! I know that sounds so corny, but I was raised to be honest at all times.

If you were mad at me, what could I do to make you forgive me?

I’m fully prepared to fire out every pickup line I have ever heard, so do you want to skip it all and just agree to go out with me? Unless you enjoy the lines. I can go either way!

I was always raised to be as honest as possible, so I am obligated to tell you how pretty and amazing you are! Don’t blame me, blame my parents!

I’m sending you the perfect opening line on Tinder. What do you think?

Tinder Openers Guaranteed To Get Her Interested

Stupid opening line. Bad pun concerning your name. Dumb question to get to know you. Now that I’ve gotten all of that out of the way, what do you think about a date?

When you’re as attractive as you are, I’m betting you get all types of guys in your inbox. What do you think about one more?

You should give me your number, we’ll get to know one another without the back and forth of a Tinder conversation!

If we were a couple and it was Halloween, what would your perfect Halloween couples-costume be?

Can you give me a pickup line that would work on you? I want to make sure I don’t scare you off!

Tinder Openers Guaranteed To Get Her Interested

Are you ready to be swept off of your feet? Are you ready to fall down when I inevitably drop you? Don’t worry, I’ll probably fall, too!

I’m trying to perfect the best opening line on Tinder, and I need your help. Can you go out with me so that we can discuss it? I’d be forever grateful!

You’re probably tired of all the dumb opening lines you get on Tinder, so why don’t you ignore all of the other messages and set up a date with me?

I couldn’t swipe right on you fast enough! Let’s start an awkward conversation and see where it goes…what do you think?

I’m building my Spotify list and I need some new, fun songs. Can you tell me what your current favorite song is? Any genre is fine!

Tinder Openers Guaranteed To Get Her Interested

I love your dog! You look like you are best friends, is there room for one more?

If we were the last people on Earth, would you help me repopulate our species or would human beings just completely die out?

Can you see into the future? Because I can, and I already see you in it!

It’s almost Christmas, are you on the naughty or nice list?

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