December 24, 2020

Three Day Rule Review

When you’re busy building the life and career you want, it is easy to overlook the importance of dating. Often we think “I’ve got time” until we wake up one day to the realization that time is running out.

While online dating is growing in popularity, it can sometimes be as time-consuming as conventional dating, and the rewards for your efforts can be mixed at best. This is where the matchmaking service Three Day Rule comes into play.

What is Three Day Rule, and Who is it for?

After quitting her job as a television producer, Three Day Rule (TDR) founder Talia Goldstein created the matchmaking company in 2013. Her inspiration for her company’s name came from the movie Swingers when she heard a character explain that three days is how long one should wait before calling a girl they’ve just met.

Three Day Rule Review

Now, TDR has expanded into a company that has offices in nine US cities with Los Angeles, CA, serving as its headquarters.

TDR has one of the largest and most exclusive networks in the entire country. Because of this, your chances of being matched with the partner you’ve always wanted are much higher than with some of the Three Day Rule’s competitors.

Dating is like a full-time job, and for those who are limited in how much time they have to spare, TDR can be a lifesaver as their matchmakers will do all of the hard lifting for you.

TDR is not for everyone. This service is for serious relationship seekers who are willing to put in the work necessary to make a relationship thrive.

This United-States-based hybrid dating service has more than 100,000 members across its user base, and the chances of finding a match are about equal for both men and women.

The age demographics of this dating service is a bit older than on many of the more popular dating websites and apps utilized today. While anyone over the age of 18 is allowed to join the service, the majority of its premium members are between the ages of 35 and 50.

Since Three Day Rule’s website partners with, this service is also available to members of the LGBTQ+ community.

How Does it Work?

TDR uses a hybrid approach to aid you in finding you a partner. The first step you must take to use this service is register on the Three Day Rule website. Once registered, you become a free member in their database until you commit to paying for one of their premium memberships.

Once you register for the TDR website and sign up for one of their membership plans, you will not look for a match but will instead look for your ideal matchmaker. This is where Three Day Rule differs from the majority of its competitors.

Three Day Rule Review

To help you find your professional matchmaker, TDR gives you a preview of each of their experienced matchmakers. Then, after studying their short biographies, you can move forward to finding your perfect match by first selecting the matchmaker you think will suit you best.

Once chosen, your matchmaker will then become your personal wingwoman and begin her job of finding you your matches. To do this best, they first will get to know you.

The questions your matchmaker will ask you may seem to get a little too personal, but their goal is to learn everything they need to know about you so that they can find the best matches for you. So, the more information you are honestly willing to share, the better the matches they can find you will be.

Questions your matchmaker will ask you can range from queries about your past and other love experiences you may have had to questions about your future and what you hope to be doing five to ten years down the road.

Three Day Rule Review

This step is all done via a real-life interview.

After your interview with your matchmaker is over, their next step is to turn to Three Day Rule’s algorithm so that it can do its part of the job, i.e. list out the people who are most similar to you in likes, dislikes, interests, beliefs, and opinions.

Once the algorithm is done with its job, your matchmaker will then get back to hers. Now that she will have a list of people who are most similar to you to work off of, your matchmaker will now start narrowing it down by ruling out those she thinks you’re less likely to connect with.

Then, once the list is narrowed down to your most likely matches, your matchmaker will then begin the next part of her job which is to meet with each of your top potential matches one-by-one to vet them for you.

If the vetting process goes smoothly and your matchmaker is confident that her selections may be good for you, she will then create short biographies about each potential match that she will send to you along with their photograph so that you can make your final approvals.

Three Day Rule Review

Only after you approve a match is your information shared with them, and only after a match is approved can you set up a date with them. This date is only between you and your match. Your matchmaker will not attend.

If on your date you and your match hit it off, then great. However, if you do not click with your approved matches after meeting them in person, then the process with your matchmaker may start over again. They also may offer some advice on how to make your next matches more successful.

After you go on dates with matches recommended to you by your matchmaker, you will be asked to share your experiences about the date. This information is needed so that your matchmaker can improve their skills and find you better matches if your first set of dates did not go well.

Three Day Rule matchmakers do not just find your potential matches in the TDR online user base. Instead, your matchmaker may also scour events looking for eligible singles who they think may make a great match for you.

In short, the process for getting your match using Three Day Rule is as follows:

  • You register on the Three Day Rule website and search for your favorite Matchmaker.
  • Your selected Matchmaker gets to know who you are via an in-depth interview.
  • Your matchmaker then vets potential matches using both the TDR algorithm and face-to-face interviews.
  • You’re given a synopsis about each of your matches and decide whether to go on a date with them or not.
  • You and your matchmaker follow up about your dates and decide your next steps.

Is it Easy to Use?

TDR is very easy to use given the fact that the majority of the work is done by your matchmaker rather than by you.

Once your register for the TDR website, which is a process that takes only a couple of minutes, your job is pretty much done. The only thing left for you to do until you start going on dates is select your matchmaker of choice.

Three Day Rule Review

To register for the TDR website, you first need to look above the invitation to join. Once you do, you should notice a button that says “Create Your Private Profile.”

Once you click that button, a form should pop up that requests that you fill out your basic details starting with your full name, your gender, your preferences, and your birthday. You will also be asked to input your address and your email.

Additionally, the pop-up questionnaire on the Three Day Rule website will request that you fill out your occupation and income. This is because this service is not cheap if you want its premium matchmaking services. The free membership plan only allows you to see other paying members on the website, and you will not get a matchmaker.

Once you’ve completed the required fields on the questionnaire, you then will have successfully become a free member in the TDR database, and as result, you then can get invited to interviews as a potential match to paying members.

Three Day Rule Review

Once registered, you then will need to search the top of the TDR website to find the “Get Started” button. After finding and clicking this button, you will then again be prompted to fill out the same information you shared in the pop-up questionnaire.

After you’re registered and have selected and paid for your membership if you choose to be a paying member, you no longer have to navigate the TDR website or database.

This means no swiping, no checking out people’s profiles, and no need bothering with cam chats, video calls, or instant messaging. Where your job ends, your matchmaker’s job will begin and you can spend your time taking care of other business that needs to be attended to while your wingwoman works her magic.

Three Day Rule does not have a mobile app, but it is partnered with Amazon Alexa so that you can get warmed-up with different challenges including a trivia game to break the ice.


1. Basic Membership

Three Day Rule’s basic membership is completely free. The only thing it costs is the two minutes it may take you to register.

Three Day Rule Review

If you choose to stay at this membership level, remember that you will not receive a matchmaker and will not be able to search for matches on your own. You will only be able to respond to invitation requests by other people’s matchmakers to go on vetting dates.

2. Three-Months Subscription

The 3-month subscription is the lowest paid membership level that Three Day Rules offers. This subscription costs $6,100 which makes out to be about $2,033 per month.

3. Six-Months Subscription

The second subscription option is for six months and it guarantees at least 6 matches over the course of those six months.

This membership level costs $9,300 which works out to be $1,550 a month. This is a savings of about $483 a month when compared to the 3-month subscription service.

4. VIP Membership

For a lump sum of $16,500, you will get your own personalized team of people who will be dedicated to finding you the best matches possible. This membership lasts for six months, and your whole team will be solely responsible for finding you your perfect matches.

Three Day Rule in a Nutshell

TDR Pros

  • Your matchmaker does the dirty work of finding your matches for you.
  • It’s LGBTQ+ friendly since it is paired up with
  • It uses a hybrid approach to dating that can be more successful than only relying on an algorithm or just relying on a matchmaker’s skill or ability alone.

TDR Cons

  • You have to pay for a subscription in order to get your own matchmaker.
  • Its membership subscriptions are very expensive

Overall, Three Day Rule is a great matchmaking service, but it is not for everyone. This service is more expensive than many of its online competitors, but it also has more to offer than many of them too.

Final Verdict

Three Day Rule is a trustworthy matchmaking company that does not share any of your private information with third parties. Additionally, since matches are vetted ahead of time and the TDR matchmaking service is expensive, your chances of having to deal with scammers or trolls are slim-to-none.

Ultimately, whether or not you try out Three Day Rule depends on your own financial capability as well as your desire to find a good partner. If you're interested in trying Three Day Rule, and you have the means to experience all it has to offer, then I recommend you give it a go.

If, however, you currently do not have the finances available to sign up for the paid membership levels, then don't forget you can still join Three Day Rule as a free user. You just won't receive your own matchmaker and will be a passive TDR member.

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