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Top 10: Thai Dating Sites Review

They call Thailand the Land of Smiles for a reason. If you have been trying to find a Thai lady to date but have not been successful, then you might want to change your approach.

You might also be a Thai lady looking for a great guy to date. There is no need to keep searching at the bar for the person of your dreams. There are thousands of great Thai’s waiting to meet you online.

Online dating has really grown in popularity in recent years. This is a great way to make it known that you are looking for someone special. You are no longer confined by the available pool of singles in your local community.

The entire world becomes open to you when you start looking online for a great man or woman to date.

To help you get started, take a look at the following ten Thai online dating sites.

An image of eHarmony official logo.

Here is another site that will have more than just Thai’s as members. That being said, with millions of members from around the world, a good percentage of them are Thai adults who are actively looking for a relationship.

eHarmony is one of the most well known online dating sites in the world.

You will start your time on this site by completing a compatibility survey. The Thai women you are about to meet are doing the same.

It is your responses to this survey that will determine who you ultimately get connected with, so be sure that you are accurate as you complete it. 

Have fun, as this site is active and vibrant.

Here is some interesting information about eHarmony:

  • You will find members of eHarmony from just about everywhere in the world.
  • It is estimated that two percent of marriages in America today happen because of eHarmony in one way or another.
  • The site is translated into several different languages, further helping to bridge the cultural divide.

An image of Elite Singles official logo.

You will probably notice that this site is not specifically tailored for Thai women to meet western men, but that should not stop you. There are millions of members on EliteSingles from all over the world.

Thousands of those are Thai women looking for men just like you.

This site is geared towards busy professionals. You will be able to post your profile and count on receiving matches who are Thai, educated, and ready to talk to you.

The key is to be specific about the type of individual you would like to date and then go from there.

Here is some interesting information about Elite Singles:

  • More than 90 percent of the members on this site have earned a college degree.
  • There is an even ratio of men and women who have joined EliteSingles.
  • The site is live in many countries around the world, so you are bound to find Thai’s right in your own area who have posted a profile here.

An image of ThaiFriendly official logo.

This is probably one of the better known online dating sites specifically geared for Thai’s. You will find thousands of Thai ladies here, combined with more than a few Western men clamoring to meet them. This site is geared more for those who are looking for a casual date, perhaps while visiting Thailand, although long term relationships have resulted from being on the site.

It has been said that the women on ThaiFriendly are fun and easy to chat with. This contributes to the fun that is associated with online dating. You will enjoy going through the various profiles and then chatting with the women who you find most compatible with your own personality.

Here is some interesting information about ThaiFriendly:

  • There are more than 750,000 members registered on this site.
  • You can use the site on your computer and on mobile devices.
  • ThaiFriendly is geared more for the casual dating scene.

An image of ThaiCupid official logo.

ThaiCupid boats the most members of any Thai online dating site, and it promotes the discovery of long term relationships. If you are looking for a Thai to marry, this is where you may want to begin your search. With over a million members on ThaiCupid, you will certainly have quite a few profiles to choose from.

Thai women typically join this site to find a western man to develop a long term relationship with. There is a free membership, but paid members gain access to many more features. The site also contains thousands of success stories that detail how ThaiCupid members have found lasting love.

Here is some interesting information about ThaiCupid:

  • This site has more than 1.5 million members, with thousands more joining every month.
  • ThaiCupid is designed for members to find long term relationships.
  • A paid membership will allow you unlimited messages in addition to numerous other features.

An image of ThaiKisses official logo.

ThaiKisses is another online dating site that has proven to be wildly popular with Thai ladies, so you know that it has attracted its fair share of guys as well. There are many more women on the site than men, so this appears the place to be online if you are looking for a Thai woman to grab a date with.

Most of the profiles on this site are from Bangkok, but the ladies probably come from all over Thailand. This is a great site to get on before taking a trip to Thailand. You could have a few dates already set up before your plane arrives.

Here is some interesting information about ThaiKisses:

  • There are more than 570,000 profiles posted on ThaiKisses
  • You can access this site both on your computer and via an Android powered mobile device.
  • The ratio of women to men on Thai Kisses is 10:1.

An image of ThaiRomances official logo.

The goal of ThaiRomances is to connect Western guys with single Thai women. You will find ladies from all over Thailand with profiles on this site. That means you can do quite a bit of traveling to places such as Chiang Mai, Bangkok, Phuket, Koh Samui, and many more

With ThaiRomances, you can really get introduced to Thai culture at its finest. You will be able to communicate with women you are genuinely interested in getting to know you. This can lead to a date or even more. You just never know. The key is to develop your profile and then start going through the possible matches and striking up a conversation with those you are interested in.

An image of ThaiFlirting official logo.

One of the more appealing aspects of ThaiFlirting is that the site is completely free. If you are new to online dating and just want to see what it is all about, this is a way to get started. You will find more than 70,000 women with profiles on this site alone. Take a look and see who you strike an interest with right away. You can then send a message, start flirting, and see where it all goes from there. Women on this site come from all regions of Thailand, include the Northeast cities of Khon Kaen and Udon Thani.

An image of Thai Match official logo.

As its name implies, the main objective of this site is to get you matched with a Thai lady who shares similar interests to your own. It is easy to create a profile on this site. Once you do so, you will then gain access to thousands of photos and profile information of Thai women from acrosstoe country. You can use this site to set up a date while you are on holiday or too look for the one special person you want to spend the rest of your life with. The choice is really up to you. You can begin chatting with other members right on the site itself.

#9: Tinder

An image of Tinder official logo.

You have probably heard of Tinder. This is an online dating app that has become wildly popular around the world. Since Thailand is ranked near the top in the world when it comes to mobile application usage, it should come as no surprise that you will find thousands of women online at Tinder at any given time. You can set up your profile while you are in country and start swiping away. You can probably have a date set up before your taxi even arrives at the hotel.

An image of Badoo official logo.

Badoo functions in a similar fashion to both social media sites and Tinder. It is worldwide, which means hat more than a few Thai ladies are on the site at any one time. You can use this in your home country to get to know someone before coming to Thailand, or use it on your phone upon arrival. The choice is up to you. You will swipe through photos, indicating potential matches along the way.


So, these sites should really help you to meet a great Thai lady in due course. Make sure that you are detailed as you fill your profile out. Have fun with the process of looking through the thousands of potential matches that may come your way. You will hopefully find a great person to date and possibly spend the rest of your life with.

Latin Dating Frequently Asked Questions

What are the traditional social expectations when dating Thai people?

Every culture and country in the world has different expectations when it comes to dating. The same is true of Thailand. Of course, everyone is a unique individual who can choose their comfort levels in their relationships. But lack of adherence to tradition will generally be seen as an exception rather than the norm.

Dating in Thailand tends to be very conservative at first. It's common for couples not to have any physical contact except sitting next to each other. People might hold hands if they've been on a few dates or have serious feelings. But public displays of affection like kisses are considered rude.

Similarly, couples in Thailand typically move slowly when it comes to sexual relationships. There's not the same "casual hookup" culture that's prevalent in the US and some parts of Europe. Men and women are expected to abstain from sexual contact unless they're planning to get married.

Even then, some conservative people may frown upon having sexual relations before marriage. Sex is considered a very serious act to undertake, and not one that should be taken lightly.

In a traditional relationship, the man is expected to support not only the woman but also her family. Women are not expected to be the "breadwinner" of the family. For those who live in poorer areas, the marriage of a daughter can be a sign of good fortune.

Traditional Thai culture also uses a dowry, though this has become less common in recent years. If a family does adhere strictly to tradition, a woman will bring a man she's serious about to her parents to discuss the dowry. Dowries are meant to keep women from marrying below their social class.

With a dowry, the man will pay a certain sum to the bride's family for permission to wed her. Again, this isn't practiced as commonly today. It's more common for men to gift money or assets to the bride's family as a wedding present, rather than as a pre-negotiated sum.

What are some Thai dating rituals?

Like with many other countries, there are some dating rituals specific to Thailand. You'll also find that socialization in Thailand may be different from what you've experienced in the US or Europe.

When Thai people talk, the conversations tend to be quieter and more muted than conversations in the US. It's considered rude to be extremely loud and expressive. In keeping with that, many Thai people communicate certain ideas nonverbally, which can be confusing if you're not used to nonverbal communication.

Thai people almost never "make a scene" in public. If your date is upset, they'll likely show you that through nonverbal cues and body language. They won't talk about it outright, and they certainly won't raise their voice or snap at you.

Public image is very important. As such, Thai people tend to avoid "losing face" at all costs. It's considered shameful to have an emotional outburst while around strangers. This also means that you shouldn't spring anything potentially unpleasant on your date in public, as it can make them feel pressured to control their reaction.

Dating rituals tend to be somewhat different from those of other Asian countries. Arranged marriages aren't typically practiced in traditional Thai culture. Women are expected to choose their partners themselves. The family does get a say in her marriage, though, if a dowry is introduced.

Dates don't tend to be casual. Instead, women use dates as a means of determining whether the man they're dating is suitable to be their life partner. They'll decide whether they like the man's personality and whether they can imagine sharing a permanent life with him.

How can I be respectful when dating a Thai woman?

Treat your date as an individual and try to get to know her. Not all Thai women are the same. Some may have more traditional views, while others might have a more casual Westernized view of dating. Some may get serious quickly, while others might want to take some time to decide how they feel.

One important thing is to avoid substance abuse. Not only should you avoid doing drugs, but you shouldn't become totally inebriated with alcohol. Substance use disorders are a big problem with the Thai population, and it'll probably make your date anxious if you appear to have one.

Another important thing is not to be aggressive. With Western cultures, it's common for men to be expected to make their intentions obvious. You might be used to quickly becoming physical with the women you date, and you might prefer to "make the first move."

But Thai dating culture is very non-aggressive. In many ways, the woman is expected to take the lead. The best way to respect her is to follow her lead. If she initiates physical contact, reciprocate. If she doesn't, respect her boundaries.

It's also respectful to be a polite gentleman, even if the woman asks you out first. Show that you care about the date by dressing well, being kind, and making her feel special. Making an effort is the best way to show that you want to be someone that your date enjoys being around.

Be restrained in your speech as well. As mentioned, Thai social customs are quieter than you'll find in the US. Being bold and flirtatious might endear you to American women, but it'll often be seen as an act of aggression by Thai women. And definitely avoid sexual topics - that's never appropriate banter for a date.

What are the biggest Western stereotypes about Thai women?

There are a lot of Western stereotypes about Thai women that simply aren't true. These can be insidious and insulting. It's important to be aware of the stereotypes and to avoid playing into them if you date a Thai woman.

In Western media, Thai women tend to be subservient and devoted to their man. They also tend to be quiet and don't ever complain. Some men go to Thailand specifically because they want to date a woman like this.

But Thai women are individuals, and they have their own thoughts and feelings and personalities. Some of the stereotypes may come from the difference in Thai conversations. Both men and women tend to speak more quietly and emote less dramatically in public.

Most Thai women have no interest in being completely subservient to a man. That's especially true of Thai women who date foreigners. In dating a foreigner, she's already proven that she isn't concerned with the strictest Thai traditions.

What makes Thailand such a popular tourist destination?

Thailand is located in Southeast Asia, and it encompasses both the mainland and many islands. The country has been promoted as an "exotic" location to Westerners since th 1980s. But today, the tourism industry encompasses much more than Westerners.

Thailand is popular because it has thriving local businesses in urban areas. The nightlife in Bangkok tends to be diverse. There are also beautiful beaches and resorts on a variety of different islands, and the climate tends to be pleasant when Europe and North America are suffering from cold winters.

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