August 25, 2019

Text Chemistry Review – Is This For Real?

Have you ever found yourself staring at your phone, waiting for a response to the text message you sent to that hot guy you met last weekend? If so, don't feel bad. You are absolutely not alone.

I have found myself doing this once or twice...okay, maybe more than once or twice. I just knew we had great chemistry....I guess I should have remembered that I got a D in chemistry!

I can't tell you how many times this has happened to me. You're out having a great time with a guy, just totally clicking and connecting on all levels.

You say your good byes at the end of the night (OK, sometimes there is no end to the night, wink wink), and you are super excited the next day to continue the communication.

Except...the chemistry between you two seems to have changed. Sound pretty familiar?

How the heck can we have so much connection and then less than 24 hours later it seems like we have none at all?

I've run across this problem quite a few times actually, and it's pretty frustrating. Especially when it happens pretty often.

When I found Text Chemistry by Amy North I was skeptical. It all sounded too good to be true, and you know what they say about anything that sounds too good to be true. But Text Chemistry was created based on years of study and research by a successful relationship counselor who has seen the results that's where I thought to myself "I'm going to give this a chance".

I read all about Amy North and her success as a therapist and best-selling author (and virtual dating coach). I looked at the facts, and then I tried Text Chemistry. It was a great decision for my love life because that problem I always use to have, stopped happening!

I didn't realize the mistakes I was making when I tried to continue the same spark from the night before...

Text Chemistry Review - Texting Couple

Amy North uses her experience and findings to help women not only meet the man of their dreams but to grab him and keep his interest. These aren't relationships that last for just a few dates; Amy shows women how to use text messaging to draw virtually any man to them. She teaches you how to have men craving you night and day.

She really understands how men think and knows a lot about how women think obviously. So she is able to connect the dots and help you figure some things out that you are probably unaware of.

Text Chemistry is an online relationship coach slash program that can teach any woman how to get a man's attention and have him mentally addicted to her through the use of simple text messaging. Your cell phone becomes a powerful tool in the palm of your hand. Amy has personally witnessed this technique work on some of the most aloof, uninterested men she has ever encountered.

This program works its magic by teaching you about the natural male attention triggers, referred to as "attention hooks". These are psychological points inherent to every man. They are deeply rooted in the male psyche, particularly in the ego.

And they are powerful!

Women need to understand that men are completely different on a mental and emotional level than us.

Text Chemistry Review - A Man Texitng

The guy you're interested in doesn't have an ego, you say? Through this program, you will learn that every man has an ego. Some are just better hidden than others. It is possible to get the man's attention though and form a love connection.

Interestingly, there are some men who may themselves believe that they don't possess an ego. That is, until they begin getting these special text messages from you. Before they know it they can't stop thinking about you, no matter where they are or what they are doing!

There are some key points to this program that make it ultra-successful. They're based on the science behind attraction and love. You will learn these key points as well as how you can easily employ them in order to shift a man's focus and concentration squarely onto you!

Also, research studies have found that body language is an incredibly important thing to understand - and this will also be touched on.

No more of that frustration of lost chemistry, or even worse, the guy just showing no interest at all.

Lets find out more about this popular dating program, the training videos contained, the bonus books, and more to help you find your dream partner.

How Text Chemistry Works

The program is like a virtual relationship coach and is provided to you in a set containing a detailed, step-by-step book written by Amy North as well as a collection of 13 informative videos. The Text Chemistry guidebook will instruct you in the basics, teaching you how to draw in a man with nothing more than a seemingly innocent text message.

Text Chemistry Review - Full Package

Once you have this amazing book in your hands, you will quickly discover the secrets to activating the male attention triggers and have your phone blowing up with text messages. Gone will be the endless hours of useless online searches for tips and tricks on how to win him over. Get ready for the easiest and most effective method of getting and keeping a man's attention ever offered!

Here is a sample of what you will learn with this innovative program:

Keep Him Thinking About You 24/7

You will discover the secrets to keeping his mind on you and no one else. You will learn how to make his mind Dash and his body - crave and respond to you and you alone. He will even become obsessed with the sound of your voice!

Make It Impossible for Him to Ignore Your Messages

Amy will teach you her exclusive and proven effective method that will have him texting you back immediately time after time. No more feelings of being ignored or discarded!

Discover That Secret Text Message

You will learn a scientific method that will essentially hardwire a man's brain to focus on you with thoughts and feelings of adoration, concern, protectiveness, and yes, even love. These specific types of text messages will ensure that you are the only one on his mind.

Get the Magic Back

Remember that feeling you both had in the pit of your stomach and early days of our relationship? Learn how to give him butterflies again, all with simple text messages. He'll be chomping at the bit to spend time with you. Your relationship will regain its spark in no time.

Want Your Ex Back? Make It Happen!

Learn the secrets of the "Satellite Text" that will make your ex regret telling you it's over and have him begging you to come back.

Make Him Obsess About You Nonstop

You will learn how to keep his mind on you day and night. He will think about your touch even when he's not with you.

A Unique Kind of "Cheat Sheet"

You will learn how to break down his text messages and analyze what they really mean and what he is really trying to say. We all know that it is easy to misinterpret text messages. This "cheat sheet" will teach you how to avoid the confusion and see through to his true feelings.

Make Him Miss You like Crazy

You will learn the secret to composing text messages that will have him counting the hours until he gets to be with you again. His excitement will grow as the moments tick by until he sees you!

Have Him Banging His Head!

As you progress int he program you will discover the secret text that will stay in his mind and have him "banging his head" in anticipation of spending time with you. He will even start to find any and every reason to see you more and more often.

Reach for the Stars

You will learn how to surreptitiously have him focusing on you and no one else but you. He will be obsessed in a good way because seeing you and spending time with you will make him feel happier and more fulfilled than anything else!

Electronic communication is how today's world stays in touch. The Text Chemistry program was created by the dating coach Amy North to utilize this means of communication to its fullest advantage, building the relationship you have always wanted with the man you have always dreamed of having! Amy North's Text Chemistry could be the answer for you, as it serves as a virtual dating and relationship coach.

The Pros and Cons of the Text Chemistry Program

As with any system, there are pros and cons to the Text Chemistry by Amy North program. It is a good idea to be aware of these:


  • Improve Your Relationship Status: With this program, you will learn the fastest and most effective ways to find and keep the man you have always wanted. Your relationship will be secure and happy because you will have the confidence of knowing that he is interested in you and you alone, and he will be happy having the woman of his dreams.
  • Build Your Self-Confidence: When you see how your man responds to you as you utilize the techniques found in this program, your self-confidence and self-esteem will grow by leaps and bounds.
  • No Risk: The Text Chemistry program is easy to learn and simple to use for anyone. However, if you should find yourself unhappy with it, you may return it for a full refund within 60 days of purchase.


  • Internet Access and Electronic Skills Are Required: The Text Chemistry program requires at least a basic knowledge of online operations and electronic communication. For anyone with limited knowledge of the internet or the skills or devices required to communicate electronically, the program may not be the best choice.
  • Some Women See It As Psychological Manipulation: Some women view these methods as a form of psychological manipulation of a man. They do not feel comfortable employing such methods in order to win a man's affections.
  • Too Impersonal: Some women may feel that using these methods to gain a man's interest is cold and impersonal and that a relationship built in this way will not be healthy and will not last.

I want to dive into some of these points because I think it's important to point out.

Although there are some women that look at this process as a form of psychological manipulation - I kind of have a different look on the whole thing.

Yes, it is a form of psychological manipulation.

But isn't everything in a way?

As human beings, we are all selfish and we all do things to get what makes us happy in the end. And we all use some form of manipulation to get what we want.

Personally, I'd rather be the one doing the manipulating than the least I know that my intentions are good!

My intentions are to find love and build a family. And if I have to use a little bit of psychological manipulation to do that, I'm OK with that for the time being.

And as long as you don't continue with the manipulation and you have a true connection with the person, I personally just do not see a problem with it.

I use the manipulation to give relationships a chance...I won't continue using it to hurt anyone or continue to mislead anyone. It's just that sometimes men can be extremely tough to read and deal with at first and this has been a  great way for me to just get my foot in the door! Test the waters so to speak!

Then if the water doesn't feel right, I just get out and move on...I never continue where I will hurt anyone.


This program by Amy North has been tested extensively and is proven to work. 

I've tried it and used it myself, so I can tell you that it absolutely does work!

Although, it's not like some 100% magical tool that is going to work every single time.

Every man is different, so it's just not going to be flawless...but I can tell you it has worked for me a majority of the time.

My "success rate" has climbed enormously since implementing what I learned from Text Chemistry!

For women who want to know beyond a doubt that a man is truly into her and values the time they spend together, Text Chemistry by Amy North is the answer.

No more investing months or years of your life into a relationship that is destined to fail. You can finally have the relationship you've always dreamed of.

Try the Text Chemistry program risk-free thanks to its 60-day money-back guarantee. Your life will be transformed and you will be happier and more secure in your love life than you ever thought possible.

Dating Throne Team

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