September 13, 2019

The Best Websites For Finding Sugar Daddies

10 Best: Sugar Daddy Dating Websites Review

Sugar daddy dating offers the chance for young women to meet older gentleman who pays for their time.

Many people think that it's all about sex, but the truth is many men simply want a gorgeous lady to spend time with.

Some older women want young boy toys and offer financial rewards for their time. How do you find such a partner?

It’s not so difficult when using a great sugar daddy dating website. There are many such sites around but some are better than the next.

An image of Sugar Daddie official logo.

Established in 2002, Sugar Daddie is a site designed for men seeking sugar babies. It has a quality, easy-to-use interface and millions of attractive, wealthy singles ready to mingle. 

It is definitely the largest and most well known site for this, which will give you the best chance of finding a sugar daddy or sugar baby.

Sugar Daddy website includes informative articles and helpful information for anyone looking for a successful match with a sugar baby/sugar daddy.

“Quality Score” is one of the site’s unique features. This score is given to every user and helps match you with the best people who share similar interests and desires in their partner. Of course, this is one of the many awesome filters and features unique to this site that makes finding that S.O.S. simple. 

Major Features:

  • Over 5 million members
  • Many successful matches
  • Unique features

An image of Sugar Daddy Meet official logo.

Launched in 2001, Sugar Daddy Meet is one of the longest-running, most trusted sugar daddy dating sites around today. Ladies can register for free to meet men from the 20 richest countries in the world on the site.

Sugar Daddy Meet has more than two million members, of which more than half are women. 

The easy-to-use site has many filters that help you sort out people that aren't of interest to find those who do meet your qualifications.

The website includes how-to articles and advice, Many of the sites’ features are available at no cost, but as a Premium member, you certainly can access more options.

Major Features:

  • Sleek, stylish format
  • App available
  • Easy-to-use

An image of Millionaire Match official logo.

In business for over 15 years, Millionaire Match provides a simple, fun way for wealthy men and women to meet. The safe, secure, easy-to-use site isn’t technically considered a sugar daddy site but is a popular website for successful singles to match for such relationships. Doctors, lawyers, business owners, CEOs, and celebrities use this site to meet other people.

Millionaire Match offers a free, standard membership and a paid premium membership. Free members can view profiles, create a profile, and respond to messages. There are lots of extras available to members, including an informative blog, games, photo uploads, and more. 

Major Features:

  • Diverse group of singles
  • Respected and trusted dating site

An image of Seeking official logo.

More than 10 million worldwide members make one of the largest sugar daddy dating based sites around. The site is sleek and easy-to-navigate, with a variety of filters that help you find the exact type of person you wish to meet. There are more women seeking sugar daddies on this site than men seeking sugar mamas but offers something for everyone.

It seems that has a respectable group of men and women in comparison to other sugar daddy dating sites. It’s accessible to people across the world, accounts are verified, and customer service/help is always available if it's needed. Sugar babies in college get a free premium membership, although most people agree that it is more affordable than other dating sites. 

Major Features:

  • Low-cost memberships
  • Great features unique to other sites
  • High quality of men and women to choose from

An image of Whats Your Price official logo.

What's Your Price? Is unique from other sugar daddy dating sites. As the name suggests, it's a straightforward site that allows users to bid on sugar babies they want to date. The highest bidder wins the date and the sugar baby profits with the money.

The site is really easy to use, ideal for first-time who may not understand the whole sugar daddy dating idea as well as for people who maintain busy lives. So far, the site has been highly effective and the number of users continues to grow every day. It is easy to sort out the bidding options to ensure that you get a date with the right person. 

Major Features:

  • Saves time
  • Fun and unique from other dating sites

An image of Sugar Daddy For Me official logo.

This decade-old sugar daddy dating site has around four million worldwide members. One of the biggest drawbacks of the site is the outdated interface that may be unattractive and unappealing to some members. If you can make it past this defect, you’re sure to have a great time socializing and meeting others for financial relationships.

Sugar Daddy for Me offers a free three-day trial to try out the site to determine if it is right for your needs. You can access all of the features of the site during this trial period, but do make are to cancel so you are not charged the full monthly membership price. 

Major Features:

  • Several membership options available
  • Mutually beneficial relationships
  • Free trial

An image of Sugar Daddy Today official logo.

More than 100 new members join Sugar Daddy Today, a site established in 2007 to connect wealthy men and women looking to have fun together in a mutually beneficial relationship. The dating site offers a 7-day free trial, charging a monthly membership fee thereafter, but at just $5 per month, it’s affordable for any budget. Around 65,000 members are registered with and use the site regularly and many successful relationships have resulted from Sugar Daddy Today.

The site has several search features so it’s easy to find the type of person you want to meet without wasting time. There are groups and categories that you can join to further help sort out the people you want to meet. And, there is a great block feature to keep out those not of interest. 

Major Features:

  • Sleek interface
  • Free to join
  • Smooth site

An image of Millionaire Dates official logo.

Millionaire Dates is a well-established site in business since 2001. The easy-to-use site allows you to form relationships, friendships, and more, all of which are financially beneficial. More than four million members use Millionaire Dates and have found matches thanks to the website.

This sugar daddy dating website has a quick registration which takes only a couple of minutes. It’s easy to view profiles, message and private chats people of interest, read the blog and use the tools, and otherwise find a sugar baby or sugar daddy to complete your life. On the downside, Millionaire Dates doesn't offer free membership but does offer as short as three-day memberships at a great price. 

Major Features:

  • No free memberships available
  • Quality, wealthy singles in all areas

An image of Established Men official logo.

Successful men and women come together for mutually beneficial relationships at Established Men, a sugar daddy dating website that matches sugar babies to sugar daddies ready to spoil them to the fullest. There is no cost to register and use the site but premium packages offer more features. One of the best features of the site is the ‘Dates’ section, where you can find ladies ready to go out tonight.

The site is discreet, but be leery of fake profiles and scammers here, since many profiles seem to fit those criteria. The site has a sleek interface and is easy-to-use if you keep away from the fakes. There are six times more sugar babies here than sugar daddies, so there is always a plethora of attractive ladies to choose from. 

Major Features:

  • Discreet
  • Filtrated with scammers
  • Diverse members

An image of Age Match official logo.

Age Match caters to older women who want young, hot things on their shoulder and to older men who want beautiful ladies to accompany them to various events. The site was established in 2001 and breaks the barriers in sugar daddy dating. Free to join, a premium membership is also available for a small monthly fee.

Tons of features and a sleek interface are two things that separate this site from the rest. It’s filled with many men and women ready to have fun -and provide the financial compensation necessary have a good night. There are people of all ages on the site who are ready to meet and have a good time. 

Major Features:

  • Filled with features
  • More women than men
  • Easy-to-use


If sugar daddy dating is something that interests you, any of the 10 sites above are sure to make you smile and help find the person that you want to meet. Why settle for an ordinary relationship when there are successful people who will pay for your time?

Sugar Daddy Dating Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is an "arrangement" in sugar relationships?

To understand the concept of an "arrangement," it's important to understand what a sugar daddy is.

Sugar daddies are wealthy men who seek younger women to date and spoil financially. The incentive for the younger woman is the financial benefits and other material benefits that the sugar daddy offers. In return, she'll go on dates, attend events, and usually have some form of sexual relationship with her patron.

Sugar daddy relationships vary widely. Some have an intense emotional component, while others are based more purely around sexual exploits. Some are long-term and may involve a woman who is completely cared for financially by her sugar daddy. Others may be shorter arrangements.

Before you enter a sugar relationship, you'll need to discuss your arrangement. The benefit of sugar relationships is that everything is transparent. There's an understanding that you're doing this for money, and you have an opportunity to name your price.

Some of the components of a sugar arrangement include:

  • How many meetups you have per week or month
  • Any obligations you have to attend special events
  • How much money you're given per meetup
  • Whether this is an exclusive or open relationship
  • Any additional benefits
  • Agreed-upon sexual terms such as the type of sex and how frequently it occurs

In any sugar relationship, all parties should know going in what the expectations are. It's important to be firm about your boundaries and your own desires, as well as to negotiate a fair price for what your sugar daddy wants.

What might a sugar daddy offer in addition to money?

One of the most common arrangements is for a sugar baby to be given a monthly allowance in exchange for the pre-negotiated monthly meetups. It's also common for money to be exchanged per meet rather than per month, especially for more informal or shorter-term arrangements.

Some sugar babies are college students who have their sugar daddy help with tuition or loans. In relationships that don't have a financial allowance, it's common for the payment to happen through the sugar daddy taking care of bills, loans, and other debts. The sugar baby may also be free to shop using prepaid credit cards with a high balance.

Other benefits are often in the form of glamorous lifestyle upgrades. Sugar daddies might take their dates to expensive restaurants or elite clubs in the city. He may pay extra for the sugar baby's clothes and cosmetics, since these are part of what he wants from the relationship.

Sugar babies might be invited on luxurious vacations to exotic locales, or they might get to stay in five star hotels and order as much room service as they want.

The options are basically unlimited. If there's something you want that money can buy, talk to your sugar daddy about it to find out if it can be put on the table.

What questions should I ask when negotiating an arrangement?

Whether you're a sugar daddy or a sugar baby, it's vital that you have a detailed discussion regarding the relationship. A quick list of questions to ask includes:

  • Will sex be a part of this relationship? What about romance?
  • What sex acts will be part of the relationship (including positions, kink, etc)
  • How often will meetups occur? How often will sex occur?
  • Will there be expectations of overnight meetups?
  • Will regular sexting occur between meetups, and will there be photos?
  • How will payment occur? (Cash, gifts, credit cards, payment of debts, etc)
  • How often and how much will the sugar baby be paid?
  • How serious is the relationship? Is it exclusive or open?
  • Will cosmetics and clothing be covered with an additional allowance?
  • Can this relationship develop into something romantic?
  • How public will each party be about the nature of the relationship?
  • What are the circumstances under which either party would terminate the relationship?

How are sexual relations negotiated?

This really depends on the couple. Different people will have different interests, so the conversation you have will vary.

It's best to be upfront and honest about expectations and comfort levels. Make sure to be detailed regarding all aspects of the sex, especially anything kink-related. It's vital that everyone involved be on the same page.

Is being a sugar baby considered sex work?

There's a certain taboo against sex work, especially in the US. Some forms of sex work are legal; others are not. Sugaring isn't technically prostitution because it's a relationship based around the expectation of money, not the guarantee of it. That means that it's legal to do in the US.

Websites like Seeking Arrangement are firm in their stance that sugar babies are not sex workers.

Some sugar babies dislike being called sex workers. They are of the opinion that a financial arrangement isn't the same as an official job with benefits. On the other hand, other sugar babies do consider arrangements to be a form of transaction.

As a general rule, don't call a sugar baby a sex worker unless she's said it first. And don't imply that a sugar daddy is buying prostitutes. Part of the appeal of being a sugar daddy is that the relationship is much less stigmatized than prostitution.

Is it possible to date more than one sugar daddy at a time?

Yes! Although if you have more than two or three sugar daddies, you might find your schedule getting complicated. It can also be tiring, so you don't want to end up scheduled for a forty hour week of dates.

Some sugar babies prefer to have one sugar daddy who contributes significantly to them financially. There are certain advantages to this. One is that managing your schedule becomes much easier. Another is that you have a stable source of income with just one arrangement to keep track of.

The drawback, of course, is that if the relationship ends, you'll be without a source of sugaring income. Because of this, some sugar babies prefer to have several casual relationships at a time. If one ends, they still have the financial support from the others to keep them afloat.

What types of men most frequently seek to become sugar daddies?

Sugar daddies are wealthy men with a large amount of disposable income that they can spend on their sugar babies. Most are older, although that's not a requirement. Younger men with large incomes are more likely to date traditionally.

The average sugar daddy tends to make anywhere from $180,000 to $250,000 per year. The average age ranges from 38 to 45, though there are some older individuals.

Meanwhile, the average sugar baby is about 25. Sugar babies tend to make around $2,800 monthly on average. Of course, the exact sum varies depending on the intensity of the arrangement.

Some common backgrounds of sugar daddies are entrepreneurs, tech moguls, businessmen, real estate developers, and successful corporate Wall Street bankers.

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