July 7, 2019

All AboutSpiritual Singles

Sure, you may be able to talk to everyone just fine, but that true connection needed for love to blossom is simply not there.

This could make dating a little difficult, which is the reason having something like Spiritual Singles available seem like a miraculous manifestation.

Still, you are probably wondering if the site is as good as some say, and that is okay. The reality is there is a lot of good to explore.

What Features Are We Reviewing?

SpiritualSingles.com continues to redefine itself as it moves a long. Its founder is committed to continually improving the site, even though the site functions well.

The founder, Jill Crosby, says that helping members is her goal, which is something she finds most rewarding. The following are some features we'll take a look at and let you decide if this site is right for you:

  • Profiles - Members get an opportunity to create an in-depth profile that highlights everything that makes them whole.
  • Communication - Members get the opportunity to send and receive an unlimited amount of messages throughout the day.
  • Free Membership - You get a limited message allowance per day, but you still get to join in the fun and see what is available.
  • Matched Questions - The site uses a specific set of questions to help match members with others who they have a lot of in common with, increasing the chances of a spiritual match.

These are just some features you can expect from the site. Keep in mind that the site will continue to evolve, so who knows what else the founder has in store for members or people trying out the site with free membership access.

Exploring Pricing

Everyone wants to know how much the services for Spiritual Singles cost. The following are some things you can expect to pay for and some things you can expect for free.

Free to Use

  • Full profile, with two pictures and one video.
  • Browse as you wish.
  • See members that are online.
  • Show interest.
  • Save favorite profiles.
  • Send pre-written messages.
  • Read and reply to messages.
  • IM with members who have IM'd you.
  • Receive matches based on your preferences.
  • Video chat, which is coming soon.
  • View basic astrology info on others.
  • See compatibility level based on Match Questions.

Paid Features

  • Personally write up to 50 messages a day.
  • Attach pictures to messages.
  • Initiate IM and it is unlimited.
  • Upload up to 20 extra photos to your profile.
  • Add up to two more videos to your profile.
  • See in-depth astrology info on others.

You will pay $12 to $23 a month, or you can pay up to $72 for six months of use. The good thing is this site seems to have a high turnover, meaning people are finding love and leaving the site for others to continue their journey.

Using the Site

Some dating sites are hard to use. They do this by adding unnecessary features or by simply not designing their site to be user friendly.

Spiritual Singles Review - Website Page

Simplicity is the name of the game when it comes to dating sites. The site is supposed to help you connect with potential soul mates, and we think that shouldn't be too complicated, right?

The first thing we are going to take a look at is the sign up process. It is a little involved since the site asks you questions about your ideal match, on top of basic questions, such as your name and astrology information.

The site asks you to describe your ideal match by hyper-focusing on things like dietary preferences, spiritual beliefs, physical appearance, and other questions like that. Spiritual Singles uses this data to help improve the chances of your profile being seen by people who you have a high chance of connecting with.

It may be a lengthy sign up process, but we believe it is ultimately a good thing because it is meant to get you paired up quickly and get you on your marry way towards a true spiritual connection.

The next thing we have to take a look at is building the profile. You know you are going to have to create a profile so that others can see if you are a person they would like to talk to. This is pretty standard across several dating sites, so you are probably expecting it.

There is not much to judge here; it is a pretty basic profile that utilizes several questions requested of you when you signed up.

Now, you are required to submit an essay about yourself, what you are looking for, and your spiritual path.

This is a little unorthodox though some sites ask for this as well. For those who do not love to write, this part might be a bit of an obstacle, but the purpose is to help you, so it may pay for you to push through.

The site encourages you to take a leap of faith and commit yourself to the process. It wants you to talk about the things that make you special or unique while highlighting your unique beliefs, such as holistic living as an example.

Uploading pictures and videos is pretty straightforward, so expect no real surprises there; just make sure you put your best foot forward, showcasing exactly who you are.

Finding love on the site is not too hard. All you have to do is browse through some of the profiles.

When you find people you are interested in, you can favorite them so that you can show you are interested in them later, just in case you do not want to stop browsing. You can also send a pre-written message to show your interest, or just indicate it. Having all these ways to show interest makes the process of finding love a little easier.

After you show interest, the ball is pretty much in the court of those individuals who you were interested in. Hopefully, you have built a great profile that is easy to respond to or connect with, or hopefully these individuals find something charming about you.

There is nothing to say about this part of the site because love can strike at any moment, so you might find it quickly, or you may have to be patient, but the site does give you tools to use in order to find that significant other.

The free membership does have a lot to offer, even though access to the site is limited. Members who do not fully commit can still find love, and that shows how committed Spiritual Singles is to helping you find love.

The Match Questions is a little in-depth, and it does take a while to complete, but it also seems to be quite effective at connecting you to others who believe what you believe. We think this is an interesting feature that makes the site special.

Pros and Cons

Here we are, finally at the pros and cons list that will help you figure out if this site is worth the trouble. With more than 2,000 signs up every month, it seems like a lot of spiritually-minded individuals think the site is worth it.

There were a lot of pros to go through, like how the site offers a calendar of spiritual events happening around the world to give members an opportunity to mingle in person if they are ready to meet.

We also thought the tailored dating advice feature was quite helpful with tips like eco-sexy dating tips or long-term relationship advice. Still, the following are pros we liked best.


  • Matched Questions feature makes matchmaking an easier process.
  • Site has been going strong for more than a decade and has successfully matched like-minded people.
  • Ability to communicate though email, IMs, and even video chats.
  • Real testimonials from past members, who are now coupled and spiritually linked.
  • Ability to see astrology information about each member.

The following are things we found that did not make us happy about Spiritual Singles:


  • 50 messages per day, even as a paid member seemed a little unfair to us.
  • Sign up process is a little lengthy, even if it serves a purpose.

Bottom Line

In the end, we found a few cons, but there were more pros to count. This means the price of admission is worth it. Of course, it is ultimately up to you to figure out if this site is for you. It doesn't cost a penny to test the waters, so you've got nothing to lose and a lot of love to win.

Dating Throne Team

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