Sober Dating Sites

Sober Dating Sites

Recently there has been an influx of sober dating websites for individuals looking for other people undergoing intensive sobriety treatments. The purpose of such websites is to allow individuals to meet and share their experiences with others who have shown the strength to recover from a life-threatening situation.

Unlike simple dates, dating someone, who is sober, enables both individuals to gain strength from each other. Hopefully, the end result is a long-term relationship that ends up in marriage or life-long friendships.

In the marketplace, there are two types of dating websites that may appeal to sober individuals:

General Dating Websites

These dating websites may not specifically target sober individuals but due to their massive membership numbers, there are thousands of sober individuals who you may access on a daily basis. Using the advanced filters, anyone can pinpoint lots of sober individuals looking for friendship. eHarmony is an example of one of these websites.

Sober Dating Websites

These websites are tailor-made for individuals looking for a sober date. While the number of members may vary across the websites, almost all individuals are sober looking for similar attributes in others. It is also not uncommon for these websites to network with other sober websites to increase the exposure of their members.

Top 10 Best Sober Dating Websites


A lot of marketing budget successfully put eHarmony on fingertips of singles looking for a serious relationship. The website is also the first dating platform to scientifically evaluate individuals using its benchmark matchmaking metrics.

You will love eHarmony for the following reasons:

  • Members can filter compatible partners based on individual traits before meeting them.
  • Sending a message to other members is free of cost.
  • Member profiles contain a lot of information.
  • A large percentage of profiles are genuine.

The website claims that more than 400 of its members tie a knot every day, which confirms its status as among the top sober dating websites.

#2: Match


Among the pioneers of dating websites, offers an easy-to-understand user interface allowing everyone to easily search for the perfect date.

It is an open dating website where you can contact everyone on the list. Here are some of its most significant features:

  • Lots of advanced filters that allow users to find their match with pinpoint accuracy.
  • Scheduled events and promotions for paid members.
  • The mobile website has all the features available on the main website.

Overall, continues to introduce new concepts and innovation, which keeps it at the top of the online dating industry. Due to the massive amount of members, you can find many sober individuals on this website.

Elite ​Singles​

Romance doesn’t have to end just because you’re now sober.

EliteSingles is one of the best dating sites for sober dating.

They boasts more than two million monthly visitors and suggests 3 to 7 sober dating partners daily.

  • Communication - You can communicate with your EliteSingles matches effortlessly through messages.
  • Personality Test - EliteSingles’ detailed test will help find you your perfect match.
  • Safety - EliteSingles uses a multitude of safety measures to make sure your private information is kept safe.
  • Matches - You are sent multiple matches daily as a member of EliteSingles.

EliteSingles is popular for sober dating for a reason. It’s designed to be easy to use and navigate.

12 Step Match

Known to offer extensive matchmaking capabilities using a detailed 12-step program, sober individuals can find their match based on various recovery programs.

Extensive membership profile means that there is always someone waiting for you. Following are some of the website's strong attributes:

  • Free membership offers a chance to initiate dialogue with almost anyone.
  • Lots of off-site events helping to meet real people near you.
  • New members get a lot of attention by showcasing their profile on the front page.

Overall, it's a great site for someone looking for a safe and reliable medium to start a relationship or make lifelong friends.

Sober Singles Date

Created by the founder of numerous well-known sober dating websites, this is a website made for singles who prefer a more streamlined introduction with other members.

Instead of hiding behind the profile, members can use advanced features to interact with other like-minded individuals.

  • The website actively promotes live video chats.
  • Every profile features instant messaging.
  • Few steps are needed to create a profile compared to similar websites.

You don't have to be in a 12-step program to take advantage of this community. In fact, you will like the user-friendly simple interface allowing you to start as quickly as possible.

AA Dating Service

The website is specifically geared towards sober individuals who will love to enter into a relationship with another sober person.

The objective of the dating project is to create a relationship based on mutual understanding and recovery.

  • Premium source for people recovering from alcohol addiction.
  • An extensive profile of members based on a free membership.
  • Opportunity to share your profile on other sites in the network.
  • Personalized support for paid members.

While AA Dating Service is a relatively new website, it is known to offer a welcoming environment and fast response to member queries.

Sober Dating Service

The website prides itself in offering a healthy community of sober individuals who can flirt and romanticize their relationships just like other non-sober dating websites.

While anyone can join as a free member, paid membership comes with perks that are too enticing to miss.

  • An active chat room to make new friends.
  • A paid membership allows members to show up their profiles on the front page.
  • Members can send flirts to other members.
  • Featured members get 10 times more messages.

If you need an innovative platform to build serious relationships, the website offers multiple opportunities to interact with sober communities.

It is an advanced mobile application offering an array of new features to interact with the sober community.

One of the founders is in a long-term recovery process, which has helped create an environment that respects people in the community. Some of the advanced features include:

  • Creation of virtual avatar to protect the identity.
  • An active hub to meet and share your story.
  • Daily meetings with other individuals in a virtual world.

If you love tech-gadgets, then you definitely need to check this innovative app, which offers many cool features to interact with a sober community.

#9: Zoosk


Zoosk is not tailor-made for sober individuals, but it has over 35 Million users making it easier for everyone to find like-minded individuals. The website is very easy to use, and it has a lot of advanced filters to search for your mate.

In fact, its fun to use multiple tools to relay your interest to other members.

  • Very easy to use user interface.
  • Match-making algorithm to find you the best match.
  • A huge database of users from around the world.
  • Picture verification to reduce spam.

If you want to use a simple but effective website to interact with other people, Zoosk does not disappoint.

Love in Recovery

It's a new website, which is built on the principles of the 12-step program. The main platform is integrated with other sober dating communities allowing members a lot of variety to seek a perfect match.

Anyone can post a free profile on the website; however, only paid members are allowed to take advantage of the advanced tools. Here are some of its strengths:

  • Members can contact a global community including local sober communities.
  • Calendar of Events and Newsletter for members.
  • Customer support to help with matchmaking.

As the name suggests, Love in Recovery is a useful resource for sober individuals looking to find love and support from like-minded individuals.

In Conclusion

While sober dating is a new trend compared to the online dating scene, it's quickly catching up with the mainstream. Experts think that sober dating will continue to entice and attract members due to its appeal of offering access to strong-minded individuals who are serious about their relationship in the online space.

Using a sober website, you're definitely going to find mature, serious, and loving individuals compared to the general online dating scene.

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