November 5, 2019

Save The Marriage Review – Does It Work?

I was madly in love. It wasn’t a brief romance that you may fall into over a short summer break. It was the “head over heels” type of love. The love that I found was undeniably overwhelming.

The type of love that you see in movies...I'm talking like Pretty Woman...the magical love! And I know all of you ladies are familiar with this movie!

Though the love that my husband and I have for each other is undefeatable, we certainly have placed each other in personal situations that nearly called for us to prepare for war.

And I'm learning that this can actually be pretty common in marriage.

I’m still “head over heels” for that new friend that I met so long ago. I was so in love with him, that I decided to marry him.

I would never take back the decision that I made to begin the journey of life with my partner! However, I soon realized that marriage is called a “journey” for a reason.

Needless to say, the journey that we started with each other has a healthy mixture of phenomenal moments paired with its moments of discord.

The “Save the Marriage” System has most definitely been a factor towards the success of my marriage. With relatable instruction, the System aided us to understand each other.

Save The Marriage Review

Bent and a Little Broken

Does the thought of being on your last straw within your marriage sound familiar? If so, then you and I have something in common. I’ve been in the same mindset within my marriage.

Such realizations ultimately lead to previously frayed ends of my marriage being unraveled more times than I could have ever imagined!

Little Broken

Thankfully, the “Save the Marriage” System included much needed marital counseling for my husband and I.

As communication within my marriage became like an invitation to yet another pointless argument, my husband and I faced multiple bouts of verbal misunderstandings.

I was at the point where I really couldn't take arguing anymore...

Do you forget the Reason for the Untimely Arguments?

At times, our arguments would be over subjects that I could not even recollect after the confrontation was over.

I would constantly be left to ask myself…is this normal? Are we simply not meant to be? Why is this happening? Are we falling apart?

And all of the questioning of our situation led me to questioning our relationship. And I'm sure the same was going on with my husband.

This turns into a very unhealthy spiral that seems to repeat itself if it is not fixed.

Pardon Me, but We Need Immediate Help! Save The Marriage Review Cont'd

To our relief, the “Save the Marriage” System included vital information that lead us to a much-needed approach to the beauty of purposeful dialogue.

Much hesitation was involved as we were introduced to the sobering idea that the act of communicating with each other wasn’t as simple as we had imagined.

We came to realize that even the best of relationships need work.

Don’t’ Forget to Think About the Party.

Simply putting words together to engage in a discussion is a necessary, yet minor portion of the act of speech.

To properly deliver a message to a nearby acquaintance, one must be willing to understand and relate to perceptions held by the other party.

In the case of preserving my marriage, the “other party” was my spouse.

I Have a Question, Do You See What I See?

I had to be willing to perceive thoughts and ideas from the viewpoint of my husband’s understanding. Likewise, my husband learned to cater to my outlook on thoughts and ideas.

This is probably one of the most powerful aspects of saving a marriage or relationship.

Men and women are two totally different creatures, especially emotionally. And if you don't take the time to understand this and how your significant other views and sees things, you're relationship is very likely going to be negatively effected.

Learning How to Communicate, Again.

Though we, educated adults, were taught to communicate with others as young children, it was not until our first disagreements as a couple that we understood its true meaning.

This was a very humbling experience to say the least.

Wait, I’m Getting Engaged…to My Current Husband?

With the “Save the Marriage” System, I was also able to engage in the text while I learned.

By expelling my sentiments through writing as well as answering proposed questions, I was ironically able to develop a new understanding of not only my points of view, but the points of view maintained by my husband as well.

Please Don’t Belittle Me, Dear.

In marriage, it might be appropriate to have confidence in the idea that two people are to become one. In marriage, lives change, and compromise is necessary.

Marriage Couple

With such a grand transformation of life, many intricate stages of preparation can mistakenly be overlooked.

FINALLY, We Found our Much-Needed Help!

With the “Save the Marriage” System, my husband and I were exposed to a new attitude regarding the strength of a successful marriage.

For instance, the interactive coursework provided by the “Save the Marriage” System reminded me and my husband of the idea that our opinions mattered.

Growing as One Together

The Save The Marriage System reminded us of how easy it is to misguidedly classify an imperative marital topic as negligible.

We became more committed to the “Save the Marriage” System and noticed that our commitment to each other simultaneously grew.

I can say that if you are not committed this is not going to work.

My Oh My, How We Have Changed (Before Save The Marriage)

Before using the “Save the Marriage” System, many topics were swept under the rug and only addressed through vicious arguments.


We discussed topics such as, but not limited to finances, privacy and respect in a more mature fashion due to the guidance of the “Save the Marriage” regimen.

Is This Just a Trap?

Prior to the utilization of the “Save the Marriage” system, I believed that the term “marriage” was synonymous with the word “trap”. I regretted not seeing the warning signs.

I wondered why in the world people would volunteer to do this marriage thing. Ultimately, I felt like I was stuck with no possible way out.

With this being said, it is now highly improbable to believe that I am now able to see the importance of marriage. But, it’s true!

I now see the delicacy of marriage as a positive attribute to a wild ride.

Can You Relate to Us?

Now that you have heard my story, are you able to relate? Do you and your significant other find yourselves in arguments that seem to have no end?

Happy Life

Before using the “Save the Marriage” System, I was right there with you. Fortunately, my marriage after the use of the “Save the Marriage” System has tremendously improved.

My husband and I can now communicate without falling into an argument. Please keep in mind that reaching this triumph required patience, understanding and a willingness to listen.

Are You Where We Used to Be?

Though my husband and I have now reconciled our differences and have a much healthier union, the ability to retrace our steps from strife to success is a daily possibility.

With that being said, we continue to utilize the “Save the Marriage” System.We use it because it worked for us!

Pros and Cons Of Save The Marriage

A Few Pros to the "Save the Marriage" System includes

The “Save the Marriage” System is designed for those who may currently be in a relationship. Thankfully, the “Save the Marriage” System is aimed to aid more than just couples who are in difficult periods of marriage.

Instead, it is aimed towards those who are in various stages of a relationship.

The “Save the Marriage” System encourages its users to be involved in each lesson provided. The users are asked to answer questions that may be directly related to their situation.

Such a tactic might increase the relatability that the user has with the producer of the methods.

Dr. Lee Baucom represents highly educated personnel with the desire to prevent couples from experiencing a failed relationship.

Not only has Dr. Lee Baucom been formally educated on the topic, but Dr. Lee Baucom is married and able to relate shared topics with personal experiences.

A Few Pros to the "Save the Marriage" System includes

Maturity Level: As the “Save the Marriage” Feature targets adults, many of which are often married, the content provided is designed towards those of the mature mindset. Therefore, excluding minors.

As of Today (After Save The Marriage Review)

…My husband and I have been married for over 5 years. The separate guidance that we were given, both as a future wife and as a future husband, was overwhelming.

Nevertheless, to say that the words of advice were insignificant would be a great mistake to make. We appreciated the stories that we were told.

We appreciated the warnings that we were made aware of.

We even appreciated the invitation to a safe space within their homes if we ever needed to decompress.

Save The Marriage Review - Site Page

We truly appreciated it all. Numerous words full of immeasurable amounts of wisdom were shared with my husband and me prior to our marriage. Each statement made was valuable then, and continues to be valuable now.

However,the advice that we were given was incomplete. From the beginning of each counseling session to the end of our proctored conversations, my husband and I had inclinations that a vital piece was unfortunately missing.

Thankfully, we found exactly what we needed in the “Save the Marriage” System.

We recommend the “Save the Marriage” System to those who find themselves in the same situations that we once did.

After all, some things, like a nurtured marriage, are truly worth fighting for!

Frequently Asked Questions (Save The Marriage Review Related):

How Can I Save My Marriage By Myself?

Unfortunately you can not save your marriage totally by yourself. It takes 2 to tango, as the old saying goes.

But there are some things that you can do by yourself to help push your relationship in the right direction.

The first is to start trying to see the perspective of your partner. When you get into a disagreement, stay calm and try to really understand and digest what they are saying. Put yourself in their shoes and see if this changes things.

If you are doing any blaming, we recommend you put an end to that as well. Instead, try to calmly explain to your partner why you feel the way you do and tell them you want to work on fixing the problem.

Does Separation Work To Save A Marriage?

This is really going to depend on the couple.

For some couples, time apart from each other makes them realize how much they miss each other.

For other couples it's quite the opposite. Time apart makes them realize that they are happier when they are not together.

What Are Some Signs That A Marriage Is Over?

This is also going to depend on the couple, but a good sign is when you feel like you have tried everything possible and you are totally exhausted with the situation.

Often, that feeling in your gut is true. And if you get a feeling deep in your gut that the marriage is over after countless times of trying to save your could be a good sign.

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