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Are you tired of the traditional methods for meeting people? Ready to jump into the world of online dating websites?

If you are, then you should probably brush up on the dating sites that best cater to Russian users. There are so many different websites out there, each one promising romance, but some of them just don't stack up to the others.

So, which sites are the best? Let us take a look at 10 of the dating websites that are great for Russian singles to try.

Top 10 Dating Sites for Russians

#1: Match


Match might not be a strictly-Russian site, but it offers a lot of dating opportunities for anyone living in Russia. This is a massive, well-known website that has been around since 1995. It reaches 24 countries and territories, and the site is available in 15 different languages.

You can load up to 26 photos to your profile once you've joined, which might help boost your chances of meeting someone. Customer Care screens every single photo in order to make sure that you are posting appropriate content.

What's even better? Match has an anonymous e-mail network, which means that your information privacy is guaranteed as you start to meet new people. When you feel comfortable, you can give out your personal information to someone you've met.

eHarmony Review - Profile

Although not specifically geared towards Russians, eHarmony is so big that it has one of the largest available platforms for Russian dating.

With more than 66 million members and thousands more joining each day, eHarmony is one of the largest and most successful online dating sites around. 

The site uses a 29-point personality tool to ensure that perfect matches are made. And, so far, the results have been phenomenal over the years, since the site has helped so many people meet and more.

We recommend eHarmony for all singles. The site is easy to use and has a diverse group of members who are all seeking various types of people and relationships. There is even a mobile app that helps you take the dating fun with you while on the go.

  • No cost to join.
  • More than 18 years in business.
  • One of the world’s most trusted sites
Elite Singles

Take a moment today to look at Elite Singles. This is a revolutionary online dating site that is geared towards busy working professionals such as yourself. You no longer have to remain frustrated with the lack of prospects in your area.

This is also a big site that has a large availability of Russians to date. Not only that, but they are successful.

Elite Singles is designed to help you find a friend or long term relationship. It is a site that takes its security seriously. They weed out fake profiles so that you can have the best possible user experience. This is why so many millions of members have found success here.

  • Most of the members on Elite Singles have already attained their college degree.
  • You will receive a few matches each day to look through.
  • When you like someone, just send them a message via the site and see what happens.
Ukraine Brides Agency

Founded in 2010, Ukraine Brides Agency is a quick, easy-to-use, free service. Men can sign up and find their Russian or Ukranian bride. All of the women on this website have been personally screened by Ukraine Brides Agency staff.

Additionally, you can video chat with any user for free, and there is free speed dating every Thursday at 9 PM Ukranian time.You can also receive one-on-one dating coaching for free.

There are thousands of singles on this website, so guys, you won't find any shortage of potential dates here.

Elena's Models

Geared toward both Russians and Ukranians, Elena's Models is a trusted dating website that has been around since 1999. And, with over 140,000 members, it should not be too hard to find at least one user who sparks your interest.

All of the women on the website are single Eastern Europeans looking for men who are wanting to date or even get married. Of course, a lot of the men who sign up for the site are not Eastern European, so wherever you are in the world, you are welcome to start your profile.

Online dating coach Elena Petrova (for whom the site is named) will give you advice on dating. She also keeps a blog with regular posts for users to read. This will give you a glimpse into the mindset of Russian and Ukranian singles and the world of dating.

Brides and Lovers

If you want to join a truly reputable website, then consider giving Brides and Lovers a try. It is a member of the RedSquareCupid family, so you can expect high quality services from this site. Join for free, then you can browse the profiles of over 150,000 different members. In fact, over 400,000 profiles have been created since 2009.

Once you've signed up, you can choose to upgrade to get even more services. However, the site offers plenty of free tools for you to use, so you might find that you don't need to pay anything extra.

Also, the site uses CupidGuard technology to keep your information safe and to vet all users. They work to prevent scammers from creating profiles and have customer service available 24/7.

Lada Date

Looking to settle down? Lada Date is a site geared toward finding the right person to settle down with you. The company does a thorough job of screening everyone who joins, ensuring that you are chatting with a real, genuine person. The site actively tries to prevent scams from happening, which is such a common thing on a lot of dating websites.

Additionally, you can choose to communicate with the other members you meet through video calls, text, and letters. You can even share your favorite pictures of yourself for others to see. A lot of men have already found their soulmates through using these different forms of communication on the website.

Russian Flirting

Russian Flirting is, first and foremost, a dating site that is 100% free to use. This website, which was launched in 2015, has helped bring quite a few couples together. Even though it has the word "Flirting" in its title, Russian Flirting can help you find someone to settle down more permanently.

Males and females are welcome to join, and there is no shortage of singles on the site. Signing up is easy, and you can choose to do it from one of your social media accounts (like Facebook or Twitter). Also, it is not a problem if you cannot speak Russian. The site hosts four different languages in which you can converse.

Russian Cupid

Russian Cupid is another member of the massive Cupid Media network, which encompasses 30 different niche dating sites, all of which are of high repute. Therefore, it is no small wonder that this website has over 1.5 million registered members as of right now.

All it takes to join up is a little bit of time and providing your basic info. From there, you can add your own pictures, browse users' profiles, and start getting in touch with the users who strike your fancy. You can access the website from a laptop or PC, or you can choose to download the app from Google Play for free.

And as far as success stories go? You can browse through dozens of those before you even join the website.

Russian Hearts

Are you a Russian living in Russia? Great! Are you a Russian single living elsewhere in the world? Perfect! Wherever you are living, you can join Russian Hearts. The website has over 897,000 registered users living all across the globe.

Signing up is free to do, and once you've completed it, your profile can be featured in the "Latest registered" list that pops up on the landing page. Or, if you get a lot of hits on your profile, you might be listed under "The most visited profiles". Either way, this can help draw even more attention to your thoughtfully-crafted profile.

Receiving messages, getting match suggestions sent to your inbox everyday, and viewing users' profiles are free features that you can access on the website.

Russian Dating FAQ

What role does chivalry play in Russian dating?

Chivalry makes up a big portion of Russian dating culture. Gender roles tend to be stricter than they are in some areas of the world. At the same time, the respect for and autonomy of women tends to be more highly prioritized than in some areas of the world as well.

Russian culture is known for being very passionate and focused on emotion. The same is true of Russian romance. It's common for gift-giving to be a big part of courtship, with men taking their romantic partners to events, giving them flowers, and giving them larger gifts as well.

Chivalry comes with social forms of politeness that may be considered outdated in Western cultures like the US. Men tend to open doors for women, help women put on their coats, and act in a very polite manner. Men also tend to carry a woman's things, and the cultural expectation is that the man will pay the bill for a date.

What are the main differences between dating in Russia and dating in the US?

Dating in the US can be substantially different from dating in Russia. Of course, some of this depends on what region of the US you're discussing. Rural conservative areas tend to have very different expectations from progressive urban ones.

Hookup culture isn't really a thing in Russia. This is much more common in the US, particularly in US cities. It's a frequent and normalized part of American media, and it's well-understood culturally that people often go to bars and clubs to find partners for one night stands.

People in the US sometimes hook up with strangers or have "friends with benefits," in which a friendship becomes sexual but not romantic. In fact, many sitcoms and movies have used the potential confusion of this gray area for comedy! The culture first became normalized during the "swinging 60s," and it's been prevalent for half a decade.

Meanwhile, Russian relationships don't really have "it's complicated" as a relationship status. Relationships don't have the gray area often found in American relationships. People either are dating, or they aren't. The seriousness of dating can be traced back to Czarist Russia and the Soviet era following.

Russian culture also tends to take monogamy more seriously than the US. Cheating still happens, as with any culture, but the idea of having romantic feelings for multiple people isn't normalized. With American culture, you're much more likely to find stories about love triangles where someone had trouble "choosing" their preferred partner.

The US has a fairly normalized culture of women asking men out, but women don't tend to express their interest first in Russian dating culture. Surveys show that most Russian women prefer for a man to make the first move. It's also expected that men will be clear and romantic about their intentions, rather than having the casual hangout attitude of many American men.

There isn't actually a Russian word for "girlfriend." Wife and bride are the only terms. Russian relationships tend to become serious faster and move faster than American ones. In fact, many Russian couples act like they've gotten married after just a couple dates.

Russian men are also commonly more possessive than American men. If someone "hits one" a Russian man's girlfriend, it's not guaranteed that it'll turn into a physical altercation - but it's much more likely than with the average American man.

Same-sex relationships are also illegal in Russia, and being openly gay can have dire consequences.

Is there any truth to the "mail-order bride" stereotype?

Western media, particularly American media, has used the trope of the "Russian mail-order bride" for decades. These days, when the trope is used, it tends to be played for comedy rather than drama. But what exactly is this stereotype, and where does it originate from?

The idea of the "Russian mail-order bride" is a Russian woman who desperately wants to leave her home country and move to another country, usually the United States. She's willing to marry any American man who can pay the price so that she can get a green card.

The mail-order bride trope is also common with women from a variety of Asian countries.

It is true that this practice has happened historically. The industry dates back to the 1800s in the US. But it's much less common in today's world than the media would have you think, particularly where Russian women are involved. While there may be Russian women out there willing to marry a man for a green card, it's not common.

The Russian version of the trope specifically finds most roots in the post-Soviet era. After the Soviet Union dissolved, Russia was faced with some of the harshest conditions in the world. Many women dated Europeans and Americans during this time period in the hopes of securing a better life.

This turned into an idealized media trope. American men found a great deal of appeal in the idea of a bride who didn't need to be wooed. There was also an idea that Russian women would be more subservient to their husbands because of the need to keep their green card.

Obviously there are a fair number of issues with this trope. You'll find plenty of stories of real mail-order brides from Russia, particularly in the post-Soviet era. But things have changed politically and socially in both Russia and the US over the past three or four decades.

Studies and surveys today consistently show that the younger generation of Russian women prefers to date Russian men, particularly Russian men near or from their hometowns. Though Russia's government is less progressive than the US in many ways, there's also more gender equality in the workforce.

In fact, anywhere from 52 to 56 percent of the Russian workforce is staffed by women. The number of women in the workforce also stems back to the post-Soviet era. 43 percent of senior management positions are staffed by women. There does tend to be more income inequality between men and women, though, with women making 43 percent of what men do.

When Russian women do choose to marry American men so they can emigrate, what are the cultural factors driving that?

Some of it is the pay gap. Another factor is that many single Russian women live in poverty, and it's a cultural norm to marry before age 30 in Russia. Finding a life partner after age 30 can be difficult for women. In addition, there are more than four million more Russian women than men, so finding an eligible partner within the country can be hard.

But the idea that the average Russian woman is desperate for an American man is, at its core, a fantasy. Approaching Russian women with the expectation that they're desperate is not just rude, it's uneducated.

What should you avoid doing on a date in Russia?

Russia has different cultural norms when it comes to dating. Many of these have been addressed in the questions about chivalry and differences between Russian dating and US dating. These are a few things to avoid if you don't want to make a social faux pas:

  • Don't expect the woman to pay for all or part of the date
  • If you're a man, offer to carry the woman's things
  • Don't give bouquets with even numbers of flowers, as these are for funerals
  • Don't be rude or crass to your partner
  • Don't make jokes about family or other personal topics
  • Don't be late
  • Don't offer money or anything expensive on the first date
  • Don't touch your date's face early into the relationship, as it's a very intimate affectionate gesture
What is Russia known for culturally?

There's a lot more to Russian culture than just romance and marriage. The region has a rich history and many vital cultural traditions. Some of the most prevalent areas are classical music, art, ballet, and literature.

Russian culture tends to value family and the homeland. Family has always been a big part of the country's history, but it's become even more important following the Soviet era. During the most tumultuous times in the country, family members were the only trustworthy people. This has left a marked cultural impression that lasts to this day.

At least 190 ethnic groups live in Russia, but more than 75 percent of the population is made up of individuals with Russian ancestry. Immigration to the country is much less common than immigration to the US. Over 100 languages besides Russian and English are spoken, with Dolgang being the largest. About 5.3 percent of Russia's population speaks it.

Religion-wise, most Russians are Christian. Over half of the population adheres to the teachings of the Russian Orthodox Church. After Christianity, the next largest religion is Islam, with around ten percent of the population being practicing Muslims.

Ballet is the most well-known Russian art form. The ballet company Bolshoi Ballet is active and world-renowned today, and it's been performing in Russia since 1776. There are other globally famous Russian ballet companies, too, like the Mariinsky Ballet.

The composer Tchaikovsky was Russian. He created classical music that's still played today, with some of the most famous pieces being the 1812 Overture and Swan Lake. You can find multiple museums dedicated to him in the country, including a museum at the composer's childhood home.

Many works of classical literature came from Russia as well. Some well-known authors are Fyodor Dostoevsky and Leon Tolstoy.

Nesting dolls, also called matrioshka dolls, tend to symbolize Russia. These are sets of dolls that are placed inside each other, so that you can pull them apart to find the smaller doll inside.

Is Russia all tundra?

Russia is known for having long, brutal winters. The landscape tends to be depicted as a harsh and unforgiving tundra. But there are other aspects to the geography.

Some of the other environments include taigas, steppes, mountains, and plains. There are even volcanos in Russia. A Russian volcano erupted in 2017, which was a geological surprise that created a plume visible from space.

Lake Baikal is also located in Russia. This body of water is the largest lake in the world - it's so big that it has 20 percent of the freshwater on the entire planet. It's also the oldest lake on the planet, and it houses around 1800 unique native animal and plant species.

What do Russians do for fun?

Russian people have fun in a variety of ways. Similarly to the US and other Western cultures, Russian people tend to turn to a mix of hobbies, social gatherings, and entertainment events to enjoy themselves.

Internet surfing, book reading, and TV watching are popular. For many women, crafts like jewelry, sewing, and knitting are also common.

In the warm season, it's common for Russians to go to vacation houses with family and friends. During this time, they'll host barbecues, swim, take walks, and fish. Many people have romantic talks around the campfire.

Gardening is popular, with indoor kitchen gardens being more common than outdoor ones. Older generations in particular are fond of vegetable gardening, and it's considered ideal to be able to supply your own table.

Outdoor recreation is popular, including picnics, canoeing, cycling, and skiing. For the more adventurous, skydiving and flying with hang gliders are fun ways to spend time.

Shopping at malls is another popular pastime. Like a lot of American malls, most Russian malls have restaurants and movie theaters. This makes them a day where many people can spend most or all of a day.

Events like concerts are popular, as are cultural events. A unique museum exhibition can have a very long line. Lectures have become very popular with younger people in recent years. The lectures cover a huge number of different subjects, and the speakers tend to have a range of expertise, so it's possible for anyone to find something.

In Conclusion

Whether you are looking to settle down and get married or just want to date a few people, these Russian dating sites are some of the most reputable ones out there. Give a couple of them a try and see if you find your match. Who knows? You might find even more than what you expect.

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