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Rock music is one of those unique genres that goes much further than just indicating a musical style. Because rock was started as a counterculture movement and an extension of blues, it is inherently a political and cultural gesture.

Sure, there are many people who casually enjoy rock music, but those who are especially into what it stands for will show their enthusiasm through their clothing, attitude, and dedication to the culture.

This is why it's so important for rockers to date other rockers, as they won't have to worry about being accepted in the relationship for being who they are. Because finding fellow rockers on dating sites can be complicated, we've made this list...

Just Looking For A Hookup Instead?

If you're looking for something beyond a hookup, keep reading below for the best rocker dating websites!

Top 10 Rocker Dating Sites

#1 Best Rocker Dating Site - eHarmony


eHarmony is one of the world’s most popular dating sites that we recommend. More than 66 million people use the site so finding that S.O.S. isn’t difficult. Since the site’s 2000 launch, more than 15 million matches per day have been made and more than two million marriages.

So although you wouldn't typically think of eHarmony for dating other rockers, they are a giant in the dating industry. So because of this, they have one of the largest platforms for finding rocker singles.

The trusted site uses a comprehensive 29-component matching scale to ensure successful matches. It takes a little longer to register, but the end result is worth that added time. Besides, it takes only a couple of extra minutes and asks simple questions. There is no cost to register for eHarmony, but you do need a paid membership to access all the site features.

Major Features

  • Tons of rocker singles.
  • Several membership options.
  • Members across the world.
  • Free mobile app.

#2 Rocker Dating Site - Match


Match is one of those websites that must be used regardless of your background. Though it isn't a rocker specific dating site, they have the largest availability of rockers when compared to any other sites on the market. Their presence in pop culture and through advertising has also lead them to become one of the most notable dating services of all-time, building up a userbase of over 8.5 million paid users worldwide.

As you can imagine, there is a large amount of users within these numbers who are rockers, making it more likely for you to find a rocker on Match as opposed to a more niche-oriented website. Though it's mainly a paid service, you can also register and have a free trial! There is also an intuitive interface and mobile app to keep you hooked and allow you to take your dating prospects with you on the road.

Major Features

  • Over 8.5 million registered paid users.
  • Free trial possible.
  • Includes mobile app.

#3 Rocker Dating Website - EliteSingles

Elite Singles

Though EliteSingles aso isn’t specifically a rocker dating site, it has a substantial number of rocker members.

EliteSingles makes rocker dating as simple as 1, 2, 3.

All you have to do is sign up, complete the comprehensive 200-question personality test, and enter your search criteria. After that, EliteSingles does the work to find you your perfect rocker match.

EliteSingles has more than two million monthly visitors, and nearly 90% of its members have at least a bachelor’s degree. Finding a successful rocker to call your own is easy to do on EliteSingles.

Finding a rocker partner doesn’t have to be difficult. You may find yours on EliteSingles now.

Major Features

  • Unlimited communication with matches.
  • Free account option.
  • Safety measures to ensure security and privacy.
  • 3 to 7 new matches are sent to you daily.
  • A research-backed questionnaire helps find matches for you.

Alt Scene

If you're not interested at all in generalized dating sites, then you should sign up for Alt Scene. As a niche platform, it caters specifically to anybody who considers themselves alternative, meaning that you'll likely find people who share similar interests. Though "alternative" can be a wide umbrella term, it also means that you'll be able to connect with people who are into a variety of different types of rock music.

Are you interested in emo rock? What about punk rock? You'll be sure to find someone here! It's also completely free!

Major Features

  • Rock-focused community.
  • Completely free service.
Metal Dating

Though metal might seem outside of rock circles, there is more in common than you might think. After all, genre definitions change over time and many music that was once considered metal (such as Led Zeppelin) is now considered rock and vice-versa. Because of this, there is a lot of overlap between metal fans and rock fans.

As a dating site, Metal Dating also has a very large community that is quite international, allowing you to speak to match with people from all around the world. The interface isn't very fancy, but is simple, catering to those who want a straightforward experience.

Major Features

  • Straightforward interface.
  • International community.
Emo Friends

If you are somebody who is more interested in emo rock, this is the perfect site for you. Something that is unique about Emo Friends is that you're also able to indicate your BDSM role when signing up, something that undoubtedly allows the platform to cater to those who live kinky lifestyles.

It's also an established website, having a community that has grown significantly over its 10 year long lifespan. If you're somebody who wants to find a partner who matches with your sexual preferences, then this is the site for you.

Major Features

  • Kink-focused.
  • Established, 10+ year old community.

Sometimes online dating is much more than just sending messages. There can be videos involved, photo galleries, blogs and even forums. EmoWire is a service that understands this, allowing rockers from around the world to connect through a variety of different mediums. EmoWire has all of the aforementioned features, allowing you to communicate with other members through a variety of different ways.

It's also entirely free, being the most efficient online dating service that is most like social media.

Major Features

  • Many different ways to communicate.
  • Social media-like atmosphere.
Goth Scene

Goth Scene is one of those sites that allows you to connect with other rockers who are specifically into goth music and culture. The sign-up process is incredibly easy, allowing you to quickly register and begin messaging people immediately. A unique aspect of Goth Scene is the ability to set your profile so certain people can't contact you unless they fit a certain requirement.

These requirements can be age, location, interests or gender, among many other things! This makes it easy for you to ensure that you're only contacted by people you want to speak with, something that makes online dating even safer.

Major Features

  • Control who contacts you.
  • Easy signup process.
Goth Passions

As a dating service part of the Passions online network, Goth Passions allows you to focus specifically on your rock-oriented interests when matching with new people. However, being part of the Passions online network also makes it possible for your profile to not only be shown on other related sites, but also for you to be registered on other related sites to explore your other interests.

Rockers who want to take their interests beyond their rocker personalities should definitely look into this service.

Major Features

  • Have your profile shown on other related dating sites.
  • Easily register for other sites within the Passions network.
Punk Dating Site

If you're somebody who doesn't prefer the polished aspects of rock music, you'll be glad to know that Punk Dating Site is there for you. By focusing on specifically punk music, you can meet other rockers who prefer a more raw, grungy sound and aesthetic. There is also a distinct intersection between punk music and heavier forms of rock, giving you a connection to the punk community as a whole.

It's also a very affordable service, allowing you to connect with many other sites through its online network with a single fee.

Major Features

  • Part of an online network.
  • Focuses on specifically harder forms of punk and rock.
  • Gay friendly.

 Best Rocker Dating Sites - In Conclusion

Being able to share your life with somebody is a beautiful thing and one of the main reasons why people begin dating in the first place. By finding a significant other who is also a rocker, you can ensure that your relationship will embrace all aspects of your personality, something that is incredibly important to long-lasting relationships.

With this list, we hope you're able to find the online dating service for you to bring true love into your life!

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