The Best Polish Dating Websites

Top 10: Polish Dating Sites Review

Eastern Europe is well known for its fair share of beautiful women, and Poland is a prime location to begin your search.

If you are interested in Polish women and have grown frustrated with the lack of options you have found thus far, then it is time to take your search online.

Perhaps you are in Poland right now or you are just interested in the Polish people. Whatever the case might be, it is time to set up a profile and start meeting other adults online today.

There are many online dating sites today that allow you to meet great Polish men and women.

You will find that the diversity of people online today will enable you to connect with someone who shares the same interests and lifestyles as you do. 

If you are still skeptical, then at least give one of the following Polish online dating sites a try and see what you think.

#1: Match

An image of Match official logo.

With members coming from more than two dozen countries, you are sure to find many Polish adults on this site waiting to meet you. This is an easy to use online dating site.

You will set up your profile and answer some questions relating to who you are looking for. As the name implies, you will then be matched with individuals the site feels will be most compatible with you.

Many Polish singles come to Match in search of a casual date, while others are sincerely looking for a long term relationship. You will find it all on this site, and that it is why it has become so popular.

Take a look at the following three key points relating to Match:

Major Features:

  • This site has been translated into eight different languages.
  • Nearly 40 million adults visit Match every month.
  • The site is exclusively targeted at single adults.

An image of eHarmony official logo.

This is another site that is not exclusive to Polish adults, but you will find plenty of them there. In fact, you would be hard pressed to find someone who has not at least heard of eHarmony.

It boasts many millions of members around the world. Fill out the compatibility survey and indicate that you are looking for a Polish single to get to know better.

You will enjoy going through the various matches that come your way on eHarmony. This is a way to narrow down the choices and then make contact with a Polish person online. When you both hit it off, you can start to plan your date. It is as simple as that.

Take a look at the following three key points relating to eHarmony:

Major Features:

  • eHarmony offers a free trial so that you can get a feel for the site before committing.
  • A substantial number of marriages in the U.S. happen every year as a result of eHarmony.
  • This site has more members than any other online dating site in the world.

An image of Elite Singles official logo.

If you are a busy professional looking for another educated Polish adult to spend some time with, the chances are good that you will find what you are looking for at Elite Singles.

This site has millions of members, many of them being Polish. You will find members located around the world, so you may just find a match located right around the corner from you.

Setting up a profile at Elite Singles is relatively easy. The site is built on the premise that you are busy, so it allows you to get right down to business. You can count on an extensive search filter to narrow down the choices for you quite substantially.

While this site is not exclusively for Polish adults, you will find plenty of options here.

Take a look at the following three key points relating to Elite Singles:

Major Features:

  • Elite Singles is the place to find educated Polish singles who are looking for love.
  • Almost all members on this site are single.
  • Elite Singles members come from around the world, with many of them being Polish.

An image of Polish Hearts official logo.

If you are looking for the largest selection of available Polish adults online, this would likely be the site that you want to join. There are well over one million adults registered on the site worldwide. You never know when you might encounter a member who is located near you, or some traveling might just be in your future.

It is free to join this site. Once you do, you are featured in the new member section. This means that you will receive some much wanted attention right off the bat. There is also a quick search feature that allows you to find other compatible Polish adults who you can begin chatting with.

Take a look at the following three key points relating to Polish Hearts:

Major Features:

  • Nearly 1.5 million adults are already registered on Polish Hearts, and that number keeps growing.
  • New Members are highlighted in a special section of the site for a certain period of time.
  • The quick search feature allows you to find other members by gender and age range, among other filters.

An image of Polish Cupid official logo.

This is an online dating site that is specifically targeted towards Polish adults who are living abroad. You will find members in North America and all over Europe. Depending on where you are located, you will likely find many members located right in your area.

Polish Cupid personally vets every profile that comes its way. This adds a level of security that you will not find with every online dating site. You can begin browsing through photos and profiles as soon as you post yours and it is approved.

Take a look at the following three key points relating to Polish Cupid:

Major Features:

  • It is free to sign up for this online dating site.
  • You can receive matches directly from Polish Cupid or start browsing on your own.
  • There are several different ways to begin flirting with other members right online.

Get ready to date once you join this site. It is well established and has become one of the leading online dating sites in the world for Polish adults. The interesting aspect of this site is that it focused on the United States. You will find Polish adults and individuals interested in them located all over America.

Take a look at the options when you sign up for Polish Dating. With well over 800,000 registered users, there is always someone online waiting to talk to you. You can join the site for free, and there is a lot of useful information located on Polish Dating as well.

An image of Polish Girl 4 U official logo.

The name of this online dating site says it all. Polish Girl 4 U is designed for men who are looking specifically for a Polish woman to date. A lot of experience when into the development of this site, and the reviews are largely positive. It appears that they really know what they are doing.

To get started, you just need to set up a quick profile and let the site know who it is you are looking for. You can be looking just for a friend, casual date, or a long term relationship. The choice is up to you. You will find others looking for the same thing.

An image of Polish Souls official logo.

This is yet another online dating site designed specifically for the American market. It was created to help men and women overcome their loneliness. Men who are looking for a Polish woman to date and possibly marry will find this site to be extremely useful.

Like many online dating sites, Polish Souls has an advanced search feature that will help you narrow down the number of potential matches you are shown. This site also has an extensive blog. You will find a great deal of useful information there, so take a look and possibly contribute yourself if you feel so motivated.

An image of ePolishWife official logo.

This is an online dating site that is focused on helping you find a life long partner. You will find the members here to be quite diverse, and more than 15,000 messages are sent via the site daily. You can become a VIP member and be permitted to send as many messages as you would like. There are also online forums, live chats, and regular events sponsored by ePolishWife.

With Tinder, you will find thousands of Polish adults pretty much anywhere that you happen to be. The app is available on your mobile device. You can filter your search to include Polish singles who are in your area and ready to meet. Just start swiping through the photos that come your way and indicate your possible interest.


These sites will certainly give you a running start in your quest to begin dating a Polish woman or man. The sky is really the limit here, as there are literally thousands of interesting Polish adults online right now waiting to meet you. All you have to do is decide which of these sites to give a try first. Post your profile and then start looking for your perfect match.

Latin Dating Frequently Asked Questions

What are the biggest "Do"s and "Don't"s of dating in Poland?

Many dating and cultural customs in Poland are similar to the United States. But there are some important things to know if you're going to date in Poland, especially if you aren't from the country yourself.

Punctuality is important. Polish people tend to have a strict sense of schedule. If you're not good at managing time, now is the time to get better at it. If you do find yourself running late, make sure you call your date to let them know.

Some Poles adhere to the "15 minute rule." This means that if their date is more than fifteen minutes late, they'll call the outing off entirely. The tradition comes from academia. If a Polish professor is more than 15 minutes late to class, the students can go home.

You might have seen couples greet each other with a kiss on the hand in Polish movies. But most young people consider this old-fashioned. It's more likely that they'll go for a handshake or just a verbal greeting. Some might opt for a kiss on the cheek rather than the hand.

Flower etiquette is also a big deal. Like in the US, it's popular for people in Poland to buy flowers for their dates. But you need to know what flowers to offer. Red flowers are romantic, but might be too intense for first dates. Yellow flowers symbolize betrayal, so steer clear.

In Polish tradition, pink bouquets are given to friends that could become romantic partners. Blue flowers are for faithfulness. But those meanings aren't as widely known today as they used to be.

You should get bouquets with odd numbers of flowers, since bouquets with even numbers are only used for funerals.

Attitudes toward paying the check vary among Polish people, so be mindful and follow your date's lead. When the date is over, it's customary to walk them to the bus stop or train station to be sure they get home safely.

How do Polish guys tend to act?

As with any country or culture, every person is different. Not every Polish guy will follow all of these rules, and it's important to be cautious about potential stereotyping. But it is true that cultural norms differ from country to country, and you can expect some behavior to fall in line with that.

Poles are frequently cited as some of the most hard-working people in Europe. This is in regards to their productivity and passion about their jobs. But Polish guys are often hard-working beyond the workplace, too. They may be fans of DIY projects and interested in taking on household maintenance that you'd normally need to call a professional for.

Chivalry is also common among Polish men, even though gender traditions have become more flexible over the years. You can expect men to hold the door, let you through the door first, and allow you to have the first pick in both casual and formal situations.

Polish men also tend to have a more serious demeanor than men in some other countries. They may reserve expressions of affection for private, and they may only smile around friends and family. It's not common for Polish men to smile at strangers on the streets, and they might come across as stiff and formal if you're from a more relaxed culture.

Many Polish men - and Polish people in general - also prefer to stay indoors rather than going out. Going out on dates can seem like a lot of work. The nightlife doesn't tend to be as varied as it is in the United States and some other European countries.

How can I impress a Polish girl?

The best way to impress a Polish girl is the way to impress any girl: Pay attention to her, respect her, and show an interest in doing things that please her.

Like Polish men, Polish women won't all conform to the same stereotypes. They may be looking for different things in relationships. Some might want you to treat them like a lady, while others might find such treatment condescending. Above all else, think of your date as an individual.

There are some basic guidelines if you're used to Western dating, though.

Polish dating expectations are often a little more formal and traditional than American ones. While Americans might casually "hang out" at a coffee shop or bar, Polish people tend to consider dates more special. Get dressed up, make sure you look nice, and act like a gentleman to your best ability.

Bringing flowers is a great idea. Flowers are even more common in Polish dating than American, although make sure you read up on the etiquette - we've talked about it in the first question here!

Chivalry is common among Polish men. In keeping with this, it's a common social expectation that you'll offer to carry your date's bag. Polish men tend to carry bags and parcels for women even when not romantically involved.

And finally, make sure you don't only talk about yourself! Ask your date questions about her likes, dislikes, hobbies, and experiences. Follow her lead in conversational topics. If she seems uncomfortable with a certain topic of conversation, don't pursue it.

What is flirting like in Poland?

Polish flirting bears some similarities and differences to flirting in the US. In the US, flirtations often happen when you're being even friendlier than you usually would be. Since Polish culture is more stoic, you might have a hard time finding these casual flirt opportunities.

It's most common for Polish men to flirt at bars and at parties, and alcohol can sometimes make them seem confident to the point of aggressiveness. A Polish man who flirts outside parties will likely be polite but distant - if you're used to Western flirtation, you might have trouble telling he's interested!

When flirting at parties, the onus is typically on men to make the first approach. Flirtation tends to follow these steps:

  • Two people make eye contact
  • They either break eye contact quickly or keep staring to indicate interest
  • The man approaches the woman to converse or ask her to dance

Some women report that it's hard to deter a Polish man who's showing interest at a party.

What are some common Polish customs and traditions?

Every country in the world has social customs that might surprise or confuse outsiders, even though they seem perfectly normal to those living there.

One Polish ritual is Marzanna, in which a straw and canvas doll is burned. The doll is meant to represent the Slavic goddess Marzanna, who governed death and winter. Pagan religion is rarely practiced in Poland, but this ritual remains popular.

If you go to a Polish wedding (or have one yourself!), you might hear of oczepiny. This is a racy wedding game that symbolizes a newlywed woman's transformation from maiden to wife. Traditionally, this involved cutting the bride's hair. In modern times, it's used as an excuse to plan wild wedding games.

It's also popular to have another wedding party following the first one, called

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