Best Plus Size Dating Websites

Dating is always an adventure. When your adventure includes you being plus-sized or looking for a plus-sized match, sometimes it can be a little bit more of a challenge to find exactly what you are looking for.

There are ways to make dating a bit easier and to put the fun back in to dating.

Don’t waste all your time trying to find the best sites for plus-sized dating; spend your time actually connecting and dating the people you are looking for!

Here are the top 10 apps and websites to help you find a connection.

While some of the entries on the list aren’t specifically for plus-sized matches, they offer options to help you narrow down the crowd to matches that fit you!

Just Looking For A Hookup Instead?

If you're looking for something beyond a hookup, keep reading below for the best plus size dating websites!

An image of eHarmony official logo

eHarmony is one of the most famous dating websites and for good reason: they have a notoriously high success rates with couples.

eHarmony has been around since 2000 and uses a patented Compatibility Matching System that allows you to match with the person you are most likely to work well with, regardless of size, shape, race, or religion!

Start looking at eHarmony.

#2: Match

An image of Match official logo

While Match isn’t a plus-sized only dating platform, plus-sized people of every orientation are welcomed here. Whether you are plus-sized or looking for a plus-sized single, Match has a massive database of users ready to meet you!

A basic membership is free, although there is a paid membership system as well.

Did you know that over 13.5 million people visit Match each month? What are the chances that your perfect match is waiting there for you right now?

Match has members of all shapes, sizes, religions, backgrounds, sexual orientations, and ages from all over the world. Bigger is better when you are looking at the dating pool and Match has one of the biggest dating pools in the world!

You can start looking for your match today on Match.

An image of Elite Singles official logo.

It is important to know what you want in life, but that does not mean that it is always easy to find it. This is especially true of finding lasting love. That is why you need to know about Elite Singles and what it offers you.

There is a large availability for plus size dating on EliteSingles. Better yet, there are a lot of successful professionals on EliteSingles. So you have the best of both worlds when you can find a successful plus sized match.

This is an online dating site that has been around for years. It is geared for busy working professionals who want to eliminate the bar scene and finally find someone who they connect with. This is a community of millions, so you are bound to find the one online.

• Elite Singles is designed for working and established professionals
• You will find that members of Elite Singles come from a diverse range of backgrounds
• Just over 50 percent of the membership on Elite Singles is female

An image of BBW Admire official logo

BBW Admire is a hot place for dating for a few reasons. First of all, all communication takes place within the platform that means it’s safe for you and your potential dates to spend time getting to know each other. No need to give out your phone number for texting when all of the communication happens right there. Also, you can get to know more people by using their in-service chat rooms. Make friends and check out your potential partners all at the same time. Also, it’s totally free! BBW Admire is dedicated to Big Beautiful Women and those who admire them!

Give BBW Admire a try today.

An image of BBWFriendsDate official logo

What’s better than finding friends? Finding friends that turn in to a love connection! BBWFriendsDate is a free site that takes pride in being totally free; you will never be asked for your credit card information. BBWFriendsDate is a great place for not only curvy ladies, but the big handsome men as well. BBWFriendsDate feels more like a social media platform and that makes connections feel natural and stress free.

Check out BBWFriendsDate

An image of LargeFriends official logo

LargeFriends claims it is the #1 plus-sized dating site out there today. It’s 190,000 monthly visitors help back up that claim! Not only does LargeFriends offer free registration, but you can use its advanced search capabilities to help you find exactly what you are looking for. Not only does LargeFriends help you find dates, it offers forums with tons of helpful advice on a variety of topics related to dating in the plus-sized world. We can all use a little extra advice on the dating game and LargeFriends has it in spades.

Make some new friends at LargeFriends today.

If you are looking for love, romance, and/or friendship, this is the place to go. You can make an account in less than three minutes and be on to browsing singles in moments. BBWDateFinder prides itself on having high-quality matches for plus-size singles. Who knows, maybe you are the high-quality, compatible match that someone is waiting for right now?

You are only a few minutes away from lots of potential dates on BBWDateFinder.

An image of Chubby Bunnie official logo

There are a more than 1 million profiles by daters all over the country on Chubby Bunnie. Curvy, voluptuous, big beautiful women, and big handsome men are all right here in one place. You can search and favorite anyone who peaks your interest. While basic membership is free, you can still respond to messages from the gold members without having to upgrade your account. Take a minute and send a virtual wink to someone today.

Check out Chubby Bunnie and all the singles at today.

Is there anything sexier than someone who knows exactly what they want and aren’t afraid to go after it? MenWhoLikeBigWomen know they want big women and they are unabashedly looking for them on this site. This platform has a lot more to offer than just its 15,000 active daily users. Check out the site for BBW Q&A forums, live counselors and advisors, and chat rooms all with the goals of helping men who like big women find the perfect lady!

Whether you a man who likes big women or a big woman, here’s the site for you: 

An image of BBWCupid official logo

Cupid works in mysterious ways, regardless of your dress size! You can access BBWCupid online or through the app. This is one of the longest-running dating service for the plus-size crew. You can sign up for a free basic membership by finding the app in the Google Play store. BBWCupid is backed by Cupid Media, so you can feel secure in your dating ventures.

Play cupid for yourself at


Dating is supposed to be fun! Be open, honest, and confident and love could be waiting right around the corner. There is a whole big world of people who are waiting to meet you and all you need to do is know where to look. Spend a little bit of time on a few different dating platforms from this list of best sites for plus-sized dating and you will be one step closer to finding your soul mate!

Plus Size Dating FAQ:

What are some things you shouldn't ask a plus size person about dating?

Dating is tough for anyone. Relationships can be complicated, and the emotions they stir up can be tumultuous. But plus size women in particular can often face unique struggles when dating. There are plenty of questions that are downright rude to ask about a plus size person's love life.

Plus size women work hard to feel confident about their bodies, especially since it's rare to find positive depictions of plus size people in the media. Here are some examples of offensive questions:

  • Why do people choose to date plus size individuals when they could date someone slimmer?
  • Is your boyfriend just dating you because he thinks you're insecure?
  • Don't you think you'd find more people to date if you lost a little weight?
  • Do you feel like your partner is out of your league?
  • Shouldn't you be working harder to look good?

The first question doesn't really need to be asked. People date plus size individuals because they want to, end of story. There's no reason that plus size people should be considered inherently less attractive than slim people, and it's offensive to imply that.

Insecurity is a real struggle for a lot of plus size girls. But why would you ask someone if they think their partner might be preying on their insecurities? Even if you think you're being well-meaning, it stings and isn't helpful.

It's also incredibly rude to tell people to lose weight. Yes, even if they're not interested in losing weight. Yes, even if you're "concerned for their health." And making it about how attractive they are just adds insult to injury.

The same goes for asking about someone's partner. You can't judge the health or stability of a relationship just by the appearances of the people involved.

Plus size girls also take a lot of flak for how they dress, no matter how they dress. There's an insidious notion that they should be "making up" for their bodies by spending a lot of time on their hair, applying heavy makeup, and obsessing over their outfits every day. But plus size people don't owe you anything, especially not attractiveness.

How does plus size modeling differ from mainstream modeling?

Plus size modeling tends to be subject to similar rigorous standards as mainstream modeling. A high-fashion plus size model will usually be at least 5'9 or taller, which is the same as mainstream models. Casual wear models can be anywhere from 5'6 to 5'9, though.

Similarly to the mainstream, models are more likely to be employed if they're visibly fit. (Yes, you can be plus size and athletic!) Toning your body makes you more likely to get hired.

The industry is hard to break into, and it can be harder for plus size models to find work because not as many companies prioritize plus size campaigns.

Ultimately, though, plus size modeling is actually very similar to the mainstream as far as industry standards go. Models create portfolios, hire agents, and are hired for fashion shows and photoshoots.

What are common plus size fashion trends?

Different clothes look good on different body types. For that reason, plus size fashion trends tend to differ from the mainstream, though the two often have parallel elements. Some of the best places to see upcoming trends are on size-inclusive Fashion Week runways.

Rib-hugging summer dresses are popular, as these accentuate your curves without clinging. High-waisted jeans and shorts have also become popular recently, keeping with a resurgence in mainstream high-waisted fashion.

In the past, plus size fashion was geared toward covering as much skin as possible. But these days, it's popular to show a little tummy with a crop top or halter top. There are also sports bras and jogging gear made specifically for plus size athletes.

What companies carry plus size fashion in the US?

Most large chains and department stores have some plus size selection, but it's not always good. Some stores have much more diverse inventory than others. There are also clothing stores that exclusively sell plus size fashion. These brands tend to have larger sizes that mainstream department stores struggle to stock.

Old Navy is a popular choice for people looking for cheap clothing. Much of the clothing doesn't have a designer price tag, but there's enough variance in fashion that you can try out a ton of different styles.

Torrid is one of the largest plus size clothing companies in the US. The store carries everyday wear that's very comfortable and catered to a variety of styles. It also tends to keep with the latest fashion trends and highlight the best parts of your body.

Violeta by Mango is the most popular plus size clothing brand for clothes that adhere almost scientifically to current fashion trends. Similarly, Eloquii is a brand that carries designs that are modeled and emulated by the most popular plus size fashion bloggers.

Anthropologie is a clothing brand that offers unique and super feminine pieces that let people get in touch with their individual beauty. It's all about finding your personal style by seeing which of the pushing-the-envelope styles most speaks to you.

Nordstrom is a little more expensive, but it still doesn't hit designer prices. The company is most popular for selling diversely styled plus size clothing of pretty much every kind. It's a place to go for jeans, swimsuits, robes, suits, dresses, pants - anything you might need for any occasion.

What qualifies as "plus size" in the fashion industry?

In the past, the fashion industry deemed "plus size" to be anyone who wore anything larger than a size 6. But the average American woman is a size 14. There's been a fair amount of criticism regarding this standard.

These days, the majority of plus size models are a size 14 or larger. But there's still a marked lack of very heavy models in the industry, and there also tends to be a lack of body diversity as well. Most plus size models fit an idealized view of the plus size figure, and not every plus size woman will relate.

Who are some popular plus size fashion designers?

Hannah Couture is a designer who creates formal wear and bridal wear for women of all sizes. The brand creates gorgeous formal gowns that help women to feel beautiful in their bodies.

Zelie for She is a brand that creates clothes with travel-inspired, bohemian looks. These trendy fashion pieces tend to be comfortable to move in. They also tend toward the whimsical and flowy rather than being hard-edged and professional.

Kay Dupree is a plus size designer herself. She focuses on creating clothing for plus size women. Her main philosophy is that the fashion world needs to be opened to all women, even the ones it has rejected and erased.

Ashley Neil Tipton is a designer who got her start as the first plus size designer to win Project Runway. Since then, she's launched multiple lines and continues to create innovative clothing for every new fashion season.

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