July 7, 2019

OurTime Reviews

OurTime are robust and simple to use. Matchmaking searches and instant chats await you, along with dozens of other features that make it fun to find someone you connect with on an emotional and physical level.

OurTime Features

  • Sign-up takes mere minutes or longer if you want to give members a greater idea of who you are.
  • You'll detail your lifestyle, hobbies, basic physical information, and goals in life for potential mates.
  • You'll get a daily list of matches who meet your criteria for a mate.
  • You can upload videos to your profile to give people a better idea of who and how you are in real life.
  • Real-time chat is simple and fun.

Perhaps the most unique feature of OurTime is the expert relationship advice that the site maintains for people who want to learn more about relationships and potential marriages that might result in the search for someone on OurTime. The writing is in-depth and on the money, giving people a deeper look at relationships and how to make the most out of them in life.


The pricing for OurTime is simple. You have three membership options:

One Month




Six Months




The longer memberships net you terrific savings over the course of the year, so if you look at OurTime's format and really love it, then it's worth the money to invest in a longer membership term.

Ease of Use

The 50+ age demographic tends to be less tech savvy than a younger generation that grew up with apps and the Internet, and OurTime creators seem very aware of this fact. They've made sign-up extremely easy, with very little information asked right off the bat, and they've made their pricing model and chatting features with an older, non-tech savvy generation in mind. This accessibility is one of the site's strong points.

OurTime Review - Website

Basic search is a snap. You can search by relationship type, location, and gender, so it's inclusive in terms of searching for members of the same-sex as well, which is a nice touch. Go deeper into the advanced search, and you can get really specific about what you want. Search by sexual orientation, religion, interests, and a ton of other criteria that will help you narrow down your choices only to the people that you're really interested in.

The live event feature on OurTime is incredible, and more dating sites should take advantage of this for their members. The truth is that even if you meet through a dating site, you don't want to be trapped on there with them for all of eternity. Eventually you want to meet and venture out into the real world for some fun. OurTime makes this easy to do with a list of live events going on in your and your match's area, helping you create exciting dates in real life.

Privacy features are easy to activate and use. If you want to block someone, you can. If you want to report someone for unsavory behavior, you have that option as well, and the moderators do a great job of filtering out bogus profiles. Anonymity is a sure thing in the beginning, until you're ready to introduce yourself to someone and get down to business on OurTime.

A "MatchMe" feature allows you to express interest in someone and be placed on their daily matches list so that you can see if they like you as well. It's a more discreet features that lets you reach out to someone without putting yourself on the line too much, and that means a whole lot to folks who are fragile in the beginning of the search.

Pros and Cons


  • You can register, browse, and even flirt with just a free membership, so you're free to see if there are people on the site that might be worth paying to connect with.
  • OurTime is one of the most cost-friendly dating websites on the planet.
  • Simplicity is terrific on OurTime, allowing a dating site to be accessible to even those older folks who know little about the Internet.
  • Instant chat is super easy to use even for non-tech savvy folks.
  • Live Events are a huge deal, giving you the power to take advantage of the site even if you've already found someone.


  • To get the most out of OurTime and really engage with someone, you'll need to pay for a membership.
  • A weekly payment feature is a turn-off for some members.

The Bottom Line

OurTime is a wonderful and wonderfully simple website for people who want to meet the love of their life. You can keep things light or take things seriously, depending on your needs. Many older people are looking to settle down and enjoy the married life, so the site features a lot of great ways to connect on a deep, meaningful level, but they also allow people who like to take things slow an avenue to move at their own pace.

Few dating websites really put you in touch with the real world like OurTime does. People who are 50 and over typically enjoy the real world more than the online world, since the majority of these people grew up without a phone in their hand. It's nice that the site gives you the freedom to leave them and go out there to explore with a new partner you meet. Few dating websites have the confidence to encourage you to actually log off and actually enjoy the real world.

With a very simple platform, flexible payment plans and lower monthly rates than most dating websites, OurTime is the ideal way for someone 50 or over to get back into the dating game and find the love of their life. If you're not looking for the love of your life, that's no big deal. OurTime gives you ways to simply connect and enjoy someone's company. All in all, anyone 50 or over is going to appreciate the simple format and real world charm of OurTime's dating platform.

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