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The old saying goes that "opposites attract" but when it comes to finding long-term love and companionship, then the more you have in common with your partner the more likely you will be to stay together. That is why it's important to find someone you can relate to and who understands you.

By using websites that will help you connect with others with shared backgrounds and values you will be able to start looking for just the right person for you in no time.

Top 10 Native American Dating Websites


Having developed unique tools based on the psychological principles of attraction to help people find that special someone, eharmony is one of the most efficient dating websites around. The site uses detailed personality profiles to ensure that each of its members finds the perfect person for them.

Some features included on eharmony are:

  • Gender ratio 48% male, 52% female.
  • If you have trouble coming up with what to say, eharmony offers pre-written conversation starters that will help you 'break the ice.'
  • Eharmony has a patented 29 Dimensions Personality Assessment with 150 questions about your interests, goals, likes, and dislikes, as well as dealbreakers that are used to match you only the most compatible members.
  • You can filter your recommended matches by age and city.

Eharmony is responsible for 542 marriages a day on average. So, if a serious love connection is what you are looking for, eharmony is the place to go.

#2: Match


While is not designated specifically for Native Americans seeking to make love connections, it is one of the largest and most notable online dating services around and with good reason. Not only does Match have a large variety of diverse clientele.

Some features of include:

  • Filtered searches based on Age, Gender, Interests, Location, Religion, Ethnicity, and Lifestyle.
  • Gender ratio of users 49% male to 51% female.
  • In-depth questionnaire that can be completed in about 30 minutes.
  • Members are guaranteed 7 matches daily based on compatibility profiles.

With over 15 million members worldwide, you will be sure to find someone for you on

Elite Singles

Finding a life partner, spouse, soul mate, whatever you want to call it, is a goal many of us have.

EliteSingles give people the opportunity to find other native american singles that are also successful! 

Paying a few bucks to a site that helps us reach that goal a little faster seems like an option worth considering.

Here's why Elite Singles is worth every penny

  • Free option to join and give it a try.
  • Paying members get unlimited communication options with matches that have been curated to match your personality profile.
  • Full profiles and pictures of those you've matched with, and those who've peeked at your profile, are available to paying members.

While there is a free membership plan, isn't the search for the love of your life worth every dime and your time?

Meet Native Americans

The site is dedicated to serving the community to which it caters and offers a basic membership that is free to sign up and allows you to check out member profiles and send flirts if someone happens to catch your eye.

Features of Meet Native Americans include:

  • You can browse singles by preference (men seeking women, women seeking men, women seeking women, men seeking men) as well as by interests or location.
  • Since it is part of the Online Connections dating network, when you sign up as a member of Meet Native Americans, your profile will automatically be shown on related Native American dating sites or to related users in the Online Connections network at no additional charge.
  • Quick search tool that allows you to search members based on gender, age, and distance from your location.

Meet Native Americans is great for men and women of Native American ancestry who are interested in meeting people who have similar backgrounds in common.

Native American Dating Service

This service is a site that is dedicated to helping its members find connections with like-minded people, whether you are seeking love or friendship.

Available features included:

  • Free registration.
  • Free browsing.
  • Match suggestions.
  • Free customer support.

If your heritage and culture are important to you than Native American Dating Service will help you make a deep and meaningful connection with someone who shares those values.

Find Native Americans

This is the #1 community for Native Americans on the web. When you sign up with Find Native Americans as a new member your will be featured under the 'fresh new profiles' right on the homepage, so you will be easy to find by other users and can start connecting right away.

Enjoy features such as:

  • Free to join.
  • Search by gender and age, as well as region.
  • Browse profiles and send flirts.

Find Native Americans is the perfect site for those looking to find others with a common background and make amazing connections.

Native American Personals

This site is relatively small when it comes to dating sites, but as it services a select group of clients that is to be accepted.

Some features available are:

  • Free standard account.
  • Over 10 thousand users.
  • Send and receive messages and flirts.
  • Search by age and gender.

All of Native American Personals members are of Native American Ancestry. Whether you are a man or a woman you will find exactly who you are looking for.

Native American Passions

This option is passionate about helping you connect with other Native singles. This site is unique as it takes a more social media type approach to how it operates.

Some free features included are:

  • Browse by Tribe.
  • 100% free membership.
  • You can join specialized groups such as Marriage Minded, Looking to Date, and Friends.
  • Free chats and message boards.

Whether you identify as Native American, American Indian, or just American, Native American Passions is the site for you.

Native American Date

With members from many different Native American Tribes including, Apache, Blackfoot, Cherokee, Choctaw, Creek, Mohawk, Navajo, Shawnee, Sioux and more, Native American Date is one of the best Native American dating sites out there.

Native American Date features:

  • Free to join.
  • Search by gender, age, and location.
  • Chat room.
  • Rapid match (like or pass on other members based on photos).

Sign up is easy and will have you connecting with thousands of Native Americans in no time. So, don't be shy, Native American Date a try.

Native Crush

If you are looking to find other First Nation and Native Americans in your area to make connections with than Native Crush is the place to be. This rapidly growing site is getting more and more popular for Native singles every day.

Features of Native Crush include:

  • Free membership.
  • Free dating advice.
  • Browse by age, gender, and location.

If you are looking for someone with shared ties to your culture and heritage, then you are sure to find your next crush on Native Crush.

Native American Dating Frequently Asked Questions


How is dating a Native American woman different from dating a non-Native woman?

The answer to this question is always going to be different depending on the individual woman. Not all Native experiences in the US are the same. And of course, all people have their own unique perspective, thoughts, and feelings.

For more specifics, you'll need more specific background. Did she grow up on a reservation? How connected is she with her culture? How much does she know about and participate in her tribal community? Is she mixed race, and if so, does she identify as Native American alone or as a more complex cultural identity? What backgrounds do her family members come from?

We'll get into some of the specifics with different circumstances, but it's important that you be aware that not all Native women will have the same background.

Native American dating customs are very different from European and white American ones. That's to be expected - the cultures have thousands of years of history independent of Europe. Different tribes have different customs and cultures. Many have fought for cultural preservation.

Some women aren't particularly traditional. But some, particularly those who grew up on reservations or in culturally-connected Native families, prefer to adhere to tradition as a way of continuing that cultural preservation.

This means that you should do some research on your partner's cultural traditions. And ask questions if you're afraid of getting something wrong! Growing and learning about each other is a big part of dating. If you show that you want to be respectful of her culture and share in whatever she's willing to share, that goes a long way.

Heritage is a big thing for many Native Americans. Native history for the past four hundred years has been very painful in a lot of ways. Multiple efforts have been made to stamp out Native American histories, customs, languages, and communities. The cultures that exist today were fought for and still need to be fought for.

Native people often have complex relationships with their heritage. Some have been raised in mainstream white society without access to knowledge about their culture, and learning can be difficult. Some have been raised fully within their Native culture and struggle to decide between adhering strictly to tradition and forging a more independent path.

You shouldn't expect that a Native woman will be bursting to tell you about her culture; her relationship with her heritage may be complex, and being interrogated about it can be anxiety-inducing. Instead, let her take the lead. Be open and receptive and allow her to share whatever parts of her culture and heritage that she wants with you.

Some Native women also tend to have a strong sense of spirituality that's different from the spirituality found in cultural Christianity. There are tribes with spiritual traditions that have been preserved and passed down throughout countless generations. You need to be respectful of this, even if you don't share the exact spiritual beliefs.

Family is extremely important to many Native Americans. Unlike the average white American, Native Americans spend a great deal of time with both immediate and extended family members. It's common for more than two generations to share a home or live within walking distance of each other. Siblings and cousins tend to form lifelong friendships.

This ties back into how community and resilience are such intrinsic parts of today's Native culture. Families rely on each other and take care of each other. They impart wisdom, pass on cultural traditions, and help younger generations learn to face the world.

There's a stereotype that Native women are fragile or volatile emotionally. But many Native cultures consider women to be heads of their households. The history of powerful woman influencers and leaders is complex and varied in a variety of cultures. Native women tend to be resilient and tough.

One difference between Native American culture and white American culture is the importance of dating. Mainstream American media often depicts romantic relationships as the ultimate relationship in someone's life. Many white people find themselves spending significantly less time with family and friends after getting married.

But that isn't the case for Native Americans. Most Native cultures place a strong emphasis on all aspects of social life, including family and friendships. A Native woman won't be obsessed with you or spend all her time with you. She'll continue being an independent individual who spends time with the most important people in her life.

What are some tips for Native Americans looking to date through websites or apps?

Online dating has completely changed the way relationships form over the past two decades. The cultural shifts all over the world have been enormous. For Native Americans looking to date, the internet can come with a variety of benefits and potential drawbacks.

Online communities make it easy for Native people to get in touch with other Native people. This tends to be especially important for individuals who don't live on reservations or have much information about their cultural history. People from different tribes and nations can also exchange information regarding their different traditions.

Some websites and apps are made exclusively for Native Americans. A lot of Native Americans decide to date within their ethnicity due to their cultural connection and the importance of their heritage.

If you're looking to date within a specific tribe, online dating may be too broad. But if you're looking to find Native people from different cultures, it's a great tool.

It's also often helpful to join online communities that aren't related to dating. There are many forums and websites where Native people share their art, history, music, clothing, writing, thoughts, and feelings. These can be incredible places to find common ground.

If you use dating apps to look for people outside of your race as well, you'll be greeted by a larger dating pool. Interracial dating can be anxiety-inducing, though, particularly if you're not sure how much of your culture you want to share with a stranger.

It's best to be as honest and upfront about your expectations as possible when writing your profile. It's also best not to waste time with people who make you uncomfortable, even if they haven't said anything truly terrible. Dating is supposed to be an enjoyable experience!

The last tip is one that should be given to everyone using an online service: Be safe. Don't give people personal details until you meet them. When you first meet, do so in a public place. Keep an eye out for red flags, make sure someone knows where you are, and consider doing a quick background check to make sure your date is who they say they are.

Are there any tribe or nation-specific courting and dating rituals?

Courting practices in Native American cultures tend to be fairly localized. Before the European colonization of the continent, there were hundreds of different tribes that all had their own unique cultures and views on dating, courtship, love, and marriage.

Most historical matches occurred within a person's own tribe. and many Native people continue to date within their tribe today for a variety of reasons. Dancing, dinner, and movies are all common date activities for modern Native people. Some people adhere to more historical cultural traditions.

Many tribes had courtship rituals that involved a person's extended family in the process. Courtships were often public, but they also often allowed for significantly more bonding and intimacy between partners than a typical chaperoned European date.

Some cultures used a courting blanket. With this custom, a man would talk to his mother about falling in love with a woman. The women in his family then would weave a specially designed blanket so the man could give it to the woman as a gift. This showed that she had his family's approval and that he cared for her.

The gifting of the blanket was a public ritual rather than private. The man would present it to the woman in front of his family and other tribe members. He would then wrap her in the blanket and whisper affectionate things to her.

The Cherokee have a cultural tradition called the Crane Dance that is still practiced today. This is a ritual that lasts anywhere from two to three days. During the celebration, the women dress up with brightly colored traditional garb and dance for the men. The traditional dance is done slowly and elegantly, and it gives men a chance to assess the available women.

Meanwhile, Lakota's courtship culture is best known for the "love flute." Rather than women wooing men, men were expected to woo women. To this end, they would play music on the cedar flute. This particular flute was only used for courtship in Lakota culture, and it has a unique and tender sound similar to an echoing bird call.

The love flute is a tradition that has its roots in Lakota legend. A traditional story involves a buffalo hunter who was extremely shy, but who won his love's affection with his music.

What are some Native American marriage and wedding traditions?

In Sioux and Cherokee cultures, it was common for parents to arrange the marriages of their children. Gifts were given to the bride's family in exchange for the marriage. That said, there were instances of romantic marriages between young individuals.

Other Native cultures tended to have love-based matches as the default. Still others made matchmaking into a community effort, such as with the weaving of the blanket to show the intentions of a man and the acceptance of his family.

Today, many Native American weddings are richly populated with cultural traditions and customs. They tend to be very different from American and European weddings. Some Native Americans choose to have weddings more aligned with mainstream Western cultural traditions, but add some small pieces of their culture to acknowledge their heritage.

Some natural wedding rituals include smudging, the wedding vase, and a new take on the blanket ceremony. Smudging is done through lighting sage or other ritual flowers, and is used to spiritually cleanse the couple. The blanket ceremony involves the wrapping of a hand-woven blanket around both members of the new union.

With the wedding vase, couples will fill a Native-designed vase with tea or water. The vase has two handles. Both people sip from one side of the vase, and then they both lift the vase and drink. Getting through this without spilling the water is considered a good relationship omen.

Most Native couples use suits and conventional dresses. However, some may get married wearing their cultural Native American regalia. Red is a fairly common color in many Native cultures for wedding dresses. On the flip side, white is actually avoided by the most traditional brides, because it's considered a mourning color in many cultures.

Most Native cultures have some kind of food exchange during a wedding. Exchanging food symbolizes the commitment the couple is making. Cherokee men give their brides cuts of deer meat, and brides offer fry bread or corn. Though traditional dishes aren't always adhered to today, some couples do adapt them to suit their own relationship dynamics.

What Native American tribes and nations have the highest population in the US?

In the United States, the highest Native population by far is that of the Cherokee people. There are more than 700,000 members of the Cherokee nation, more than double that of the next most populous group.

The Navajo have the second largest population, with around 300,000 people. Third on the list are the Choctaw, followed closely by the Sioux. Both groups have around 150,000 members.

The Chippewa and Apache groups both have just under a hundred thousand members each. After that, the next highest population is found in the Blackfeet, with around eighty-five thousand people.

The Pueblo people have a population of around seventy-five thousand in the US. And the tenth most populous Native American group is the Creek, coming in at around seventy thousand people.

In Conclusion

For Native Americans, culture, tradition, and history are important, so it is nice to know that there are websites like the ones above to help make connections with others who understand what it means to come from such a background. Find someone who understands by giving one of the sites a try!

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