September 15, 2019

The Best Muslim Dating Websites

Top 9: Muslim Dating Sites Review

Values are extremely important when it comes to a serious commitment. If you are interested in building a lasting relationship with someone, it’s vital that you take their religious views and background into serious consideration.

If you can make a strong connection with your better half early, there’s a strong possibility that the bond will be able to stand the test of time.

You have landed at the right spot if you are a Muslim single. There are dozens of online dating websites around today. However, many of them are not suited for Muslim singles.

We will now take a close look at the ten best Muslim dating sites. They are suitable for anyone looking for a special friendship, casual relationship, or serious relationship. They offer many wonderful options that you cannot afford to overlook.

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Otherwise, continue reading to see the best little people dating websites!

#1 Best Muslim Dating Site - eHarmony

An image of eHarmony official logo.

There’s a strong possibility that you have heard of eHarmony. It has gained a tremendous amount of popularity over time. At this time, over 4 million people from around the world visit eHarmony every month.

eHarmony kicked off in 2000. It has a tremendous reputation for screening new members. Their screening system may be tedious to some, but it is extremely effective.

What makes eHarmony ideal for Muslims? The site is designed to help you find your perfect match and it has a huge member base. This will help you avoid wasting precious time with people who don’t meet your dating criteria.

eHarmony requires new members to take a personality test. This will help you find good candidates within seconds.

What is the ratio for men and women on eHarmony? The ratio is 52% women to 48% men. This is a healthy ratio for an online dating website.


  • Members are upfront about their interests and expectations
  • It’s extremely hard for someone to create a fake profile
  • Detailed member profiles
  • You can communicate with Muslims around the globe

#2 Best Muslim Dating Site - Elite Singles

An image of Elite Singles official logo.

Although it takes about 30 minutes to complete registration at Elite Singles, the personality test and surveys ensure that you get the best matches out there.

The site is packed with singles in all areas, in all age ranges, and from all backgrounds who want to find someone like you to share their time with. We like this site because there are so many quality people here and a ton of safety features that keep you safe.

There is even an app that ensures you never miss out on the dating fun when you’re on the go.

It doesn't cost a penny to register with Elite Singles, but a paid membership grants access to live chat, messaging system, and other features unavailable with a free account.

There are a lot of Muslims on EliteSingles that are successful, which makes this a great choice.


  • Very popular dating site
  • 10+ year history
  • Thorough matchmaking process

#3 Best Muslim Dating Site - ArabLounge 

An image of ArabLounge official logo.

This dating site does a wonderful job at encouraging Muslim singles to communicate with people around the world. If you really want to ramp things up, you should consider upgrading to the platinum membership. With platinum status, you can send a message to other members safely.


  • The site is extremely easy to use
  • The activity panel allows you to see if members have viewed your profile
  • You get updates on new members is not as popular as the two sites listed above. However, this does not mean that it cannot help you find a new friend or soul mate.

Women outnumber on This is great news if you are a single Muslim man. You stand a great chance of connecting with a beautiful and ambitious woman.

#4 Muslim Dating Site - Helahel

An image of Helhahel official logo.

Islamic principles are taken very seriously on this dating website. This site was designed to help Muslim singles find a husband or wife. This site caters to Muslim singles that are focusing on starting a family.

The gender ratio for is 54% women to 46% men. It’s imperative to point out that the members on are transparent about their beliefs and intentions.


  • Members can contact each other for free
  • You don’t need to give your credit card information to become a member
  • The site is well-known for helping Muslims find someone who meets their standards is a great site for you if marriage is on your mind. You should consider joining today if you are ready to settle down. You will not be disappointed with your new membership.

#5 Muslim Dating Site - Muslim Marriage Solution 

Muslim Marriage Solution

It can be difficult to find someone who is ready for marriage. Muslim Marriage Solution is the site you should turn to if you are ready to make the big move.

This site is based on organic principles. Inactive member profiles are deleted from the site.


  • It’s free to join
  • Women outnumber men
  • You can protect your photos with a secret password

Muslim Marriage Solution is ideal for single Muslims that are ready to embark upon holy matrimony. You should check the site out if you are ready to become a husband or a wife.

#6 Muslim Dating Website - BestMuslim

An image of Best Muslim Solution official logo.

This site is jam-packed with thousands of profiles. You will not have any trouble finding single Muslims on this website. The gender ratio for this site is 53% women to 47% men.


  • It’s easy to create a profile
  • There’s no cost to join
  • You will have fun in the chat rooms and forums
  • The site has advanced search features may be the sleeper on this list, but it should not be underrated. It can put you in perfect position to meet intriguing Muslim singles from the comfort of your home.

An image of Muslima official logo.

Getting over a divorce is hard for anyone. The emotional pain can make it difficult for you to move on with your life. However, is here to help.

Founded in 2006, is the perfect virtual platform for Muslims who are ready to get back on the dating scene. The site has over 4 million members. The ratio on is 52% women to 48% men.


  • The site operates on strict Islamic principles
  • Advanced search features
  • Instant messaging

You are making a huge mistake if you allow your divorce to hinder you from moving on with your life. Being lonely is a huge obstacle for anyone interested in being happy. can help you get back into the swing of things.

An image of LoveHabibi official logo.

You may not have heard of this dating site, but that does not mean that it does not pack a heavy punch. This exclusive dating network is ideal for Arab Christians, Muslims, and Arabs. In short, it is great for people from all backgrounds.

If you are searching for true love, you should join this site. Join and upload your photo. You will be on your way to finding that special someone.


  • Members have a detailed profile
  • Members are down to earth

Women outnumber men on The gender ratio is 56% women to 44% men.

Will you meet your perfect match on With over 4 million members, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to meet singles that are ready for love.

An image of SalaamLove official logo.

What makes different from the other sites on this list? Once you join, you are required to answer 100 questions. Your answers to these questions will help the site match you with someone with similar interests.

Do women outnumber men on Yes, the ratio is 55% women to 45% men.


  • Site focuses on Muslim singles
  • Great customer service
  • Simple interface makes it easy for you to navigate the site aims at helping you find that special someone. The in-depth personality questions help the site pick out compatible members. You will be pleased with the outcome.

Best Muslim Dating SIte - Conclusion

Contrary to popular belief, there are online dating sites for single Muslims. The sites listed above are filled with thousands of people who practice the Islamic faith.

There’s no need for you to compromise your faith by visiting nightclubs and bars. These dating sites can help you find true love from the privacy of your home.

Join the sites that interest you. Once you become a member, you will be able to communicate with other Muslim singles with ease. You should get started today.

Muslim Dating Frequently Asked Questions

What is dating like for Muslims in the US?

Muslims in the US and other Western countries have unique views on dating. It's common for western Muslims to be less traditional than those who grow up in eastern countries.

"Halal dating" is a term that many American Muslims use to describe their dating culture. This is a more relaxed form of traditional Muslim dating.

Halal dating involves the freedom and autonomy to choose your own partner, rather than having parents arrange a marriage. It may also include Western dating styles like online dating, casual dating, and group dating.

Western Muslims sometimes don't feel the same pressure to marry that Muslims from eastern countries do. Marriage is an intensely personal decision, though, and a person's feelings on it will vary widely from individual to individual.

Where is Islam most commonly practiced in the world?

There are more than one billion Muslims in the world. Many people in the United States believe that Muslims mostly come from the Middle East, but only about 20 percent of the global Muslim population lives in the Middle East.

South Asia is where the most Muslims come from. One-third of the global Muslim population either lives in South Asia or has South Asian ancestry. There are also many Muslims in North Africa and West Africa.

One of the largest Muslim-majority countries by population is Pakistan. Afghanistan, Bangladesh, and the Maldives all have Islam as their most dominant religion. The non-Muslim-majority country with the highest population of Muslims is India. Though the dominant religion in the country is Hinduism, there are still about 200 million Muslims living there.

Indonesia is the country with the largest Muslim population in the world. 13 percent of global Muslims are from Indonesia.

What are basic hijab requirements for dress?

A hijab is the veil or scarf that many Muslim women wear to cover their hair, head, and chest in public. The purpose of a hijab is to cover women when they are in the presence of men who aren't part of their immediate family.

With that said, some Muslims use "hijab" to refer to any clothing that adheres to Islamic standards of modesty. Islamic clothing is any clothing that is designed to comply with Islamic teachings.

Women will typically cover their hair, chest, arms, and legs. Some women may cover part of their faces with a scarf as well. The traditional teaching is that everything should be covered except for the face and the hands.

There are rules of hijab for men as well. Men are supposed to cover everything from their belly buttons to their knees. In some practices, they may be asked to cover more areas of the body as well. Certain textiles are prohibited from wear, while others are fine to use.

How can I be respectful when first meeting my partner's Muslim parents?

This is a question that you should really ask your partner. Different families have very different standards of dress and behavior depending on how conservatively they practice.

In conservative faiths, Muslims cannot have romantic relationships with or marry non-Muslims. If your partner's parents are conservative, it will probably come up before you meet them. Conservative parents may expect you to convert before they will be comfortable with your relationship.

It's respectful to dress modestly when meeting a partner's parents. Again, though, whether you should conform to full hijabi standards will depend on the person.

Family is very serious for many Muslims. Regardless of how traditional or non-traditional your partner's family is, it's likely that your partner will want to introduce you to their parents early. Parental approval means a lot, and your partner might share more with their family than you'd expect from a white Western household.

Kindness and respect will go a long way no matter what your partner's parents are like. If you're worried that you'll misstep, talk to your partner before you meet their parents. They'll have far more specific advice than you can get from strangers online.

What are some of the most important rules of etiquette regarding relationships and friendships with Muslim people?

There are some specific etiquette rules surrounding Ramadan that are outlined in the next question.

In general, there are a variety of etiquette rules to keep in mind when you have Muslim friends or are visiting a Muslim household for the first time.

One of the biggest is to be respectful of prayer. Muslims pray five times a day facing Mecca. Not only should you allow room for your Muslim friends and partners to pray, but you should also never walk in front of them while they do so.

The exception is if they have a "barrier" in front of them to preserve their connection. You can walk around the barrier, but don't walk between them and the barrier.

You should also be mindful of haram vs halal items. "Haram" things are prohibited for consumption or use by Muslims. "Halal" things are okay to use. Alcohol and pork are considered haram. There are many specific Islamic shops that sell halal meats. Halal foods are often similar to kosher foods.

Gender is also a factor. Men and women don't tend to touch each other. If you're a woman, for example, it's best not to greet the men you meet with kisses or a handshake. Of course, not everyone follows these rules. If someone of a different gender initiates a handshake, it's fine to reciprocate.

What should I know about Ramadan if I'm a non-Muslim?

Ramadan is the month of fasting for Muslims. During Ramadan, Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset. That means that they don't have food or drink. But fasting also encompasses other areas. Muslims refrain from sexual activities, swearing, fighting, lying, and gossiping as well. Some may refrain from taking oral medications.

Some Muslims are exempt from traditional fasting. These include pregnant women, ill people, and travelers.

Ramadan isn't meant to impact the lives of non-Muslims. But if you're dating a Muslim, have Muslim friends, or want to be respectful to Muslim coworkers, you might be curious about how to respectfully conduct yourself.

You're allowed to eat in front of Muslims who are fasting. But you should keep in mind that they won't be able to partake. Don't flaunt your meal, and don't try to pressure them into eating. Be understanding and respectful.

In keeping with that, Muslims can only eat after sunset and before sunrise. If you're planning a dinner date or dinner meetup, make sure that you plan it for after sunset.

Ramadan is also a month during which people reflect and work on their spiritual development. Your partner or friends might spend more time alone during the month. Allow them to have their space, and don't worry - they'll return to their usual social calendar when the month is over!

Sleep schedules also change. Many Muslims stay awake for a great deal of the night and sleep through most of the day. That's just practical when you can't eat between sunrise and sunset. Be understanding if your partner's schedule changes, especially if it takes a few weeks post-Ramadan for them to adjust back to normal.

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