Is Dating A Millionaire More Fun?

Dating is meant to be fun. Whether you go on extravagant dates or for a walk in the park, the most important thing is the person next to you. That said, some people wonder if dating a millionaire is more fun because of all of the advantages and adventures. We'll dive into whether dating a millionaire is more fun or more of a hassle - and if you are interested you can checkout the best millionaire matchmaking sites.

The Adventures

Is Dating A Millionaire More Fun?

It's an exciting thing to have a private jet at your service. Each weekend could hold a plethora of different dates. You could fly to one place for breakfast and be across the country for dinner.

Dating a millionaire is filled with the fun of adventure. If you want to catch a pro football game, take off for the weekend. If you want to hit the luxury ski resort for the weekend, go for it. The options are almost endless when you're dating someone that thinks money is a toy.

The Expectations

Is Dating A Millionaire More Fun?

At first, dating a millionaire is exciting as they shower you with extra gifts. You get flowers every day of the week. Suddenly there are chocolates at your door. The only problem with this is that you begin to expect it. The person you're dating could keep this showering up forever, but it's probably exhausting to them.

You begin to expect to go across the state for a steak dinner every weekend. You think limos and planes are the way you should travel. It's all wonderful, but it becomes second nature. Once the excitement fades away, your expectations get in the way of your dating life.

The Stereotype

Is Dating A Millionaire More Fun?

The world thinks you're a golddigger while you're having fun with your date. Dating a millionaire comes with the price tag of stares. It comes with the gossip that every person is staring at you wondering if you're dating them for the money. You may be madly in love, but the world will think you're in it for the money.

This part isn't so fun. You're expected to fit into this world full of glitz and glamour. You may not be used to all of the insanity surrounding money. You may not care at all. The fun is sucked away when the world expects you to act and be a certain way to date a millionaire. If you don't care what they think, you can still have fun.

Money Doesn't Buy Happiness

Is Dating A Millionaire More Fun?

The truth is that money cannot buy happiness. Chasing wealth is silly. If you aren't happy in your relationship, you aren't having fun in your relationship. It doesn't matter if your date gifts you a new car each month of flies with you to Tahiti every month. You will not have fun unless you enjoy each other's company.

Peace and love cannot be found in power or status. Love can only be found on the inside. You can try to stay with the person if you aren't having any fun. You can try to stay in it for the riches. You'll be left alone bathing in your jewels and staring at the ocean water without anyone's hand to hold.

The Excitement

Is Dating A Millionaire More Fun?

Dating a millionaire often means stepping into an alternate universe. You walk into their home that looks like a museum. You step into their garage filled with luxury vehicles. Their clothing is more expensive than your socks. It's all a bit of a shock. It's fun and different to step out of your normal world.

If you watch "Hallmark" movies, you understand the movie concept of a regular person falling in love with a royal. It's often fun to date a millionaire because you feel like royalty stepping outside of your everyday coffee run into a personal barista. You order in from the luxurious seafood eatery downtown instead of eating cheese pizza in your pajamas.

Finding Friends

Is Dating A Millionaire More Fun?

It's not as fun to date a millionaire if you don't have a nice little social circle, too. Once you're dating them, you have to figure out how to mesh your friends together.

If all of his friends are millionaires, it can be tough to bring together your two worlds. They may want to party on a yacht when your friends prefer a pontoon boat. It's no fun unless you find friends that love to hang out with both of you.

Treating Is Tough

Is Dating A Millionaire More Fun?

You buy them a nice little trinket. They buy you a diamond bracelet. Dating a millionaire is fun when you're getting all of the gifts, but it can be hard to figure out how to treat them. Gifts should really be about thought instead of money, but sometimes you just want to be on their level with gifts.

It won't be any fun if you're spending all of your savings to give them something expensive. The trick to dating and treating a millionaire is to give them the things that truly matter. They have probably been given all of the expensive gifts in the world, but a personal drawing may be new to them.

Final Verdict

Each person has their own definition of what is fun when dating. Some people love extravagant dates while other people love a night of watching television with their date. It's fun to do crazy things like taking a private jet to an island for a night, but these things become second fiddle after a while. The bottom line is that you have to enjoy the person more than their money. Money is exciting, but love is priceless.

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