September 11, 2019

Intergenerational Dating Website Reviews

Top 10: Intergenerational Dating Site Reviews

If you are single and looking for love, does age really matter? We do not think so, and you probably don’t either. Finding the right person is another story.

You might not be into the bar scene, or you have grown frustrated with the available adults in your area. Here is where technology comes into rescue and save the day once again.

Love is no respecter of age. Get online and find that special man or woman who you can spend quality time with and develop a relationship.

With online dating, you can take it as fast or as slow as you want. You are in complete control.

If you don’t know where to start, take a look at the following list of the 10 best intergenerational online dating sites that we have put together for you.

An image of eHarmony official logo.

You really can’t go wrong when putting up a profile on eHarmony. In fact, roughly two percent of the marriages in the U.S. today happen as a result of meeting on this one dating site alone.

You will certainly be in good company, with millions of members from all age groups over 18 being present here.

With eHarmony, you will find members from around the world. It is this diversity that makes the site so helpful in finding that special somebody to set up a date with and possibly form a long term relationship with.

Take a look at three key points about eHarmony that will be helpful to know:

Major Features:

  • Every age group is represented on eHarmony.
  • With more than four million visitors every month, you will find many who are looking specifically for an intergenerational relationship.
  • Thousands of marriages every year take place specifically as a result of eHarmony.

#2: Match

An image of Match official logo.

You will find that Match is an online dating site that is available in more than two dozen countries around the world. Intergenerational dating is definitely possible here.

You will find that this site alone has more singles online than any other in the world.

You will find that the diversity available on Match is what makes the site so popular. With millions of members online at any one time, you will find many possibilities from another age bracket.

Post your profile and then start to watch the matches flood in. 

Take a look at three key points about Match that will be helpful to know:

Major Features:

  • Well over 13 million members visit this site each month.
  • There is almost an even distribution of male and female members at Match.
  • The site offers a free trial for a week, which makes it ideal if you are still trying to figure this online dating thing out.

An image of Elite Singles official logo

As its name implies, this site is geared towards single professionals who know what they want. You will find every type of individual here as a member, but many will be looking specifically for a partner in another age group.

You simply need to specify that in your profile and then go from there.

EliteSingles is free to join. Set up your profile and then start looking for a man or woman you would like to talk to.

It really is as easy as it sounds. You will find that most of the adults on the site are professional individuals who are confident and secure.

Take a look at three key points about EliteSingles that will be helpful to know:

Major Features:

  • More than 55 percent of the users on the site are female.
  • You will find that most of the members are single adults who have earned a college degree.
  • There are roughly two million individuals visiting EliteSingles every month.

An image of Age-meet official logo.

At Age Meet, you are encouraged to do what makes you happy. If you are an older man looking for a younger woman to spend your time with, here is where you will find her. Conversely, younger woman can look for a more mature man to get to know better.

Age Meet is easy to use. Once your profile is posted, you will be able to begin searching through the recommendations sent to you by the site. You can then start to connect with other members who you are interested in pursuing a possible relationship with. Take a look at three key points about Age Meet that will be helpful to know:

Major Features:

  • Well over 13 million members visit this site each month.
  • There is almost an even distribution of male and female members at Match.
  • The site offers a free trial for a week, which makes it ideal if you are still trying to figure this online dating thing out.

An image of Age Match official logo.

Age Match is an online dating site devoted to helping members develop a friendship first. Those will then hopefully blossom into long term relationships embracing the concept of age gap dating. Members come from all over the globe, so the sky is really the limit when joining Age Match.

When you create your profile, you can be as specific as you would like in terms of who you are hoping to meet. You can refine your search by location, age, religion, and a number of other parameters. There is also an online forum where you can solicit and give advice to other members. Take a look at three key points about Age Match that will be helpful to know:

Major Features:

  • You can flirt with other members you are interested in by sending them a wink.
  • The chat system on Age Match is friendly and easy to use.
  • There is an extensive search filter to help you find the very person you have been looking for.

An image of Age Single official logo.

The concept of Age Single is that it does not matter how old or young you are. Love is the important thing. You can find that online. Post your detailed profile here and then search for an age gap relationship that will last. You will be amazed at the number of interesting people you can meet online here.

Take a look at three key points about Age ​​Single that will be helpful to know:

Major Features:

  • You will find a number of professionals with profiles on this site, ranging from CEOs to cheerleaders and everyone in between.
  • There are many success stories shared on the site that you will benefit from reading.
  • This is site is well established, having been launched more than a decade ago.

The cool name of this intergenerational online dating site is just the beginning. You will find that this is a place to meet other singles interested in age gap dating. The great part about this site is that it was created by a couple who is a success story of the concept.

The founders of this site have been married for several decades and there is more than a 15 year age gap between the two. They created this site as a way for other adults interested in age gap dating to have a platform to connect with one another on. Take a look at three key points about May December Secrets that will be helpful to know:

Major Features:

  • This site was created by people who understand how to make intergenerational dating work.
  • Many pieces of advice are contained online at May December Secrets.
  • This is a place that is designed to be an open forum for adults interested in age gap dating.

An image of Ageless Dating official logo.

Firmly believing that you are never too old to start up a relationship, Ageless Dating has been created. You will find that this is a site specifically focused on finding a life partner in another age bracket than your own. The vast majority of members are either older gentlemen or younger women.

You will find that working with Ageless Dating helps you to break through barriers. You no longer have to be shy about looking for someone younger or older than you to date. Take a look at three key points about Ageless Dating that will be helpful to know:

Major Features:

  • Ageless Dating is geared specifically at intergenerational dating.
  • You will be matched with other members in your opposite age bracket who share your interests.
  • Be detailed in your profile so that can find someone you are really interested in.

You can guess by its name exactly where this site is headed. You never too old to meet someone that you love, even if that person is decades younger than you. This is specifically an intergenerational online dating site, so you do not have to worry about sifting through mountains of profiles you are not interested in.

Proving that gay romance still happens at an old age, Buck Up Princess is an online intergenerational dating site aimed specifically at older gay men looking for younger guys. It is set up as a blog, so you can look through various postings and find someone you are interested in. This is a new site that is growing in popularity.


Any of these sites will help you to connect with other adults who are interested in intergenerational dating. You just never know when you are going to meet that special someone who you can envision spending the rest of your life with. Put yourself out there online and see who comes along.

Intergenerational Dating Frequently Asked Questions

What are intergenerational relationships?

Intergenerational relationships can refer to a variety of different relationship types. Some people use the term to describe familial bonds and friendships. But there are also intergenerational relationships that form on a romantic basis as well. Intergenerational dating can come with its own unique set of challenges and triumphs.

Intergenerational relationships are relationships that form between two people of different generations. One non-romantic example would be the relationship that a grandparent has with their grandchild.

It's common for people to talk about intergenerational relationships in the context of family members. There are benefits for all generations involved in familial relationships. For example, younger people get to hear about the wisdom and life experience of their older family members. Older family members can be cared for by the younger as they age.

Intergenerational friendships have similar benefits even when people are not related. Younger friends can be relied on to care for and check in on their older friends, while also benefiting from the life advice and wisdom of an older person.

What is the stigma surrounding romantic intergenerational relationships?

Age gaps in romantic relationships have changed over the years, as have the social attitudes toward them. Different cultures also have different histories and views on age differences between romantic partners. In today's world, it's fairly common to see celebrity marriages with large age gaps.

But even when a relationship forms between two consenting adults, there is often a social stigma if the age gap between them is large.

Some of the stigma comes from assumptions people make regarding the relationship. Other parts of the stigma may be related to people having trouble imagining themselves desiring a similar relationship. Still others have to do with stereotypes, which feed into the assumptions.

For many people, an ideal romantic partner is someone in their own age range. It can be easier to find commonality in interests and experiences with someone of the same age, and it also means that you're in the same developmental phase of adulthood.

These things aren't necessarily required for a healthy romantic relationship, though.

Some researchers believe that the stigma is based around an intolerance for non-traditional relationships.

Of course, the standard for traditional relationships varies widely by culture. Different people have different cultural norms regarding age differences, marriage, life partnerships, and casual relationships.

In the United States, the "nuclear family" has been the most traditionally touted form of relationship since the 1950s. This is a family unit made up of a monogamously married man and woman who raise biological children together. At its most traditional, the man supports the family financially while the woman takes care of household duties.

Most intergenerational relationships are not formed with this goal in mind. They tend to be more flexible and non-traditional, which can be difficult for some people to understand.

Some intergenerational relationships are formed on a casual basis with no intention of marriage. Even when couples do get married, they're less likely to be interested in raising children together than their same-aged counterparts. That's because they tend to be in two different phases of their lives.

Some people look down on intergenerational relationships because they can't imagine wanting a sexual relationship with someone older. Others struggle to conceptualize having common ground. Some people don't take issue with the age gap, but they may have judgments about non-monogamous couples, and many intergenerational partnerships are sexually or romantically open.

Many of the criticisms people have can be applied to same-aged couples as well. It's impossible to have a one-size-fits-all critique of intergenerational relationships, because the way those relationships form and the boundaries within them are so different.

The most important factor in an intergenerational relationship is that both parties are adults and both parties enthusiastically consent. If that criteria is met, and if you're communicating openly with your partner about boundaries and expectations, then no harm is being done. Criticisms of these types of relationships mostly stem from internal bias.

What are some reasons people cite for not wanting to be in a romantic intergenerational relationship?

Intergenerational relationships do take work, and they come with some unique challenges. Some people decide that those challenges outweigh the appeal of a relationship, so they opt not to date intergenerationally.

This isn't the same as holding a biased view of intergenerational relationships. The biggest difference is that many people, while not being interested in such a relationship for themselves, don't have any judgmental feelings toward people who do participate in this kind of relationship.

Some of the most common reasons that people avoid age gaps or generation gaps in their romances include:

  • They aren't generally attracted to people much younger or older than them.
  • They want to progress through different phases of life at the same time as their partner.
  • They want a life partnership that won't be cut short when an older partner passes away.
  • They struggle to find common interests with people much younger or older than them.
  • They struggle to form strong romantic bonds with the cultural differences between generations.
  • They struggle to find common life experiences with people much younger or older than them.
  • They feel a sense of mentorship of younger people or a sense of being a mentee with older people, which makes an intergenerational relationship feel like a power imbalance.
  • They are anxious about the social stigma and don't want to be judged by friends or family regarding their romantic relationship.

Of course, it's also possible that you'll find exceptions to your rules. Maybe you don't find most older people attractive, but there's an older man or woman who's extremely handsome. Maybe you struggle to connect with younger people, until you meet a younger adult who happens to share a lot of your more niche hobbies and interests.

Again, as long as all parties are consenting adults, there's no harm done by partaking in an intergenerational relationship. It's just important to be aware of the potential challenges you might face in doing so.

How many intergenerational romantic relationships involve same-sex couples?

It's difficult to quantify an exact percentage of same-sex intergenerational relationships versus heterosexual ones. First, you'd have to determine exactly what qualifies a relationship as "intergenerational." Then you'd have to gather and analyze data from a large enough sample to draw conclusions about an entire population.

There's no denying that age differences in same-sex relationships have been historically common. Part of this may be because same-sex couples are less concerned with adhering to traditional norms. They may have more flexible ideas regarding monogamy, sexual fluidity, and the structure of a romantic relationship.

It's also possible that part of the commonality is due to a smaller dating pool. LGBT community spaces tend to be smaller and more tight-knit than heterosexual ones, even in parts of the US with a relatively large LGBT population. LGBT individuals may also find more commonality across generations due to the ongoing struggle for their rights.

Because of this, some gay, lesbian, and bisexual people may have an easier time developing romantic feelings for an older or younger party. They may also find less social stigma regarding the relationship in their community, since nontraditional relationships are much more common in LGBT spaces.

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