How To Get Women In Bed

If you're one of those guys that have little or no luck getting a woman in bed(for more than just sleeping that is), then hold on and take a deep breath because we're about to reveal some secrets that will help you get more action in the bedroom.

It takes some skill, style, and a little bit of luck mixed with some careful planning to get a woman in bed, but with a little practice and study, you can become a real lady's man.

The truth is that even with all the planning, luck, and skill in the world, there's no guarantee that you'll end up having a wild night in the sack with any and every woman of your desires. When it comes to getting women in bed and in the mood for loving, you have to look at some proven and time-honored techniques and be realistic.

If you're looking for some good sex, whether it's with someone new or your wife of 20 years, you still have to put in the work. Here are some thoughts, suggestions, tips, and ideas on the best way to get a woman in bed. Keep in mind that there is no single perfect solution for getting a woman to want to hop in the sack with you, and you have to learn what will work best for you.

Develop Self Confidence and Sexual Attraction

If you don't have any self-confidence or pride in yourself, no one else will either, especially women. Develop some confidence in yourself as a man and as a good lover. Once you get confidence in these two areas, you're halfway there to getting more sex.

How To Get Women In Bed

Take a Good Look at Yourself

If you think more highly of yourself than you should, it's a sure-fire way not to get a female in bed. Confidence is one thing, but misplaced arrogance or cockiness is another thing altogether. Evaluate yourself and your look with honesty.

If you're a slob who dresses like a transient, clean up your act and invest in some new clothes and a stylist. Keep in mind that dressing sharp and wearing expensive fragrances alone will not get you laid on the spot. If that were all it took, every man on earth would dress as they should be on the cover of GQ magazine and smell like a bed of roses.

That being said, dressing and looking good will get you some head turns by women, but they're not going to strip off their clothes and go for it in the parking lot just because you look, smell, and dress well. You have to have real confidence in yourself.

You're not going to get a woman in bed if all you think and talk about is yourself. Part of taking a look at yourself involves looking at your personality as well. We all like to believe we are God's gift to women, but being is not the same as thinking.

You need to make a woman see that you're a great catch and a good lover as well. Women aren't stupid, and most aren't very naive. If you're selfish outside of the bedroom, then she'll think your selfish in bed as well, and your chances of getting any lovin will go down the drain. No one likes a self-absorbed, narcissistic person.

Looking and acting your best combined with a winning personality will go a long way to getting you more action in the bedroom. Here's a little more advice on how to increase your chances of getting laid on a more regular basis now that you've got your looks and personality together.

Don't be a Pushover

"I'm a nice guy, but it seems all the women I meet always go out with or fall for jerks." I've seen and heard this time and time again, and I'm sure you've heard, said, or, seen it yourself. So, is it better to be a nice guy or a bad boy?

How To Get Women In Bed

Bad Boy or Mr. Nice Guy?

Being a good guy is great, but women don't want a marshmallow in or out of bed. It's better to be a gentleman and a good guy with a few rough edges than to be a total jerk. Women don't want a pushover or a man that's as feminine as they are, nor do they want Hannibal Lecter.

When you look at romantic movies or read a romance novel, the nice guy usually ends up with the girl after taking some action like saving the world or standing up to the bully. It's when he stops being a wimp and summons his manhood that he gets the girl.

So, if you're too soft, toughen up a little and show a little more testosterone. Be confident, smooth, charming, and make a woman feel safe and secure. It's not about being a bad boy. It's about being a man she can see has strength in and out of bed.

A woman will not get all hot and horny if she has more balls than you do. Being masculine doesn't mean you have to be a gansta with street cred, but it does mean you have to have a spine and make your desires known.

Get In Where You Fit In

In the wild, lions won't hunt a full-grown African elephant because it's out of their league. Part of taking a look at yourself is discovering what you are and are not capable of at the moment. Never underestimate yourself, but don't think too highly of yourself when it comes to getting some kitty. If you're going to hunt the big game, you better have some big guns.

How To Get Women In Bed

Hunt on the Right Hunting Grounds

If you live in a homeless shelter, drive a 1978 Pinto, and earn your living by flying a sign on the corner of a busy intersection, then you shouldn't go looking to get laid by a sexy lawyer who makes six figures a month.

That's not saying that you can't land a rich woman if you're an auto mechanic, but the odds are not in your favor. Women want a man that has something to offer, and it's not just about money. If you have a high-paying career, that shows a woman that you have skill and commitment.

Many women put up with losers, but for the most part, a real woman who is worth anything in the sack will be attracted to a man who has proven himself by being able to provide for her as well as himself, whether she needs it or not.

If you work as a waiter, don't go to the hospital looking to bed a neurosurgeon. Hunt in the hunting grounds that offer the game you can tackle. If you want some high-class sex, then get into the higher class. Otherwise, you'll have to lie, scheme, and cheat to get laid.

Make her Laugh and Feel Special

Making a woman laugh and feel good about herself and sexy to boot is a sure-fire way to get her in bed, which is true for a new meeting or a marriage of 20 years. One way to never get any cookie is to tell a woman she's fat, dumb, or boring, or never make her crack a smile or laugh.

How To Get Women In Bed

Devlop a Sense of Humor

Humor is a sign of intelligence and is considered sexy by many women. Humor is one of the most sought after traits women look for when seeking a mate. A study of women with partners who had a great sense of humor showed that they enjoyed more frequent and stronger orgasms with their funny partners.

In addition, women also said that their funny mates were more intelligent, creative, and had excellent leadership skills. Outstanding leadership transcends the workplace and home and leads straight into the bedroom.

The study also showed that women also initiated sex with men who had a great sense of humor and had sex more often. If you don't have a sense of humor, get one. Learn to be funny and make her laugh. A man that's funny shows he doesn't take things too seriously and has no hang-ups.

The bottom line is that if you want to have more and better sex and want to get women to want to go to bed with you, you can't be serious all the time, and you have to laugh and have fun. Remember, what a woman sees on the outside is what she thinks she'll get in bed.

Compassion and Selflessness

No one likes a selfish person. If it's all about you, then it will never be about her. If you're selfish outside the bedroom, then she's going to think it's going to be all about you in the bedroom, and that doesn't promise much fun for her. If you want to get a woman in the mood for love, cultivate an attitude of compassion and selflessness.

Don't Be Someone You're Not

Don't say you can make love for hours when you're really a two-pump chump. Exaggerating and lying not only goes for boasting about what you can do in the sack but about who and what you are as well.

How To Get Women In Bed

Don't Lie or Exxagerate

Saying you're something you're not is not only not cool, but it's also weak. You may be able to fool a woman a few times, but sooner or later, she's going to find out that you work as a caregiver and are not the doctor you said you were or that you never finished high-school when you said you had a Master's Degree.

Few things will ruin your chances of getting laid faster than getting caught in a lie. Lying or exaggerating may get you some sex a few times. Still, after a while, you'll develop a reputation of being a liar and a welcher, and soon you find your choices of kitty cat will be limited to the ones in the animal shelter.

A real man is true to himself and honest, and real women want to have sex with a real man, not a fake. If you have to lie to make yourself look better or make yourself more sexually desirable, then she's not going to think the sex will be worth it in the first place.

Get Rich or Famous or Rich and Famous

There's a lot of talk and information about having sex and having money. Most men believe that if you're rich and famous, you can have your pick of women. The truth is that having money does make getting laid easier, but it's not all you think it is.

How To Get Women In Bed

If you think about it, getting sex just because you have money says very little about you as a man. Think of it this way, a woman that only wants to have sex with you because you have money really doesn't want to have sex with you. Take away the money, and the sex goes with it.

Avoid Being Young, Dumb, and Broke

Needless to say that it does pay in the sex department to have money. A study by the Barcelona Public Health Agency showed that people with higher incomes, good educations, and better jobs are happier in the sack.

Another study showed that people with lower economic status are less satisfied with their sex lives, especially women. Do you need money to have great sex? Absolutely not.

The truth about money and sex is that money can help you look your best and show your best, and it's great for confidence, especially if you earned your money with hard work, dedication, and perseverance. These qualities are not only great for being successful but being more attractive as well.

If you're going to use your money to get a woman in bed, you may as well pay for it. But, if you use your money to better yourself, boost your confidence, help others, and make a woman feel beautiful, sexy, and desirable, you will have no problem getting some lovin.

Final Verdict

Here's the bottom line with money and getting a woman in bed. People with money don't have many of the worries that people without money have, and as a result, they can be more relaxed, fun-loving, and free-spirited, which can make them more sexually attractive.

The truth is that there is no single secret to getting a woman in bed. Chemistry, confidence, sex appeal, charisma, and maybe even a little luck all play a role in the arena of mating between a man and a woman.

Some men will have to put in more work than others to get a woman in bed, but by following some of the tips, suggestions, and ideas above, you can increase your chances of getting some good lovin more often.

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