How To Date A Scorpio Man

If your man's birthday is between October 23 and November 21, this article is for you. A Scorpio man is nothing to be reckoned with, but the pros outweigh the cons. If you are a Taurus or a Cancer, chances are you have found your mate, and your loving nature will a perfect match for his needs. 

In a nutshell, a Scorpio male is intelligent yet stubborn, jealous and loyal, enjoys being a leader and being right, and does not appreciate people who lie or try to pull the wool over his eyes.

The thirteen points listed below will help your relationship run more smoothly with this emotional and passionate man.

#1. Be Upfront and Honest Always

How To Date A Scorpio Man

There is an intuitive side of a Scorpio that will pick up on even the most minute detail when you are trying to hide something. They can read body language, hang on every word that you say, and are excellent at putting two and two together.

If you are trying to hide something, they will pick up on it by either something that you are giving away and may not even see yourself, or they will use their powers of intuition. It is best to be upfront and honest always. Even if the outcome isn't what you want, and you are trying not to rock the boat, Scorpio males do not like dishonesty, and they want to maintain a high level of trust with you.

#2. Be Generous with Affection

A Scorpio man is one of the most passionate of all of the signs. They crave physical affection, and it is their most robust love language. Do not hold back on holding hands in public or any other public displays of affection. When you say goodbye when you leave for work, make sure you take time to give them a long hug and a passionate kiss goodbye.

These guys do not like just a peck on the cheek. They love to snuggle close both in bed and on the couch and get irritated quickly if you pull away or don't respond to them physically.

#3. Be Prepared for an Adventurous Love Life

How To Date A Scorpio Man

If you love great sex, Scorpios are who you want. Astrologically speaking, they rule over the genitals. Sex will often be and will be passionate. The more you can have sex with a Scorpio, the happier that they will be. They are not usually the slow, sweet love makers either.

These guys enjoy the adventurous kind of sex and the types of sex that push the boundaries. They enjoy role-playing, bondage, and lingerie. There is nothing that turns a Scorpio man on more than an assertive woman and asks them to go upstairs, so they don't feel as though they need to initiate all of the time.

#4. Don't Try to Make Him Jealous

The worse thing that you can do to a Scorpio male is trying to make him jealous. His personality and emotional structure are embedded to feel a tinge of jealousy when a male is in the room. They are extremely committed, loyal, and protective of the relationship.

The moment you start talking to another guy on social media, or they start commenting on your posts, is the moment your guy will start raising questions in his head. Do not flirt with other guys. If you want to be in a relationship with a Scorpio male, be committed and faithful and always make them feel like they come first.

#5. Don't Try to Argue or Pick a Fight with Them

How To Date A Scorpio Man

Scorpio males thrive on being right. They like being leaders and want the facts. They are also incredibly stubborn. If you try to pick a fight, chances are, they will fight back harder.

They do not like being put down, and they do not like arguments. It is okay to state your opinion, but if you try expressing your opinion, they will be the first to pick this out and correct it. With Scorpios, it is easier to go with the flow.

#6. Don't Criticize Him

Scorpio males have a sensitive ego. Please do not put them down or criticize them because the dark shadows of their nature will instantly turn them into depressive emotions. They have the need to be loved and nurtured, and because they give so much into a relationship, if they feel for a moment that they are not good enough, it will wreck them emotionally.

Dating a Scorpio male means being supportive and being considerate. Please don't be cross or rude with him because they will take it as a personal insult. If there is a challenge you are trying to work through, be honest, have some solutions ready. Make the solution one that the two of you can work on together, and don't put all the blame on him. Whenever possible, try to encourage and support them instead and make them feel as though they are right.

#7. Give Him Special Attention

How To Date A Scorpio Man

You may have a great social life, love your kids, and love your family. However, make sure that you give your Scorpio male special attention that isn't distracted by anything else. Ensure that he is included in conversations if he is in the room, and don't ever forget to introduce him to a crowd of people you know. Giving him accolades in a public setting will also make him feel special. If he is talking to you, actively listen and don't try to multitask. They want to feel essential and vital to you.

#8. Give Some Respect

Scorpio males tend to be a little more traditional in thinking that the males are the rulers of the relationship and the family. Make them feel respected in these parts of their lives. If they feel as though they have to compete with the family's power, they aren't going to like it very much.

They tend to be more authoritarian with their parenting style and do not like it when you undermine their decisions. They want to take the lead in the relationship and as the head of the household. The greatest thing that you can do while dating a Scorpio is to give him respect.

#9. Watch What You Do

How To Date A Scorpio Man

Don't be scared by this statement. A Scorpio male will pick up on any nuance that you have. They pay attention to everything. If you wear a new piece of jewelry, they will ask where you got it. If you have money or don't have money, they will know. He will have respect for your personal life as long as you aren't trying to make efforts to hide anything from him. They have an excellent ability to analyze, and if something isn't adding up, they will rack their brain trying to come up with logical solutions and scenarios.

#10. Be Patient

Scorpios are emotional beings. The best thing you can do is be patient with a Scorpio and know that their vibrant bursts are just a phase and eventually end. Outside factors, like weather extremes, stress, and lack of sleep or food, will play a role in their temperament.

If they are cranky, chances are they are not mad at you, so don't take it personally. Just be patient with them, listen to them, let them vent, and help them stay in the solution (or give them a big loving hug until they calm down a little). If you add impatience to the mix or get irritated with them, it is like throwing gasoline on a fire.

#11. Don't Try to Change Them

How To Date A Scorpio Man

Scorpios know who they are, and they like who they are. One thing you do not want to do is try to change them. They like stability, and they do not like taking risks. They want to feel secure in their lives, and the one thing that they know they can depend on is themselves.

There is no molding a Scorpio into what you want them to be. They will always fold their clothes the same way, and they will still want their dinner made with the same ingredients. There is no use in trying to change a Scorpio. The best thing that you can do is to love them for exactly who they are.

#12. Allow Him Space to Do Hobbies

Although relationships are one of the most critical things in a Scorpio's life, they are also creative beings. They probably enjoy doing something with their hands and will want time to do so. They aren't interested in mundane tasks like taking out the garbage.

They want to put their creative side to use. Do not be surprised if they are interested in puzzles or games that depend on logic. They want to exercise their brain as much as possible, and in doing so, they want to feel that gratification. Allow your Scorpio man time for himself to do hobbies when he feels the urge to do it, and they will end up creating something spectacular.

#13. Trust Him

Scorpios are one of the most committed in all of the signs. They will not falter in their love for you, which is why you still feel drawn towards a Scorpio ex long after you part ways. No sign will show their love for you more. The worst thing you can do is not trust a Scorpio.

When they say something, those are the facts. They don't see any grey area. They may have friends of the opposite sex, but they will never mean anything more than that to him. Of all the signs, they are most certainly the most trusted with their word.

Final Verdict

Scorpio males may seem difficult to live with if you are an outspoken, opinionated, and aggressive woman. They thrive in an environment where they feel loved and nurtured and where there are honesty and affection. Picking a fight with a Scorpio never ends well. They will always present the facts along with details that you never even saw coming. The best thing to do is love your Scorpio man well and respect him for the brilliant leader he is. You will never find a more trusting and committed partner who will do everything he can to make you feel like you are on top of the world.

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