August 24, 2019

His Secret Obsession Review

Relationships can be difficult—this much we know. Intimacy can bring with it a host of problems, with many people wondering if it's even possible to truly understand somebody else. This leads to many women turning to self help books and other types of programs in order to help them understand the psychology of potential mates. After all, it can be tricky for women to know what a man wants!

Even if a woman is already in a relationship with a man, keeping the relationship alive can still be confusing. Though we all want to keep our flames going, sometimes a relationship needs a jump start to maintain consistent energy. 

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Whether you're a woman trying to start a relationship or a woman trying to reignite hers, where do you even begin? And how do you know just which techniques will actually work?

This is where His Secret Obsession by James Bauer comes in. As a book designed to help women understand the art of falling in love, it focuses on using linguistics and action as key components to any relationship's success.

Does His Secret Obsession do a good job, though? In this review, we'll be taking a closer look at this book to see if it truly gets the job done.

Hero Instinct

At the center of His Secret Obsession is something called "Hero Instinct". Hero Instinct refers to the inner urge that men have to activate emotions such as lust, thirst and hunger. This state of mind is the driving force behind many of the methods in this book, as James Bauer believes that by triggering a man's Hero Instinct you can seduce him.

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Though Hero Instinct mainly serves a sexual purpose, the feeling itself goes way beyond that. By getting to the roots of a man's desire, women can also entice the man to engage in romance. Contrary to what many self help books might say, seduction isn't just about sex. It's about touching someone's heart in a way that is both grounded and romantic. His Secret Obsession understands this concept well, applying it throughout the book's passages and techniques.

The Bad Tone

One of the glaringly negative aspects of this book is the tone. Though seducing men requires some knowledge of what men want, the goal is not to manipulate them into doing what you want. Consent is the cornerstone of any relationship and any techniques to relate to a man better are not meant to replace that. It is important to mention this at the beginning of our review as many of those reading the book might get the wrong idea based on the tone.

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Though the tone of the book is slightly misleading, that does not mean that you can't gain some helpful perspectives from His Secret Obsession. To get the most out of the book, it is important that you don't take it literally and are wary of actual manipulation. One of the most important thing about Hero Instinct is that the man trusts how he feels and he cannot do that properly if no consent is involved.

The Methods

At the center of His Secret Obsession are the different methods for seducing a man. They all focus on different aspects of a relationship, whether it be actually choosing a prospective partner ("Relationship Material") or trying to get back an ex after the relationship has ended ("The Ex-Back Signal").

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Because there is such a large variety of methods within the book, there's a good chance that you'll find something to go with your specific situation. Throughout our time with the book, we didn't notice any methods that were particularly ineffective, as all of them helped us greatly in our respective dating pools.

However, some of the methods are not as straightforward as others. For example, the aforementioned "Ex-Back Signal" is more vague, only giving you a series of 4 phrases to use to get your ex back. This doesn't mean it's not successful, but it requires the reader to put their own spin on the technique and fill the gaps in the conversation. In other words, this method is more of a conversation starter and less of a sure-fire way to get your ex's attention.

Does It Work?

To put it simply, yes. However, like we mentioned earlier, it's important to use the methods in this book as starting points only. If you take them literally and try to use certain phrases to control the way a man is thinking, you risk employing manipulation techniques, something that is negative for a relationship.

Like with any relationship advice book, effectively using His Secret Obsession will require you to insert your own intuition into the situation. Don't take the book literally—if you want to relate to men better, use the methods as suggestions.

Pros and Cons


  • Effective conversation starters.
  • In-depth understanding of masculinity.
  • Wide variety of methods to choose from.


  • Potentially manipulative advice.

In Conclusion

Human intimacy is one of the few subjects that might always feel like a mystery. This is why it's important to keep yourself educated by learning as much as you can about the human experience, allowing yourself to stay open-minded in the hopes that one day you'll meet someone to fall in love with.

At the end of the day, His Secret Obsession is a great resource to use to understand men better, but it will not solve all of your problems. Humans are incredibly complex creatures that each have their own preferences and personalities, making it almost impossible to sum up every human in a book. Though you might want to believe that there is one tried-and-true method for seducing men, it doesn't exist. Men are complicated beings and will have their own preferences, so it is important to be sensitive to that.

However, this does not mean that you should give up hope. His Secret Obsession is an incredibly effective book at understanding men, but it is important to keep that precaution in mind.

His Secret Obsession is one of the most nuanced and effective relationship-related books currently on the market. It allows anyone interested to understand how men work, leading them to enter fulfilling, long-lasting relationships. If you're looking for a book to help you understand men better, this is a wonderful option. If you decide to use the book, it's important for you to remember that it is not meant to be a guide to manipulation and that you should not take some of the methods literally. In the event that you are not satisfied with His Secret Obsession, you can also get your money back with the 60-Days Money Back Guarantee! So, what are you waiting for?

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