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For many people out there, gaming isn't just a hobby—it's a way of life. This is why it's so important to find a significant other who is also a gamer, as that increases your chances of getting along.

However, between gamer-oriented dating sites and general dating sites that don't have large gamer communities, it can feel difficult to know just where to start in finding a significant other who is also enthusiastic about gaming.

To help you find the perfect site for your given interests, we've created a list of the Top 10 Best Gamer Dating Sites:

Top 10 Gamer Dating Sites


You wouldn't typically think of eHarmony for dating other gamers. But they are such a large dating platform, so they have a huge amount of people into gaming looking to date other gamers.

Out of all of the generalize dating sites out there, eHarmony is the one to bring you the largest amount of success. This is likely due to the incredibly efficient success rate. After all, according to the company, someone finds love on their site "every 14 minutes". eHarmony also sports a unique approach to customizing your profile, including the additional criteria of personality questions to make sure that you're matched with someone who you share more than just mutual interests with.

It also helps you match people based on your location, allowing you to avoid the online dating trope of meeting somebody you desperately love, but who lives thousands of miles away.

Major Features

  • Plenty of singles into gaming.
  • Unique customization process.
  • Quick success rate.
  • Location-based matching.

#2: Match


As one of the largest mainstream dating websites currently out there, Match has shown over the years that it is more than capable of being a great place to meet gamers. The truth is, many gamers who are interested in online dating might not even know there are gamer-focused sites, leading them to sign up for more mainstream services.

This is where Match comes in, as it has enough mainstream ads and a strong enough community (with over 8.5 million paid users) to foster the right environment for gamers to meet each other. Using Match also gives users the possibility to meet those who are interested in games but also have other interests, allowing you to expand your dating pool.

The fact that the service is mainly paid also means that those you meet will surely be interested in the same things as you.

Major Features

  • Large, dedicated community.
  • Very gamer friendly.
  • Mobile app included.
Elite ​Singles​

The dating culture today seems to be focused on hookups and casual interactions, but EliteSingles is a dating site that helps build long-lasting relationships. And they have plenty of people that are into gaming, but still successful!

You can't beat a match that is into gaming and also successful!

There are millions of people to connect with on EliteSingles, including professional singles, Asian singles, Jewish singles, and Christian singles. Whatever you are looking for, it is likely that EliteSingles has it.

87% of EliteSingles’ members have at least a bachelor’s degree, and the majority of their singles are between the ages of 30 and 55.

When you’re ready for something serious, EliteSingles is ready to help find your forever partner.

Major Features

  • Encrypted website and app to protect your identity and information.
  • A comprehensive questionnaire helps to find the perfect singles for you.
  • 3 to 7 new matches are sent to you daily.
  • Unlimited communication with matches is available for premium members.
Girl Gamer Dating

It's refreshing to see a website that prioritizes girl gamers as the target audience. With Girl Gamer Dating, both women and men can sign up to meet like-minded individuals for long-lasting relationships. The only downside of this website is that it is mainly geared towards heterosexual relationships, prioritizing girls meeting guys in its mission statement.

However, if you're a woman or man looking for a heterosexual relationship with another gamer, you can't do much better than Girl Gamer Dating. Its community also goes beyond gaming, allowing you to find a significant other based on a variety of other geek-oriented interests such as anime, sci-fi and cosplay!

Major Features

  • Best gamer-oriented website for heterosexuals.
  • Large community with a variety of different interests.
  • Focused on long-lasting relationships.
Gamer Dating

Have you ever started to use an online dating site, but quickly became disinterested due to an interface that forces you to do all of the searching? Gamer Dating seeks to change this, having the website itself match your profile to others who are interested. This means that you can spend less of your time looking for people who you're interested in and more time speaking with people you've already matched with!

There are also options to get free games and rewards with subscriptions, allowing you to combine your gamer interests directly to your dating world. Another important distinction with this site is that it is incredibly open to the queer community, allowing you to choose from over 15 gender identities when signing up!

Major Features

  • Queer inclusive.
  • Matches you on its own.
  • Subscriptions come with free games and rewards.

When using online dating sites, some people prefer to not always be focused on finding somebody they will spend the rest of their life with. Because gaming can also be a social hobby, it's also cool to meet people who you can simply be friends with.

LFGDating helps bring these two viewpoints together, providing users with a service that is just as fitting for casual matches as it is for serious, life-long matches. If you want to find a service that is more focused on gaming than it is dating, then you should check out LFGDating. It is also based around a mobile app, allowing you to match people while traveling!

Major Features

  • More focused on gaming than dating.
  • Find a variety of different relationships.
  • Mobile app focused.
Goth Passions

Gaming Passions is a dating website that is part of a larger network of dating sites. A positive aspect of this is that you can connect with a variety of other individuals from different communities, but it also means that you will have a lot of different personality traits compartmentalized.

For those who want a detailed profile, Gaming Passions is perfect—it puts you through an extensive customization process during account creation to ensure that your profile is as detailed as you are.

On the bright side, this also means that you're able to understand a lot about each user once you're done registering!

Major Features

  • Part of a dating site network.
  • Detailed profile customization.

Dating4Gamers is one of the unique gamer-focused dating sites that also caters to non-gamers. However, this doesn't mean that you'll be stuck interacting with people who know nothing about videogames. Instead, you can meet other nerds and geeks whose interests will overlap with yours, allowing you to increase the size of your potential dating pool.

The site is also gay-friendly and boasts an international user base, allowing gamers to meet like-minded individuals from all around the world.

Major Features

  • Gay-friendly.
  • International userbase.
  • Allows you to search within multiple geek categories.

If you are somebody who cares more about the community behind a site as opposed to its interface, MaiGamer is a great option for you. Though its website might be basic when compared to other types of gamer dating sites, it has a very strong community that forms its backbone.

Those who are interested in meeting a large amount of truly dedicated individuals will benefit from joining MaiGamer, with users being able to communicate via private messaging just as easily as through forums. Did we mention it's also completely free?

Major Features

  • Completely free.
  • Strong community.

This website is a great way to meet gamers who you can get to know through playing together. Unlike many other sites that keep most of the communication confined within the site itself, VideoGamerDating encourages you to branch out and get to know others through playing games together.

The live chat system is also very convenient and reliable, allowing you to quickly link up with others who have similar interests. Another safety protocol is that you can only play games with other members once you've added them to your "Favorites" list, something that gives you more control over your experience.

Major Features

  • Get to know members through gaming.
  • Control who contacts you through the "Favorites" list.

In Conclusion

Having a significant other who is also a gamer isn't just about sharing a mutual interest. gaming is also an incredibly intimate activity, allowing you to share an indoor space with your partner and become closer to each other. This is why finding the right dating site for your interests is important, as it can help foster stronger relationships further down the line.

We hope that with our list you are able to find the right gamer dating site for you so you can find a significant other who truly understands you!

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