July 7, 2019

Elite Singles Features, Prices & Reviews

The site Elite Singles gets its name from its clientele. Think of this dating site as the top of the proverbial food chain when it comes to meeting an intelligent, successful mate. On this site, over 80% of its membership holds a graduate or post-graduate degree. This means nearly all of the people on Elite Singles have a bachelor's, master's, or a doctoral degree. Sometimes all three!

Because of this reason, and many more, EliteSingles has separated itself from the pack of everyday dating sites and stands out as an exclusive club for smart, driven, successful singles to meet. The site focuses much more on long-term, healthy relationships, not simply dating and “hooking up.”

The site is set up to help single individuals meet their goals of finding true love. Their entire system is designed to be safe, secure, efficient, and most of all, effective. Which is why users fill out a 200-question Personality Test to match them properly to someone with whom they're compatible.

Elite Singles Features

Over 2 million singles use Elite Singles currently, and the overwhelming consensus is that the features are great: Simple, intuitive, clean and straightforward.

The features of the Site:

  • Search: You can search from a wide range of categories with the site, including but not limited to: Desire to have kids/have kids; Distance; Age and Height; Education; Income; Smoking/Drinking; Habits; Ethnicity; Religion, and much more.
  • Daily Verified Matches: With this feature, members will receive personal matches based on their personality results, their preferences, location, and more. The Personality Questionnaire plays a large role here, but as a member, you also get to hone and tighten your searches to meet only the potential matches that fit your criteria.
  • Have You Met: You can easily browse around the site and find singles who catch your eye. However, the algorithms of Elite Singles work constantly to match you with someone who fits your criteria, and so the “Have You Met” feature will recommend singles you may not have seen yet.
  • Wildcard Matches:This is a feature reserved only for premium members of the site. If you have that package, you will receive an extra 20 matches per day, all of whom fit your criteria and have shown to be good potential matches for you.
  • Tracking Features:With the tracking features on this site, you can actually see who's been checking out your profile. This could be invaluable to making introductions that flourish into potential relationships.
  • Privacy and Safety:The site requires ID authentication and manual profile verification, so you won't find fake/spam advertising profiles. There's also a fraud detection system, and an SSL encryption.
  • Privacy and Safety:The site requires ID authentication and manual profile verification, so you won't find fake/spam advertising profiles. There's also a fraud detection system, and an SSL encryption.

Pricing Options

There are three membership levels, and thus three different prices. The longer you sign up, the more money you save.

One Month




Six Months




Ease of Use

One of the biggest selling points about which EliteSingles.com members speak is the ease of use associated with the service. The features and functionality on the site stand as every bit as professional as its membership base. The sign-up process is extremely easy to use, and the interface is clean and intuitive.

Elite Singles Review - SignUp Page

The matching system is considered overall to be one of the best in the game, providing high-quality matches based on much more than just shallow concerns like looks and body type. This site separates itself from the pack and runs out in front of the race in the online dating site pool.

A Simplified Layout

One thing that users seem to love about Elite Singles is its very simple, clean, elegant layout. With a lot of dating sites on the market, what you get is a hodgepodge collage of ads and bright photos that really distract. This site is very sleek, clean and professional, providing you with a clean layout that looks elegant.

Apart from looking clean, it also runs very smoothly and has an intuitive interface whose features are plainly laid out for you. You have a sidebar on the left that holds all the basic options, while the middle of the page displays potential matches. The interface is about as user-friendly as they come.

Easy Sign-Up Process

Bear in mind here that while the sign-up process for Elite Singles is very easy, it is in no way a quick process. This is because you're dealing with a highly professional site that takes seriously the process of matching you to someone with whom you would be an impeccable potential match.

This means that signing up entails having to fill out the Personality Test and to answer questions that help the service match you with the right potential mates. Though after this initial process is complete, the rest is all smooth sailing, and can browse from a whole lot of educated, successful singles.

Elite Singles Does the Work for You

One of the best, and easiest features of this dating website is the way the matches are dealt with for you. You in no way have to constantly fuss over your criteria and search all over the site. You will have highly compatible matches delivered to you on a daily basis.

This means the process of finding someone online is entirely streamlined for your convenience. The homepage even hones in on your location and starts out by giving you matches that are in your immediate vicinity, before you start viewing matches that are father away.

You will also have the benefit of receiving dating tips and tricks. Tips occasionally pop up to assist you in connecting with singles, and the blog is always available if you choose to read stories and tips from other users of the service who have found success.

A Very Solid Support Structure

Another feature that makes EliteSingles.com very easy to use is in their support structure. They have a support team that's available on standby 24/7. Their FAQ section is also quite thorough, and you can always refer to the blog if you need help. Though when you need a live person with whom to speak, their support is always there.

Support is very easy to contact and you will be contacted in return in a very short window. Keep in mind there are millions of users here, but they do have a very solid support system.

Pros and Cons

Every site and service under the sun has its positives and its negatives. There's no getting around it. You could be dealing with the best service online, and still you would be able to find a few cons that you would like to see improved. EliteSingles is no different in this regard. While a solid, highly rated site, with a ton of positives, there's still a flow along with the ebb.


  • Free membership option that allows you to browse quite a lot.
  • Personality test covers all bases and helps you find the right match.
  • Support team available 24/7 by contact form, phone, and email.
  • Interface is very user-friendly and intuitive.
  • On-site blog gives real-life advice and real-time examples of success.
  • Thousands of members end up in happy relationships every month.


  • Need a premium membership for full access.
  • Not a good site for casual dating or hook-ups.
  • A slow initial sign-up process due to the 200 questions.

The Bottom Line

The truth about the online dating genre is that there are thousands upon thousands of sites and services out there, all of which promise to help you find love... or at least to find a fling. Though the vast majority fail because of bulky interfaces, complex features, allowing spam to settle in, etc.

This is where Elite Singles really stands out above the pack and leads from the front. From start to finish, this is a solid site. You have a base of singles who are almost all highly educated and successful. You have a clean, professional interface. The personality test matches you very well with singles. There's just a lot going for it.

In terms of customer support and helping members navigate the site well, the team is there for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and will get back to you in a hurry to help with any issues you may be having. You can also enjoy tips that pop up when you're using the service, helping you to further navigate the service and to hopefully find a successful relationship.

There's even an on-site blog with EliteSingles.com that you can use, where you can pick up real tips from real users who have found success. The blog isn't just some keyword-stuffed clickbait; you're actually getting real advice and real stories from real members of the service.

The site provides for you all the tools you need to find a great partner. They even go so far as to navigate for you by area and distance, and deliver the matches directly to you, so you don't have to manually search. Overall, it's a winning dating site.

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