July 7, 2019

eHarmony Features, Prices & Reviews

eHarmony is a massively popular dating site that has been matching compatible partners since August of 2000. That's a long history of success. Using the scientific and psychological principles of attraction, eHarmony connects people who have similar backgrounds, temperaments, and needs, a formula that is responsible for over 500 new marriages a day in the United States.

Potential members should know that this dating site is very oriented toward serious relationships that culminate in love and marriage. The laws of attraction are used to craft each personality profile that appears on the site, so when you get a match on eHarmony, just know that it's geared to hook you up with someone you might do well with in a true marriage. That's as serious, and as beautiful, as it gets in the online dating world.

eHarmony.com Features

Over 10 million heterosexual users actively use the features on this website. The features are more suited to people seeking long-term relationships, so their user base naturally is going to be a bit smaller than your typical "hook-up" website.

For people looking for solid, long-lasting love in their relationships, there are plenty of features to keep the process engaging and interesting.

Match Features

  • They kick things off with their world famous 29 dimensions personality test and then matches you with people who are compatible with your personality
  • Advanced matching algorithms makes sure that the people you see on the website are compatible with your personality.
  • Location and age filters exist to help you eliminate people who might be compatible but not within your area or age range.
  • Deeper match preferences can weed out folks who might be compatible but might have some lifestyle habits that you wouldn't want to live with.


Three robust monthly memberships exist:

3 MonthS




12 Months




And remember, if you are not completely satisfied with your 3 month membership, eHarmony guarantees that you will get your next 3 months free as a refund.

Ease of Use

Perhaps the most challenging part of using eHarmony is the depth of information that they ask of you in the beginning. The 150 question questionnaire at one point was required, but now you can set it as optional and just go through the basics. The entire process takes about 30 minutes and gives you a solid background with which to find your long-term partner.

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The test is going to take up the bulk of your time in the beginning, and it's a great idea to fill out out thanks to their scientific process of matching folks. You'll answer questions about your temperament, social style, relationship skill set, beliefs, and much more.

These questions are your gateway to truly being matched with someone that is going to be compatibility with you, and we all know how important compatibility can be in sustaining long-term relationships. When you are more compatible with someone, there's a great chance that you'll be able to stay with them over the long haul.

Your live profile is up once you've added a profile picture and answered at least 12 questions. From there, you will see compatibility ratings with potential matches, and it's up to you to filter through these results and decide who you want to contact or respond to. The lower the compatibility rating, the less chance eHarmony feels you'll have of sustaining a long-term relationship with the person.

You can only send and receive messages if you are a paid member, so while you can browse for free, it's unlikely you're going to connect with someone simply by sending out a smile, as they're off limits to you on a deeper level. However, paid members enjoy a truly easy experience in communicating with other paid members, and it's a truly classic online dating style that leaves one with a pleasant feeling.

Overall, this dating site is more for people who are extremely serious about finding a long-term partner, so its format is set up to be more time consuming and in-depth than other dating sites. If it's long-term commitment and/or marriage you're looking for, this long form approach is genuinely intriguing and well worth the time it takes you to answer eHarmony's many questions.

Pros and Cons


  • They offer a deeply personal online dating experience that many other sites do not offer.
  • Profiles are deeply personal and provide prompts for information that will truly let another person get a glimpse into your personality.
  • Profiles are deeply personal and provide prompts for information that will truly let another person get a glimpse into your personality.
  • Guided communication features help you find ways to break the ice with members without having to come up with your introductions entirely on your own.
  • Over 190 countries have an active member, so you can meet people all over the world.
  • It is one of the oldest and most trusted online dating websites.


  • The LGBT community is not on eHarmony, so you must be seeking a member of the opposite sex to use the site.
  • For some folks, it's a little pricey.

The Bottom Line

eHarmony has been helping people create and sustain long-lasting relationships since 2000. That's a long track record of proven performance, and the fact that over 10 million people still use the site shows you just how successful that it has been in matching people. It's one of the very first online dating websites to have success, and it continues to be relevant today thanks to deep, meaningful features that help you find people who truly want to create a loving, caring, lasting relationship.

The 29 dimensions test is actually trademarked, and it continues to be one of those rare instances where science sometimes coincides perfectly with an abstract, invisible concept like love. Thanks to the psychological factors and well thought out backgrounds you create, your chances of having a serious relationship as a result of using this site is through the roof high.

Perhaps the greatest asset of eHarmony is that 150 point questionnaire that lays out the background of your personality before the first contact is even made. Thanks to the enormous amount of information you put out there, someone has a great idea as to whether or not they would be interested in you right off the bat. Considering the 500 marriages a day that eHarmony plays a part in, it's safe to say that this is one of the single best dating websites for anyone seeking long-term relationships or a true blue marriage.

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