Dating Website Options For Single Women

Meeting new people can be challenging for many reasons, and that's why so many women turn to online dating websites as a potential solution to their romance woes.

Choosing the right online dating service can be an intimidating choice. Of course you want the best chance of finding a successful match, and you wouldn't want to waste your time on sites that won't work for you.

Fortunately, comparing the most popular dating websites and their features can help you determine which one may be right for you. These sites are some of the best dating sites for women, and one of them may be the perfect fit for your online dating needs.

Top 10 Dating Sites for Women

#1: Match


The oldest- and arguably the most well-known - online dating service may be Since 1995, Match has specialized in helping singles meet matches through a unique system. Users are given multiple free writing sections, so you can truly express who you are on your profile. And with over 1.7 million members, chances are you'll meet someone who shares similar interests and opinions.

Match's gender ratio is almost even, with 49% men and 51% women.You can also customize your preferences, including factors such as location, gender, marital status, children, religion, profession, and more.

For those worried about possible troubles with other users, you can use Match without worry. Match's system allows you to block or report aggressive users or hide your profile from view.

Additionally, MatchMobile allows you to conveniently use Match on your smartphone.

If you're looking for an easy and efficient way to meet someone special, Match may be just what you're looking for.


Another well-known online dating service is eHarmony, which is ideal for women in search of a long-term or serious relationship. Once you complete the detailed personality assessment and create your profile, eHarmony will begin to show you potential matches.

The site's patented Compatibility Matching System has proven to be ideal for users seeking a genuine relationship.

eHarmony claims to focus on deeper connections rather than basic likes and dislikes, and the service is overall aimed at those looking for a significant relationship. The personality assessment that you complete after signing up is based on dimensions of compatibility, which explains the logic behind eHarmony's matching system.

99.7% of matches that aren't right from you are eliminated through the system, too - which means you won't be wasting your time on bad matches! eHarmony's gender ratio of its 4.1 million users is almost even, with 48% men and 52% women.

If your goal is a serious relationship, you may want to give eHarmony a try.

Elite Singles

Looking for like-minded singles with the same goals and values as you? Elite Singles may be worth a try. If you consider education as a major dating priority, EliteSingles could be a great way for you to find your match.

The site claims that 80 percent of its 2 million members have a university degree, and the majority are over 30 years of age. This may help you to find someone who's ready for a serious relationship. 44 percent of EliteSingles users are men, and 56 percent are women.

Once you join and complete a 200-question personality test, you'll receive 3 to 7 suggested potential matches every day. The process is based on your preferences, education, location, and profile - which means that you'll be shown the best possible matches for you.

The site's system is designed to show you the best matches for your personality. Of course, if you don't like any of your suggested matches, you can browse through other users that weren't shown to you.

EliteSingles is aimed towards those looking for a serious relationship, so it may be an ideal way for you to meet your perfect match.

Silver Singles

Many women over the age of 50 are afraid to use online dating services in fear that they won't be successful. Websites aimed at younger demographics can feel like a waste of time. Fortunately, Silver Singles was created to provide a way to meet other singles over 50 years old.

Once you sign up and complete the website's Personality Test, Silver Singles will begin to send you 3 to 7 possible matches every day. The personality testing is based on your goals, values, and specific criteria - so your matches will be just what you're looking for. 41 percent of Silver Singles users are men, and 59 percent are women.

Silver Singles is also available via a mobile app, so you aren't limited to using the site only on your computer.

If you're a woman over the age of 50 and you're ready to give online dating a chance, consider trying Silver Singles.

Christian Mingle

If you're a Christian woman looking for a partner of faith, you may be intimidated by some dating websites. However, Christian Mingle is made just for you! When you sign up, you'll be asked questions about your church affiliation, occupation, dating preferences, and more.

As a faith-based dating website, Christian Mingle encourages you to express your beliefs in your profile, which is why you'll be allowed space on your page to write freely. 3.5 million people actively use Christian Mingle, so there's plenty of profiles to view. 44 percent of Christian Mingle users are men, and 56 percent are women.

Although many websites include religion as a preference or questionnaire portion, Christian Mingle is completely for those who want to include their Christian faith in their relationships. If that seems like something you're interested in, consider giving Christian Mingle a try.


This is the exact opposite of ChristianMingle, but to each their own! We are all looking for different things.

If you are looking to include some playful fun in your online dating experience, you might enjoy BeNaughty. They specialize in helping users find local hookup dates. The site claims to gain 40,000 new members every week, so there's plenty of potential matches to choose from. Roughly 64% of users are men, and 36% are women.

Once you sign up, you can complete a list of preferences including ethnicity, marital status, sexual orientation, body type, religion, education, and more. If you prefer to use your phone for your online dating experience, you can easily use the BeNaughty app to browse through the site.

If you're looking for a fun and mature online dating experience, BeNaughty may be the perfect site for you to try.

#7: Zoosk


If you'd love to have your online dating profile linked with social media - such as Facebook or Google+ - Zoosk may be right for you. Although Zoosk has only been around since 2007, the site has more members than most dating websites - including Match. 35 million members currently use Zoosk, so there will be plenty of profiles for you to browse through.

But if you're not into browsing, that's okay - Zoosk uses their unique Behavioral Matchmaking system to suggest the best matches for you. When you interact with other users, the system will suggest other profiles for you based on who you're interacting with. The gender ratio is fairly even, with 48% men vs. 52% women as active Zoosk users.

Overall, if you're looking for a simple and easy online dating service, Zoosk may be an ideal choice.

Our Time

Another great service for senior online dating is OurTime, which is likely ideal for any 50+ woman looking for a serious relationship. The site's system is very similar to popular online dating websites, but is limited specifically to those over 50.

Handpicked matches will be suggested to you every day, and you can customize your profile to show who you are. You can easily communicate with matches via email, chat, or text message through the OurTime system.

If you're concerned about wasting time looking at the same profiles over and over, you won't have to worry with OurTime. The site keeps track of the profiles you've already seen, and who you've previously communicated with. No more wasting time talking to the same matches that aren't right for you! 8.9 million seniors currently use OurTime. The gender ratio of the site's members is slightly less than even, with 48% men and 52% women.

If you're a woman over 50 and you want to give online dating a try, OurTime may be worth a chance.

Black People Meet

For many ladies of color, BlackPeopleMeet is a great way to meet other black singles. Since 2002, the site has grown to become widely successful with millions of members. When you sign up, you can create your profile by answering questions and writing personal essays. You can even include suggested message ideas so your potential matches know what you say to you.

If you prefer to use online dating services on the go, you'd probably love the site's app. You can even quickly swipe through profiles with a yes or no for each one! Out of the 5.7 million users, 47 percent are men and 53 percent are women.

Many dating websites include ethnicity as a preference, but BlackPeopleMeet is an easier way for black singles to meet other black singles. If that sounds exactly like what you need, you may want to give this site a chance.

Adult Friend Finder

Another online dating service that's suitable for those looking for a hookup is Adult Friend Finder. The site offers plenty of different features for various purposes, so you'll find whatever sparks your interest.

25.5 million people use Adult Friend Finder, although the gender ratio is slightly uneven. 65% of users are men, and 35% are women.

Once you've signed up and answered a few preference questions, you're ready to start browsing. Adult Friend Finder Mobile makes it easier to chat up other users on the go, so you're not stuck sitting at your computer.

If you're looking for an experience that's a little more advanced than a casual date, Adult Friend Finder may be worth a try.

FAQ On Dating For Women

What does dating someone mean?

Unfortunately, the answer to this question depends on a lot of different factors. There's no one-size-fits-all definition.

As a general rule, when people say "dating," they mean that two people are spending time together in a way that involves romantic interest. But that's about all - and even that isn't set in stone!

In the US, "dating" can refer to relationships including:

  • Casual sexual relationships between friends with no romantic element
  • Hangouts between friends to see whether romantic feelings can develop
  • Time spent together between people with mutually established romantic feelings
  • Relationships undertaken to determine if someone is a compatible marriage partner
  • Exclusive relationships in which the involved parties have made a commitment to each other
  • Serious relationships that may involve living together, getting engaged, or getting married
  • Married couples who still go on dates as a way to enjoy each other's company

See? It's complicated! And every single culture has different histories, social customs, taboos, and traditions regarding dating and relationships.

Basically, if you don't know what dating someone means, your best bet is to ask them. They'll know what they want and what they feel better than the internet will.

What are the "stages" of dating?

Different people will identify different stages of dating based on different factors. They might define them based on relationship progression, seriousness, sexuality, or discussions of commitment. One of the most interesting approaches has been a psychological one that examines how our brains respond to different parts of a relationship's timeline.

Not every relationship will follow this exact progression. But this is what a traditional relationship looks like in many Western countries, including the US.

The four stages are:

  • Initial meeting and attraction
  • Interest, curiosity, infatuation
  • Enlightenment
  • Official commitment

For adults, a dating relationship often starts at the initial meeting. This can be different for people who become friends first and then develop a strong romantic attachment to each other. But for the American style of casual attraction, it all begins when you meet.

For some people, the first meeting happens in a bar or at an event. For many, first meetings happen through the internet. When you look at someone's online profile and decide whether or not to investigate further, that's the equivalent of making eye contact across a room.

Whether online or in real life, the place you meet gives you an opportunity to get to know each other better. Typically, this is when one person or the other will approach to strike up a conversation. If the people get along and want to see each other again, they'll typically set up another meeting. This is often the official first date.

As people move into the second stage, they become more curious about and infatuated with their partner than at any other part of the relationship. A big piece of the second stage is enjoying the idea of the other person, along with the process of getting to know them better. It's a point that's full of fantasies.

The first spark of attraction is often related to the other person's physical appearance and outward body language. During the second stage, the attraction deepens slightly to encompass the person's personality traits, interests, and hobbies.

The emotional bond isn't very deep yet. Most people do their best to appear desirable during this stage, being as polite as possible and putting a lot of effort into looking good on dates. Minor differences tend to be glossed over or skirted around.

Conflict is rare in this stage because of how hard each person is trying to impress the other. Rather than wondering whether the other person is a good partner, they're wondering how to make the person like them.

The "enlightenment" stage happens when the initial hormones and endorphins calm down. It can be anywhere from a few days to a few months. The couple has established mutual trust, so more intimate details and values might be exchanged. This is also the point at which couples start to relax and allow their partner to see their flaws.

Because both parties are getting to know the negatives as well as the positives, this is a critical point at which many relationships fail. If the actual person doesn't live up to their idealized self, their partner may not want to commit.

Couples start noticing differences. They may complain about them, and they might also try to solve the issue. As this stage deepens, the couple continues learning more about each other, and the communication continues to evolve. Eventually, they will need to answer the question of where they want this relationship to go.

Assuming the couple finds that they get through the third stage with their affection intact, they will progress to the fourth stage. By this time, they've been together for a while and shared most of their lives. They should have met each other's friends and family members. They may live together. Open communication is a must.

The couple will discuss their future together. This may involve many aspects of future planning like whether to have kids, when to start a family, where to live, what career to pursue, whether to go back to school, and what lifestyle they want.

It's normal for there to be some differences in desires. If the differences are too large to compromise, the relationship may end here. But many couples do compromise and end up happy with their future plans. They commit to a lifetime together and may or may not become officially engaged.

How often should you spend time with a person you're dating?

With new partners, it can be hard to tell how much time you're supposed to spend together. The lines are also more blurred than they used to be with texting, phone calls, and video chats.

Not to mention that the dating world is rife with conflicting, confusing advice. Some people advocate for playing strange games with the number of texts you send or the way you write your messages. Experts discourage this, as the most emotionally healthy relationships have open communication.

Different things will work for different couples. But one concept that's become popular for new relationships is called the "once-a-week rule."

Unlike a lot of dating advice thrown around by bloggers and pickup artists, this rule was developed by a clinical psychologist. Seth Meyers practices in Los Angeles and advocates for new couples to see each other just once every week. The logic, he says, will help set people up for success and minimize potential heartbreak.

When people spend a great deal of time together after first meeting, they begin to feel like they're more connected and intimate than they actually are. That feeling of, "I've just found my soul mate," or "I feel like I've known you all my life," can be thrilling, but it can also be dangerous.

The problem is that we get attached to people prior to actually knowing them. If what we find out about them turns out to be incompatible with us, we feel like we've lost a life partner. By seeing another person just once every week, we help keep ourselves from investing too much of our brainpower in a relationship we aren't committed to yet.

Meyers also recommends waiting to initiate a sexual relationship - or at least only being intimate once a week, as per the guidelines. Sex causes the body to release chemicals that cause strong feelings of emotional connection. These chemicals impede our judgment.

Sexual relationships aren't inherently bad, even if you've just met. But Meyers says it's important to make sure you both want the same thing. It's very common for one partner to manipulate the other into a physical relationship by pretending to have feelings they don't.

What are some tips for having a good first kiss in a relationship?

Here's the first and biggest rule: a kiss must be consensual.

That means you can't spring it on your partner before they have time to react. Some people think verbally asking kills the mood, but it can actually be very sweet. If you don't want to ask aloud, you can lean in and let your partner close the distance if they want to kiss.

With that out of the way, these are some other tips for first kisses in relationships:

  • Make sure you have fresh breath. Brush your teeth before the date. Chew gum or mints if you have to. Avoid smoking cigarettes, and take care with what you eat both prior to and on the date.
  • Look for a romantic way to set the scene so that the kiss will be memorable.
  • Make sure you smell good. Use deodorant and shower beforehand. You might use a little fresh-scented cologne, but be sparing so it isn't overpowering.
  • Get your hands involved by holding your partner closer, touching their face, cupping their neck, or stroking their hair.
  • Don't use your tongue. Most people don't actually want their first kiss to involve having someone's tongue shoved in their mouth.
  • Read your partner's reactions on when to stop kissing. Most first kisses last a few seconds.
  • Make sure that you and your partner are both enjoying yourselves when you pull back. Then offer a compliment or crack a shy joke.

Some first kisses will end up awkward no matter what. The lips don't end up meshing right, or one mouth is too dry, or the other is too wet, or your teeth knock together. Don't hype yourself up and convince yourself that it needs to be the perfect moment. Just relax and enjoy yourself, and don't be afraid to laugh about it if you need to.

What are some different dating cultures in the US?

The United States is one of the largest countries in the world, both geographically and population-wise. Rather than having one homogeneous culture, there are hundreds if not thousands of different subcultures in different areas. Some come from certain ethnic groups or minority groups, some develop independently, and some are fairly standard across multiple regions.

In the northeast and on the West Coast, it's typical for any person to make the first move. But in the south, particularly eastern southern states, the cultural expectation is that the guy will initiate. The Midwest also typically expects the man to initiate, but there are some exceptions.

In urban areas, casual dating and hookup culture tends to be popular. But in small rural places, values often tend toward the conservative. In the South, cultural Christianity is very prevalent throughout many towns. You're expected to attend church, and you're expected to be looking for a spouse when you date.

LGBTQ dating is also very different depending on the area. In libertarian-leaning states like New Hampshire, rural LGBTQ people face discrimination but don't often face active danger. In the rural south, being openly LGBTQ can mean being physically harmed or denied basic rights. The same is true of some parts of the Midwest.

The West Coast at large tends to be more progressive when it comes to LGBTQ acceptance, but there are still pockets of extremely conservative people. Even within states there are differences. Atlanta has one of the most active LGBTQ cultures in the country, but the surrounding rural Georgia is deeply conservative.

These are some American dating customs and habits that foreigners say they find confusing:

  • Americans are much more direct in communication when texting or writing.
  • Many Americans have "types" that are specific enough to seem baffling.
  • The American fascination with British, French, and Australian accents is also baffling.
  • Americans are both quicker to call people their boyfriend/girlfriend and more terrified of the word than other people.
  • The cultural hype around Valentine's Day from both couples and single people seems absurd.

In Conclusion

Overall, these are some of the best dating websites for women that can be found on the Internet. Giving online dating a chance can seem overwhelming, but these easy-to-use websites can make the process simple and fun.

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