Dating Sites For Widows

Losing your partner in life then trying to get back into the dating game is tough for most people. Your head says it's time to move forward, but your heart feels like you're betraying your soulmate.

The journey from loss to love again is a rollercoaster of emotions. The good news is that you can find love again. You need to overcome grief and be ready first, but you can then move on to finding happiness again.

Dating in this day is overwhelming with all of the technology thrown at you. If you choose the right platform for you, it won't seem so scary. We have a list of the top 15 dating websites to help you navigate through the best dating websites for widows.

#1. eharmony


The secret to eHarmony's success in the dating world is its 32-dimension personality test that it uses to match you with potential mates. The site is dedicated to forming lasting relationships using compatibility tests.

You've already lost the love of your life, so heartbreak is not something you ever want to face again. eHarmony is built so that you can find your mate without going through a dozen random flings.


  • The sites is free to createa profile, take the quiz, and browse potential mates.
  • The in-depth compatibility test makes finding matches easier.
  • The site claims to create a new match every few minutes.

#2. Elite Singles

eHarmony is all about finding a mate with sophistication. Over 80% of those on the site have a college degree and are over 30 years of age. Elite Singles uses a matchmaking system to help match you to potential mates so you aren't going through the site blindly trying to find someone that catches your interest.

With over two million members using the site monthly, you have a large dating pool. You can search for certain types of people as well as use the matching system to help find your matches. If you're a Premium members, you're sent 20 wildcard matches each day. You never know when you'll find someone outside your comfort zone that is a perfect match.


  • An enhanced security system only allows subscribers to view your photos and message you.
  • The dating pool is full of members that are usually 30 years and older.
  • Over 80% of the members are professionals.

#3. The Widow Dating Club

The Widow Dating Club

The Widow Dating Club brings widowed singles together to find love. It's a free network with many members. It encourages you to cherish the memories of your partner with others that understand losing someone they love.

The Widow Dating Club uses SSL encryption technology to help prevent scammers from trying to contact you or take your information. You can speak to other members without fear.


  • Free site with a large pool of widows and widowers.
  • Online Dating Protector software.
  • Members must be widowed in order to join.

#4. One Single Person

One Single Person

One Single Person is a free site that allows you to browse and talk to other members. It advertises itself as a trusted dating site for divorced and widowed people. One Single Person has detailed matching tools so you can find someone that is on the same path as you.

One Single Person boasts it has over 50,000 new people every day. You have a large pool of people just like you looking for love.


  • Free site to browse and chat.
  • Advanced search filters to narrow down your search for love.
  • Detailed matching tools.

#5. is one of the most popular matching sites in the world. It has a detailed matching algorithm to help find someone you truly match with. It's the world's longest dating website, so it promises high hopes.

The Discover section helps you narrow down your search. Match is devoted to single widows and widowers trying to find love just as much as it is devoted to 20-year-olds trying to find their match. They love love. Over 75% of Match users are over the age of 30.


  • Lets you identify yourself as a widow in the About Me section.
  • Advanced search filters help you find love.
  • Oldest dating website is legitimate in helping to find your match.


Widows & Widowers has over fifteen years experience in online dating. The site understands the delicacy and importance of finding someone that relates to your situation. There are matches provided, and you can search for your own match.

There is an easy sign-up process, and it is all protected so your infmrmation won't be stolen. The creator or Widows & Widowers started it a decade after her husband passed away. It's a beacon for singles to find the type of love the lost.


  • Created especially for widows and widowers that understand this path in life.
  • Encrypted to protect your information.
  • One of the oldest dating sites for widows and widowers.

#7. Zoosk


Zoosk is most famous for its matchmaking system. There are over 40 million users on the network. It will help you find people with like-minded interests that understand you. The site helps you find members that interest you with its matching algorithms.

Zoosk creates an enviroment without drama so you can browse and talk to other users without fear. You can send virtual gifts and "flirts" to reach out without anxiety.


  • You can browse for free.
  • Over 40 million users help you find love easily.
  • Virtual gifts make it easy to break the ice.

#8. OurTime


OurTime is a site for people 50 years and older. You can meet age-appropriate matches without filtering out all of the young 20-year-olds. OurTime is great for seniors that have walked through many of the same paths in life.

OurTime has advanced search filters to make it easier to find your matches. There are over 20,000 members added each week. It's your time to find someone that inspires you on the same level.


  • Advanced search features help you find matches easier.
  • People ages 50 years and older.
  • Large pool of members.

#9. OkCupid


OkCupid is perfect for free, open communication. The members are allowed to send unlimited messages and search for compatible lovers. There are over 90 million connections made each year.

OKCupid lets members swipe as well as search for potential matches. The dating profiles are detailed so you can better find someone that fits your needs.The motto of this site is, "Dating Deserves Better."


  • Algorithm helps connect you to potential matches.
  • There are over 4,000 questions you can answer about your preferences in life.
  • Unlimited messages and searches.

#10. Just Widow Dating

Just Widow Dating

Just Widow Dating takes away the stress of trying to explain your situation to others. Everyone on the site has lost a partner so they can connect to your story of grief. This is a free site that allows you to meet matches or just form friendships with others that have lost their love.

Just Widow Dating opens the door to thousands of other people just like you. No one shares the exact same story so you can help others through their grief to find love.


  • Members must be a widower or widow to join.
  • Free to talk to potential matches.
  • Dating platform is designed to help women find people to share their experiences with.

#11. Bumble


Bumble is one of the biggest players in the dating website world. This site is on top because women rule it. They have to make the first move in all aspects of the site. You're free to make matches then respond within two days to make that connection.

Bumble lets widows chill in their level of comfort before reaching out to another member. They're able to date all ages of members. The search is user-friendly, so you can find a potential match. The ball is in your court.


  • Widows are able to make the first move of communication.
  • One of the most popular dating sites to meet matches.
  • All ages of members.

#12. SeniorMatch


SeniorMatch is for users over the age of 45. It's perfect to help the older generation seek a second shot at a relationship. You can create an account for free the browse the thousands of members.

SeniorMatch helps widows realize they aren't alone in this path of life. They're able to connect on another level with members. The browser is easy to use to find matches.


  • Members must be over age 45.
  • You can add a profile to your Hotlist.
  • Forums let you talk freely.

#13. SilverSingles


SilverSingles is for users over 50 years of age. You're welcome to browse for free using search filters. There are over 800,000 users that join each month.

This free site is perfect to send smiles and talk to different members. The exclusively silver singles site uses a matching algorithm to send you seven daily matches.


  • Members must be 50 years or older.
  • Detailed searches help you find matches easier.
  • Algorithms match you to potential mates.

#14. Jolly Romance

Jolly Romance

JollyRomance helps connect all different types of people all around the world. They try to involved members from different countries. You get instant access to thousands of members.

You can even have gifts delivered through Jolly Romance. Registration is free so you can start to browsed for a potentional mate. You even get 20 free credits to test out premium features.


  • Free site to browse potential mates.
  • Chat with thousands of different people.
  • Search function is easy to use.

#15. Christian Mingle

Christian Mingle

Christian Mingle is all about users connecting through faith. If you're a Christian, you can find other Christians on this site. Widows and widowers have an easier way to browse people with their same beliefs.

Everyone on this site understands no one is perfect, but they were all saved by Jesus making them worth it. Christian Mingle can help widows battling uncertainty and fears about dating. It's free to browse other members.


  • Faith-based website helps you connect with people that hold the same religious beliefs.
  • Millions of users help the dating pool of potential matches.

#16. Tinder


Tinder isn't actually all about flings and hook-ups. Tinder is one of the most popular dating sites so we must include it. It's popular and gives swiping all the power.

Tinder boasts it has created over 30 billion matches. This means the dating pool of Tinder is larger. You swipe left or right on potential matches. You are in control of sharing your story.


  • Swipe features helps you connect.
  • Free to message people.
  • All of the power is in you as you choose with whom to connect.


When is it long enough after a spouse passes to date again?

Each person has their own time to grieve and know when they're ready to date again. There is no magic number. It's important to remember that people heal and grieve differently. No one can judge you when you decide it's time to date. Some people spend years grieving before they're able to date again. Some want to feel that connection as quickly as possible.

How do you approach the topic of losing your partner with a new interest?

It's entirely up to you how you want to approach the topic of losing your spouse. It's best to put everything out on the table so there isn't an elephant in the room. You don't have to be as open at first about it, but you also need to explain where you are in life so it's fair to the other person.

Does a potential mate see my lost husband as baggage?

A new love interest has to understand everything about you. They know your status, but they also need to see it in a positive light. They won't see your lost husband as baggage if you paint it in a positive light. Let communication flow freely. Use his name and make him a real person. You don't ever need to avoid talking about the loss. A real mate will understand that this is just part of your life, not baggage.

Am I betraying my spouse by moving on?

You aren't betraying anyone by moving on with your life. This is a new journey. Your loved one would want you to be happy. The new love you find won't be the exact same as the one you had with your spouse. Each relationship is different. You can honor your spouse always and never forget them. Your new love interest will understand you have room in your heart for two loves.

Is it okay that my husband is still in my heart?

One of the hardest things for a widow is that she feels like it is difficult to date because she still loves her husband. She worries that dates will find this a weird shadow in their potential relationship. A true match will understand that your husband will always be in your heart. They will let you grieve about him and talk about him without judgment.

How can you help a potential match understand your place in life?

If you match with someone that hasn't lost a partner, it's okay. You can help them undersatnd your place in life with your own words. In your own time, you can explain how you feel about losing your partner. Share about your spouse with the new person. 

How do I sign up to search for love without fear?

It's going to feel like jumping off a high dive once you join a website. You'll feel so many emotions that you won't know where to start. It's okay to ease into the site. You don't need to suddenly talk to a dozen different matches on the first day. Take it a step at a time.

How do I let go?

Again, there is no timeframe when it comes to mourning. You'll know when it's time to move on to find another mate. You never have to truly let go all of the way. You do have to make room in your heart for another person. If you aren't ready, your heart won't let you move forward with another person.

Will others around me support my decision to date again?

You don't need anyone's approval to date. You don't need to tell anyone that you joined a dating website. You can search without fear on your own. This is your decision and your life. Your loved ones should support your happiness. They will support you once you make the decision to tell them you are dating again.

Final Words

Dating online will bring a new beginning to your life. Widowed singles are allowed to heal and move on. It will be tough for most people at first, but you'll learn as you go. It's only natural to be fearful and feel anxious about dating again. Online dating sites will guide you along the way helping you pursue a new relationship without fear. Take care of yourself as you walk along this path in life.

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