9 Types Of Guys To Avoid When It Comes To Dating

Dating online is one of the most fun, yet sometimes exhausting things in the world. There are thousands of different types of fish in the sea. When you're searching for your perfect match, it's often true that you'll have some interesting dates.

The scary part is that sometimes the guys are downright losers. We've got a list of nine types of men that you'll need to run from as soon as you figure out their true colors.

#1. The Narcissist Pig

There isn't much worse than a narcissist in the dating world. This guy acts like and thinks he is better than everyone else on the site. He thinks he's so superior that you'll always play second fiddle. He loves to look at himself in the mirror. Sure, at first you will think he's all into you. He loves to play games that draw you in, then he shows his true colors.

Types Of Guys To Avoid When It Comes To Dating

You'll never actually come first. He's so vain that he thinks he's so very handsome so you should be happy that he chose you. You'll think he's a great catch because he seems so confident and is probably financially secure. He'll brag to you about his big house and his cool car. You might fall for it at first.

The biggest problem is that it will never be a true relationship. It will always be about him. He lives in his own world. Of course, he's charming. In the end, his own world is probably a lie. He probably is in massive amounts of debt and works out all of the time just because he is never happy about himself. Run like the wind.

#2. The Guy Always Rescheduling

There will be times you both have to reschedule a date. That's okay, but there comes a time when it is excessive. Some men are on dating sites for fun. They love to boost their ego. They love to get a mutual match and set a date, but they are never going to actually meet you in person.

Types Of Guys To Avoid When It Comes To Dating

He's probably just playing around in the dating waters. He will promise you the moon. He will promise these great dates and a great life. He is never going to do it. He might still be in a relationship, not ready to date, and/or just wants to play the game.

It doesn't matter the reason. He will never be truly available for you. It's okay if he needs to reschedule two or three dates. When you start to realize he never has time for you, it's time to block him.

#3. The Cheap Dude

Dating can be crazy expensive. If a guy is really active on a dating website, his pocketbook could go into debt quickly. Any smart man will know ways around paying hundreds of dollars for a date. He can be creative and take you on a picnic or on a hike. The problem comes when you find the man that doesn't want to put any investment in his date.

Types Of Guys To Avoid When It Comes To Dating

This guy will try to meet at the cheapest coffee shop. He will cringe when you order steak at a restaurant. He will take you on the cheapest dates possible just because he can. You could be on a date with a guy that doesn't have much money in his bank account, and that's totally fine. Usually, these guys figure out ways to take you on thoughtful dates that don't cost money.

The cheap guy is the one that puts no thought into his dates and doesn't want to pay anything at the restaurant. Lack of respect is totally opposite of lack of money. Sometimes when a guy is cheap, he will just leave the date early if he isn't feeling it. Other times he stares at you when the bill arrives. He just thinks you should pick up your half.

There's modern dating where it's normal for the woman to pay sometimes. Then there's disrespectful dating where the man just thinks the woman should figure out she needs to pay. The guy that won't let you eat whatever you want on his dime isn't worth your time.

#4. The Guy That Needs Anger Management

Some guys have a chip on their shoulder. They seem to hate everything. Their profile usually comes with a disclaimer. If he thinks he is special enough for a disclaimer, think again.

Types Of Guys To Avoid When It Comes To Dating

This is usually written in capital letters stating that no one can share or use the profile for any reason. Then it says he will report you and you will get banned. He must have had a bad experience in the past. If he has a lot of negative comments on his profile, he could have anger issues.

Other profiles of this type of guy include things that talk about what you need to look like or act like to date him. If he says you need to look a certain way, run away. This guy is a jerk. He gave you a list of reasons not to contact him. He would probably just insult you.

The angry guy is angry because of himself. He won't ever find a match in the world. He's too full of himself and thinks no one is good enough for him. This guy is alone because he isn't kind.

#5. The Guy Who Is Looking For A Maid

Unless you want to pick up laundry for a man for the next few decades, don't choose the Prince that needs a maid. He should be looking for a partner, not a butler or a maid. This man lives a few centuries behind. He thinks the woman needs to cook and clean for him all day.

Types Of Guys To Avoid When It Comes To Dating

It's normal for men to leave a heap of clothing by their bed or a little pile of trash by their chair. This is men in general. The problem happens when he thinks you should pick these things up all of the time. He acts like a child thinking you're his mommy that needs to get him a midnight snack and tuck him in.

Women have come so far in life that we don't need to be with a man that knocks us back a few decades. You don't have to be the woman that does everything for him. He cannot expect you to have the same life as your great grandmother. You are a fierce, independent woman that doesn't want to pick up trash all day.

There is a difference between doing joint laundry and cooking a hot meal for your man than constantly cleaning up his dirty underwear and cooking every single night. You're not his mother. You need to be equal partners. If a man is going to treat you like you live in the 1950s, throw his plate out the door.

#6. The Dramatic Negative Guy

Online dating can get old. It's normal for anyone to feel a burnout. The problem is that some guys think the world is ending all of the time. If he focuses on the dramatic negative parts of life, he isn't right for anyone.

Types Of Guys To Avoid When It Comes To Dating

This guy will go on a rant weekly about how he hates to date. He'll talk about the outside world having nothing to offer him in women. This doesn't look that promising to the women looking at his profile.

If everything in his life seems dramatic, it's time to run. He will try to make mountains out of molehills in your relationship. He will think the sky is falling all of the time. There will be bad things that happen in both of your lives. It's all about how you handle it. There is no point in going through the bad things of life with a negative, dramatic person that only sees the worst in every situation.

Everyone has dark days. Online dating should be full of hope. If a man is approaching it with a negative outlook, he won't ever find the woman of his dreams. If he starts telling you right off the bat about his horrible life and all of his mean ex-girlfriends, you're on the way to being pulled into a pit of pity.

#7. The Hookup King

You aren't at the bar. You're on an online forum looking for a meaningful date. Some guys get on these dating sites to find the hottest women possible and dive in for a great hookup. When they're finished with them, it's on to the next lady.

Types Of Guys To Avoid When It Comes To Dating

If they send you a picture of their male anatomy, tell you about all of their romps, or just call you late at night, move on. If he only comments on the pictures where you look sizzling or he talks about sex in his profile, he's a pig.

He will probably message your friend while he's on a date with you. He needs his next hook up like it's an addiction. You're just a piece of meat to him.

This isn't a college party where the guy walks around trying to find the lady of the night to take home. These guys seem to follow only the hottest women. They don't talk about anything deep. They need surface-level relationships. They aren't worth the hassle.

#8. The Forever Frat Boy

The most handsome, charming guy in the room might not be your Knight In Shining Armor. He's all about confidence and you fall for him quickly. The problem is that every other girl does the same thing.

Types Of Guys To Avoid When It Comes To Dating

He just cannot settle down. He likes the thought of a few different women. You probably won't ever know if you're at the top of his list. You'll never get a date both nights of the weekends because he's busy with another woman the other night.

He won't ever commit. He's not a bad guy, but he just cannot make that leap. There have been a million movies about this guy. Some change, some don't. Don't waste your time trying to be the one that changes him.

The Classic Player doesn't like to be questioned. If you ask him about his other women, he will get defensive. He won't meet your family or take down his profile. He may even tell you he's falling in love. He tells you these things to get you in bed. He leaves in the morning to meet his other date for the day.

#9. The Dude Not Over The Ex

Some guys jump on a dating site hoping to get over their ex. They try to date other women, but they just aren't ready. He will promise you that he's over her.

Types Of Guys To Avoid When It Comes To Dating

If you date him, she will be a ghost on your dates. You'll never win. He won't take her pictures down on social media. He still talks to her and swears they are friends. He compares everything you do to her.

Most men move on in time. Time heals these deep wounds. The guy still needs to mourn the relationship. He needs to accept it is over before he gets ready to move on. If not, you will fear he will jump at the chance to date her again. If she comes back, you're out the door.

If he talks about their life and their secrets, he is not over her. He's using you as a therapist instead of a girlfriend. He's often trying to bury her with the new "her." It won't ever happen. You will never be the old girlfriend. You are a totally different person.

Don't ever be second in someone's heart. When he is ready, he will be open to a new type of person. It isn't your fault that he is still hung up on someone else.

Final Verdict

Dating sites are full of so many different types of these guys. They do a great job hiding their bad qualities. You aren't alone in trying to dodge the jerks. Take our advice and don't waste your time. They may seem like stallions, but they are really donkeys. There are millions of great guys out there just waiting to be reeled in by a great girl. Date the man that respects you and treats you like a queen.

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