Dating Direct Review – Is It A Good Choice For You?

Have you heard of DatingDirect? It is a UK online dating services that was started back in 1999. In 2007, it was sold to Meetic, which transformed it into the sister company of

DatingDirect is the largest dating service in the UK. Users on the site are primarily looking for long-term, lasting relationships.

If you've been thinking about giving DatingDirect a try, read through our review below. We'll help you understand a little more about how the site works, as well as some of the benefits and drawbacks of using this dating service.

Details about Dating Direct

#1. Signing Up With DatingDirect

By visiting DatingDirect's homepage, you'll be able to start the sign-up process. Your first step will be to indicate whether you are looking to date a man or a woman. DatingDirect does allow you to look for same-sex relationships, unlike some other sites.

After clicking on your preferences, you'll be prompted to sign up for the site. You'll need to enter your birthday, contact information, and create a password.

Dating Direct Review

Then, it will be time to create your profile. DatingDirect's profiles are more detailed than what other sites have their members create. This is to help members start to learn more about other members through their profile, which can help them have a better idea if they're actually interested in a particular member.

When setting up your profile, DatingDirect recommends being honest and spontaneous in your writing. Also try to add some humor and let your personality show. This will help your personality shine through for your potential matches.

Dating Direct Review

In addition to writing about yourself, you'll also answer some multiple-choice questions to help match you with other users. Some of these questions include whether you have or want children, the level of education you've completed, your religion and ethnicity, and your hair and eye color.

While you don't have to answer every multiple-choice question, DatingDirect recommends answering as many questions as possible. Doing so will help increase the chances that other people will contact you since they share many of the same interests.

The final step of setting up your profile includes adding an album of photos. You want to select a variety of pictures that show who you are and what you enjoy doing. You want to help other users get a sense of your fun personality through looking at the photos you upload.

#2. Matchmaking

DatingDirect will use the preferences you indicated when setting up your profile to send you a list of recommended matches. For each match, you can indicate whether you are interested, not interested, or still deciding.

If you select that you are still deciding about a potential match, they will be saved in a folder in your "Today's Matches" page. You'll be able to come back to this folder to look at your saved matches and re-evaluate whether you are or are not interested in them.

You will also see a "They're Interested" folder. This folder will contain the different users who have indicated an interest in your profile. Be sure to browse through this list periodically to see if there is someone you are also interested in, so you'll be able to send them a message.

#3. Communicating and Browsing

Whereas some other dating sites limit you to being able to view the profiles of your daily matches, DatingDirect allows you to browse through all the available singles in your area. You will also be able to search using different criteria to help you narrow down your results and hone-in on that perfect match.

They offer some very detailed search options to help you find exactly who you've been looking for. Some of the different filter options include age range, distance, and other standard filters. Unlike many other sites, you can also search using aspects of a person's appearance, such as their hair or eye color, height, or weight.

Dating Direct Review

You'll also be able to search using other options, such as whether different users want or don't want kids, their education level, their nationality, and more. As you can see, you'll be able to sort and search through the various members in your area in lots of different ways to help you find the right person for you.

When you see a user who looks like they may be of interest to you, click on the link for their profile. Since the profiles on DatingDirect are more detailed than those on other sites, you'll be able to get a good sense of who someone is to decide if you want to message them.

When you look at a person's profile, you'll be able to view their profile photo, the paragraphs they wrote about themselves, the answers they gave for the various multiple-choice questions, and some of their interests and favorite things to do.

You will also be able to read the section about what they are looking for in a match. This can be extremely valuable, because you'll be able to tell if you meet some of their look-fors before deciding to send them a message. Otherwise, you may be wasting your time messaging someone who won't be interested in you.

DatingDirect also offers special nighttime events where you will be able to meet other singles in your area in person in a fun and engaging setting. These events are scheduled for different age groups, so you'll be able to meet other singles that are around the same age as you.

A fun bonus of the DatingDirect events is that they include free drinks. You'll also be able to invite a few of your friends to come along with you as a morale booster, a buffer, or just someone to help you connect with others. The friends you invite do not need to be members of DatingDirect.

#4. Safety and Privacy

DatingDirect is a reputable company who takes measures to make sure you and your information are secure. All of your personal information is protected and is not shared with anyone.

Dating Direct Review

The profiles set up on this site are moderated and need to be manually approved. This helps limit the number of fake profiles you'll come across.

If you come across a profile that is suspect, you can report it. If fake or inappropriate profiles are reported, they are deleted by the DatingDirect team.

For an addition fee, you can sign up to go into "Incognito Mode." This will allow you to view others profiles without knowing you did so. You'll only be visible to members that you express an interest in.

Another paid feature is Zen Mode. If you're In Zen Mode, you can only be contacted by other profiles that match the criteria you entered when you set up your profile.

#5. Features

  • You will create a more detailed profile with this site than with some other dating sites.
  • The website really helps walk you through all the steps of setting up your profile and including any necessary information.
  • You can communicate with your matches as well as other users on the site.
  • Numerous searching and filtering options are offered to help you narrow down your search results.
  • With the more detailed profiles, you're able to learn more about other members on the site to help you decide if you want to send them a message.
  • There are evening events where you can meet other singles in your area in person.
  • Profiles are manually approved for authenticity.
  • You can report any suspicious profiles to have them deleted from the site.
  • If you choose to go into "Incognito Mode," other users won't be able to tell you viewed their profile.
  • The website is mobile optimized, so you'll be able to easily access all of the features from your smartphone.

#6. Pros and Cons


  • Profiles are more detailed on this site to help you learn more about a potential match before deciding to reach out to them.
  • Each profile is manually approved.
  • The website is mobile optimized to allow you to easily access all of the features from your smartphone or tablet.


  • You aren't matched with other users based on a personality test, just the preferences you select.

Frequently Asked Questions About DatingDirect:

What Are Advantages To Getting A Subscription With DatingDirect?

First of all, they offer different lengths of subscriptions. This includes 1, 3 and 6 month subscriptions. This will give you access to a bunch of different features that are not available if you don't have a subscription. Some of these things include the following:

  • Interact with other members with private messages or IM
  • Enables you to "view the person I'm looking to meet" box on each of the profiles that you view
  • Enables you to be able to like your favorite profiles, and this helps you keep track of your favorites
  • You can better optimize your searches
  • There will be no ads when you are browsing DatingDirect
  • If you are interested in their events, you will get discounts

If you are interested in this at all just hit the subscribe button on any page of the website.

Do women have to pay for a subscription as well?

Yes, there is no discrimination or special benefits here. Just like men, women have to pay to use the subscription based service as well.

So what is available with a free membership to DatingDirect then?

A free membership will help you get a feel for the website and service, and this is where we recommend you start. There is no point in jumping into a paid membership before you know how the site works.

You can create your own profile and search the DatingDirect search engine totally for free. There is also some free messaging options available.

How can I improve my results with DatingDirect?

Well, the first thing that's going to help you is having a subscription because it gives you more benefits, but lets first talk about some more general things that you can do.

If you are finding a low number of results when you are doing searches, it's very likely that you are being to precise with what you are looking for. Also, if you are finding too many results, you may not be being specific enough! There is a fine line between the two and you have to play with picking an in between when doing searches. Not too specific, but also not too broad.

Final Verdict

If your search for that special someone has left you empty-handed, it may be time to consider an online dating site. With DatingDirect, you'll have the opportunity to connect with other singles in your area who are looking for the same things in a relationship as you are. True love may be just around the corner; sign up today!

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