Will Cupid Be Your Love Connection?

Since 2002, Cupid.com has been helping its members connect with other singles in their area. If you are looking for love, fun, or a new friendship, Cupid.com may be the place to find it.

To help you learn more about Cupid.com and decide if it is the right online dating site for you, read through our review below. We'll share some information about the features offered by the site, how Cupid.com works, and some potential drawback of using this service. After reading through our review, you should be armed with all the information you'll need to decide if you're ready to sign up.

Details about Cupid.com

#1. Signing Up

Cupid.com has streamlined the sign-up process to keep it straightforward and easy. Once you visit their website, you'll immediate see the space where you can sign up on the right-hand side of the page. You can choose to create an account using an email address or through your Facebook account.

Registration is quick and should take you less than 10 minutes. As part of the registration process, you'll need to enter some basic information about yourself, such as your height, profession, and location.

Cupid.com Review

You will also need to create a username. Cupid.com's members user usernames instead of their real names as an added layer of privacy and security. When selecting a username, be creative and choose something that matches who you are.

Another thing you can do to help your potential matches learn more about you as a person is to use the personality slider. You can slide the slider to indicate information about your personality on a scale of 1-100. For example, you may answer questions about how social or outgoing you consider yourself to be.

Cupid.com will also ask you to answer questions about yourself, such as your likes, dislikes, and interests. You'll also have the opportunity to enter information about what you are looking to find in a match.

Cupid.com Review

To finish setting up your profile, you'll need to upload a few photos and write about yourself. Be sure to share information that will help potential matches feel like they are already getting to know you.

Cupid.com also has a compatibility test that they use to match members. You can take this as part of the registration process, or you can choose to come back to it at a later time.

You can choose to have your profiled verified. Doing this will put you on the list of safe members and will allow you to message other users who have selected the safe mode.

#2. Communicating and Browsing

There are a variety of features you'll be able to access with just a free membership. You can look through the profiles of other users and send winks to members you are interested in for free. If you want to be able to send messages, you'll have to pay for a subscription.

Each day, you'll receive a list of suggested matches. Unlike some other dating sites, you are also able to conduct your own searches to find other members.

Cupid.com Review

Cupid.com offers a variety of search options to help you narrow down the search results and find the person you're looking for. Some of the various ways you'll be able to filter your results include by distance, match level, age, and users who were most recently online.

Once you have filtered your results, you'll be shown a list of matches. You'll be able to view each member's username, picture, location, and age through the preview screen. If you want to learn more about a member, simply click on their profile link to view more of their pictures, read their profile, and see how they describe their personality.

On each profile you'll see a heart, a smiley face and a bubble. Clicking the heart will "like" the profile, clicking the smiley face will send them a wink, and clicking the chat bubble will let you message them (if you have a paid subscription).

Cupid.com Review

One of the features that Cupid.com offers to help you find members to connect with it the Likebook. When you use the Likebook, you will be shown one profile at a time and will be able to decide whether you want to like the profile, send a message, or skip to the next profile.

Cupid.com also has a chatroom to help members communicate with one another. The chatroom is free to use.

#3. Cupid Arrow Features

If you are looking to get more from your membership and increase the chances that you'll meet that special someone, you can sign up for Cupid Arrow. Each feature offered with Cupid Arrow is available for a separate monthly fee, but with what it offers, you may decide it is worth the cost.

One of the benefits you can choose with Cupid Arrow is having your profile show up in the top of people's search results. This will increase the chances that other users will click on your profile and decide they want to send you a message.

Cupid.com Review

You may also decide to receive priority for Likebook. This means that you'll be featured more often in the suggested matches for other users. Again, this will help increase the chances that another member will want to learn more about you and will send you a message.

Another feature you can purchase is to "Stand Out from the Crowd." This will cause your pictures to look larger in other members search results, making them appear more prominent.

Allowing free members to contact you is another option you can select. This can help you connect with other members on the site who you'd never get the chance to otherwise since they don't have a paid subscription.

Finally, you can pay for the incognito feature. This will allow you to look at profiles of other members on the site without them knowing you looked at their page.

Cupid.com does offer a 30% discount for purchasing three or more perks. If you purchase multiple perks, not only will you save money, but it can help you further increase your chances of connecting with that special someone.

#4. Safety and Privacy

Cupid.com has instituted a variety of features to help you stay safe while using their site. Other members will only see your username; they will not be able to view your real name or any of your personal information.

They also offer three different safe-mode options for you to choose from based on your comfort level. If you leave safe mode off, it will allow anyone on the website to be able to contact you.

You can also choose basic safe mode. With this option, only "reputable" members on the site will be able to contact you.

Finally, if you want to be extra cautious, you can choose full safe mode. When you choose this setting, you can only be contacted by verified users.

#5. Online Dating App

Cupid.com also offers a dating app. Their app is available for iOS devices.

When you use the app, you'll be able to access the same features as you can on the main website. This can help you communicate with others and view your matches if you're traveling or on the go.

#6. Features

  • You can use the personality sliders when setting up your profile to share information about your personality with other members.
  • You'll create a username instead of sharing your real name with others.
  • Cupid.com has developed a compatibility test to help them match you with other members.
  • If you want, you can pay for a three-day trial before signing up for a full subscription.
  • You can browse through other profiles and send winks for free.
  • For an additional fee, you can pay for Cupid Arrow premium features such as having your profile show up in the top of other's search results or increasing the number of times your profile is featured in the Likebooks of other members.
  • There are three different safe mode settings you can choose from based on your comfort level.
  • There is an iOS app that will let you access all of the features of the main website.

#7. Pros and Cons


  • If you want to increase your chances of connecting with someone, you can pay for some of the Cupid Arrow premium features.
  • The personality sliders allow you to share important aspects of your personality with other users.
  • You can turn on Full Safe Mode if you only want to be contacted by users who have been verified.


  • You may come across more fake profiles with this site that you would on other sites.
  • Cupid.com offers a lot of great features designed to help you find the person you've been searching for. If you don't sign up, you'll never know if they were waiting for you on Cupid.com. Sign up today to give it a try!

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