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Are you a younger man interested in dating an older woman? Or, perhaps you're a woman of experience who is bored with what the men of your age have to offer. If so, it sounds like you may be ready to sign up with CougarLife.

CougarLife was developed to help connect younger men with mature women. After all, age is just a number, why should it hold you back from having some fun with a person you are attracted to. Read through our review of CougarLife to learn more about how the website works, some perks of signing up, and some drawbacks to be prepared for.

Details about CougarLife

#1. Getting Started

When you're ready to find a cougar or cub, signing up with CougarLife will be quick and simple. When you visit the website, you will first need to enter if you are looking for cougars or cubs, your desired age range, and your city. After this, you'll be able to set up your account and get started.

The first step in setting up your account includes entering your email address and creating a username and password. They highly encouraged you to use an alias for your username instead of your real name. You'll also need to enter some of your personal details, such as your body type, ethnicity, and hair and eye color.

Cougar Life Review

Once you've entered these few details, you'll need to finish setting up your profile page. This is what other users will see, so be sure to put some time and effort into it.

First, you will create a greeting or introduction for the visitors who stop by to read your page. This is your chance to use your words to create a sense of mystery, intrigue, and desire to encourage other members to contact you.

You will also upload photos to let other users see what you look like. Unlike many other sites, you'll have the option of creating both a public and private photo gallery. The photos you include in your public gallery can be viewed by all of the users on the site.

Cougar Life Review

The photos in your private gallery can only be viewed by people you grant access. This will allow you to upload a few photos that are a bit more risqué without letting just anyone see them.

You can sign up for free, but if you want to be able to access all of the features of the site, you will need to sign up for a premium membership. You can choose from 1-, 3-, or 12-month plans. The average monthly price for the 12-month plan is less than a third of the cost of a 1-month plan, so if you think this is something you'll be interested in for a while, you may want to opt for a 12-month plan.

Each paid plan will also give you a set amount of free credits, which you can use to access some of the other features on the site. The 1-month plan will give you 100 credits, the 3-month plan will give you 500 credits, and the 12-month plan gives you 3,000 credits.

#2. Communicating and Browsing

Once you've finished signing up and creating your profile, you'll be able to start exploring the other members who are on the site. You can search using a variety of different criteria to help you zero in on the perfect cougar or cub who strikes your fancy.

Some of the different ways you can search include a user's location, age range, body type, or height. You can also filter the results so you'll only be shown users who have posted photographs.

Cougar Life Review

When browsing through profiles, you'll be able to view the public photos shared by the user, basic information about the user, and the greeting they wrote. If you see a blurred photograph that has a lock icon over it, it will let you know that they have a private photo gallery, which you could request access to.

When you come across another profile that excites you, you'll be able to choose from a variety of different ways to communicate or express your interest. The first option you have is to send a flirt.

Sending a flirt will let another member know that you are intrigued by their profile. This option is available for users who have not signed up for a free subscription as well.

The other communication options are only available if you choose to sign up for a paid subscription. One option you have is to send a Priority Mail message. With this option, you can write a note to the user, send them a virtual gift, or ask for permission to access their private photo gallery.

Cougar Life Review

Chat with Me and Message Me are the two other messaging options you may choose to use to start up a conversation with someone. Chat with Me works more like a messaging app, whereas Message Me uses more of an email format.

If you choose to send a virtual gift, some of your options include items such as a virtual box of chocolates or virtual jewelry. You will need to use your credits or pay a separate fee to be able to send a virtual gift to another user.

A key feature of CougarLife that you don't see on most other sites is the "Find a Date Tonight" feature. With this feature, you can see other members on the site who are also looking for a date on a specific day. This can help you arrange for some last-minute fun.

#3. Safety and Privacy

CougarLife takes the safety of its members very seriously. The terms of use that all members must agree to state that harassment, ethnic slurs, or insulting messages will not be tolerated. Accounts that violate the terms laid out by CougarLife will be suspended.

Cougar Life Review

If you feel like someone has been harassing you or sending inappropriate messages, be sure to report it, so the CougarLife team can investigate and take any necessary steps.

If you are not comfortable with another user on the site or just don't want to message them, you can block anyone you want. On each member's profile page, you'll see a block icon. Simply click on this to prevent them from being able to contact you.

#4. Features

  • This site can help mature women and young men connect to have fun together.
  • You can create both public and private galleries. You will be able to approve who you want to share your private gallery with.
  • A 12-month subscription plan offers a significantly cheaper monthly fee than a 1-month plan, and will give you 3,000 free credits.
  • You can view profiles and send flirts for free.
  • You can connect with other members by sending messages, emails, or virtual gifts.
  • The "Find a Date Tonight" option can help you identify other members who are looking to have some fun on a given night.
  • There is a mobile app you can download to access all of the features of the site from your smart phone.
  • You can block members who you don't want contacting you.

#5. Pros and Cons


  • There are many different options available to let you connect with other members on the site.
  • Using the "Find a Date Tonight" feature, you'll be able to make some exciting last-minute plans.
  • You can create a private gallery and only share access with specific users.


  • You may come across more fake profiles on this site than you would with some other dating sites.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cougar Life:

How do I join Cougar Life?

You can go to their website and just create a profile! They make sure to point out that if you have a photo, you are going to get a whole lot more attention, so make sure that is one of the first things that you do. And choose a good one, because the better the picture, the better the response will be.

How much does it cost, what is the price?

It's totally free to sign up, and then they have a bunch of different packages you can choose from if you like it. We recommend that you just sign up for free and that will give you a feel for it. From there, you can upgrade only if you like what they have to offer.

Is there a time frame for getting my profile approved?

There will be no wait. Once the registration process is done, your profile will be active right away. Just don't forget to get some good pictures ready, as they are one of the biggest attractions that are going to get you attention.

Is there a certain "code of conduce" for Cougar Life?

They do have a terms of service which you can find here:

You should make sure that you read through their terms of service, but we recommend that you just don't be a jerk. If you are just nice to people, you will be fine. Some good advice is to treat it as though you are speaking face to face with them. For some reason people think they can be a little bit more of a jerk when it's online...don't be that person.

There is also no solicitation of goods or services (hint at what that means, harassing, insulting, etc. Again, just be a nice person...don't be a jerk.

Is there a way to get even more attention on Cougar Life?

Yes. If you are a premium member, you will receive the highest priority and appear before and free members in the search results. Also, profiles with more pictures get higher priority as well (we told you...upload those pictures)!

Can you block people?

Yep, very simple. All you have to do is open the person's profile that you want to block and hit the block icon. And just like that, they are a ghost! If you want to unblock them for any reason, you can do that from settings ---> privacy ---> and open the tab to edit the profiles that you have blocked.

Final Verdict

If you're tired of hearing "she's too old for you" or "he's just a baby," it sounds like it is time to give CougarLife a try. On this dating site, you'll find lots of like-minded people who see nothing wrong with an attractive and mature woman having some fun with a desirable younger man. Don't let others inhibit your fun and slash your desires; sign up today to enjoy some pleasure and excitement!

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