September 16, 2019

The Best Cougar Dating Websites

Top 10: Cougar Dating Sites Review

Some women love to date younger men. We love these beautiful ladies as well as the rest and want them to find that young man who makes them feel alive when the 40s, 50s, 60s, or perhaps more mature ages roll around.

Life isn’t over simply because you’re a little bit older. Whether you want someone for casual encounters, fun dates, or even serious relationships, cougars can find that S.O.S. at any of the dating sites below.

The top 10 dating sites below make our hearts sing because they make it easy to find that person who’s missing from your life.

#1: Match

An image of Match official logo. is a widely popular online dating site that reaches 40 countries around the world, encompassing over nine million users. There are so many users that it is one of the go to's for cougar dating, even though it's not cougar dating specific.

As the first fully online dating service, this pioneer platform has a strong reputation of matching singles and developing great couples since 1995. 

Twenty-four years later, continues to soar within its space. If you are looking for freedom and control in your online dating life, then might be exactly what you need.

Major Features:

  • Provides viewing and communication tools, such as photos, profiles, mail messages and emails notifications
  • Allows users to receive read receipts once someone reads their messages
  • Subscribed users can send one VIP email per week

An image of eHarmony official logo.

Although eHarmony isn’t designed exclusively for cougars dating, we’ve added it to our list of recommended sites because there is a large group of women in this age bracket who are looking for love. eHarmony uses a 29-step matching process to ensure great matches are made.

That is why the dating site has thousands of successful matches every year and a reason we recommend cougar daters use the site.

The site is geared to people who want long-term relationships, with people of all ages using the site. It has a sleek, easy-to-use interface that keeps you browsing just a little bit longer.

We enjoy the quality singles on the site, the thorough matchmaking survey that connects you to the right people, and the site’s tools and features.

Major Features:

  • Website or App
  • Several membership options
  • Trusted site around since 2000

An image of Elite Singles official logo.

Elite Singles is our number two recommended cougar dating site for men and women. This dating site brings high-quality singles from around the world into your home via a screen, with more than 85% of all members holding a bachelor’s degree or better.

Elite Singles has both a website and an app available so you never miss the chance to talk to someone whom you find interesting.

A free membership allows users to create a profile, browse other member profiles, and receive messages on the site. A paid membership is needed to flirt and send and respond to messages.

Various membership plans make it easy to use the site on your own terms, though we do find the costs a bit costlier than some of the other dating sites.

Major Features:

  • More than 45% of members 30+
  • Easy navigation, layout
  • People from various backgrounds

An image of Cougar Life official logo.

Cougar Life is a site that has been featured on Playboy and other top outlets, so you better believe it is one of our favorites and recommendations for you. Cougar Life has a huge database of users, with more than 8.5 million registered users and growing. The easy-to-use site has quality members located around the world who want various types of relationships, including friendships, dating, and long-term encounters.

Cougar Life has an easy sign-up process that only takes a couple of minutes to complete, after which time you're ready to create your own profile and browse other members. The site is free to join with memberships available. We appreciate that Cougar Life is one of the largest cougar dating sites out there and one of the most affordable if you decide to upgrade to a premium membership.

Major Features:

  • Upbeat, energetic, fun dating site
  • Launched in 2008
  • Great app available

An image of Seeking Cougar official logo.

We like this dating site because it brings together cougars and young men seeking long-term, committed relationships so you do not waste time sorting out the game players. Seeking Cougar has more than 4 million worldwide members, all from diverse backgrounds and walks of life. The smooth interface is welcoming and friendly.

Seeking Cougar is private and discreet so users can browse the site without worry. Since it’s easy-to-use, even people who aren’t exactly computer savvy can use the site without worry. It’s free to join and use the site, but to access all features, a paid membership is needed.

Major Features:

  • Trusted site
  • Members located around the world
  • Free to join

An image of Age Match official logo.

Older women and older men seeking younger partners find Age Match a great site to go to find that special person. We happen to agree since this cougar dating site has all of the goodies you want rolled up into one nice package. There is even an app to download to your phone to take the fun with you on-the-go.

Age Match has man compatibility tools that help connect you to people with similar interests as your own. The site helps many people meet and often, long-term relationships ensue. The site has a higher quality of individuals than some of the other dating sites on our list.

Major Features:

  • Affordable membership rates
  • Singles across the world
  • Attractive, mature men and women in all age ranges

An image of Cougared official logo.

For older women who want to find a young single guy to spend time with but who may also have limited budgets, Cougared is the dating site you want to try. It’s free, so even people with plenty of cash who simply want to avoid spending it to ‘date’ can use this site.

Over 800,000 registered members use the site, so it's easy to find lots of potential matches here. It's A bit more updated than some of the other dating sites on our list, but we don't mind that for the awesome price of free. And, it takes seconds to register with the site and create your profile to start the search for a great match.

Major Features:

  • Some members a bit older than ‘cub’ range
  • Variety of quality singles searching for matches

Available in the U.S. and Canada, Date A Cougar has a database of thousands of members who want to meet someone like you. We think the site is a bit cluttered but once you acclimate yourself with the layout, it’s fairly easy to use. It’s also free to join, where you can create a profile and browse other singles near you or in a location of your choice.

Date A Cougar offers people from all walks of life who want various types of relationships. Some are seeking young men to date while others are hopeful of something more long-term. Whatever you want, this site has what you need.

Major Features:

  • Several paid membership options available
  • Block members if you choose
  • Matches you with people you may want to meet

Go Cougar is another cougar dating site that we think you’ll like. It’s been around for some time, so trust is never an issue with the site. And, there are thousands of members, so there’s always people to chat with or possibly more.

Go Cougar is free to pin but does require full membership to chat with other members. The membership price is fairly affordable and certainly well worth the small expense once you find special people to bring into your life. We enjoy using the site and appreciate its many simple features.

Major Features:

  • Fun blog posts
  • Dating advice
  • Great customer service

An image of Cougar Date official logo.

Cougars and cubs connect at Cougar Date, a well-respected dating site that has singles who are ready to meet and mingle. Cougar Date has a range of people seeking everything from casual dates to flings to committed relationships. The attractive, well-educated people live across the country, so it's possible to meet someone special no matter where you live.

You can access several special features here that help you flirt with people whom you want to talk to. There are also features that help you block anyone who annoys you or simply isn't a match. There isn't a lot of scammers on the site and it is discreet and private.

Major Features:

  • Thousands of new members join each week
  • Smooth, clean interface (Easy-to-use)
  • Fast registration (Takes under one-minute to join)


Choosing one of the sites above is difficult, considering the many great choices. Why not give them all a try to find the best for your needs? When you're single and ready to mingle, these dating sites make that happen.

Latin Dating Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is a cougar?

A "cougar" is the term for an older woman who is chiefly attracted to younger men. She will often seek romantic or sexual relationships with younger men.

"Cougar" is an informal term. As with other informal terms, it doesn't have any hard-and-fast rules or precise ages. Different people might have different definitions of what constitutes cougar behavior.

The most common rule of thumb is that the woman is at least 35 years old, and the man is at least eight years younger than her.

It can be offensive to call someone a cougar, as some women feel that the term is judgmental of their relationships. However, other women find the term empowering. That's evidenced by the number of proud cougar dating sites that exist for self-identified cougars on the prowl.

It's fairly rare for a cougar relationship to end in marriage. Less than 2 percent of marriages in the United States involve women at least ten years older than their husbands.

Meanwhile, nonpermanent and casual relationships are very common. More than 13 percent of middle-aged women in the US report that they've had sex with men at least five years younger than them.

What conversational topics are good on a date with a cougar?

When navigating a relationship with an age gap, it can be hard to know where to start with conversation. Though you're both on even footing, you may have very different experiences with romantic history, pop culture, cultural iconography, and even tradition.

But there are a few topics that tend to be easy to talk about when you're dating a cougar.

The first is likes and dislikes. You can talk about the movies and television shows you like, the kind of books you read, and the hobbies you have. If you don't have similar taste in pop culture, that's okay! Ask about her hobbies and talk about yours.

It's great to ask questions on a date. Women often ask their dates about themselves, but men can sometimes forget to ask questions. Asking questions is a way to show that you care about what she thinks and feels and has to say.

You can also talk about family and relationships. Play this one by ear, though. If she doesn't seem interested in discussing her home life, don't push her - you might seem overly serious and too eager for commitment.

Another great topic to bring up is future dreams. Ask her about what she hopes will happen in her future! This gives her a chance to talk about her goals, her passions, and what she cares about most in the world. You can talk a bit about your own goals as well, but try to keep the conversation from focusing solely on you.

Travel is another good topic. You can talk about places you've been or places you want to go. Discuss your dream vacations or magical adventures you've already been on. Chances are, she has some interesting stories to tell!

What topics should you avoid when dating a cougar?

Here's a topic to avoid that might surprise you: Yourself.

That's not to say that you shouldn't talk about yourself at all. It's not like you need to avoid answering questions about your interests, future, or goals. But your conversation should be a back-and-forth. If you're only talking about yourself without asking any questions, you'll lose her interest.

This is a good rule of thumb for any relationship, actually. If your partner doesn't feel like you value them as an individual, why should they keep dating you?

The age gap is another topic to avoid. This is a situation in which you really don't need to mention the elephant in the room. Both of you are aware of the difference in your ages, and you know that that's part of the appeal of the relationship. That's especially true if you met on a cougar dating website.

And be sparing with your compliments. Flattery and compliments are great, and you shouldn't avoid them entirely. But if you're too over-the-top, your date might get overwhelmed.

What are the main reasons that younger men seek to date older women?

There are plenty of reasons that some young men prefer to date older women. In fact, some publications have identified more than twenty. These reasons were established by interviewing men and asking them questions about the appeal they find in dating an older woman.

These are some of the most commonly cited reasons for dating older women:

  • Older women have more life experience and confidence
  • Older women have a stronger sense of self than younger women
  • Older women tend to be relaxed about life
  • You're more likely to find older women seeking casual fun than younger women, since young women often seek more serious relationships
  • Older women have a better sense of what they want from their relationships and from life

A lot of the appeal comes from the increased maturity of life experience. Some men say that it's easier to date older women because they tend to be more grounded. Young women are still "figuring themselves out," and some men find that relationships with younger women are more tumultuous.

What are the main reasons that older women seek to date younger men?

Older women have a variety of reasons that they might be attracted to younger men. Interestingly, while men tend to find young women attractive throughout their lives, it's common for women to be interested in their own age group as they get older. So why date younger men?

Some women find that dating younger men tends to be adventurous. They aren't as settled into themselves when compared to men of the woman's age. They may have more energy and be more open to new things. Some women also say that dating young men helps them to feel like they're young again.

Other reasons tend toward the sexual. Some women say that younger men tend to have better sexual stamina and a more adventurous attitude than older men.

It's also common for women to feel more comfortable being sexually assertive with a younger man than with an older man. With younger men, women are expected to be the more experienced partner. With men their age, it's harder to be sexually assertive because the man is often expected to lead by default.

Women also say that dating younger men allows them to prioritize their own pleasure in the bedroom. According to interviews, younger men are more invested in pleasing an older partner than a same-aged man tends to be.

How has online dating changed "cougar" relationships?

It's much easier for older women to find younger men with the advent of online dating. Prior to that, there weren't a lot of avenues for finding the specific relationship type you're looking for.

With cougar dating sites, young men and older women can talk to each other with full transparency regarding expectations. There's no potential confusion, and there's no need for any party to feel guilty about misconstrued intentions. It makes it a lot easier to communicate openly.

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