Christian Cafe Review

Christian Cafe Review

My Story

When I was a kid, my parents told me I would grow up, meet the love of my life and basically live happily ever after. After all, my parents met at a church picnic and are happy together. Somehow, it did not work out that way.

I have attended more church picnics than I can count, been on some scary blind dates and even tried social media. Have you ever looked to social media to find someone special? Social media for me was even scarier than the blind dates.

I was starting to think I was meant to be alone when I came across this site called Christian Cafe. Have you ever heard of it? It is a site for Christian singles. Anyway, I decided to sign up because the one thing I was sure of was my match had to be Christian.

Once I signed up and completed my profile, I discovered there were a lot of single Christians in my area. I am going to explain the whole process and how everything worked, but first I want you to know I found someone, or I should say he found me.

We married three months ago and marriage definitely agrees with me. If I live to be 103, I will never forget Christian Cafe.

Christian Cafe

Christian Cafe was specifically created to help single Christians find someone special. The website is owned by Christians, so they understand the importance of values and faith.

Christian Cafe Review

The site was designed not only for people hoping to find love but for anyone searching for advice, support or fellowship. Christian Cafe began in 1999. Since then, their membership has grown to more than two million Christians all over the world.

I am just one of 25,000 couples who married with the help of Christian Cafe. The website has several thousand testimonials from real users. After I read a number of them, I started to believe this might actually work.

The site offers you a lot of benefits. This includes:

  • A free trial for seven to ten days.
  • Most of the members are active.
  • Personal profiles with photographs.
  • Users in every age group.
  • Membership plans.
  • You can send and receive emails.
  • Advanced search filters.
  • Reasonable pricing.
  • Excellent security and safety.
  • Most of the two million users live in the United States.
  • The site is easy to use.
  • An app for your phone.
  • A QuickMatch feature for busy Christians.
  • Community forums.

Signing Up

I found signing up simple and straightforward. The site asked for basic information including my name, city, zip code, gender, email and birthday.

Christian Cafe Review

Eventually, I was prompted to add important information about my lifestyle, religious activities, employment, schooling and home life. After I finished everything, I was given the option of uploading a photo and answering some questions.

I did because I knew it would improve my chances of meeting someone. I figured I would get noticed easier. I did not have to do anything once I reached the final step. Christian Cafe provided me with a username and password.

Either keep your password somewhere safe or change it so you do not forget. I got lucky and received the username I had requested.

Establishing Contact

I was a premium member, so I had a lot of choices. I could send emails or winks to anyone who I was interested in. I am a little bit timid. As it turned out, I never did.

The same day I joined, I started getting email notifications from Christian Cafe that I had received messages. For each message I received, I looked at the user's profile. I wanted to be sure we had the same values because that was very important.

Christian Cafe Review

I should mention the QuickMatch feature. This is what gave the other members rankings according to their age, faith, the kind of relationship they were looking for and compatibility percentage with the questions I answered.

I talked to a lot of men those first few weeks, but nobody clicked. During my fifth week as a member, I got an email and was in shock when I looked at his profile. It was as though I had filled out his profile and questionnaire.

To make a long story short, I met him for coffee and married him a year later. He lived ten minutes away from me. Somehow I know if not for Christian Cafe, we never would have met.

Member Interactions

The site explained all seven ways I could meet someone. I mainly used QuickMatch, Who's online, Search and the Community Forums. QuickMatch is amazing. The compatibility scores are incredibly accurate. My husband has a score of 93 percent.

You just click on the different profiles in your results to see the user's profile. If you are interested, you can send a wink or a message, add them to your favorites or look at similar profiles.

Christian Cafe Review

There are different types of searches you can use. This includes the standard search, advanced searches or searches by today's birthdays, username or new members. You will be able to see if you have ever looked at the profile before.

You can sort your searches by age, gender, percentage match, location, photographs and more. If you want to see who is online, there is the Who's Online section. You can refine your results by area or gender.

I adored the Community sections. This is where I found community forums, prayers, a blog, testimonials and dating advice. You will see the different topics available. You can find general help at the cafe.

There are also categories for Christianity, general interest and dating and relationships. You can make comments on the posts up for discussion, look at the profile of the people who started the discussion or create one of your own.

The Site Design

The creators of Christian Cafe deliberately made the site old fashioned. This was because they believed simple was best. The site is simple, easy and caters to Christians. The members are single and of all ages.

Christian Cafe Review

I found the site easy to use. The colors used are brown, gray and white. I found the scheme peaceful and soothing. The header menu shows you every feature available. There are tabs with drop-down menus to show you specific feature pages.

When you go to the search page, all you have to do is select the information you want to use for your search. The navigation was great and everything was easy for me to access.

Pros and Cons


  • The site is owned and operated by Christians.
  • The membership fee is very reasonable.
  • Most of the members are active.
  • There are a lot of good dating tips for Christians.
  • Christian Cafe led to more than 25,000 Christian marriages.
  • If a member is inactive for a few months, their profile is removed automatically.
  • All new members receive a free trial for seven days. If you add a photo to your profile, you get another three days for free.


  • I had a hard time reading some of the profiles because they were so long.
  • The questionnaire was long because it asked a lot of questions about my faith and personal priorities. Despite the length of time this required, it was worth every minute.

The Safety

I found the site to be safe or I never would have joined. The site even has a safety page. The safety features I read about made me feel good about joining Christian Cafe.

Christian Cafe Review

The moderators for the site said if I encountered any suspicious activity, they wanted me to report it. I never had to but it was nice to know I could if I had any issues. They also gave me some good advice.

They recommended not sharing my personal information with any of the members unless I was sure and had talked to them a lot. They also offered help if I wanted to cancel my account or had any difficulties with the site.

Once I told them I needed to cancel my account and why, they were absolutely delightful. They congratulated me and canceled my account almost immediately.

The Final Word

If you are interested in finding a relationship with a good Christian, this site offers everything you could ever want. The site is easy to navigate and the features make everything easy.

You can actively search for someone or let them find you. You do have to respond to any messages if you do not want to. There are a lot of members so the chances of your finding the person you have been looking for are good.

You can answer the questions to make certain anyone looking at your profile understands exactly what you want including your faith, religious preferences, age, etc. You never have to be afraid because the site is safe.

If you are tired of trying to find your ideal match, if social media has let you down or if you want to try something new, Christian Cafe is what you have been searching for.

Go to the site and sign up now so you will be closer to making your dreams come true.

Dating Throne Team

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