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6 Best: Senior Dating Websites Review

My grandfather is a wonderful man. He’s sweet, patient, and wise. Unfortunately for us, we lost our grandmother four years ago.

They were married for 55 years. In my humble opinion, that is a milestone for two people sharing a special bond. Their marriage produced four children and eight grandchildren.

I miss my grandmother, but I thought it was time for my grandfather to go out on a date. Luckily he agreed. He was ready to test the waters.

I did my research and found six interesting dating sites that cater to the senior community. He joined the sites and met several intriguing women. I was happy for him.

Unlike many other popular dating sites, the six dating sites listed below are free to join and easy for seniors to use. I believe are perfect for anyone above the age of 50. Let’s take a close look at them.

An image of Silver Singles official logo.

With over 85,000 visitors each month, SilverSingles is well-known for helping seniors connect with each other. Since 1995, SilverSingles has been committed to helping senior singles find true love.

It’s also a great site for people who are only interested in meeting new friends for casual relationships.

When I did my research on SilverSingles, I found hundreds of positive testimonies online. This website has helped thousands of people make romantic connections.

This is one of the primary reasons why SilverSingles is endorsed by many online dating experts around the country.


  • Extensive search tool
  • The site has simple navigation features
  • The support team is friendly and helpful

The ratio for SilverSingles is 59% women to 41% men. This trustworthy site gives everyone a chance to have fun while meeting new people.

An image of eHarmony official logo.

Chances are that you have seen eHarmony commercials on television. It is one of the most popular dating sites around today. This site gets over 4 million visits each month.

eHarmony started back in 2000. Over the years, it has gained fame for being a trustworthy site. This is great news if you have been deceived in the past. It’s not unusual for people to use fake profiles on dating sites these days.

What makes eHarmony different? The brain trust behind this website spares no cost when it comes to helping their members find their perfect match. For example, new members are required to take a personality test.

Why are you required to take a personality test? This helps eHarmony find other members that suit your personal taste. It may sound weird, but the personality test works exceptionally well.

What is the ratio for men and women on eHarmony? The ratio is 52% women to 48% men.


  • Members are clear about their expectations
  • No fake profiles
  • Extensive member profiles
  • You can interact with people around the world

Whether you are looking for a casual or serious relationship, eHarmony is one site you should check out.

An image of Elite Singles official logo.

If you are searching for the best that the single dating scene has to offer, you should consider joining Elite Singles. This first-class dating site has helped over 3,000 singles find their soul mate.

This is a huge plus when you look at the things you have to go through to meet decent people these days.

Is Elite Singles popular? Elite Singles gets over 2 million visitors each month. With these numbers, it’s fair to say that you will not have any trouble with finding someone special.

What’s the gender ratio for Elite Singles? On this site, the ratio is 56% women to 44% men.


  • You can get partner suggestions
  • The site uses anti-fraud detection software to weed out impostors

Elite Singles is your site if you are searching for top-notch singles. You will be pleased with the profiles on the site.

An image of Christian Mingle official logo.

Christian Mingle is the perfect dating site for spiritual singles. The site puts you on the perfect path for a long-term relationship based on Christian values. Christian seniors can rely upon this site to help them meet someone who shares the same faith and life principles.

When it comes to the gender stats on Christian Mingle, the ratio is 56% women to 44% men. This high quality dating website gets over 3 million visitors each month.


  • You can search by gender, age, education, etc
  • The majority of the members are over the age of 50
  • The site is designed for Christians
  • Great support team

Christian Mingle is the best sit to join if you are a devout Christian. Having a good relationship with your creator does not mean that you have to be alone. This fantastic dating website can help you meet other Christians around the country with ease.

#5: ​Match 50+

An image of Match official logo.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to be in your golden years to become a member of Match. This exclusive dating website focuses on offering an exceptional experience to the mature crowd that is ready for a serious commitment. Match makes it easy for members to find someone who meets their standards.

After you join Match, you are a few clicks away from meeting someone special. This site gets over 39 million visits each month. When you become a member of Match, you will be in perfect position to meet new people from the comfort of your home.


  • Free to join
  • The site is easy to navigate
  • The site has a solid reputation
  • You can search by zip code, age, and more

The gender ratio for Match is 51% women to 49% men. Match is a solid site for anyone interested in meeting real people with good values.

An image of OurTime official logo.

OurTime is the new kid on the block. This new site is ideal for people over the age of 50. This is great if you are only interested in meeting other seniors.

OurTime gets over 8 million hits per month. This means that you are bound to meet someone new when you become a member.

Women tip scale on OurTime. The ratio is 52% women to 48% men. This ratio gives members a golden opportunity to meet others and take it to another level.


  • The site is for casual dating and serious relationships
  • Advanced search features
  • You can upgrade for a reasonable price
  • The layout makes it easy for you to find your matches
  • The free membership offers registration, browsing, and flirt features

If you are over the age of 50, you are bound to get your money’s worth with OurTime. The customer support team is available if you have any problems. If you are ready to mingle with mature daters, you should consider joining the site today.

Tips For Dating As A Senior

Dating at any age can be daunting and overwhelming, but dating as a senior can come with its own set of challenges. Although when you are senior dating can feel like a near impossible task, this is nowhere close to the truth. There are many happy seniors who have and are entering the dating scene. These dating tips below will help seniors who are wanting to start dating again.

Set Expectations for Your Dating Life

At any stage in our lives, it is important that we set expectations for our love life. This helps us to remain confident in our decision making ability and attract partners that compliment us. If we lose sight of these expectations, we may find out that we are attracting people that are just not a good fit for our lives. Setting expectations is sometimes not always the easiest thing.

It is a good idea to make a list of your priorities in life. This list does not have to have any relation to your romantic priorities. The list could include what you most like to spend your time on, important people in your life, and your favorite hobbies. Also, you will want to include traits that you enjoy about yourself and traits that you wish to work on. Then, you can make a list of traits that you would like your potential partner to have.

Keep in mind that there is never a perfect person. Everyone will always have their flaws. Go into situations and create your expectations with an open mind. Although someone may not completely match your list, this does not mean that they are not an excellent match for you.

Redefine Your Values

What are things that are the most important to you and your future? What are things that are deal breakers for you? There are many aspects to a relationship and there may be certain things that you are just not comfortable with. You should never feel shameful or guilty if you stick to your deal breakers, especially if they cause you any sort of strain or distress.

Find Connections Through Your Friends and Family Members

One of the first places you can turn to in order to foster a new connection is reaching out to your friends and family members. These are the people that are closest to you and have your best interests at heart. For this reason, you will be able to trust that they will suggest people who will compliment you and who they have had good experiences with. However, this may not always be the case.

Keep in mind that your friends and family members may have different expectations, as well as different values than you do. This does not mean that connections your friends and family members have are not a good place to start. Reach out to your loved ones and tell them that you are interested in making connections. You may be surprised by who they know!

Make Connections Due to Shared Hobbies or Interests

When it comes to attracting someone who will fit into your life, it is important that you do not lose sight of the things that bring you the most joy. This includes engaging in your favorite hobbies and pursuing your interests. Continue to do these things, but take note of who always likes enjoying the things that you do.

You may be part of a community center or local club that hosts weekly or monthly meetings, as well as events. Perhaps, you are part of a sport and frequently have games or meets. Often, those who are interested in what we are interested in can provide a good foundation for a relationship. At the very least, this means that this person has also gone after what makes them happy.

Finding commonality, especially at the beginning of a relationship, is important for growth. Reach out to people who you may be interested in that are part of your clubs or organizations. This can also be a great way to build friendships.

Do Not be Afraid to Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

Sometimes, certain situations and conversations can be uncomfortable. One prime example is going on a first date. Getting ready for a first date can feel exhausting and overwhelming. It helps to try to switch your mindset from feeling anxious to feeling excited. Tell yourself that those butterflies are not because you are nervous, but because you are excited to meet this new person.

Stepping a little bit outside your comfort zone is important to your growth and you will have a difficult time dating if you do not push yourself to meet new people. You should also try to be open minded. However, you should never feel pressured to compromise your values or expectations.

Trust Your Instincts

We have instincts for a reason and they are actually part of our biology. If you start feeling overly tense, anxious, or just get a bad feeling then do not feel bad if you decide not to go on a date or cease talking to an individual. Sometimes, our instincts know what is best for us.

Never put yourself in a situation that you think could be potentially dangerous, causes you distress, or one that you are very uncomfortable with. You should always be going into a date and situation not having to question your safety. It is always a good idea to get into touch with a friend or family member to let them know that you are going on a date with someone new. If situations go astray, this loved one will be there for you to help you.

Take Opinions Lightly

It is safe to assume that everyone is going to have an opinion of you dating, as well as who you are dating. You most likely value the opinions of the people closest to you, including your friends and family members. Take these opinions into account, but also remember that your opinion matters the most.

If someone disapproves of your relationship, but you and your partner are happy then that is all that matters. While you should respect their opinions, try not to let those opinions influence your decision making too much. If you have questions or concerns, try speaking with the person you are dating first and see how their response makes you feel.

Expect Respect

You should never allow anyone to disrespect you, regardless of age. While we all make mistakes in life and disrespecting someone we care about can be lumped under that category, it is important that you do not allow someone to continuously disrespect you.

Have the confidence within yourself to know that you are worthy of love and respect. Maintain this self-confidence through the dating process and fall on your values, as well as your expectations. This will help you to navigate the dating waters.

First Date Ideas for Seniors

When it comes to a first date, many people can get the first date jitters. Sometimes, choosing a first date can feel nerve-wracking and there is often a certain amount of pressure to make sure everything is perfect. The best thing you can do is to go with the flow of the night, not put too much pressure on yourself, and try to enjoy the other person’s company. If something happens to go wrong, it can feel saddening, but it will not be the end of the world. These fun first date ideas can be just what you need to get started on the right foot.

Coffee Shop

Coffee shops can be romantic and private, especially since many have light music and low lighting. The aromatic smells of the coffee grounds can be quite pleasing. Some coffee shops even have outdoor patios. While you can sit at a table and chairs, some coffee shops even offer armchairs and sofas to sit on which can make the experience feel more homey and comfortable.

Drive-In Theatre

Oftentimes, the typical cinema has pretty steep prices and the chairs are uncomfortable. As an added downside, it is frowned upon to chat up your date or comment on the movie while the show is in progress. At a drive-in theatre, the price is right and you can bring your own chairs or sit in the comfort of your vehicle. You can also talk to your date without bothering those who are around you. This offers a more intimate experience than the traditional movie theatre.

Driving Tour

Maybe your date is not from the same town where you live. You could offer to take them on a driving tour of your area. This is a great way to have a relaxing time in each other’s company and to learn more about one another. You can point out spots that you enjoyed as a child, as well as pull up to your current favorite spots. You may choose to get out and enjoy a nice stroll in a local park. It also offers them the perfect segway into a second date, as they can easily offer to do the same thing for their town.

Dating as a senior can feel intimidating at first, as we all want to make the best impression. However, once we are equipped with the skills we need, we are able to make better decisions that will lead us to a great potential match. Remember your values, as well as your expectations, and keep an open mind when it comes to dating. These tips will help you to get started on the right foot.

Final Thoughts

Who said that seniors cannot add spice to their lives? Online dating sites make it extremely easy for you to meet people from all walks of life.

My grandfather joined the sites listed above and met several attractive women. If these dating websites helped him, there’s no reason why they cannot help you. You are a few clicks away from meeting new people.

You should check out these premium senior dating sites today. They will help you meet people and form new friendships. These sites will also help you meet the man or woman of your dreams.

Senior Dating Frequently Asked Questions

What are some dating tips for older seniors?

The world has undergone a tremendous technological change over the past few decades. Today, dating is probably a lot different from when you were in your twenties and thirties. With the internet, phones, and tons of places to meet other people, it can be overwhelming to know where to start.

Most older seniors who date are looking for fun and relaxation. They want someone to spend time with, and they might want someone who can keep up with their libido.

Here are some tips:

  • Cast a wide net - the internet lets you meet tons of different people!
  • Coffee dates are good - brief, companionable, comfortable, and in a public place
  • Ask about your date's interests, family, and stories. Both of you have decades of experience between you - there's a lot to talk about!
  • Dating casually is perfectly fine, especially if you're dating after the passing of your life partner
  • Good hygiene is a must for a good date, as is a genuine smile!
  • Mention a second date before the end of the first if you're having fun
  • Live in the present moment instead of fixating on the past
  • Be respectful even if you don't enjoy the date
  • Be honest and forthright in your communication
  • Take heed of the differences between emotional attachment and sexual attraction

Ultimately, it's best to treat a date the same way you would a gathering with a new friend. That's the best way to keep it from feeling intimidating and overwhelming.

How long do seniors date before getting married?

Not all seniors are looking for marriage. In fact, many aren't. Even if you end up in a committed relationship, it's common for seniors to be uninterested in the conventions of marriage. All of that fuss and bustle seems more relevant to a younger crowd.

Marriage might also be fraught if you've been married before and either been divorced or widowed. You may have complicated feelings about the idea of marrying again. That's okay. It's very common for people in the US today to date with no expectation of marriage - the whole dating world remains open to you!

If you do have an interest in marriage, these are some things to keep in mind:

  • Many experts recommend cohabitating for at least a year before getting legally married.
  • You and your partner should be aware of what you want from the future, rather than just reminiscing about the past.
  • Your partner should make you happy, and your life should be full of more joy than stress when you're with them.
  • Being open and honest about how serious you are helps ensure that everyone's on the same page, which can also prevent unnecessary heartbreak down the road.
Do seniors ever seek casual relationships?

Yes! In fact, more seniors date casually than seriously, at least in the United States.

As the years go by, more and more Americans aren't married. Some never got married in the first place. Others have had marriages that ended via separation, death, or divorce. Twenty million seniors of age 65 or higher are single in the US.

As was mentioned with the prior questions, forthright communication is key. There's no need to waste time. You should tell your partner what you want, and more importantly, what you don't want. That will help you determine whether the two of you are compatible.

Some seniors might seek casual romantic relationships that involve companionship, fun dates, and laughter. Others might be chiefly interested in sexual relationships and have little interest in forming a romantic attachment.

What are some warning flags to watch out for when you enter the dating scene?

One of the toughest parts of dating as a senior is that you probably haven't dated for a while. Whether you've had a spouse or simply haven't had interest in romantic relationships, you might feel like you aren't sure what to do.

It's important to know how to find warning signs in partners. These are signs of a partner who may have anger issues, be emotionally manipulative, or be otherwise abusive. Toxic relationships can happen to people of all ages. It's easier to spot the signs early if you know what to watch for.

Relationships don't have to be actively abusive to be unhealthy. An unhealthy relationship might just be a relationship that makes you feel burdened or unhappy or too dependent on your partner. Alternatively, you might feel like your partner is too dependent on you.

Some common warning signs include:

  • Intense anger or upset that seems to happen out of nowhere
  • Possessive and controlling behavior, which might include trying to control where you go, who you see, and what you do
  • Constant second-guessing and nitpicking your decisions
  • Words used to manipulate you into being confused about what happened during a conflict
  • Isolation, in which you or your partner stop seeing your friends and family because you're relying so heavily on each other
  • Destructive and cruel behavior, purposefully ruining your belongings, success, projects, or other things that are important to you
  • Condescension and belittling language, which makes you feel bad about yourself and chips away at your confidence
  • Words used to guilt you into feeling bad about or responsible for your partner's actions
  • Repeated excuses for bad behavior without taking any responsibility or making an effort to change
  • Disregard of your boundaries or betrayal of your relationship parameters

Everyone sometimes acts in unhealthy ways. Communication is hard, and we all have days when we're short-tempered, frustrated, or tired. But when these behaviors become a pattern that your partner doesn't want to change, that's when things can become very serious.

What are some safety rules for seniors who are dating?

Watching for warning flags in a partner is just part of staying safe. Fortunately, many safety rules are common sense. Unfortunately, some people prey on seniors because it's harder to protect yourself when you're elderly.

Follow these tips to stay safe and healthy as you explore new life adventures:

  • Always meet strangers in well-lit, public areas that you're familiar with
  • Don't give anyone your personal financial details if you've just met them
  • Don't approach anyone in a dark alley, other dark areas, the XXX aisle of a store, a funeral, or a crowded elevator
  • Use protection when you have sex
  • Get regularly tested for STDs, especially if you have multiple sexual partners; AIDS rates are fastest growing among individuals over the age of 50
  • Carry mace or pepper spray if you plan to walk alone at night
  • Always let a friend or family member know where you're going and when to expect you back

Basically, just make sure that you use caution, look out for yourself, and have someone who knows where you are.

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