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Top 10 Pagan Dating Sites


eHarmony is a massively popular dating site that has been matching compatible partners since August of 2000. That's a long history of success.

Using the scientific and psychological principles of attraction, eHarmony connects people who have similar backgrounds, temperaments, and needs, a formula that is responsible for over 500 new marriages a day in the United States.

  • 45% of eHarmony users are men and 52% are women.
  • 4.1 Million people visit the eHarmony website every month.
  • Has one of the most advanced match-making algorithms in the world.

Although most of the aim of eHarmony is based on what conservative Christian’s look for, the chance to find someone who shares your Pagan values is high. It’s vast reach and popularity, paired with its prime intention to match couples based on important values, makes it an excellent service for Pagan individuals.

#2: Match

Match is one of the original online dating websites, founded in 1995 and is often rated #1 when compared to other sites in studies.

A pioneer in the industry, the website now helps people find partners in 24 different countries and tailors each person’s experience based on their culture and location.

  • 25% of users are under 30, with 48.6% between the ages of 30 and 49.
  • 74% of users have some college or have a college degree.
  • The 50+ age group is the website’s fastest growing demographic.
  • This year, released a new feature: AskMatch aims to help users navigate online dating by making a team of dedicated coaches available for one-on-one phone sessions.
  • 3-day all-inclusive free trials and memberships starting as low as $5.46.

With the ability to connect with people all over the world and it’s established reputation, has become one of the most popular and successful dating websites online. Because of its widespread use, accessibility and popularity, the ability to connect with people who share the Pagan faith is increased three-fold.

Spiritual Singles

Spiritual Singles is the self proclaimed “best niche dating site for spiritually “woke” individuals.” While they don’t specify what religions or paths are most popular on their site, they are very open about their efforts to match people based off of traits and interests that may be overlooked on other sites- including poly-amorous individuals.

  • Allows for members to search for matches by specific interests or by location.
  • Members can choose the type of connection they are looking for (man looking for women, woman looking for women, etc.)
  • International members from all over the world.
  • Free and Paid membership types.
  • Offers straight and gay options for match-making.
  • Part of the CDN

This website directly services individuals who are very spiritually minded, while still providing a class match-making site feel. The great thing about Spiritual Singles is that they are very clear about what demographics they cater to and it’s unlikely anyone who doesn’t value spirituality would join the site. This created a specific type of dating pool which eliminates the potential to be mis-matched with someone who doesn’t share those values.

Another great thing about many of the following Pagan-specific dating websites is that they are part of the larger CDN (Conscious Dating Network) which allows for members who join one specific dating network to be found on an affiliate network by one of their members. It provides a larger member pool increasing the chances of finding your perfect match, while still remaining very specific to the Pagan niche.

Pagan Singles Dating

Pagan Singles Dating is a website designed for pagans who are looking for a match that shares in their principles and beliefs.

Structured more like a social media website and less like a normal dating website, Pagan Singles can be a fun, casual alternative to the other match-making sites.

  • Pagan Singles has users of all ages, but mainly serves the 35+ demographic and has a strong female presence.
  • This type of website connects you to singles, but also allows for friendships with other Pagans to flourish through their social-media like interface.
  • Free and Paid membership types.
  • Offers straight and gay options for match-making.
  • Part of the CDN.

This website relies heavily on communication and does not ask users to complete match-making surveys. It is a more of an open, get-to-know everyone kind of dating website and while that provides endless opportunity, it can also mean there may be a lot of duds you have to sort through to find the perfect match.

Pagan Dating Service

Pagan dating service is another great interface for finding a match that shares your spiritual beliefs.

This website offers a sense of privacy not found on the previously listed site, where you can browse members without actually being one.

  • Allows for members to search for matches by specific interests or by location.
  • Members can choose the type of connection they are looking for (man looking for women, woman looking for woman, etc.).
  • International members from all over the world.
  • Free and Paid membership types.
  • Offers straight and gay options for match-making.
  • Part of the CDN.

There are many different ways to practice Paganism and finding someone who shares in your specific habits and beliefs can be freeing and very important in a relationship. Pagan Dating Service allows for users to find someone who shares their specific Pagan path, whether it be neo-Paganism or traditional Druidism.

Pagan Dating Site

Pagan Dating Site offers a highly diversified group of like-minded people for you to converse, meet and hopefully connect with.

Through their partnership with the CDN you will have access to thousands of spiritual and open-minded individuals looking for love with someone who has similar beliefs and morals.

  • Allows for members to search for matches by specific interests or by location Members can choose the type of connection they are looking for (man looking for women, woman looking for women, etc.).
  • International members from all over the world.
  • Free and Paid membership types.
  • Offers straight and gay options for match-making.
  • Part of the CDN.

This is a sister-site to Pagan Dating Service, which allows you to pick an interface you prefer while still having access to the Conscious Dating Network and all of its members. The variation allows for members to have many options for usage.

Pagan Dating UK

While Paganism is widely practiced all over the World, the UK has a high volume of practicing Pagans because it is rich in Pagan history.

This website accepts members specifically from the UK in an attempt to connect people close to each other.

  • Very simple interface.
  • Location-specific Pagans.
  • Open to all walks of the Pagan path.
  • No paid membership needed.

Pagan Dating is a very simple website for users who want to eliminate the extra-steps of traditional dating websites. It allows for people to connect one-on-one through communication, without the expectations that other websites create.

Pagan Partners US

A partner of Pagan Dating UK, this simple-to-use dating site acts more like a meeting page where singles can connect and share their interests.

This website is US-specific which allows for Pagans all over the country to meet singles near them.

  • Very simple interface.
  • Location-specific to United States Pagans.
  • Open to all walks of the Pagan path.
  • No paid membership needed.

This style of website creates an informal online meeting environment for practicing Pagans in the United States. Location-specific sites like this allow for people to meet without expectation and connect in a more old-fashioned, personal way. There are no age demographics or extensive match-making surveys, which can be exactly what some people are looking for.

Pagan Dating Ireland

Ireland is rich in Pagan practitioners - being one of the first places in the World that nature-based faiths began.

Pagan Dating Ireland creates a safe environment for Pagans of Ireland to connect via the internet through another simple and classic interface.

  • Very simple interface.
  • Location-specific to Emerald Isle Pagans.
  • Allows for members to search for matches by specific interests or by location.
  • Open to all walks of the Pagan path.
  • No paid membership needed.
  • Offers straight and gay options for match-making.
  • Part of the CDN.

This website is nicely designed and easy to use. The location-specific requirements limits accessibility to Pagans in the States, but it is a great tool for those in Ireland to make meaningful connections with people near them that share their Pagan faith.

#10: Zoosk


Zoosk is a more classic take on dating websites. Comparable to sites like Match and eHarmony, Zoosk was named the best dating app of 2016.

It is meant to be used as a mobile interface, for easy and consistent access.

  • Zoosk users are 48% male and 52% female.
  • There are 28.9 Million visits a month to the website.
  • Fully integrated with social media sites like Facebook and Google+.
  • Aimed for a younger generation of singles, ages 21-35.
  • Zoosk has free membership trials and premium memberships starting at $12.49.

Zoosk is a great choice for singles who want the accessibility and popularity of top dating sites without the high prices and over-bearing algorithms. The high-visit percentage by users, ease of access and compatibility with social media means that you will have access to a high volume of potential Pagan matches.

Pagan Dating FAQ

What is modern day Paganism?

Modern Paganism is a term that's used to describe the collective group of new religious movements that have influences or spiritual roots in historical pagan beliefs. There were many different pagan societies prior to modern peoples, and the exact practices and beliefs varied widely.

Modern Paganism is also often called Neopaganism and Contemporary Paganism. Unlike Christianity's denominations, the different movements within modern day paganism tend to be separate religions instead of altering interpretations of the same doctrine. There is no unifying set of beliefs, religious texts, practices, or deities.

Because of how diverse the different modern pagan subcultures are, it's impossible to describe them all in detail. Most discussion of modern pagans refers to common trends and the beliefs of the largest individual groups.

Are paganism and Wicca the same thing?

No, there are differences between the two concepts. While the community overlap is broad, the distinction between the terms is significant.

The biggest difference is that Wicca is a specific religion that was formed in the mid 1900s. Wicca has a specific set of beliefs and specific teachings. Many non-Wiccan pagans don't want to be associated with Wiccan subculture, but it's also common for some non-Wiccan pagans to celebrate holidays based on Wiccan tradition.

Paganism, on the other hand, is an umbrella term. Wiccans fit the definition of modern paganism. Their religion is a contemporary movement that is based on the idea of finding spirituality in pre-modern religions. But not all pagans are Wiccan. There are many, many other pagan movements that were started recently and have different belief systems.

What are some common practices in pagan spirituality?

As mentioned, there are no unifying practices or teachings. Not every pagan will partake in any given practice. But with that said, many modern pagans share similar spiritual beliefs regarding the healing power of nature, the importance of the earth, and the divinity of the universe.

It's common for spiritual practices to be grounded in these beliefs and views. Even when beliefs about the world differ, there are some common practices that pagans use to connect with their spirituality. Some elements of a pagan spiritual setup include:

  • Reading materials regarding the practices of ancient peoples, prioritizing ones that are historically accurate above ones that are just pushing a modern agenda
  • Spending time outdoors, gardening, hiking, swimming, sitting in nature, or otherwise being near the earth
  • Having a simple ritual and prayers to use when doing any divine-related work or energy work
  • Learning basic meditation practices and how to enter a simple trance
  • Finding local pagan temples to connect with other community members and learn more

Most modern pagan religions don't have the same strict structuring or doctrine as Christianity. They tend to emphasize connecting with your own spirituality in whatever way you feel is truest to yourself. A lot of religious communities are bound not by commandments but by shared texts, divine entities, and religious rituals.

That said, you do have to give a lot of critical thought to how you practice and what you learn. There can be a lot of nonsense out there, and it's easy to absorb and repeat untrue things without realizing they're untrue.

What spiritual principles are often part of paganism?

Some people have tried to write a definition of what makes someone "spiritually" pagan. But defining it is impossible. Because paganism is so individualized and varied, no one will have the exact same principles. And there are no principles you "must" believe in to identify as pagan.

But there are some principles and spiritual experiences that are common for members in many different communities within the modern pagan umbrella.

Paganism often appeals to people who have these feelings:

  • All types of weather bring you joy, and you love being outside and being in nature.
  • The changing of seasons brings you great pleasure and peace.
  • You consider life to be sacred, including the lives of animals and plants.
  • You believe the universe must have some kind of higher intelligence, but the Christian conception of the Almighty God makes you uncomfortable.
  • You tend to be interested in many areas and love learning about niche topics just for the sake of learning.
  • You find mundane magic in the animals, people, and world surrounding you on a regular basis.
  • You have concerns about how modern life affects people, and you are profoundly bothered by unnecessary cruelty, hatred, and greed.
What are some common pagan holidays and celebrations?

It's common for modern pagans to adhere to the Wheel of the Year. This is a yearly cycle made up of seasonal festivals. The dates include both solstices, both equinoxes, and all of the middle dates between those points. The cycle has a total of eight festivals.

Wheel-based pagan festivals are hosted based around folk traditions from varying cultures, even if those cultures didn't historically practice paganism.

The festivals are:

  • Litha on the summer solstice
  • Yule on the winter solstice
  • Ostara on the spring equinox
  • Mabon on the autumn equinox
  • Imbolc between winter and spring
  • Beltane between spring and summer
  • Lammas between summer and autumn
  • Samhain between autumn and winter

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