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You shouldn’t feel ashamed of your geeky passions. Video games and comic books are awesome, so why should you be made to feel bad about them? And even better, there’s no reason you should have to struggle to find a date just because you like these things.

Being an outcast for belonging to the subculture of geeks, nerds, and the like is a thing of the past. In fact, thanks to the extreme popularity of superhero movies, being geeky is the new cool. You might actually be surprised how many people like you are out there and also looking for someone with interests compatible with their own.

Top 10 Geek Dating Websites


Is there a science to finding your perfect match? The folks at eHarmony certainly seem to think so!

This popular dating site was founded in 1997 by Dr. Neil Clark Warren. Dr. Warren discovered that meaningful, lasting relationships didn’t come down to luck. No, luck has nothing to do with it!

He founded eHarmony with one goal in mind: to create an algorithm that matched people based on specific personality compatibility and not leave it up to luck.

What more do you need as a nerd in search of love but to find another nerd in search of the very same thing? eHarmony makes it that simple.

#2: Match


Although is not specifically a nerd dating site, this site has possibly to biggest potential for you to find your ideal partner. They have been around the longest (they first got started back in 1995) and have been the source of thousands of diverse relationship success stories since then.

Spreading across 25 countries and territories and in 15 different languages, Match is one of the most populated dating sites worldwide. It’s super easy to find fellow nerds on the site.

All you have to do is fill out your interests when you sign up for an account and let the rest

Elite Singles

In this generation of swipe left, swipe right, slide up, and look down hook-up dating, finding a relationship that lasts seems like it's never going to happen.

There are a variety of dating sites and apps to choose from, but with Elite Singles the choices are far more suited for longer-lasting relationships (with the nerd of your dreams).

Here are a few reasons why:

• Signing up for Elite Singles is easy and with an in-depth personality report, you'll find the best matches suited to your character, intelligence, and goals.
• There's a helpful blog doling out life skills to apply to your everyday life and your dating one to help improve your chances of finding a relationship that lasts.
• There's a very good ratio of women to men on the site with a wide age range, and a variety of preferences for your particular taste.

Finding a love that lasts is easier to do when you have sites like Elite Singles curating the matches for you. They do the heavy lifting so you're free to find love.

Geek Nerd Dating

This is where things get interesting. As the name clearly suggests, Geek Nerd Dating exists to help all you geeks and nerd get a date! If you’ve tried other dating sites with no luck finding a fellow geek that’s compatible with you, give this site a shot.

This site makes registering super simple and fast so you can get to the real reason you’re here: to meet and have fun with a fellow geeky cutie.

Geek Nerd Dating is also part of the Online Connections network, which helps your profile get shown on other geek dating sites as well.

Geeky Friends Date

Geeky Friends Date is a completely free dating site designed with you in mind. Seriously, an entire dating site dedicated to helping geeks find love without ever having to pay for extra features in order to connect with someone else more deeply.

You can access their site through the desktop or mobile version, so you can use it no matter where you are. With thousands of single geeks already using the website, there is a high probability you will be able to find your someone special here.

Match Geeks

So say you’re not looking for anything seriously romantic right now and you just want to meet likeminded people to form a connection with. If that’s you, why not give Match Geeks a try? Both an online dating network for geeks and a social network, Match Geeks has a lot to offer.

Whether you’re looking for a romantic partner or something totally platonic, you will likely find what you’re looking for. On this site you will find sci-fi, fantasy, video game, and cosplay fans and literally any other geeky subculture you can think of.

Hot For Geek

If you’re worried about the safety of whatever dating site you use, worry no more! We all know that nobody wants to flirt and try to find a date if they don’t feel safe in doing so.

Hot For Geek has a reliable authentication system so you know your safety is of utmost importance to the creators of the site and you can comfortably chat with cute geeks to your hearts content.

Trek Dating

Are you a lonely starship captain looking for your Number One? Trek Dating is dedicated to helping you do just that. Up until now we talking about general geek dating sites, but here we have a site entirely for helping you find someone who loves exploring the galaxy Star Trek style just as much as you do.

Whether you’re just a casual Trekkie and just enjoy a few episodes here and there or a hardcore Trekkie who goes to every convention entirely decked out in your newest Trek cosplay, there is a place for you on Trek Dating.

Whovian Love

Whovian Love makes it super simple for you to find your Companion to go on all your adventures with! At first glance the site may seem like there’s not a lot going on. There’s no link to an About page to learn more about the service, just a login and a sign up.

But I can assure you, this dating site is bigger on the inside! All you have to do to start is click the big red button that says “Start Your Adventure” and then sign up with Facebook. Allons-y!

Nerd Passions

Nerd Passions is one the largest growing dating sites and social media platforms specifically for nerds and geeks. Here you can let your geek flag fly high and take pride in all your little quirks and eccentricities (all the little things that make you uniquely geeky).

While some dating sites are part of networks that will place your profile on other dating sites, Nerd Passions takes a different path. They are still part of a network, but they do not place your profile anywhere you have not given them express permission for. So you can be secure in knowing exactly where your information is going at all times as a member of Nerd Passions.

Nerd Dating FAQ

What are some of the most popular nerdy franchises today?

Decades ago, the most popular people might have been the athletic and sporty ones. But even though the Superbowl still draws tons of US viewers every year, sports have long since stopped being the dominant part of social conversation.

Entertainment TV shows like American Idol took the spotlight from them, and now that those are fading, nerd culture is in.

There's never been a better time to be a nerd. Comic books and DnD are no longer niche hobbies that are made fun of. Instead, some of the biggest media franchises in today's world are entrenched in nerd culture.

These are just some of the big titles:

  • Game of Thrones
  • Marvel Cinematic Universe and Marvel Comics
  • DC Cinematic Universe and DC Comics
  • Dungeons and Dragons
  • Star Wars
  • Harry Potter

And the popularity of these franchises has brought other similar books and movies and television shows into the mainstream. If you're a nerd who likes fantasy wizards? That's an entire genre now! The same goes for space operas, tabletop roleplaying games, and high political fantasy.

What does "nerd" mean today?

Some people have started debating whether terms like "nerd" and "geek" are even relevant in today's culture. In the past, interest in things like fantasy, sci-fi, and roleplaying was considered cringey. But all of those genres have exploded, becoming so complex that there are a million new subcultures out there.

Almost everyone likes at least one of the franchises listed. So technically, almost everyone is a nerd.

That leaves the dating pool pretty wide open. If you want to date someone nerdy based on your common interests, you'll have an easier time narrowing down your search. Meanwhile, if you want to date someone nerdy so you can "geek out" about things, you're in luck! Getting excited about stuff is the hot new trend.

What are some fun date ideas for nerds?

There are tons of ways that nerdy people can make dating fun. No one says that all dates have to be chocolate, roses, and expensive dinners. One of the great things about nerd dating is that you're bonding over the things you enjoy. It's possible that neither of you finds traditional dating very interesting.

The ideas that work for you will vary based on what you and your date specifically enjoy. But here are a couple starting points:

  • Go to a trivia night hosted by a local bar, work as a team, and bond over your love of weird facts.
  • Take a chess set to the park, set up a picnic, and then sit in the sunshine while you try to destroy each other.
  • Bring a card game like Magic the Gathering to your outdoor picnic.
  • Go to a local arcade and play some of the vintage games together.
  • Bring out the board games, whether they're coming with you on a date or entertaining you for a night indoors.
  • Make up your own Latin-sounding names for plants.
  • Read aloud to each other.
  • Solve math puzzles while trying not to break eye contact with your partner.

That's without even getting into the local events you could look up, the hobbies you could engage in, or the time you can spend watching your favorite shows together.

Dating should be fun. Since you and your date already know a lot of ways to have fun, you can just work the romance into them.

What are some fun hobbies I can do with a nerdy girlfriend?

Whether they're creative hobbies, time-killing hobbies, or just plain fun hobbies, there are lots of nerdy things you can share with a partner.

Some neat hobbies to try are:

  • Try Metal Earth modeling, which is a modeling kit with a single flat sheet of metal. Instead of assembling pieces, you fold the metal into the right shape with pliers.
  • Set up a retro gaming station. You don't need the official arcade consoles; you can use emulators for almost anything.
  • Invest in a couple cool Lego kits and build yourself robots, spaceships, and castles. Or get a set of regular blocks and create your own designs.
  • Read books together, especially comic books and exciting fiction books. You can spend companionable time in the same room, and if you read the same stories, you get to talk about them.
  • Try geocaching. Find out if there's a geocache in your area and see if you guys can find it on a date.
  • Start sewing and creating costumes for fun. Cosplay is a hugely popular hobby with a big community and lots of tips.
  • Work on big jigsaw puzzles or other puzzles together. It can be extremely satisfying to put pieces in order.
How can nerdy people meet each other?

Lots of nerdy people meet online through dating sites, dating apps, social media, fandom communities, forums, and other places.

In real life, the places to meet nerds will depend on where you are. Lots of areas have group meetups for different nerdy interests. It's also common for local libraries to host book clubs and classes on various nerdy hobbies.

Fandom spaces like meetups and conventions also make a great place to find people with mutual common ground.

In Conclusion

I hope I’ve convinced you by now that finding a date doesn’t have to mean giving up who you are: that fun, geeky nerd is here to stay (and here to slay). Try one or more of these sites today and you’ll find your Player Two before you know it.

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