Best Military Dating Sites Review

Best Military Dating Sites Review

Top 10 Military Dating Sites

Some of the most deserving people in the world can struggle with finding love. Those who serve in the military have sacrificed a lot to defend their country. Because of their lifestyle, always traveling to different locations, it can be difficult for them to form lasting relationships.

Luckily, in today's world, there are plenty of online sites that can be used to find that perfect match. No matter where you are stationed in the world, it's possible to find love.

Here is a list of top ten dating sites that military personnel can use to search for their perfect match.

#1: Match

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Another huge dating site is Match. While this site isn't specifically tailored to the military either, you have to appreciate its huge dating pool. Match boasts 21,575,000 members.

Of those members, about 49% of them are men while 51% of them are women. They're just about even. So, depending on your orientation, you have plenty of chances to find the right match for you.

Those who use Match fall into numerous categories. Some are looking for long-term relationships while others are looking for casual hook-ups. So, whether you're looking for that one to share the rest of your life with or you just want someone to pass the time with, Match can be a great option for you. It's also open to those who identify as LGBTQ+.

You do need to sign up as a member to contact matches. Finally, the average ages of the users of Match range from 35-44 years old.

For decades, eHarmony has been the go-to place for people looking to find love. With a large pool of people living all across the world, it's easier than ever to find someone near your station. They use a scientific algorithm designed to help match you best on personality, hobbies, and ideals for your relationship.

Besides just having users across the United States, eHarmony also has users that span over 200 countries throughout the world. So, even if you have to leave the country tomorrow, you can still use this site to find your love in the country you're moving to.

Another reason that people use eHarmony is that they offer identification verification tools. No one wants to waste their time talking to someone who is pretending to be someone else. eHarmony tries to use as many safety precautions as possible for its users.

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When it comes to online dating sites, Elite Singles carves out a special niche. This is not just another application where you swipe through pictures in search of a one night stand. Instead, you will find an entire community of professional adults looking for serious friendships and lasting relationships.

With Elite Singles, you will start with a free membership. Fill out your detailed profile and then wait for daily matches to start coming into your inbox. It is fun to go through those each day, as you just never know when you are going to meet your partner for life.

• Single, professional adults are the focus of Elite Singles
• Be detailed with your profile so that you can get the most accurate matches possible
• More than 80 percent of the adults you will find on Elite Singles have already earned a college degree

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With an operation ranging for almost two decades, Military Friends has been around for some time. It aims to bring those who serve in the military together. It's also open to civilians who are interested in dating those who are in the service. This site is also free and allows you to see matches that are made for you.

However, messaging options are restricted to members. That being said, the free version does allow you to have a functional profile that can still allow you to meet singles. You just might have a bit more luck by becoming a member.

Another site that is specifically geared towards the military is Military Singles Connection. Although Military Singles Connection has since changed to a site known as Spark, military officials are still able to use it to find love. The site is a bit more open-ended now with a larger user base.

This can make it easier to find love since the dating pool is larger. Spark also offers a different method for setting up your profile in order to find matches. Instead of just learning about you, they also ask questions and prompt you to think about the things that you really want in a relationship.

In return, this helps you form long-lasting and deep relationships with those whom you're matched. Another benefit that Spark, or Military Singles Connection, offers is its ability to message other people even if you're not a member. You can have a free profile and actually make it work for you without paying extra.

Whether you want romance or a devoted pen pal, you can possibly find your match on U.S. Military Singles. Like many other dating sites, this one also allows you to have limited functionality with a free profile. It's made up of a pool of people who are either looking for marriage, a lasting relationship, casual dating, or even just a devoted pen pal or friend.

With so many people looking for various aspects of a relationship, you're sure to find exactly what you need at this site. U.S. Military Singles is open both for military personnel and civilians looking to date someone in the military. It also helps break down your dating into states.

This can help singles looking for matches in their area. The dating site differs from others because they don't bore you with a long survey designed to dig into every facet of your lifestyle and personality.

This is because they understand that finding out about those details is the most exciting part of dating. Instead, they ask a few basic questions and then use those results to offer you a large range of singles that might interest you. From there, it's up to you to make those lasting connections.

An image of An image of Military Friends Date official logo

With a large user base in Fort Hood, Norfolk, and Camp Lejeune, Military Friends Date is the most precise dating site for military personnel out there. Geared towards both military personnel and civilians looking for love in the military, this dating site keys in on those in active service.

It's also free to use extensively. You're able to send and receive messages on this site without having to pay a thing. Military Friends Date also partners with other dating sites to help increase their pool and find you the best matches possible.

Once you make your profile, you're able to search for matches and singles in your area. Never once will you be asked to pay for a service. For those who legitimately want a free dating site, then Military Friends Date could be the site for you.

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Whether you're currently serving or have served in the past, you can use Army Dating Service to find the love of your life. Because this site is specifically geared towards those who either serve in the military or are interested in dating someone in the military, you're able to find someone with similar life goals to you. This can be difficult to find other sites with larger ranges of users who don't understand military life.

You have two options on how to use the site. You can make a free profile. This allows you to look through profiles and even use a few different flirty tools to make your interest known. You can also modify your own profile.

The other option is a paid membership. This further unlocks certain tools that can make finding that match even easier.

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If you happen to be a civilian and you're interested in dating a soldier, then this is the site for you. Soldier Match is aimed towards civilians who hold an interest in those who risk it all to serve their country. It can also be used for soldiers to find love with other soldiers.

This site has a free profile option as well as a paid one. It's easy to use and has a straightforward interface.

An image of Black Military Dating official logo

A lot of dating sites can sometimes be geared towards certain ethnicities. For those who know exactly who they want, then you might want to consider Black Military Dating. As the name suggests, this site is geared towards African Americans.

A free profile will grant you limited access while a paid one lets you perform numerous actions. The site even has webcams that its users utilize to speak with their matches.

If you know who you like, then limit your time browsing and use Black Military Dating to find the match of your dreams.


There are few who are more deserving of love and lasting relationships than those who serve in the military. Their courageous acts should be rewarded with a stable love that nurtures and cherishes them. You can find that love using any of the dating sites listed above today.

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