September 13, 2019

Top Options For Mature Dating

10 Best: Mature Dating Sites Review

Getting back into the dating scene can be difficult for anyone, and especially so for those of us who've been away for a long time.

The rules of the game changed while you were married or sharing your life with that special someone, making the prospect of dating again that much more daunting.

Still, you know that life would be so much more rewarding if you could find someone with whom to share it. Where does one go to meet likeminded, mature singles?

More and more, singles over fifty are turning to online dating in order to meet that special companion.

Here are ten of the most popular online dating sites for mature singles:

An image of Silver Singles official logo.

With over 800,000 visits monthly, Silver Singles just may be the place to find your mature match.

This safe and secure site offers free basic membership as well as the option to pay for the added features of premium membership.

Major Features:

  • Get recommended matches for free
  • Free personality profile test
  • Mobile App

A robust and growing membership makes Silver Singles a great place to search for mature singles in your area or beyond.

An image of eHarmony official logo.

Okay, so eharmony isn't a mature dating site, necessarily. As is the case with, though, the site's sheer number of active members qualifies it as a great place to find like-minded mature singles.

Boasting over four million visitors monthly, eharmony is responsible for fully two percent of all marriages in the United States.

Major Features:

  • Focus on facilitating long-term relationships
  • A personality profile is utilized to deliver only the most compatible matches

The tremendous success of eharmony as an online matchmaking service is proof-positive that the site's methods work.

The mature single you've been hoping to encounter may just be found here.

An image of  official logo.

While does not cater exclusively to mature singles, it's enormous membership makes it a great place to find love and/or companionship over fifty.

With thirty million active members and nearly fourteen million visitors monthly, is one of the largest and fastest-growing dating sites in the world.

Major Features:

  • Creaet your profile for free
  • Search for and receive matches for free
  • Browse profiles by age, zip-code, appearance, and more

Considering's huge membership pool and many free features, it's no wonder so many mature singles have registered as members.

An image of Elite Singles official logo.

Level of education is an important factor in determining whether or not two people are likely to be compatible romantically. No dating site knows this better than Elite Singles.

Eighty percent of the site's members hold either an undergraduate, graduate or post-graduate degree.

Major Features:

  • Free to join
  • View profiles and flirt for free
  • Access useful dating tips and advice

With over two million visitors per month, you're sure to find plenty of dynamic, educated singles of all age groups on Elite Singles.

An image of Christian Mingle official logo.

If you're a person of faith, it's extremely important to find matches that share your values and beliefs. At Christian Mingle, every member is a Christian.

Mature singles looking for a relationship will find plenty of matches on Christian Mingle, as the majority of this site's paid users are over fifty-five.

Major Features:

  • Every member is Christian
  • Most paid members are over 55
  • Free basic membership available

The largest Christian online dating site in the world, Christian Mingle has over three million visitors monthly.

If you're looking for a mature relationship based on "mutual faith and love," Christian Mingle may be the place for you.

An image of OurTime official logo.

An online dating site exclusively for singles over fifty, Ourtime is completely free to use.

Ourtime understands that members of older generations may not have the affinity for technology younger ones do, and so they've built their site accordingly.

Major Features:

  • Join for free
  • Easy, user-friendly site navigation
  • Streamlined account setup

Ourtime has almost nine million visits monthly, a very respectable number for a niche dating site.

It just may be your ideal mature match awaits you here.

An image of UK Mature Dating Site official logo.

Whether you're looking for a long-term relationship, casual dating, or even a platonic friendship, UK Mature Dating Site is ready to serve. Catering to singles in their forties, fifties, sixties and beyond, this site serves England, Whales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland.

Major Features:

  • Every profile verified for member safety
  • Mobile-friendly site
  • Simple registration process

With thousands of members in their forties, fifties, and beyond, the UK Mature Dating Site should be considered by every mature single in the UK.

An image of Single and Mature official logo.

One of the largest online mature singles dating sites in the UK, Single and Mature allows new members to send introductory messages for free. The site also offers tips on how to find that special someone "to enjoy life with."

Major Features:

  • Free sign-up
  • Send introductory messages for free
  • Safe, secure site

If you live in the UK and you're looking for a long-term commitment or just some companionship, visit Single and Mature.

An image of ​Mature Singles Agency official logo.

From humble beginnings as a personalized matchmaking service, Mature Singles Agency has expanded into one of the world's most popular online dating sites for mature singles. Mature Singles Agency employs a highly-advanced algorithm in order to find users the best potential matches.

Major Features:

  • Among the world's premier online mature dating services
  • Advanced algorithms deliver matches based on personality and preference
  • Free to Join

Mature Singles Agency believes that "everyone deserves to have someone special in their life." Your someone special just may be waiting for you at Mature Singles Agency.

The final entry on our list is Click Matures. This online dating site is operated by people of the same age group as the site's members, so they're intimately aware of the unique challenges dating later in life can present. Click Matures uses a "dating protector profile system" to ensure member safety.

Major Features:

  • Uses a unique dating protector profile system
  • Filter searches by various criteria
  • Free to Join

Members of Click Matures can filter their searches based on a variety of criteria, so there's no need to waste time scouring through matches that, for one reason or the other, won't work for you. If you're looking to meet mature singles in your area, consider saving some time and visiting Click Matures.


Dating later in life can be fun and exciting, but it can also prove challenging.

That's why online dating for mature singles is one of the fastest-growing niches in the online matchmaking industry.

If you're ready to meet mature singles, be sure and visit one or more of the popular and growing dating sites listed above.

Mature Dating Frequently Asked Questions

What is considered in the "mature" age range when dating?

The "mature" age range is the age between middle age and seniority. Seniors are generally considered to be people 65 and older, although some people group those in their early sixties into this age range as well. Middle age tends to refer to the mid-thirties to late forties.

The general rule of thumb is that "mature" dating refers to dating for people in their 50s. Some people in their early sixties might also be considered mature rather than seniors. It just depends on the definition you're using.

What are some good questions to ask on a first date?

When you're getting to know someone, the best thing you can do is ask questions. Though mature people are in a different stage of life than young people, many great conversational topics remain the same.

At the same time, you have access to even more potential conversation. You and your partner both have decades of life experience. That means you have tons of stories to tell and experiences to share with each other. It's a chance to reminisce and to be excited about your life!

It's pretty standard to ask about hobbies, interests, and careers. But finding the right question can be difficult. Just asking, "What do you do?" or "What do you like to do?" can sometimes be too open-ended. Your date might have an answer ready, or they might be unsure where to start.

Open-ended questions are good, though! An open-ended question is any one that can't be answered with a simple "yes" or "no." Instead, your date has to give input that will open the conversation.

Here are some open-ended first date questions that can get you started:

  • What's your favorite television show?
  • What movie did you last see?
  • What's life at home like? Any family? Any furry companions?
  • What's your favorite time of day?
  • Where were you when this significant event happened?
  • What local restaurant is your favorite?

Many of these serve a double purpose. Asking about memories, television shows, and movies lets you find common ground. Meanwhile, the other questions on the list help you to assess your compatibility.

For example, if you're a night owl, but your date wakes up at the crack of dawn and goes to sleep at 7 PM, you're going to have trouble scheduling time together. Life at home tells you whether your families are compatible for the future, especially when it comes to pets. Restaurants and other locales can be places to plan future dates.

What are some BAD questions to ask on a first date?

All right. With the good conversational starters established, we can talk about questions you shouldn't ask. These queries might spoil the mood, cause you to come on too strong, or upset your date.

One big thing to keep in mind is that first dates are casual. They're a chance for you to find out whether your personality clicks with your date's. Some of these questions should be asked in a relationship, but not until you've established that you mutually enjoy each other's company.

Avoid these questions if you can:

  • Where do you stand politically?
  • What do you think the future of this relationship is?
  • Why and how did your last relationship end?
  • Are you financially secure? Do you have a retirement fund?
  • Do you rent your house or own it? Is your mortgage paid?

Now, it is true that politics in the US can be divisive. If your date's potential political leanings will be a dealbreaker, it is better to find out early rather than later. But this shouldn't be the first question you ask.

Similarly, you might want to know about the relationship's future right away. But asking about it on the first date is coming on pretty strong. Especially if you follow it up by asking about past relationship baggage.

If you ask about finances on the first date, you'll probably give your date the impression that you're only interested in their money. That can be a huge turnoff, especially for people just seeking casual companionship. If your relationship becomes serious, there will be time to ask about finances later.

How does dating in your 50s differ from your 20s?

Some people will say that dating in your 50s is harder. Some will say it's a lot easier. The truth is that there are benefits and drawbacks to being an older person seeking a relationship.

These are advantages you'll find when dating as an older person:

  • You have a better sense of self, feel more settled, and are confident in who you are.
  • There's no pressure to start a future or plan decades of your life.
  • You have prior relationship experience and have gained wisdom from that.
  • You likely don't feel a pressing need to get married or "settle down" the way young people do.
  • Emotional connections tend to be more intimate and tender between older couples.

Meanwhile, these are some of the challenges you'll face:

  • If it's been a while since you dated, you might feel like you lack practice.
  • You may have trouble adjusting t how the dating scene has changed.
  • You may have emotional baggage from grief, divorce, raising kids, or any number of other potential issues.
  • It might be difficult to compromise because both partners are set in their ways.
  • Dating in groups is hard because most older people are already paired off and married.
  • You might be faced with a smaller dating pool and feel pressure to be attractive.

What are some dating mistakes women over the age of 50 often make?

Studies show that dating is easier for men in their 50s than women. Some of this is because there are fewer available partners. Research has shown that men in their 50s tend to seek younger women to date and struggle to find women their age attractive. Meanwhile, older women tend to be attracted to men their age or less than a decade their junior.

With all this pressure to be desirable, there are a ton of mistakes that women tend to make.

One is seeking the same kinds of men you looked for in your 20s. Chances are, as a young woman, you sought strong and handsome men. But being physically strong isn't the most important thing at your age. What is important is kindness, humor, and mutual respect.

Women also often make the mistake of looking for love instead of a relationship. If you want the experience of falling in love, you won't care where it comes from. You'll be less concerned with who your partner is and more concerned with whether they make you feel the way you want to.

That can cause you to excuse or ignore signs of toxic behavior. And even when your partner is a perfectly decent human being, it can make them feel slighted and hurt. Everyone in a relationship deserves to feel like a priority.

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