September 17, 2019

The Best Lesbian Dating Websites

10 Best: Lesbian Dating Sites Review

If you have grown frustrated with the traditional lesbian dating scene, just know that you are not alone.

It can be difficult to find that special woman you want to get to know better and possibly form a relationship with. There are only so many bars and social events you can go to before you give up.

This is why you will want to move that search online. There are some great places to meet other beautiful lesbians without ever having to leave your home.

Form a friendship, go out on a date, and see if things can lead to even more. You just never know.

Here are the 10 best lesbian online dating sites for you begin your search.

#1 Best Lesbian Dating Site: Match Lesbian Dating

An image of Match official logo.

You will also notice that Match has more than just lesbians as members, but that should not stop you from joining. You can easily indicate your preference for others of the same gender, and those are the adults you will be connected with. Match is well established and easy to use.

You will find users from around the world on Match. Just indicate your location preference, or feel free to browse other lesbians who are nowhere near you. It is just possible that you can find that special connection with someone thousands of miles away. Here are three points about eHarmony that you might be interested in:

Major Features:

  • Match caters to singles of all sexual orientations.
  • The site is available in 25 countries around the world.
  • Match currently has more than 39 million members, with thousands of them being lesbian.

#2 Best Lesbian Dating Site: EliteSingles

An image of Elite Singles official logo.

You will find EliteSingles in operation in multiple countries across the globe. Wherever you are, it is quite possible that you will be able to find a date that possibly leads to much more.

There is no payment necessary to register, so you can submit your profile and start looking for an online relationship right away.

Although not lesbian specific, there are many lesbian daters on EliteSingles that are ALSO successful.

EliteSingles works by sending matches your way. These are made possible based on the answers you provide when building your profile. When you find another lady to start talking to online, you can do so right from the website itself. Here are three points about EliteSingles that you might be interested in:

Major Features:

  • A vast majority of EliteSingles users have a college degree.
  • As its name implies, this is a site geared directly at singles.
  • You will find that most of the lesbians online at EliteSingles are over 30 years old.

#3 Best Lesbian Dating Site: BeNaughty

An image of BeNaughty official logo.

If you love the name, then you are really going to get into this site. BeNaughty is the place for lesbian adults to really let their hair down. You can feel free to be yourself here. There is nobody to judge you, so let it be known exactly who you are and what you want to find in the person you date.

BeNaughty allows you to specify your sexual orientation. This is how you will be matched with other women who have similar interests as you do. Startup a conversation and see where it leads. Here are three points about BeNaughty that you might be interested in:

Major Features:

  • You will find both males and females on the site, but the majority are single.
  • The site claims that more than 13 million users visit every month.
  • About 52 percent of the site is female, with thousands of those being lesbian or bisexual.

#4 Best Lesbian Dating Website: eHarmony

An image of eHarmony official logo.

Ok, so eHarmony might not be geared specifically for lesbians. At the same time, it is the largest online dating site in the world. This means that you are sure to find thousands of hot women with the same interests as you. Post your profile, indicate your interests, and go from there.

You start your time with eHarmony by answering quite a few questions about yourself. If you are open and honest, you will find that potential matches who you are actually interested in quickly come your way. There are thousands of lesbians online at eHarmony looking to meet you as well. Here are three points about eHarmony that you might be interested in:

Major Features:

  • The site is available in dozens of countries around the world.
  • You will find millions of members online at eHarmony.
  • You can connect with potential matches safely online before deciding to meet in real life.

#5 Best Lesbian Dating Website: Zoosk

An image of Zoosk official logo.

If you like social media, then you will probably love Zoosk. This is an online dating site that has many of the same features as you will find on your favorite social media site. Post your own photos and videos to get a favorable response from other lesbians looking for a woman just like you.

Zoosk caters to people looking for anything from a casual hook up to a serious relationship. You will find it all here. Your profile is where you can specify what type of person you are interested in. Then, let the search begin. Here are three points about Zoosk that you might be interested in:

Major Features:

  • There are more than 40 million members on this site.
  • Zoosk has users in over 80 countries, so you can really expand your cultural horizons here.
  • Over 29 million people visit Zoosk monthly, with many of those being lesbian or bisexual.

#6 Lesbian Dating Site:

An image of Zoosk official logo.

Here is a site that you can access on the computer or via an application for your mobile device. You will be able to keep up with all those matches coming your way, even while you are traveling. Speaking of traveling, you can find that special person to meet up with from just about anywhere.

Here are three points about that you might be interested in:

Major Features:

  • You can find casual hookups quite easily on this site.
  • The site moves quickly, so be ready to go once you login.
  • You can use either online or via your personal computer.

#7 Lesbian Dating Site: BlackPeopleMeet

An image of BlackPeopleMeet official logo.

If you are black and lesbian, or a lover of the same, then this is the site made just for you. You are going to find a great deal to do here, from finding a relationship that you can pursue long term to arranging a casual date while traveling.

Here are three points about BlackPeopleMeet that you might be interested in:

Major Features:

  • The site offers a number of video tutorials for you if you are new to online dating.
  • You are able to find other lesbians to meet up with for a date while traveling.
  • Thousands of new users join the site every month.

#8: Tinder

An image of Tinder official logo.

Even if you have no experience with online dating sites, you have probably heard of Tinder. It has been famously mentioned in countless television shows and movies in recent years. This is an app that allows you to specify that you are lesbian and then swipe through profiles, indicating your possible interest along the way.

You will find that Tinder is not specifically targeted at lesbians, but that is ok. Everyone is welcome here. You are matched with other profiles based on your own interests. So, just be clear about that and you can have a lot of fun on this site. Here are three points about Tinder that you might be interested in:

Major Features:

  • Launched back in 2012, billions of matches have already been formed as a result of using Tinder.
  • Tinder created SwipeLife and has perfected it through the years, making this a fun and creative form of online dating.
  • Tinder boasts that roughly one million people make a date with another user each week while using Tinder.

An image of OkCupid official logo.

This is a dating site that has much more to offer than just a cool name. It was designed by three students from Harvard and uses quite a sophisticated formula to match lasting partners together. Adults of all sexual persuasions are welcome here, so you will find thousands of lesbians to talk to.

One of the most endearing features of OkCupid is how easy it is to use. It might be based on complex formulas behind the scenes, but you will find a potential match after match come your way. The most difficult part of this site might be deciding which woman to start talking to first. Here are three points about OkCupid that you might be interested in.

Major Features:

  • Creating your profile does require you to answer a series of questions.
  • OkCupid was started back in 2004, so it is well established.
  • You will find adults from all sexual orientations as a member here, so just be clear that you are a lesbian and you will be more than happy.

An image of official logo.

As the name implies, this is a site made just for lesbians. You will really be able to focus on being yourself here. You will find thousands of other lesbians and bisexuals ready to meet you as soon as you complete your own profile.

You can do a lot with this site. allows you to chat live or even engage in a two-way webcam session with another woman you are interested in. You can really have a lot of fun here, even before you meet up in real life. Here are three points about that you might be interested in.

Major Features:

  • The site is free for you to both post and view profiles on.
  • Over 90 percent of the members are female.
  • boasts more than a half million visitors every month.


These ten sites should really get you headed in the right direction. The key is to get online and start looking for that special person you really hit it off with. Life is much more fun when you are with people you love and admire. Find that person online today.

Lesbian Dating Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if a woman is interested in me romantically rather than just as a friend?

Lesbians are famous for having trouble discerning between friendship and romantic advances. Take this as a rule of thumb: Is she attracted to women? Does she seem like she's interested in you? Then there's a good chance that she's interested in you.

Sometimes the best way of clarifying is just to ask. Open communication is the best way to ensure that you and your potential partner are both on the same page. If you're shy about asking point-blank about her feelings, you could try asking her on a casual date and see how she responds.

Lesbians may "signal" to each other through long glances, lingering touches, or other forms of nonverbal communication. But if you aren't well-versed in these, it can be difficult to tell. So just ask!

Who pays during a lesbian date?

This question might intimidate you, especially if this is your first lesbian relationship after a lot of more traditional heterosexual relationships!

But it doesn't need to be intimidating. Just as many heterosexual couples decide to split the bill or trade off paying, lesbian couples can decide that whoever wants to will pay.

Whoever wants to pay will pay. There's often a rule of thumb that whoever asks the other out on the date will pay for the meal or the movie tickets. But for longer-term established relationships, paying tends to be a shared responsibility. You might trade off, or each of you might pay for your own portion every time.

Sharing the burden of paying is a nice way to make sure that neither one of your bank accounts is hit too hard by dating. If you're both working within budget constraints, you can also have relaxing date nights at home that don't cost much money.

What does "U-haul lesbian" mean?

There's an old joke about how lesbians bring a U-haul on the third date. Obviously, this is an exaggeration made for comedic purposes. It refers to how lesbian relationships often move faster than their heterosexual counterparts, and lesbians are more likely to form life partnerships in a short period of time.

But the idea that lesbians always move in together immediately is a stereotype. Is there any truth to it?

Heterosexual relationships in the United States tend to have a cautious, casual period during which two people date before deciding to cohabitate. Some lesbians may forgo that period and move in together immediately.

Some of this may be because lesbians like to share more of their lives with each other than their heterosexual peers. It may also be because lesbians tend to have a smaller potential dating pool, so they find it easier to commit to a partner early on.

But the bigger reason behind this stereotype is a decades-long history.

The term "U-haul lesbian" was coined in the 1990s. But it describes a cultural phenomenon that goes back much further, possibly more than a full century.

Lesbian relationships haven't always been openly acknowledged in mainstream society. In fact, in the 1950s and 1960s, lesbians in many parts of the United States and Europe were forced to remain closeted. Homosexuality was seen as a mental illness, and lesbians risked being institutionalized for their preferences.

Many lesbians during this time period chose to cohabitate because they could not "date" in public. It was safer to live together as "best friends" than to casually go on dates together before deciding to move in. Women might also move in together to avoid the pressure to marry a man, even if they weren't actively in a relationship with each other at the time.

Cultural attitudes toward homosexuality are extremely varied in today's United States. But in many areas, the oppressive fear that led to this phenomenon has been alleviated. Same-sex attraction is no longer considered a mental illness, and gay marriage is recognized nationwide.

So if you're wondering whether you'll have to move in with your partner immediately: No. You can choose how fast or slow your relationships move. The choice is all yours.

Will there be a "man" in my lesbian relationships?

No - not only does there not need to be a man, but there won't be. Lesbian relationships are between two women.

Lesbians have a wide range of gender presentation, with styles that range from very masculine to very feminine. While "butch/femme" is a common relationship stereotype, not every lesbian relationship will have a more masculine and more feminine partner.

Many lesbians don't adhere strictly to just masculinity or just femininity, either. In terms of dress, body language, hobbies, and profession, lesbians tend to gravitate toward whatever they like best rather than what aligns with social gender perceptions.

What do "butch" and "femme" mean?

"Butch" and "femme" are terms that are often used to describe lesbian identity. They're most commonly used as self-identifiers - it can be considered offensive to label another person as butch or femme.

Lesbians aren't the only ones who use these terms. Butch and femme are also often used by bisexual women, transgender women, gender non-conforming women, and queer women.

Butch is used to describe a masculine-leaning identity. It's important to note that butch lesbians are not the same as transgender men. Butch lesbians typically identify as women, and they may have complex relationships with gender presentation and identity.

Though butch women tend to be traditionally masculine, they are not trying to emulate men. Butchness has a long history in the lesbian community and has very little to do with "acting like a man."

Femme is used to describe more feminine-leaning identities. Femme women tend to have just as complex a relationship with gender as butch women. The most important thing to understand about femme identity is that it involves getting in touch with your inner femininity independently of heterosexual expectations.

Basically, femme women don't perform femininity to look pretty for men. They may also choose not to perform femininity in traditional ways.

How do I tell my family that I'm dating another woman?

This is a hard question because of how strongly it depends on the attitudes of your family. Even within the United States, there's an extreme variety in cultural background and conservative versus liberal leanings.

Over the past few decades, it's become more popular for people to "come out" to their parents and other family members. Coming out involves telling people about your LGBT+ identity. This can be a nerve wracking experience. Some people choose not to come out until they have a partner that they want to introduce to their families.

There's a lot of coming out advice to be found on the internet. Ultimately, what's most important is that you prioritize your safety. If you think your family might react badly, be prepared for all potential consequences. And be aware that you don't have to come out if you don't want to.

If you think your family will be receptive, try approaching them by telling them that you're in a new relationship. Then explain that it's with a woman. The more casual you are, the less pressure there will be to react loudly.

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