List Of The Top Website Options For Jewish Dating

Top Ten: Dating Websites for Jews

Searching for a date has become easier, thanks to the internet. There are many online dating websites and applications that can be accessed online, and people are using it to their advantage to search for a potential date.

Jews – who have strict rules when it comes to searching for a partner – are also benefiting from the internet, and in the past few years, Jewish online dating websites started to pop-up.

Jews believe that they need to find a partner that shares the same belief. However, it is too difficult to understand their religion if you are an outsider.

This is why most Jews prefer dating someone who also shares the same religion so there will be less confusion, and they can easily open up if there will be a problem with the relationship.

This article summarizes the ten best online dating websites for Jews. If you are a Jew, you can check the websites and try it out.

An image of eHarmony official logo.

This website is used by a lot of people, and it is not specific to Jewish people only. However, the reason why many Jews are using eHarmony to find a date is that the website has the largest availability.

There is a higher chance of searching for a date through eHarmony if you are a Jew compared to other websites on this list.

Joining eHarmony is free, and if you are visiting the website for the first time, you will be prompted to enter basic information about yourself.

The website will be asking for your gender, your preferred gender, your first name, and location. Then, you will be prompted to enter your email and your password for your account.

Signing up for eHarmony is easy, and once all of the information has been provided, you will be transported to their home page. From there, you can start searching for a potential date.

An image of Elite Singles official logo

Elite Singles created a specific page for Jews who are looking for a date. When accessing the website for the first time, visitors will be required to provide their gender and their preferences.

The terms and conditions imposed by the website should also be accepted before access can be granted.

The website boasts that more than 82% of those who are using Elite Singles have graduated from the university – which means that more than a third of their users either have a Bachelor’s, Master’s or Doctor’s degree.

The website also hosts more women – at 56%. Elite Singles is also advertising that people who are using their website will most likely find a date after eight minutes.

For Jews who are dreaming of searching for a date who shares the same belief, Elite Singles can be their best option. Signing up is easy, and there are a lot of choices to choose from.

An image of eHarmony official logo.

JDate has been around for more than two decades, and it is the oldest Jewish dating website on the internet.
The website attracts two million visits per month, and on average, 15,000 individuals are signing up every day.
The website also has an almost split gender ratio, with 46% of the members being male, and 54% being female.
For Jews, the website is a great place to explore because of the sheer number of people registered who shares the same belief – an estimated 450,000 American Jews are on the website.

People who are searching for different kinds of date would never be disappointed with JDate. The website gives the user control on how they would like to search for a partner, like the imposition of preferences and other choices.
JDate is called the Promised Land of Love because of the opportunities that it provides for those who are searching for a date.

#4: Yenta

An image of Yenta official logo.

Yenta is a free application that you can download from Google Play and the App Store.
It uses GPS technology to track down your location, and it will provide you with a list of potential dates who live nearby.
This app is perfect for those who wanted to search for a date but does not have the free time to do so.
Using the app is convenient – you can search for potential dates anywhere you please.

The virtual Jewish matchmaker is also giving you the option to choose which characteristics would most likely impress you, along with the likes and dislikes of the person that you are seeing for a date.
To gain more results, you can expand the area where you wanted to search for a potential date.

An image of JMom official logo.

This website is used primarily by Jewish parents who wanted to search for the best partners for their children. The founders of The JMom believes that the parents should be the one searching for their child’s potential date because they already have years of experience dealing with romantic relationships. Parents are required to sign up before they can use the website.

Once they are signed up, parents will have the chance to locate the potential dates who are living in the same city as their child. Then, there will be an option for them to contact the parents of the potential partner for their child, to set up a date.

Aside from the dating features of the website, parents and children can also check out the blog at The JMom which gives dating tips and bits of advice.

An image of World of Jewish Singles official logo.

The website is founded by Sarah Malamud – a Jewish expert matchmaker who already has thirteen years of experience in the industry. World of Jewish Singles has an impressive 90% success rate for those who have used the application. According to the creator of the website, one of her priorities is to encourage the potential dates to use all avenues of communication.

Those who are using the World of Jewish Singles website will be required to call their partners through Skype or the telephone or send an email to know each other better. The personalized communication feature of the website will guarantee a potential date for everyone.

An image of JRetroMatch official logo.

Initially, this website would ask you to create a profile that will be shown to the potential dates who are also on the site. Then, a matchmaker will do the rest of the job – they are the ones who will search for a potential date based on the interests and preferences that the user entered.

More than 30,000 pre-screened singles are included in the shortlist of those who can become a possible date.
Despite the smaller number of Jews who are using JRetroMatch, the website boasts that they have the highest percentage of success for relationships. Based on the recent statistics provided by JRetroMatch, more than 1,300 couples who have used their website have gotten married.

An image of SuperTova official logo.

SuperTova is a free online dating website that searches for a potential date for Jews.
The scope of the service is on a global level, and Jews can find foreigners that are open for a relationship who shares the same belief. The website requires users to sign up, but this process would not take a lot of time.

The website has a simple interface, and creating a profile is fast and easy. Successful relationship stories are also plastered on the website to get the attention of those who wanted to search for a potential date.
There are also helpful bits of advice and tips that will make it easier for someone to face their dates when they decided to meet up.

The website ensures the users that they will find their love on the first click. The website offers various communication features that would encourage the users to message each other to know them better. The website also features free membership, making it an ideal page for those who are looking for a date.

The website hosts thousands of profiles, and users can send a message to their preferred date in an instant. Voice calls are also available for those who prefer speaking with their potential date.
For those who are still clueless about how the website works, they can access the HELP section of the page to learn more about Totally Jewish Dating.

An image of SawYouAtSinai official logo.

Saw You at Sinai is a website related to J Retro Match. However, the main difference is that Saw You at Sinai focuses on expert support.
Professional matchmakers are the ones doing the job of searching for your potential date, and each user will receive two matchmakers.

More than 1,700 couples who have used this website have tied the knot.
Saw You at Sinai has more than 30,000 profiles, giving the users a lot of chances searching for their potential date.


Traditional dating rites for most Jews are still around, but the younger generation prefers the use of technology in aiding them to find a potential date. There are many websites to choose from, but it is better if they will select online dating platforms that are putting a lot of emphasis in searching for someone who shares the same belief.

Jewish Dating Frequently Asked Questions

How do arranged Jewish marriages differ from arranged marriages in other cultures?

Arranged marriages are common in cultures all over the world, though as a general rule, they've become practiced less widely today.

Some countries still use arranged marriages in lieu of dating entirely. Others involve the parents finding suitable matches for their children. Still others involve children being able to pick their own partner and only needing their parent's approval for the marriage.

Every culture's arranged marriage customs are slightly different. Some aspects of the Shidduch are similar to what you might find in a more conservative arranged marriage, but others are significantly different.

Like many cultures, the Shidduch involves young people seeking out the mate who will be their life partner. But the level of freedom is different from many cultures, especially when it comes to the autonomy of the woman.

In fact, Jewish law specifically mandates several factors that ensure the autonomy and consent of both parties:

  • The potential bride and groom must meet and get to know each other prior to the match.
  • The bride must want to marry the groom and find him a favorable match.
  • The bride must be old enough to make her own choices with fully informed consent.

These factors are outlined in the Talmud. Jewish tradition involves many rules around dating that, while not mandated by law, are important culturally and socially. Rather than being old-fashioned restrictions, the goal of these traditions is to create stable marriages.

There isn't really a concept of casual dating in traditional Jewish culture. Instead, dates are a serious and elaborate ritual in keeping with the Shidduch. They are the means by which potential spouses get to know each other. A traditional Jewish relationship is expected to either end in marriage or part amicably without intimacy.

What should I know about interfaith relationships with Jewish people?

Interfaith relationships can be complicated. Some of the complication depends on how conservative your Jewish partner or their family is. In traditional Judaism, interfaith relationships and marriages are prohibited.

Today, though, there are many different schools of thought regarding interfaith relationships. Many of the rules about associating with outsiders come from a time period when Jewish people had to fight to preserve their culture. Marrying an outsider could be seen as assimilation.

The cultural climates of today's world are different. The United States is a hotbed of different religions and non-religious spirituality, although Christianity is by far the most culturally dominant religion.

Some schools of thought welcome outsiders as long as they convert to Judaism, a long process that involves a great deal of study. Some are hesitant to allow people to date individuals outside the faith in the first place. And some are fine with interfaith couples, even if the non-Jewish partner doesn't intend to convert.

Reform Judaism is the most prominent and accepting of interfaith families. Families can enroll in religious school, attend temple services, learn about Judaism, and participate in the community. Rabbis who practice Reform Judaism cite a verse in Isaiah about a house being a place of worship for all faiths.

If you're in a serious relationship with a more traditional Jewish person, you'll probably need to talk about conversion one way or the other. It helps to find out whether they - or their family! - expect this from you.

How many Jewish people adhere to the Shidduch tradition today?

Today, the Shidduch is practiced exclusively by Orthodox Jews. Orthodox Judaism is one of the most conservative forms of Judaism and adheres strictly to old traditions. Orthodox Jews only date insofar as they search for a marriage partner. A matchmaker may be involved in the process of introducing people.

What are the different types of Judaism?

There are different denominations of the Jewish faith, also frequently called branches or streams. Some scholars may refer to the different interpretations are "movements."

The three largest streams are:

  • Reform
  • Conservative
  • Orthodox

Within Orthodox Judaism, there's Modern Orthodox, Haredi Orthodox, Hasidic, and Open Orthodox.

Smaller streams include Reconstructionist, Jewish Renewal, and Humanistic Judaism.

Jewish Renewal is a movement that combines the prayer and passion of Hasidic Judaism with modern politics focused on environmental conservation, gender equality, acceptance of religious diversity, and progressive values. Humanistic Judaism, meanwhile, is a nontheistic movement that celebrates tradition and culture without referencing God.

The Reconstructionist movement holds that Judaism evolves as the circumstances of Jewish people evolve. Reconstructionists believe that traditions that are no longer relevant should be modified or discarded. There tends to be less fixed tradition and more inclusion of the LGBT spectrum than in traditional Judaism.

Reform Judaism is the largest group of American Jews. Around 35 percent of Jews in the United States say they belong to the Reform movement. Reform Judaism focuses on Jewish ethics over strict interpretations of law.

It is a progressive movement that's inclusive of LGBT identities and interfaith couples. The goal of Reform Judaism is to foster a better understanding of Jewish ethics while adapting traditions for the modern world.

Conservative Judaism is a movement that considers Jewish laws obligatory. However, self-identified Conservative Jews tend to have a wide range in how strictly they observe the law. This movement blends some of the more traditional aspects of Orthodox Judaism with the more egalitarian practices of Reform Judaism.

Orthodox Jews strictly adhere to Jewish laws in ways they have been interpreted throughout the centuries. Practitioners of Orthodox Judaism strictly observe Shabbat and kosher laws.

What are the most important Jewish holidays?

For non-Jewish people who haven't been exposed to much Jewish culture, the first holiday you think of might be Hanukkah. This is because Hanukkah coincides with Christmas, which means that many people in the United States have the incorrect impression that it's "Jewish Christmas."

In fact, Hanukkah isn't even close to the most important Jewish holiday!

Shabbat is the Jewish day of rest. It occurs on a weekly basis. On Shabbat, Jewish people are not permitted to work.

The most significant holiday is Rosh Hashanah. This is the Jewish New Year. As with all Jewish holidays, the exact date varies because the Jewish calendar uses lunar cycles. Rosh Hashanah is observed with prayer, quiet meditation, festive meals, and time spent with family.

Yom Kippur is the next most significant holiday. This is the Day of Atonement, and it's the most solemn of Jewish holidays. During Yom Kippur, Jewish people may attend hours of temple services, do important self-reflection, atone for their past wrongs, and resolve to start this year pure.

Sukkot is a harvest celebration in the fall. It is also a way of remembering the years that the Hebrews spent in the wilderness while migrating to the Promised Land. Shemini Atzeret is the day that marks Sukkot's end with a traditional prayer for rain.

Simchat Torah is a more quietly observed day. It marks the beginning and end of the yearly Torah reading cycle, allowing people to reread the Torah over the next year.

Hanukkah is a festival of lights. It celebrates freedom from oppression and tyranny, the ability to worship, and the ability to find light even when all seems lost.

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