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10 Best Hookup Sites Review

Adults deserve to have a bit of fun when and how they choose to. If you are looking to hook up with another guy or girl, then you should feel free to do so at a time and place that is convenient for you. This is yet another way that technology has made our lives so much easier.

You no longer have to rely on the bar scene to find someone you are interested in hooking up with for the night. There is a range of online applications that will allow you to search for and set up a date on the fly with another person you feel a connection to. Here are the 10 best hookup sites available online today.

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BeNaughty has turned into one of the most popular hookup sites largely due to the number of options that it has for the end-user. You can choose to be as detailed or as basic as you want with your profile. You do not even have to include a picture in your profile if you choose not to.

With BeNaughty, you can browse through other profiles, flirt with other adults who you are interested in, and set up a date when you are ready. Here are some key facts about BeNaughty:

Major Features:

  • The site is geared towards singles of both genders.
  • Over 13 million people visit the site every month.
  • Roughly 48 percent of users are male and 52 percent female.

An image of Adult Friend Finder official logo

The name of this site says it all. You create your profile here and then start browsing away to find your hookup. You can find hookups by location and personal interest, so this is especially useful if you are a frequent traveler.

Adult Friend Finder also has some unique features, such as the Nude Cam Chat, that users can get involved in. There are also more than 170,000 groups available to join. Here are some key facts about Adult Friend Finder:

Major Features:

  • Roughly 65 percent of users are male and 35 percent female.
  • There are more than 25 million visitors to the site every month.
  • You can engage in real-time chats with other adults via both text and video.

#3: Tinder

An image of Tinder official logo

Tinder is probably the most universally known hookup site, having been introduced on a number of television shows in recent years. It is the application that invented the swiping feature. You simply swipe through the various profiles, marking those who you are potentially interested in pursuing a date with.

Tinder is designed as purely a hookup site. Adults with a profile here are not ashamed to admit they are looking for a one night stand. If a relationship blossoms as a result, then that is a bonus. Here are some key facts about Tinder:

Major Features:

  • More than 30 billion matches have happened since Tinder went live in 2012.
  • There are more than one million dates arranged on Tinder every week.
  • Tinder is a supporter and innovator of SwipeLife.

#4: Down

An image of Down official logo

If you are most interested in making sure that your time on a hookup site stays private, then Down is for you. This site is predicated on making sure your personal life remains private at all times. You simply input some personal data on the site and it will match you with other profiles you might be interested in.

If another adult is interested in you, and the feeling is mutual, then you will be connected as a match. It is a seamless and anonymous way of hooking up with others. Here are some key facts about Down:

Major Features:

  • More than two million singles are using Down at any one time.
  • Down is openly geared towards finding other adults to have sex with.
  • You do need a Facebook profile to verify your identity in order to sign up.

An image of Feeld official logo

This is a hookup site that appeals to both singles and couples. If threesomes are your thing, you can set one up here. You will find many adults who are in open relationships and simply desire causal sex dates with other discerning adults.

Couples are also welcome on Feeld. You can search for singles looking for an intimate encounter, or find other couples looking for something frisky and interesting. The choice is up to you. Here are some key facts about Feeld:

Major Features:

  • Feeld offers an In Real Life (IRL) community that is open to all sexual persuasions.
  • The site currently boasts more than 1.8 million users.
  • Feeld was founded in 2014 an is open to anyone pursuing a non-monogamous lifestyle.

#6: Zoosk

An image of Zoosk official logo

Zoosk is so interesting because it integrates social media with an online dating platform. You are able to post your own videos or photos. Other users will then rate those items and become connected with you if there is a match.

This is a site that appeals to people looking for either a fun hook up or a serious relationship. Just be clear about what it is you desire in your profile and then go from there. Here are some key facts about Zoosk:

Major Features:

  • Zoom has more than 40 million registered members.
  • You will find users from 80 different countries.
  • Roughly 48 percent of users are male and 52 percent female.
  • Nearly 29 million adults visit Zoosk on a monthly basis.

#7: Pure

An image of Pure official logo

You can use Pure on your mobile devices and on your desktop computer equally well. This is a place you will want to go when you are looking for a quick hookup in your area. It is a site geared for casual sex encounters, so have fun with it.

You can join Pure anonymously, which is an appealing feature for many. You simply need to input a working email address. All of your conversations will be deleted from the server after an hour, so be quick as you set up your date. Here are some key facts about Pure:

Major Features:

  • Pure is ‘purely’ designed for hookups.
  • It is meant to be fast-paced, so log on when you are ready to go out and meet someone.
  • You can use the app on your phone, tablet, or desktop.

#8: Grindr

An image of Grinder official logo

If you are a gay looking to party, Grindr is the site for you. It has been around since 2009 and is a place where gay or bisexual guys can feel free to be themselves as they search for a hookup. When you use Grindr, you will be joining a diverse online community of men who are proud of their sexuality.

Grindr works via the use of an online profile that users post. Include your photos and feel free to be as sexy or as plain as you want. There is also a geolocator on the app, so you know exactly how far away that hot guy you are interested in is from you. Here are some key facts about Grindr:

Major Features:

  • Grindr is geared for single gay guys looking for a quick hookup.
  • The app makes use of location-based services, making it ideal for travelers.
  • Grindr is also a vocal advocate for the LGBTQ community.

An image of Men Nation official logo

MenNation is another hookup site geared for gay men who are looking for other adults in their area. This site openly promotes users who are only after casual sex, in addition to those who are looking for more of a relationship. It is one of the more well-established sites, having been founded in 1996.

MenNation is completely free to join. You can view profiles, get matched with other guys who are interested in you, and set up meetings. There are also chat rooms and blogs that users can be a part of, along with the photos and videos that are posted by members. Here are some key facts about MenNation:

Major Features:

  • More than 780,000 users visit the site every month.
  • Not surprisingly, more than 95 percent of users are male.
  • MenNation is a member of the Friend Finder Network, so it makes use of the same technology.

Proving the lesbians often enjoy the same casual hookups, is a popular site fashioned along similar lines of MenNation. The target group here are lesbians and bisexuals who are looking for casual sex online. It is also free to join, which is another added advantage.

There are many ways to find an interesting match on You can chat live or engage with another member via a two-way webcam. When you both like what you see, you can easily set up a time to meet in real life. Here are some key facts about

Major Features:

  • More than 500,000 adults visit this site every month.
  • You can post and view profiles for free.
  • More than 90 percent of users are female.


So, there you have it. If you are looking to hook up tonight with another discerning adult, these online sites are a great place to start. Post your best profile, start browsing through the other individuals on the site, and then get ready for a spectacular date. Have fun!

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