Best Fitness Dating Sites

Are you looking for a date where you can run together? Do you want a partner who shares your active lifestyle? A fitness dating site might be the option you need.

Top 3 Best Fitness Dating Sites Review

#1. eHarmony


eHarmony is our top recommendation for fitness dating because of the large community, easy-to-use platform, and advanced matchmaking tools. Though the site isn't specifically built for fitness buffs, there are enough users that you can find other fitness fanatics with ease.

There are millions of eHarmony profiles. The site receives tens of millions of hits every month. Even in rural and underpopulated areas, you're likely to find people who use the site.

One advantage of the site is that the gender split is almost 50-50. Some dating sites get overwhelmed by men, which can lead to uneven interactions. Women get sick of all the messages they receive from men they aren't interested in, and men get tired of sending messages without ever hearing back.


That's not a problem with eHarmony. In addition, the matching system lets you see at a glance how compatible you are with someone.

Every profile has detailed information about the person, their hobbies, their desires, and other at-a-glance facts. It's rare to find fake profiles or bots. Many people have met their future spouses through the site.

The signup process involves a 70 question compatibility test. Though this may seem arduous, everything is smooth sailing after that. Your answers give you a compatibility matching score with everyone you talk to, letting you know how likely you are to match.

During the COVID pandemic, eHarmony added a feature for video dates to the site. This allows you to chat with your prospective partner through your webcam instead of meeting in person.

You can emphasize your fitness lifestyle when you answer questions about your appearance, likes, dislikes, hobbies, favorite places, and other things to do. You're likely to be matched with people who not only share your gym lifestyle, but also share other important relationship values.

You can fill out your profile and look at your matches for free. If you want to communicate with them, though, you'll need to get a premium membership. That means you can sign up and see what's out there before you decide whether you want to pay for the service.

Premium memberships give you full access to the site features. Instead of using messaging credits like some sites, you just pay a flat monthly rate. That means you get as much out of the site as you use. Make sure that you have time to check your messages and set up dates.

For fitness junkies over age 30, eHarmony has the largest dating pool of similarly-aged people. The site is favored by older people because it's easy to use and tells you a lot about your potential matches at a glance.

  • Matches are calculated based on your compatibility scores, which are based on a 70-question personality test.
  • The gender split is almost even, and there's a thriving community of older adults.
  • There are enough users that you can find people who match your fitness lifestyle, even though the site isn't fitness-themed.
  • The monthly rate for premium memberships is fairly expensive, though this does give you access to the full site's features.

#2. EliteSingles


EliteSingles is a premier dating service in the US with a specialized clientele. The site is built for highly educated individuals and career professionals. Rather than being based around hookups, the goal is for people to find serious relationships with others who share their ambitions and goals.

This is one of the largest dating sites in the US, especially considering the specialized dating pool. In fact, more than 65,000 people join every week. There are thousands of relationships that begin weekly in over 20 countries throughout the globe. You'll be able to find people who match your fitness lifestyle.

Most of the site's users are academics. About 80 percent of individuals have a college degree.


One of the most compelling parts of the site is the personality survey. Like eHarmony, EliteSingles compiles a personality profile based on your answers to questions. You'll also get to see an analysis of your personality as soon as you complete the test.

Matches will be based on your shared hobbies, goals, values, interests, and other compatibility factors. Part of the focus is on matching people who share the same financial goals and career aspirations. If you're looking for a long-term partner who has a successful job, this is one of the best places to start.

The site population tends to be made up of older individuals who are looking to settle down. Only 10 percent of users are under the age of 30. Like eHarmony, if you're over 30, you'll find a thriving community of interested people here.

Registration for the site is simple. Before you can start looking at your matches, you'll need to complete the personality survey. The signup process usually takes around 20 minutes, including the time needed to complete the survey.

The site's personality profile was created by professional psychologists. It gives an analysis of 29 different traits. The level of depth allows you to foster more compatible matches. If you don't have time to do the entire survey at once, you can save your place and return later.

You will need to pay to access most of the site features after signup. Free members can't view the profile pictures of their matches. Instead, they appear blurred out. You also won't be able to read your messages or send other people messages.

For any two-way communication to occur, you'll need to invest in a paid plan. Paid users also rank higher in match results.

If you want to browse your potential matches more casually, you can use the "Have We Met?" tool. This platform is set up like Tinder. It shows you the match, a few basic facts about them, and their distance from you. You can then choose to swipe "interested" or "not interested."

  • Matches are based on a detailed personality assessment that was created by professional psychologists.
  • The user base is made up of career professionals, many of whom enjoy active lifestyles, working out, and general fitness.
  • You can use the "Have We Met?" tool to quickly flip through potential matches like on Tinder.
  • Since the site is specifically for educated professionals, it won't work for people who don't meet this criteria.

#3. Fitness Singles

Fitness Singles

Fitness Singles is designed specifically for athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and those living active lifestyles to meet up. It is the largest dating site built specifically around fitness. No matter how you define your active lifestyle, you can find people who share your passions.

The website has been around since 2003. More than 18 years later, there's still a thriving community of fitness junkies looking to meet like-minded singles. In fact, the community has grown a lot in recent years. The need to live a more healthy lifestyle has become a priority for many people.

Some of the activities include bodybuilding, cycling, swimming, running, and gymnastics. There are also athletes who play team sports.

Fitness Singles

The site was originally conceptualized as a dating service. However, it's also a community where you can make genuine friendships. Many people join to find workout buddies and encourage each other. For those who are seeking relationships, it's easy to schedule fitness-based dates.

There is no fee to make an account or fill out your profile. Each profile has the basic info you'd expect from generic dating sites - dating preferences, lifestyle notes, and physical appearance. Unlike other dating sites, there is a profile section to talk about your specific physical activities.

You will be able to choose from an extensive list of options. In addition to common hobbies and team exercises, the site includes unusual pursuits like using a trapeze. Once you mark off all of your usual activities, you'll have a chance to mark how skilled you are for each.

Your profile won't be visible immediately. It needs to be viewed by a Quality Assurance employee first. This is how the site prevents spam, catfishing, and bots. Usually approval takes about 24 hours.

There are several options to find matches. You can search by username, by basic profile information, or by customized phrasing. It's also possible to filter results by new members and members who are currently online.

The 'Connections' page will tell you exactly how many interactions you've had. You can see if anybody favorited your profile, if someone sent you messages, and if someone requested to see your profile photo.

To communicate, you can use several different features. The Show Interest button gives a quick heads-up that you're interested. Once you've paid for a subscription, you can also send emails and instant messages to the people who intrigue you.

One potential drawback is that this site doesn't have the same matchmaking system that the previous two do. This means that you might have to communicate your goals and values early, especially if you're looking for a long-term relationship.

  • This is the largest dating community centered exclusively around fitness, including detailed physical activity profiles.
  • You can sort matches by who's online and send instant messages (after purchasing a subscription).
  • The community is also a good place to make new local friends - gym buddies, spotters, and people to encourage on new exercise regimens.
  • The site doesn't have a mobile app, although the interface is very clean.

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of places where you can meet other fitness-loving people on the internet. Some communities are built specifically for fitness enthusiasts, while others are focused more on general matchmaking.

Overall, our top pick for fitness dating sites is eHarmony. With millions of active monthly members, detailed compatibility matching, and a near-even gender split, you're super likely to find someone who matches your needs.

Since the compatibility system takes hobbies and lifestyle into account, you shouldn't have any problem finding fitness lovers. In addition, the system will match you based on things like your relationship values and goals.

Our second pick is EliteSingles. This dating community is designed for educated people and career professionals. Many of the individuals are high-powered, on-the-go people who love staying in shape. Like eHarmony, this site has an advanced personality matching system.


What is a fitness dating site?

A fitness dating site is a dating site built around fitness, active lifestyle habits, physical activity, and sports. Many people want to meet an active romantic partner because it makes planning dates easier.

Some dating sites cater to more than the fitness community. However, if a site has a matching system, you can emphasize your active lifestyle to find matches who share your values.

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