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The 10 Best Asian Dating Websites Review

The Asian population in the United States is undoubtedly large; I mean, isn’t it obvious from the number of places we have dedicated to them?

From India Square in Jersey City, New Jersey to Chinatown in New York, one thing is for sure, there are plenty of opportunities to meet the Asian partner of your dreams.

Being with an Asian can be exciting as you are able to learn new things and experience a different culture.

However, meeting someone in person can be an awkward experience, and for this reason, I have created a list of the ten best Asian dating websites that you may find useful.

An image of eHarmony official logo

There are so many Asians on eHarmony that they specifically have Asian dating. One important thing to note is how long eHarmony has been in the online dating game. 

It’s a name you probably have heard a few times over a radio advertisement or on the television, and with this amount of experience, you can trust that eHarmony knows what they’re doing.

The gender ratio on eHarmony is nearly at equal proportions, with the male percentage being only a mere six percent higher than its counterpart.

Most of the users are either young or middle-aged, which makes eHarmony an excellent website for finding young love or a life partner.

One quality of eHarmony that its users enjoy is that the matches made through the website are nearly fully compatible, unlike other dating websites which sometimes make matches with low compatibility.

Major Features:

  • 16 million active users weekly
  • Long-lasting relationships
  • Popular age range is 25-34 years
  • Full compatibility matches
  • Basic interface

An image of Elite Singles official logo.

If you are looking for a friend or possible long term relationship, then you should really give Elite Singles a try. There is no reason to remain frustrated with blind dates set up by friends or the casual dating scene any longer.

Elite Singles will connect you with other professional adults who share your same interests.

Better yet, EliteSingles has asian dating available for successful professionals. 

With Elite Singles, you will begin by filling out an extensive profile. All other members will be doing the same.

This is how you will eventually be matched with other professional adults who are similar to you. You are in control of you who you eventually talk to. 

Here are some things to keep in mind about Elite Singles:

Major Features:

  • Specifically have asian dating
  • You will be sent between three and seven matches per day
  • It is free to sign up and get started
  • Members from around the world are on Elite Singles, so you will almost certainly find someone in your area

#3: Match

An image of Match official logo

Founded in 1995, Match is one of the oldest online dating websites there is. The user population encompasses well over forty countries and supports multiple languages. is not a niche dating website meaning that it does not support only Asian dating, however, with nearly nine million users, your chances of finding your Asian soulmate are nearly equal to a niche website.

There are more males than women on, but don’t let that deter you from the website’s countless other features such as different sexual orientation options, six-month satisfaction guarantee, and a diverse age range.

Major Features:

  • Easy to navigate
  • App on Appstore and Playstore
  • 6 Month Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Detailed profiles
  • Diverse age range

An image of Truly Asian official logo

A website made for Asian dating, Truly Asian is one of the largest Asian niche dating websites there is. Unlike other modern online dating websites that may have cluttered, difficult to navigate interfaces, the creators of Truly Asian have created a layout with only symbols at the top of your screen for an easier experience. The membership options are fairly priced and the premium option is very affordable no matter your price range.

The gender ratio on this site is almost equivalent and the ages range from young adults to more mature individuals. Whether you are looking for a long-term relationship, or short-term fling, Truly Asian has users searching for the same type of relationships. This is also one of the few websites that carry the option to upload private pictures to your profile.

Major Features:

  • 7-Day Free Trial
  • Indepth search feature
  • Private photos
  • Easy navigation

An image of EastMeetEast official logo

If you are an Asian woman looking to meet the love of your life, you already have the upper hand on EastMeetEast. One unique quality of this online dating site is that Asian women can create a free account while men have to pay to create an account. Although this may seem biased, the creators have done this keeping in mind that Asian women are entirely more sought out than men are.

Although this is an Asian website, do not expect to meet many Asians living in other countries than the United States as recent demographics have shown that the majority of the users on the site are U.S residents with Asian roots. Because women may create free accounts, the website is dominated by females making it less competitive for the males who have opted to create an account. The users on EastMeetEast are also young and searching for young love. Without a doubt, there are benefits for both genders on this website.

Major Features:

  • Free accounts for women
  • Live streaming feature
  • Photo upload moderation
  • Affordable membership
  • Few fake accounts

An image of Cherry Blossoms official logo

Cherry Blossoms gives an almost nostalgic feel to its older users who have become used to the clunky layout of websites such as Myspace. This website has been around since 1996 but has not decreased in popularity. Because of its long lifetime, Cherry Blossoms has users from around the globe and it is very easy to communicate with a user in any country you desire.

If your search for love lands in another country, you may be worried about the traveling expenses that will occur. Cherry Blossoms offers Visa assistance to aid you in meeting this person. Because this website is involved in handling money and financial information, the security measures are very high, which decreases your chances of being scammed or having your data stolen. It is very easy to see why Cherry Blossoms has been in the business for this long.

Major Features:

  • Visa assistance
  • Nostalgic feel
  • High security
  • Profile matchmaking
  • 100% Money-back Guarantee

An image of Asian Date official logo

With nearly two million members from the United States, Asian Date has a smaller population which makes it entirely easier to meet individuals you may be interested in. The women population on this website is nearly thrice that of men, and Asian Date supports a wide range of ages.

While you may be worried about speaking across different languages with your individual of interest, Asian Date offers a three-way call with an interpreter to make communicating with your loved one easier. The website also has a simple interface and many options of communication such as video chat, chatting in a chatroom, or plain messaging.

Major Features:

  • Interpreter for three-way calls
  • Virtual gifts
  • Actual gift delivery
  • Detailed profiles

An image of AsianD8 official logo

Founded in the UK, AsianD8 was originally meant for connecting Sikh and Hindu individuals across the globe, but the website has grown over time to include all other Asians. AsianD8 is one of the few dating websites that function both on the internet and out. The founders of the website often host events in the UK, such as parties and mingling events to connect locals.

AsianD8 cares about helping you find your true love and they show this by checking each and every new profile for quality. This means ensuring that your information is updated and that your identity is valid. Busy individuals also enjoy this website because it offers personal matchmaking for those who cannot find the time to explore the website.

Major Features:

  • Real events
  • Personal matchmaking
  • Quality profiles

FindLoveAsia is a niche dating website used primarily by Filipinos, as it has a large population of users from the Philippines. One feature that sets FindLoveAsia apart from other dating websites is that it is entirely free. The registration process is easy, and there is even the option to log in with your Facebook account.

The layout of FindLoveAsia is very similar to that of Facebook, with there being a timeline feature that shows the recent activity of users you may have interacted with. One quality that users like to note is its easy navigation, as the website can be browsed by even the least tech-savvy of users.

Major Features:

  • Free to use
  • Easy registration
  • Facebook layout

#10: Heyyy

An image of Heyyy official logo

The main focus of this app is to connect Western men with Asian women from various countries such as the Philippines, China, South Korea, and more. One feature to note is the language translation feature which makes communication between two different countries simpler. The interface is also very easy to navigate and there are no hidden fees.

Registration can be done through Facebook, which allows you to import your friends. The best thing about Heyyy? It’s completely free.

Major Features:

  • Free to use
  • Available on Android
  • Facebook login
  • Easy to navigate


Finding love is a long process, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. Online dating has made it so that awkward first dates aren’t common anymore. When meeting your interest for the first time in person, you may feel like you’ve known him/her forever. Be sure to give any of the above websites a visit if you want to give finding love a try.

Asian Dating Frequently Asked Questions

Is it true that Asian Americans mostly date other ethnicities?

Asian Americans are people who are either from Asia, have parents from Asia, or have Asian ancestry while living in the United States. Dating is different in every country. For Asian Americans, there's a mix of their own cultural heritage and the Western culture surrounding them.

Every Asian American will have a different experience with dating. There are tons of factors influencing the way people choose to date, from cultural background to family ties to economic factors to social norms.

Researchers have done studies of the online dating profiles of Asian Americans to identify trends in their preferences, though. On a basic level, the average Asian American is looking for the same things most other people are: common ground, shared interests, and an alignment in values and goals.

One interesting fact is that of every ethnic group in the US, Asian people are most likely to date those outside their own ethnicity. Interracial relationships are extremely common and have been for years. The history dates back all the way to the 1700s.

When the first Asian Americans came to the US to work, nearly all of them were men. A few married non-Asian women in the States. But anti-Asian sentiment quickly led to the passing of laws banning Asians from marrying white people.

Researchers have broken down statistics about interracial relationships among specific Asian ethnic groups. With the current data, it appears that Asian men most likely to marry white women are from a Japanese or Filipino background. For women most likely to marry white men, the backgrounds are Japanese and Korean.

Marriages to white people are much more common than marriages to Latino and Black people.

How has the fetishization of Asian women influenced dating in the United States?

It's fairly common for Asian women to be fetishized in Western media. These days, the stereotypes have become less common and more highly criticized in mainstream media. But the practice has a long history.

Much historical media portrays Asian women as exotic, seductive, mysterious, submissive, or docile. The image comes from the trafficking of Chinese women into the US in the 1800s. It was also reinforced by the frequency of Asian women marrying military men from the US that they met during WWII.

Many Asian Americans have criticized this image, as they argue it's a stereotype that factors largely into why so many white American men are interested in Asian women. The problem is that instead of seeing women as three-dimensional people and equal partners, they're instead considered to be objects that can be controlled.

Critics also note that the stereotype is exclusive to Asian women in the US. There aren't portrayals of Asian men being objectified by white women - or if there are, they're the exception to the rule.

This can make dating fraught for some Asian American women. It can be extremely anxiety-inducing to wonder whether a partner is truly respectful of your autonomy and agency.

But that isn't to say that all interracial relationships with Asian women are based on objectification. In fact, most don't seem to be built on this basis. With the empowerment that women have in today's society, it's also much rarer for toxic relationships to last long or progress to marriage.

In the most successful relationships, race is a secondary consideration. The Asian person isn't dating their partner simply because they aren't Asian; the non-Asian partner isn't more interested in dating an Asian than in dating their specific partner.

Instead, the relationships are built on mutual attraction, common ground, and enjoying the time spent together. The individuals just happen to be from two different ethnic backgrounds as well.

How do cultural differences influence different Asian dating scenes?

It's easy to look at Asian dating as something homogenous, especially for people from the US who don't know a lot about Asian cultural differences. And it's true that there are studies and articles regarding Asian dating trends versus Western dating trends.

But in the same way that you can't quantify every single Western dating ideal into a single profile, you also can't create a single idea of "Asian dating culture." Different countries have different histories and different present-day social norms.

One unique dating culture is India's. Arranged marriages continue to be common in India. Parents find suitable matches for their children and make the arrangements with varied levels of input from the individuals actually getting married.

Dating apps have changed the Indian dating scene, though. There are actually Indian dating apps for the parents of eligible children! These let parents browse matches and make arrangements for their children.

There's an entire developed science behind finding the right match for your child, which is helped along by the dating apps. Dating is much more community-based and focused than the more individualized dating usually found in the US.

In Japan, the culture is very focused around productivity and professional success. Work ethic is highly prized, and educational standards are rigorous. Because of this, many Japanese people don't start dating until much later than their average American counterparts.

Japanese dating culture also doesn't typically involve casual hookups. Relationships are serious business, and there are a lot of social factors that can challenge them. In addition, the majority of first dates in Japan are group-based rather than an individual outing for just two people.

China's dating scene is very influenced by the gender imbalance in the country. There are several million more men than women in the country, which has made it difficult for men to find long-term partners. It's also fostered a culture in which women can be a little more choosy in who they want to spend the rest of their lives with.

Some "dating schools" have even formed. These schools take male pupils and teach them how to interest women. There's also a great deal of social pressure to get married in your 20s, as there's a stigma around being unmarried at age 30 or older.

What dating apps are most popular in different Asian countries?

Some dating apps are specific to certain countries. Others are more widespread, being used in many parts of Asia. There are also global dating apps with markets in over a hundred countries, including ones in Asia alongside the United States.

When you combine the population of every country in Asia, the most used app by far is Tinder. It has a very high percentage of use by women with a college education when compared to other apps. It's also the most likely app to be used by foreigners living in Asia.

In Singapore, one of the most popular apps is Paktor. It's especially popular with Chinese individuals living in Singapore or its surrounding islands.

WeChat is an app that was developed in China as a way to message with strangers. BeeTalk is a similar app from Korea. Both apps have the ability to match you for conversations with strangers near your location, which makes them very popular in urban areas.

VietnamCupid is among the most popular dating apps in Vietnam for men looking to meet women. There's the companion app FilipinoCupid to serve the same purpose in the Philippines.

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