Best Anime Dating Sites Review

Top 10 Best Anime Dating Sites

Anime has become one of the more popular forms of entertainment in recent years, despite still being relatively niche.

The rising popularity of the art form, however, has led to many companies looking to capitalize on it, with anime dating sites becoming increasingly more common.

While this is a good thing for anime lovers looking to find a partner who likes the medium as much as they do, it’s led to somewhat of an overwhelming choice.

Much of this is focused on whether or not a particular dating website is worth our time and if we’ll be able to create a relationship out of it.

Despite the large amount of choice, there are a few fan favorites that stand out from the rest.

An image of eHarmony official logo

While eHarmony wasn’t developed for anime fans, it is one of the largest dating platforms available. One of the primary benefits of this is that you’ll be able to filter matches based on interests, with anime being quite common.

With the sheer number of people who have signed up for, and actively use, eHarmony, you’ll be able to find a significant portion who have a love for the medium. Alongside this filter are several other features, with the majority of these being free.

The website is focused on creating long-term relationships with users being able to use quite an in-depth matching algorithm to find people. While this can be great for people who love anime, it can also be a benefit for a variety of other interests.

To properly take advantage of this, however, you’ll need to fill out an in-depth questionnaire, which could take quite a large amount of time.

#2: Match

An image of Match official logo

Like eHarmony, doesn’t focus on anime, although it does provide a variety of search options which make finding people with similar interests a breeze.

Alongside this is the fact that it’s one of the larger online dating websites that you can sign up for, which means that there are a significant number of potential partners.

Alongside this, you’ll be able to filter through people depending on their age, location, appearance, lifestyle, and quite a significant number of other aspects. As a result, this search feature can be much more refined than many other sites. has also been around for almost two and a half decades, with this time helping it to create and refine a variety of features to capitalize on.

Aside from its filter and matching software are users being able to favorite accounts they like and being able to flirt in a variety of ways.

An image of MaiOtaku official logo

MaiOtaku is one of the older anime dating sites and has been around since 2009. Throughout this time, it has continued to grow in popularity, thanks in large part to the various features that it has on offer.

Perhaps one of the more notable of these is MaiOtaku’s forums, which is somewhat unique among dating sites. Alongside this are an advanced search and filtering features, which can help reduce the number of people that you’re matched with so that they can be much more appropriate for your interests.

You can also add an unlimited number of photos to help attract people to your profile, which is something that’s often restricted on other dating sites.

An image of Kosu official logo

While Kosu is one of the newer anime-focused dating websites, that hasn’t stopped it from exploding in popularity over the past two years. Alongside anime, the site focuses on a few other related interests, such as cosplaying and video games, making it popular for a large group of people.

There are quite a large number of features to take advantage of, with one of the more unique being the ability to use customized avatars. You’ll also be able to take advantage of discussions groups so that you can stay up to date about the anime industry.

Alongside this is endless free messaging, notifications when somebody has viewed your profile, and several other key features. This could make it one of the more highly recommended geek-focused dating sites.

An image of Anime Dating Site official logo

Anime Dating Site has become increasingly well-known for serious anime fans, with the site noting that users should know the difference between a variety of characters before joining. As a result of this, it’s a website that’s geared more toward hardcore fans than anybody else.

While the majority of features can only be taken advantage of with a paid account, there are a few that you’ll be able to use with a basic subscription. Some of the more notable of these include being able to send virtual flirts, a search function, and a few others.

Anime Dating Site is a part of Online Connections, which provides a few benefits. One of the more notable of these is that by signing up for one website, you’ll be registered for each of its sister accounts.

An image of Anime Lovers Dating official logo

While Anime Lovers Dating isn’t the largest anime-focused dating website on offer, it can be one of the more user-friendly. The majority of this is driven by the fact that it offers all of its features for free, so you shouldn’t have to pay an arm and a leg to find a partner.

Alongside this is the fact that it can be quick and easy to set up a profile and start looking, with Anime Lovers Dating only needing a certain amount of basic information. The majority of this is focused on your email, name, birth date, gender, and the gender you’re looking for.

Once you’ve added each of the above, you’ll be able to start looking for love. One of the other core benefits of this is that it’s gay- and lesbian-friendly, which can be something that many of us might look for.

An image of BeOtaku Singles official logo

‘Otaku’ is Japanese for somebody who is obsessed with something, with the term typically being used for people who are interested in anime or manga. As a result, the name of the website translates to ‘geeky singles,’ which is what it’s primarily focused on.

There are quite a significant number of features to use with Otaku Singles, with all of these being available for free. One of the more unique aspects of the dating platform is that, once you’re registered, you’re given a free lifetime membership, which is something that can’t be said for the majority of other dating websites.

Alongside this is the fact that Otaku Singles takes its security seriously. Because of this, it features SSL encryption so that your information will be as safe as possible when you’ve uploaded it.

While the majority of the website’s features are free, there are a few benefits for paid accounts. With the security that’s included on the site as standard, you shouldn’t have to worry about your financial information, however.

#8: Kwink

Kwink boasts that its users can be themselves when they’re on the app, with the website claiming that the word ‘kwink’ meaning the traits or interests that defines a person. Because of this, the dating platform has a variety of groups that are focused on particular subjects, with the anime community being one of the more popular.

Because of this, the dating website offers much more of an interest-based filter than many other sites, with users only being matched with people that they share a significant number of interests with.

Alongside this, the website is free, and it only takes a few minutes to set up a profile, making it much more user-friendly than much of its competition.

An image of Otaku Booty official logo

Otaku Booty is an off-shoot of Okatu Singles, although it’s geared much more toward hookups and one-night stands, as you may have guessed from the name. Similar to its more relationship-oriented counterpart, the site has expanded which interests it focuses on, with these now including video games and cosplaying.

Because of this, it’s one of the more recommended choices for any of us geeks and nerds who may be looking for some no strings attached fun. While the paid accounts offer a variety of features, you’ll still be able to take advantage of a variety of these with a free subscription.

Otaku Booty is also quite easy to use, as you’ll just need to input your zip code or city and then start searching for somebody to talk to.

#10: SoulGek

An image of SoulGek official logo

SoulGeek aims to establish itself as the online home for geek dating, with the site having a variety of features to try do so. While you’ll be able to take advantage of many of the things you’ll expect, such as an advanced search function, matching algorithms, and more, there are a few other things that help it stand out.

Some of the more notable of these include sections dedicated to upcoming events, which allows users to stay informed about, and discuss, a variety of notable conventions. The sections also provide an opportunity for people attending the events to find each other and begin talking before they take place.


As a result, you could find yourself being able to have a first date at one of your favorite conventions. Anime has become one of the more popular forms of entertainment in recent years, despite still being relatively niche. The rising popularity of the art form, however, has led to many companies looking to capitalize on it, with anime dating sites becoming increasingly more common.

While this is a good thing for anime lovers looking to find a partner who likes the medium as much as they do, it’s led to somewhat of an overwhelming choice. Much of this is focused on whether or not a particular dating website is worth our time and if we’ll be able to create a relationship out of it.

Despite the large amount of choice, there are a few fan favorites that stand out from the rest.

Anime Dating Frequently Asked Questions

How common is anime dating in the US?

That depends on how you define "anime dating!"

It's fairly common for people in the US to meet through anime because of the number of different networks there are. Another reason it's common is because it's a shared interest that can spark a lot of thought-provoking conversations.

Many people find each other through an anime fandom, but they soon find common ground that goes far beyond their television preferences. Like with any shared interest, people may come from all kinds of backgrounds, and the relationships can last anywhere from a day to a lifetime.

What are some ways that people meet through anime?

People may meet either through the internet or at real-life events. Aside from anime dating websites, which allow you to specifically look for dating partners, there are a variety of social ways to meet people.

Online, there are many anime fan sites that allow you to create profiles, make watch lists, and message other fans of your favorite shows. Some episodes may be available to stream, and the videos often have comments sections where people talk about what they liked best.

Anime fandom is another big way that people meet online, particularly through social media. Fandom is the group of fans for any one show. Many people in fandoms create and share content like fanart, fanfiction, and anime-based podcasts. Similarly, there's a lot of fandom activity on Youtube with people who make videos discussing their favorite shows.

Fandom behavior extends to real life spheres as well. Sometimes strangers meet by striking up a conversation about one person's anime-related shirt or keychain trinket.

There are also anime conventions. These are huge events in which people meet up, socialize, attend panels hosted by creators and actors, and engage in hobbies like cosplay.

What are some interests that anime fans also commonly have?

Everyone has slightly different interests. There's no guarantee that an anime fan will have an interest in common adjacent topics. Part of what influences people's hobbies is the kind of anime they like. A bigger influence is the reason why they enjoy anime.

Anime and manga often go hand-in-hand. Manga is to comic books what anime is to cartoons. Most animes are adaptations of drawn manga, which is a cultural difference from the US, where most cartoons are developed as original animations.

In a similar vein, people who like anime may also enjoy watching Western cartoons. The overlap isn't as big as you might think, though. Art styles in anime tend to be significantly different from those in Western media. There are also many more adult anime genres than cartoon genres, since most "adult" cartoons are comedy-based.

Some people watch anime for the art style. These individuals are more likely to have creative pursuits of their own. They may make visual art by sketching, painting, or using digital 3D models. They may also engage in creative hobbies like writing and creating video games.

On that note, it's also common for anime fans to identify as "gamers." The types of games they like have a huge variety, though.

Some people might enjoy visual novels, which allow you to make different choices to experience a text-based story. Some might enjoy dating sims, in which you romance different characters. Some might enjoy action-based combat games or strategy games.

Cosplay is another big interest for anime fans. Cosplaying a character involves creating their outfit, dressing up as the character, and socializing with other people or taking photos in-character.

There are a ton of skills involved in cosplaying. Many people sew and craft their garments and accessories themselves. They may also purchase and style their own wigs. A lot of people also become very skilled with makeup, and there's an element of theater to the interactions with others.

In fact, some people make cosplay their career by monetizing it through sites like Youtube and Instagram.

What's the difference between anime and manga?

Anime is animated. Manga is drawn on paper. An anime adaptation of a manga is an animated version of the book. The strictness to which adaptations adhere to their manga varies, but many actually stick to the manga on nearly a frame-by-frame basis. Dialogue tends to be almost unchanged.

You can find a manga section in most bookstores. As with all Japanese books, manga volumes are meant to be read right-to-left rather than left-to-right. There are also websites and online libraries that host manga volumes for people who can't get a physical copy of the book.

How is anime different from Western cartoons?

There are a variety of differences between anime and Western cartoons.

One of the biggest differences is visual. Of course, there will always be exceptions to the rule, so these observations are about the most common elements seen in anime and cartoons.

Anime art styles tend to be very focused on distinguishing characters through their eyes, hair, and other physical features. They tend to have less exaggerated anatomy, and they don't focus as much on noses or mouths. Large and detailed eyes are staples of anime, as are colorful and gravity-defying hairstyles.

The movement of characters also tends to be a little more limited in anime. Part of this is because the higher level of detail makes it difficult to create fluid animation within a similar budget as a Western cartoon. Another reason is that Western cartoons are less concerned with adhering completely to physics in their movement.

In the past, Western cartoons were mostly thought of as children's media. Adult media was all filmed with live-action people. But adult-oriented cartoons have become more common over the past decade or so, with shows like Family Guy, Bojack Horseman, and Archer gaining huge popularity.

Similarly, anime content has subject matter that's geared toward a variety of age groups. One huge difference is genre, though. Western cartoons are mostly geared toward comedy, while anime spans comedy and drama. Some horror and drama anime can get incredibly dark and tragic.

What are some of the different genres of anime?

Typical anime genres are differently categorized than Western genres. They aren't divided into horror, romance, children's, comedy, et cetera. The genres have developed independently of Western categorization.

Shonen anime is the genre most people in the US are familiar with. Shows like Naruto, Dragon Ball Z, and My Hero Academia are all shonen. Shonen basically just means "for boys," so it's more about the audience demographic than the content.

Shonen anime often includes sports, slice of life, fantasy, sci-fi, and sometimes horror.

On the flip side, shoujo anime is "for girls." This is where shows like Sailor Moon and Fruits Basket end up. Magical girl stories and most stories involving heroines are shoujo.

Seinen anime means "anime for young men." These shows tend to be much more graphic and adult in nature, and they can span every Western storytelling genre.

Josei anime is for older teen girls and young women. It focuses on things like relationships, graduation, and navigating through adult life. This type of anime is less popular because the subject material is often limited, but it does tend to do well with the target demographic.

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